After initial red tape it was pretty much a breeze

by Patti Pietschmann, Travel Diva

Flying Hawaiian to Maui

My first flight since coronavirus began last March was to Maui–where I am as I write  this. I  can’t say it was a piece of poi  getting here. There was a little angst-producing requirements to take care of prior  to even leaving home.


First thing you must do is get a negative Covid19 test 72-hour prior to departure. We were able to do this at Kaiser Permanente.

The wait was nerve wracking. But we passed.  Next is filling out a health questionnaire on the Hawaii Safe Travels site. You had to download your test results and wait for a QR code  to appear in your email. This  is an important code because once you arrive in Maui you show  it to authorities and even the car rental company.  No proof of negative Covid19 test, no entry to Maui unless you quarantine for 14-days.

The Hawaiian flight 

The next hurdle is getting on the plane. Which was a snap at a rather empty LAX.  You of course need to pass through TSA and then show QR code. Once on the plane masks must be worn except when eating or drinking.  Hawaiian utilizes extreme sanitizing methods so you feel pretty safe, too.

Hawaiian Airlines to MauiWe flew in First Class. The crew and service were great. A breakfast of cheese blintzes, sausages, fresh fruit, roll and cake came on real plates with silverware and cloth napkins. Drinks were poured in real glasses. Due to lack of business Hawaiian switched our flight to a smaller aircraft–the Airbus 321 Neo. So we didn’t have our usual lie-flat seats. But hey we were flying to paradise and the seats were comfy.

Arrival angst

After five smooth hours we disembarked in Maui. The fun began as we were  led to reps who checked out health questionnaire, Covid  test results and QR codes. If all is in order  you’re given a pink slip to proceed to baggage claim and beyond.

If you rent a car you must produce these credentials. They are also necessary at the hotel or condo on check in.

Managing Maui

Many of our favorite restaurants are closed.  Some temporarily, others permanently.  Masks are mandatory indoors but not at the beach, when exercising, or while dining outdoors.  Everyone follows the rules.

So far we ate al fresco at Five Palms twice, took out food to eat on our lanai and shopped at Safeway. We are in a condo and doing most of our own meal prep.

MauoOur condo at Mana Kai Maui is smack on one of Maui’s best beaches. It’s pretty empty, which is just fine with us. Well the gym and business center are closed but hey we have a big ocean out  there and we are in it several times a day.

Maui during COVID19

speaks for itself

Was it worth it? You bet your hula skirt it was

The bottom line is it’s safe to fly,  But  there are some little worthwhile sacrifices like mask wearing and distancing. But getting out of Dodge and changing the monotonous routine that began with the onset of  the virus makes it all worth  it.

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