Pharaohs & Pyramids

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Pharaohs & Pyramids

Tour Description:

Cruise for seven nights along the Nile on an A&K-exclusive charter of Sanctuary Sun Boat IIl, delving deeply into the majesty of ancient Egypt at a leisurely pace, following a comprehensive itinerary that features sites found off the beaten path as well as special private openings, the convenience of privately chartered air, and a stay at a top luxury hotel.

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Day 1 - Cairo, Egypt
Arrive in Cairo, Egypt’s “Mother of All Cities,” an age-old crossroads of Asia, Africa and Europe, where you are met and privately transferred to your riverside hotel.

Day 2 - Cairo
Explore the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities (or the Grand Egyptian Museum, upon its opening), home to over 120,000 relics, some dating back to 4000 BC. After lunch, return to your hotel for an afternoon at leisure. This evening, join your fellow guests for a welcome dinner.

Day 3 - Cairo
Set out for the Giza Plateau on a full-day excursion. Observe the great pyramids of Khufu, Khafre and Menkaure as well as other historical sites. Enter the Great Pyramid of Cheops — oldest of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World — stepping back in time some 4,000 years. Then, enjoy special private access to the nearby Great Sphinx, seizing the rare opportunity to lay your hands on its massive paws.

Day 4 - Luxor
Fly south to Luxor, formerly known as Thebes. Upon arrival, visit the Temple of Karnak, featuring 134 great columns that once supported an enormous roof. Board Sanctuary Sun Boat III, your luxurious home on the Nile for the next seven nights, in time for lunch. This afternoon, explore the Temple of Luxor, built by Amenhotep III (1405-1367 BC). This evening, gather for a complimentary cocktail and canapés, followed by dinner.

Day 5 - Cruising the Nile
Visit the Nile’s West Bank, starting at the fabled Colossi of Memnon, two enormous seated statues of Amenhotep III. Proceed to the terraced funerary temple of Queen Hatshepsut, Egypt’s first female pharaoh, and continue to the Valley of the Kings, burial ground of the pharaohs. See the iconic tomb of Tutankhamun (King Tut), before visiting the former home of the legendary archaeologist who found it, Howard Carter, to see the original tools he used for the excavation. Gain entry to the lesser-visited, well-preserved tomb of Seti I, father of Ramses II. Then, in the Valley of the Queens, explore the tomb of Queen Nefertari, said to be the finest tomb in Egypt. After lunch back aboard ship, relax on board or explore the Luxor Museum, browsing its fascinating collections.

Day 6 - Cruising the Nile
Rise early this morning for an exhilarating hot air balloon ride over the Nile and the temples that line its shores. Afterward, go off the beaten path to one of Luxor’s less-visited sites, Medinet Habu, built by Ramses III. Return to Sanctuary Sun Boat III and partake in a Scenic Sundowner as you cruise toward Esna.

Day 7 - Cruising the Nile
This morning at Esna, explore the Greco-Roman Temple of Khnum with your Egyptologist guide. Its Great Hypostyle Hall was built during the reign of the Roman Emperor Claudius. Then, board your river ship and cruise to Edfu, where you visit the well-preserved Temple of Horus (the falcon god).

Day 8 - Cruising the Nile
Relax on board as the morning unfolds. This afternoon, learn to prepare local dishes during a Chef’s Table experience with an onboard chef as you cruise to Kom Ombo. Disembark for a walking visit to this lovely Greco-Roman temple dedicated to Haroeris (the sun god) and Sobek (the crocodile god), whom some ancient Egyptians considered the creator of the world. View the mummified remains of several crocodiles that once basked along the ancient Nile shore, just as their descendants do today. Join the party tonight, dressing up in traditional Egyptian galabeyyas and savoring a lavish buffet of Egyptian specialties, followed by Arabic music and dancing.

Day 9 - Cruising the Nile
Disembark in Aswan to visit the granite quarries that supplied stone for many of Egypt’s pyramids and temples. View the 1,200-ton “Unfinished Obelisk,” which exemplifies the technique used to create such enormous monoliths. Then, boat to the island of Agilika to view the exquisite Temple of Philae, dedicated to the goddess Isis. Sail by felucca (traditional sailing vessel), weather permitting, around Elephantine Island and view the splendid Aga Khan Mausoleum, which overlooks the river. After lunch, relax on board or explore a local Aswan spice market.

Day 10 - Abu Simbel
Fly to Abu Simbel, site of the magnificent temple of Ramses II, and marvel at the four enormous statues of the pharaoh that grace its façade, each over 60 feet high. Amazingly, the site was raised up the hillside to avoid floodwaters caused by the Aswan High Dam project. Afterward, enjoy lunch at a local restaurant before flying back to Aswan, to return to your ship.

Day 11 - Aswan/Cairo
Disembark Sanctuary Sun Boat III and return to Cairo in time for lunch. This afternoon, enjoy one of these Design Your Day activities. Discover Coptic Cairo, visiting a church built where the Holy Family stayed and other Christian sites. Tour Islamic Cairo, including the lively Khan el-Khalili Bazaar. View the Royal Mummies, and countless other artifacts as you tour the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization. The remainder of your day is at leisure.

Day 12 - Cairo
Today, venture just outside the city to Sakkara, the vast necropolis of ancient Memphis, site of the famous Step Pyramid. Built by Zoser I in 2700 BC, it is the world’s oldest stone structure. Enjoy a special private opening of the 4,400-year-old tomb of Wahtye. Unearthed in 2018, it is considered one of the biggest discoveries of the decade, completely untouched and filled with painted hieroglyphics, sculptures and inscriptions. Also visit the Mereruka Tomb, one of the most exquisitely decorated tombs of the Old Kingdom. Tonight, enjoy a memorable farewell dinner.

Day 13 - Cairo
After breakfast, transfer to the airport and depart.