Sir Richard Branson brings style to ship staff

By Patti Pietschmann,TravelDiva

By now every  cruise insider knows that Sir Richard Banson’s up and upcoming Virgin Voyages sails outside the box.

The entire concept is as unique  and quirky as the billionaire daredevil/entrepreneur himself.

Following months of teasers about other worldly activities and amenities slated for his adult only cruise line, comes the unveiling of the chicest crew uniforms at sea on Sept.15 at London Fashion Week.

Designed by Brit,  Gareth Pugh, the styles provide a range of looks for both day and night.  No traditional outfits these. You won’t see epaulets stripes on officers, or ties and  waistcoats.  The wardrobe definitely reflects the non-conformist attitude of Branson.

Designed with a twist

Pugh puts a twist on the iconic red high-heel worn by Virgin Atlantic staff.  Athletic shoes replace stilettos. Not your normal footwear. These are signature, cheeky, elevated custom-designed red sneakers by San Francisco-based PLAE. The gender neutral, PLAE sneakers playfully contrast Pugh’s designs.

“People are at the heart of all of our Virgin companies.  And when our people feel their best, they help make guest experiences the best they can be,” said Branson.

“We want Virgin Voyages’ crew to be the happiest at sea and making sure that they feel comfortable and confident is a big part of that experience. Gareth Pugh and the Virgin Voyages’ team have worked hand-in-hand to bring to life what will soon be the most eye-catching and stylish uniforms on the high seas.”

Thoroughly modern

“For this project, we were really allowed to push the boundaries, and to redefine the idea of what constitutes a uniform. We ultimately wanted to make everything about it modern, luxurious and desirable — to allow the entire crew to look and feel like a million dollars, in keeping with the rest of the experience,” said Gareth Pugh.

With a name like Scarlet Lady

Of course Virgin’s quirky crew duds completely gel with the name of the line’s first ship.

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