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Ship Name
Brochure Price
Pavlus Price
7Fort Lauderdale, Florida / Fort Lauderdale, Florida02/21/2023Fort Lauderdale, Florida Fort Lauderdale, FloridaEvrima$13,700$13,700
5Fort Lauderdale, Florida / Fort Lauderdale, Florida02/28/2023Fort Lauderdale, Florida Fort Lauderdale, FloridaEvrima$5,500$5,500
7Fort Lauderdale, Florida / San Juan03/05/2023Fort Lauderdale, Florida San JuanEvrima$10,400$10,400
7San Juan / Bridgetown03/12/2023San Juan BridgetownEvrima$5,100$5,100
7Bridgetown / Bridgetown03/19/2023Bridgetown BridgetownEvrima$14,700$14,700
7Bridgetown / San Juan03/26/2023Bridgetown San JuanEvrima$11,100$11,100
7San Juan / San Juan04/07/2023San Juan San JuanEvrima$11,400$11,400
7Bridgetown / Bridgetown11/19/2023Bridgetown BridgetownEvrima$5,400$5,400
7Fort Lauderdale / Fort Lauderdale12/13/2023Fort Lauderdale, Florida Fort Lauderdale, FloridaEvrima$5,100$5,100
7Fort Lauderdale / Fort Lauderdale12/20/2023Fort Lauderdale, Florida Fort Lauderdale, FloridaEvrima$6,200$6,200
7Fort Lauderdale / San Juan12/27/2023Fort Lauderdale, Florida San JuanEvrima$6,400$6,400
7San Juan / Bridgetown01/03/2024San Juan BridgetownEvrima$5,400$5,400
7Bridgetown / Bridgetown01/10/2024Bridgetown BridgetownEvrima$5,400$5,400
7Bridgetown / Bridgetown01/17/2024Bridgetown BridgetownEvrima$5,400$5,400
8San Juan / San Juan02/09/2024San Juan San JuanEvrima$5,900$5,900
7San Juan / Bridgetown02/17/2024San Juan BridgetownEvrima$5,300$5,300
7Bridgetown / Bridgetown02/24/2024Bridgetown BridgetownEvrima$5,100$5,100
7San Juan / San Juan03/16/2024San Juan San JuanEvrima$5,400$5,400
7San Juan / Bermuda03/28/2024San Juan HamiltonEvrima$5,400$5,400
10Lisbon / Barcelona04/27/2023Lisbon BarcelonaEvrima$26,900$26,900
7Rome (civitavecchia) / Marseille05/17/2023Rome (Civitavecchia) MarseilleEvrima$22,800$22,800
7Marseille / Rome (civitavecchia)05/24/2023Marseille Rome (Civitavecchia)Evrima$69,400$69,400
10Rome (civitavecchia) / Venice05/31/2023Rome (Civitavecchia) Venice (Chioggia)Evrima$14,100$14,100
9Venice / Athens (piraeus)06/10/2023Venice (Chioggia) Athens (Piraeus)Evrima$33,200$33,200
5Athens (piraeus) / Athens (piraeus)06/19/2023Athens (Piraeus) Athens (Piraeus)Evrima$15,300$15,300
7Nice / Barcelona07/15/2023Nice BarcelonaEvrima$63,700$63,700
10Rome (civitavecchia) / Venice08/02/2023Rome (Civitavecchia) Venice (Chioggia)Evrima$11,900$11,900
7Venice / Dubrovnik08/12/2023Venice (Chioggia) Rome (Civitavecchia)Evrima$18,800$18,800
9Venice / Athens (piraeus)08/24/2023Valletta Athens (Piraeus)Evrima$11,100$11,100
7Athens (piraeus) / Athens (piraeus)09/02/2023Athens (Piraeus) Athens (Piraeus)Evrima$9,800$9,800
7Athens (piraeus) / Istanbul09/09/2023Athens (Piraeus) IstanbulEvrima$8,700$8,700
11Istanbul / Athens (piraeus)09/16/2023Istanbul Athens (Piraeus)Evrima$15,500$15,500
7Athens (piraeus) / Athens (piraeus)09/27/2023Athens (Piraeus) Athens (Piraeus)Evrima$18,500$18,500
11Athens (piraeus) / Rome (civitavecchia)10/04/2023Athens (Piraeus) Rome (Civitavecchia)Evrima$13,400$13,400
7Rome (civitavecchia) / Barcelona10/15/2023Rome (Civitavecchia) BarcelonaEvrima$15,100$15,100
9Barcelona / Tenerife, Canary Islands10/22/2023Barcelona Tenerife, Canary IslandsEvrima$8,700$8,700
7Tenerife, Canary Islands / Tenerife, Canary Islands10/31/2023Tenerife, Canary Islands Tenerife, Canary IslandsEvrima$6,400$6,400
11Lisbon / Barcelona04/15/2024Lisbon BarcelonaEvrima$11,100$11,100
11Barcelona / Rome (civitavecchia)04/26/2024Barcelona Rome (Civitavecchia)Evrima$11,100$11,100
10Rome (civitavecchia) / Valletta05/07/2024Rome (Civitavecchia) VallettaEvrima$10,100$10,100
7Rome (civitavecchia) / Rome (civitavecchia)05/28/2024Rome (Civitavecchia) Rome (Civitavecchia)Evrima$6,600$6,600
10Vallettta / Athens (piraeus)06/09/2024Valletta Athens (Piraeus)Evrima$10,100$10,100
11Athens (piraeus) / Venice06/19/2024Athens (Piraeus) VeniceEvrima$11,100$11,100
7Venice / Venice06/30/2024Venice VeniceEvrima$7,100$7,100
7Venice / Athens (piraeus)07/07/2024Venice Athens (Piraeus)Evrima$8,200$8,200
7Athens (piraeus) / Athens (piraeus)07/14/2024Athens (Piraeus) Athens (Piraeus)Evrima$8,100$8,100
7Athens (piraeus) / Venice07/21/2024Athens (Piraeus) VeniceEvrima$7,400$7,400
10Venice / Rome (civitavecchia)07/28/2024Venice Rome (Civitavecchia)Evrima$10,600$10,600
7Rome (civitavecchia) / Nice08/07/2024Rome (Civitavecchia) NiceEvrima$8,400$8,400
7Nice / Rome (civitavecchia)08/14/2024Nice Rome (Civitavecchia)Evrima$6,800$6,800
7Rome (civitavecchia) / Valletta08/31/2024Rome (Civitavecchia) VallettaEvrima$7,400$7,400
8Valletta / Athens (piraeus)09/07/2024Valletta Athens (Piraeus)Evrima$8,100$8,100
11Athens (piraeus) / Athens (piraeus)09/20/2024Athens (Piraeus) Athens (Piraeus)Evrima$10,300$10,300
9Athens (piraeus) / Valletta10/01/2024Athens (Piraeus) VallettaEvrima$8,700$8,700
7Valletta / Nice10/10/2024Valletta NiceEvrima$6,400$6,400
7Nice / Barcelona10/17/2024Nice BarcelonaEvrima$6,400$6,400
10Barcelona / Tenerife10/24/2024Barcelona Tenerife, Canary IslandsEvrima$8,700$8,700
13San Juan / Lisbon04/14/2023San Juan LisbonEvrima$7,800$7,800
12Tenerife, Canary Islands / Bridgetown11/07/2023Tenerife, Canary Islands BridgetownEvrima$7,500$7,500
11Bermuda / Lisbon04/04/2024Hamilton LisbonEvrima$6,900$6,900
11Tenerife / Bridgetown11/03/2024Tenerife, Canary Islands BridgetownEvrima$7,500$7,500

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