About Pavlus Travel

The secret of Pavlus Travel’s success is actually simple. We provide the largest discounts possible on tour and cruise vacations and our professional staff of Travel Planners values each client on a personal level to ensure an enjoyable vacation.

You will find our staff to be knowledgeable and concerned about your travel needs and just as important our team will provide the largest discounts possible. We save clients millions and millions of dollars each year.

Craig Pavlus

1.800.528.9300 ext 106

Craig organized Pavlus Travel 25 years ago after a remarkable 26-year career with TWA serving as Senior Vice President of Marketing, President of TWA Getaway Vacations and President of The Travel Channel. A constant innovator, Craig recognized the Internet in its infancy as the vehicle to market last minute travel at discounted prices to clients throughout the world. At times Pavlus’ low prices have been referred to as “insane”. These insane prices continue to attract thousands of new customers from around the world.

By offering full personal service with huge discounted prices on tours and cruises, Craig has been referred to as one of the key architects who introduced discounted pricing competition in the travel business that has benefited millions of consumers.

Pavlus Travel is truly a successful family business story. Simply said, Travel is a bargain if you know where to shop: Pavlus Travel. Craig says, “Compare our vacation package prices, and more importantly compare our service. We make travel dreams come true.”

Management Team


Vice President of Leisure Sales
1.800.704.0385 ext 100

Michael joined the Pavlus team in 2011 working closely with the Marketing department. Having held many positions within Pavlus Travel, Michael realizes that bringing the best prices, along with the best service, to each and every one of our clients is vital for Pavlus’ success. As Vice President of Leisure Sales, Michael envisions a more targeted approach to sales, making our clients aware of the best prices on the dream vacations that they are most interested in.


Vice President of Consumer Marketing
1.800.704.0470 ext 128

Shelby has been in the Travel Industry since 1995 and started at Pavlus Travel in 1998. Having held other positions within the Pavlus organization, Shelby recognizes the importance of consumer relationships and continually works to identify consumer needs. As Vice President of Consumer Marketing, Shelby’s vision is to generate consumer awareness in our discounted pricing and first class customer service. Shelby has extensive product knowledge, having been on over 50 cruises, in what consumers desire in choosing a vacation. In her spare time she likes to travel and spend time with her family.


Director of Administrative Services
1.800.704.0470 ext 126

They say that experience is everything, and spending decades in the travel industry has given Jodi the experience necessary for all client interactions. Jodi works closely with many of our clients to bring them the best prices and exceptional service. Jodi understands the importance of each Pavlus Client and works to make their Pavlus experience a memorable one. Jodi’s favorite travel destination is Hawaii, she knows each of the islands in and out and has visited several times.


Director of Guest Relations
1.800.704.0385 ext 145

Tish has been in the Travel Industry since 1999.  Beginning as a reservation agent she quickly stepped up to account manager with several unique and boutique properties worldwide.  In 2004 she changed her focus to Hawaii and enjoyed the next decade engrossed in the Islands.  In 2014 Tish joined the Pavlus team as Manager of Tours and River Cruise Marketing.  She now heads the Guest Relations department, working to provide superior customer service to all Pavlus Travel clients.


Manager of Cruise Marketing
1.800.704.0385 ext 109

Glenna joined Pavlus Travel in 2018 after a number of years working in several capacities of Internet Marketing. As a member of the marketing team, she’s now contributing to Social Media marketing, email and website content creation, and Cruise Promotions.


Manager of Tour and River Cruise Marketing
1.800.704.0385 ext 108

Charlotte came to Pavlus Travel in 2018 after graduating from UNM in the spring of 2017.  She has traveled extensively in Europe and is a welcome addition to the marketing team, contributing to email and website content creation as well as Tour and River Cruise Promotions.

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