Airline super speed hi-speed connections to mainline fleet

By Patti Pietschmann, Travel Diva

What the world needs now, as it  opens the gates for post-pandemic travel, is more seamless experiences on airplanes. And Delta’s doing its best to make it happen. Especially for those of us fed up with slow or no WiFi on flights. By the end of 2022, passengers will be able to  quickly connect to the web on most Delta Airline flights.  Or, at least, that’s what the carrier claims.

“With plans to outfit nearly all Delta’s domestic mainline fleet with high-speed connectivity by the end of 2022, customers can expect an experience during travel that’s closer to what they would have at home,” reads a Delta Airline press release. “ It’s all part of the airline’s effort to make the customer experience onboard stress-free, personalized and enjoyable from take-off to touch-down,” it continues.

More than 550 aircraft affected

The airline plans to outfit more than 550 aircraft with high-speed, streaming-quality Wi-Fi service by the end of 2022. They expect this to happen on  all of Delta’s Airbus A321ceo, Boeing 737-900 and 757-200 fleets by the end of 2021. Select aircraft from the carrier’s Airbus A321neo, A220-300, A320ceo, A319 and Boeing 737-800 fleets will begin installation in 2022.

Starting next month flyers can buy WiFi onboard Viasat-equipped aircraft for $8 per device. Learn more about how high-speed Wi-Fi is installed onboard and how teams across Delta plan to meet the aggressive installation timeline.  However, Delta says it plans to deliver the service free in the future.

  That’s entertainment

Delta speeds up inflight WiFIDelta is also planning to combine industry-leading Wi-Fi seatback entertainment on nearly all of its planes.  The airline is testing ways to bring more features to every seat such as ordering food and beverages directly from seatback screens .  The airline is also planning  integrate Delta SkyMiles profile information, Delta Studio content and customer flight information for a personalized experiences.

FYI: Delta’s 717 fleet doesn’t have  seatback in-flight entertainment.

Delta Airlines raises the bar on cleanlinessWhile high-speed WiFi will certainly provide for happier passengers, safety measures take precedence.  And, Delta says it remains vigilant on sanitization and other virus-preventions.

Now if only Delta would upgrade its meal and beverage services on domestic routes such as LAX to Maui.

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