Tasks to help get greater cruise control

By Patti Pietschmann Travel Diva

Photo by Richard Pietschmann of day one on Queen Mary2

Whether you’re a first time cruiser or veteran there are ways to foolproof your experience beginning with day one. And don’t think you know it all, you may forget to do some of this.

1. Set up your stateroom safe. Lock up your money, passport, airline tickets and jewelry.

2. Get your mobile devices operating. Make sure you log on to the ship’s WiFi. Also check that you have either free Internet service or need to purchase minutes. If you brought a camera make sure it’s loaded with film.

3. Double check any shore excursion reservations.

Unpack, call home meet your cabin staff

Meet Engin from Crystal Cruises

4. Meet your butler or room attendant and discuss any needs with them. Pictured above is Engin. He hails from Turkey and was our butler on more than Crystal cruise. He quickly learned all our quirks and needs.

5. Unpack now, don’t wait. Put your bathing suits somewhere in close reach so you have them in the morning if you swim early. Hang up any formal wear etc. to get the wrinkles out.

6. Make any calls from your cellphone before the ship sails or you’ll be stuck with roaming charges unless you have a plan.

7. Plan to attend the life boat drill, it’s mandatory. The time of the emergency drill will be posted in the ship’s newspaper.

8. Look over the activities listed in the ship’s paper to plan ahead for those  you may need to sign up for. Then keep a list pasted to your mirror or wall. Always remember to bring scotch tape or magnets to post reminders.

9. Once all that’s out of the way take a walk around the ship to orient yourself as to where things are. You’ll want to know where the gym is located to work off calories and stay in shape.

Plan your time on board

Spa on Silversea Silver Spirit by Richard Pietschmann

10. Make appointments for spa or salon treatments. If you didn’t do that on line  you could miss out. You can call or walk over to the spa. Remember there are usually discounted prices on port days. Also double check any alternative dining venue reservations you may have made on line.

11. Plan your evening. Check out bar hours for pre-dinner drinks. Also make note of entertainment options, listed in the paper,  so you don’t miss the show.

12. Set the time on watches and devices to ship’s time. Some suites/staterooms now have clocks. But you need to know ship’s time when you go ashore.

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