American and Alaska seem to be scaling back or rip out seatback entertainment screens to save on the labor cost of maintenance, Delta Air Lines is going the other way. Delta is installing ever more screens, and will soon introduce a wireless system powered by Gogo Vision Touch in its  Delta Airbus A220.

Delta isn’t choosing  entertainment over BYOD; rather, it’s offering both. On regional jets, which have Wi-Fi but lack seatback screens, the free-to-all Delta Studio allows passengers to stream entertainment. On bigger jets with both Wi-Fi and seatback entertainment, Delta is choosing the best path in allowing passengers in all cabins to choose whichever option is their favorite.

If you’re traveling on an upcoming Delta flight, take a gander at the massive selection that awaits you before you board. By sifting through your options at home, you’ll spend less time going through screens while aboard the aircraft. Another positive feature coming to you from Delta Airlines.

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