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Brochure Price
Pavlus Price
10Classic Antarctica, Antarctic Peninsula12/11/2021Ushuaia UshuaiaSH Minerva$10,033$9,5315%
16Antartic Peninsula & South Georgia12/21/2021Ushuaia UshuaiaSH Minerva$19,289$18,3255%
13Antarctic Peninsula In Depth Exploration01/06/2022Ushuaia UshuaiaSH Minerva$15,726$14,9405%
11Antarctica Encompassed: Antarctic Peninsula01/18/2022Ushuaia UshuaiaSH Minerva$12,207$11,5975%
11Antarctica Encompassed: Antarctic Peninsula01/28/2022Ushuaia UshuaiaSH Minerva$12,207$11,5975%
13Antarctic Peninsula In Depth Exploration02/07/2022Ushuaia UshuaiaSH Minerva$15,726$14,9405%
22The Falklands & Antarctica11/15/2022Buenos Aires UshuaiaSH Vega$17,887$16,9935%
8Iceland Circumnavigation05/15/2022Reykjavik ReykjavikSH Vega$6,919$6,5735%
14Arctic Discovery: Iceland, Jan Mayen & Spitsbergen05/22/2022Reykjavik LongyearbyenSH Vega$15,712$14,9265%
8Svalbard Encompassed06/04/2022Longyearbyen LongyearbyenSH Vega$10,273$9,7595%
8Svalbard Encompassed06/11/2022Longyearbyen LongyearbyenSH Vega$10,273$9,7595%
11Svalbard In Depth (longyearbyen To Tromso)06/18/2022Longyearbyen TromsøSH Vega$12,373$11,7545%
11Svalbard In Depth (tromso To Longyearbyen)06/28/2022Tromsø LongyearbyenSH Vega$12,023$11,4225%
20Arctic Discovery: Svalbard, Franz Josef Land & Novalia Zemlya 07/08/2022Longyearbyen DudinkaSH Vega$24,672$23,4385%
16Arctic In Depth: Siberia To Norway07/27/2022Dudinka TromsøSH Vega$20,062$19,0595%
19Arctic Explorer - Franz Josef Land, Spitsbergen & Iceland 08/11/2022Tromsø ReykjavikSH Vega$18,749$17,8125%
11Greenland Discovery08/29/2022Reykjavik KangerlussuaqSH Vega$10,007$9,5075%
17Canadian Arctic Discovery: Greenland & Canadian Arctic 09/08/2022Kangerlussuaq KangerlussuaqSH Vega$18,090$17,1865%
16Northern Canada Discovery: Greenland To Nova Scotia 09/24/2022Kangerlussuaq HalifaxSH Vega$17,904$17,0095%
14In The Wake Of Hms Beagle through The Chilean Fjords02/19/2022Ushuaia ValparaisoSH Minerva$8,887$8,4435%
11Chile & Peru: Natural Wonders Of The Atacama And Paracas Desert03/04/2022Valparaiso Callao (Lima)SH Minerva$6,259$5,9465%
12South America Discovery: Cultures Of Northern Peru And Biodiversity03/14/2022Callao (Lima) Fuerte Amador (Panama City)SH Minerva$6,705$6,3705%
13Central America In Depth: Nature, Colonial And Precolombian Culture03/25/2022Fuerte Amador (Panama City) Puerto QuetzalSH Minerva$8,238$7,8265%
10Mexico Pacific Coast: Pre-columbian Culture & Colonial Architecture04/06/2022Puerto Quetzal MazatlanSH Minerva$6,666$6,3335%
11Uk & Northern French Coast Highlights04/15/2022Portsmouth DublinSH Vega$5,137$4,8805%
11Natural Wonders Of Baja California04/15/2022Mazatlan San DiegoSH Minerva$6,717$6,3815%
11Islands Of Scotland04/25/2022Dublin LeithSH Vega$6,272$5,9585%
10Historical, Nature & Science Wonders Of The Us West Coast04/26/2022San Diego VancouverSH Minerva$6,666$6,3335%
11Island Hopping: Scotland To Iceland Via Faroe Islands05/05/2022Leith ReykjavikSH Vega$7,468$7,0955%
11Inside Passage Discovery (from Vancouver To Seward)05/05/2022Vancouver SewardSH Minerva$9,507$9,0325%
15Japan & Micronesia Discovery09/09/2022Otaru GuamSH Minerva$9,810$9,3205%
19Micronesia & Melanesia Discovery09/23/2022Guam LautokaSH Minerva$14,094$13,3895%
14South Pacific Odyssey: Fiji To Tahiti10/11/2022Lautoka PapeeteSH Minerva$11,820$11,2295%
20The Caribbean & North Brazil Odyssey10/14/2022Philipsburg Salvador de BahiaSH Vega$15,154$14,3965%
17French Polynesia And South Pacific Discovery10/23/2022Papeete Easter IslandSH Minerva$10,774$10,2355%
14South America East Coast Discovery 11/02/2022Salvador de Bahia Buenos AiresSH Vega$10,923$10,3775%
9Moais Mythology & Castaways: Easter Island To Valpariso11/08/2022Easter Island ValparaisoSH Minerva$7,327$6,9615%
14Chilean Fjords Flight Of The Condor11/16/2022Valparaiso UshuaiaSH Minerva$8,887$8,4435%
19Kamtchatka & Aleutian Islands Discovery (from Seward To Otaru)05/16/2022Seward OtaruSH Minerva$12,944$12,2975%
11Russia's Ring Of Fire: Sea Of Okhotsk Wildlife And Volcanoes 06/04/2022Otaru OtaruSH Minerva$10,715$10,1795%
20Kamtchatka & Aleutian Islands Discovery (from Otaru To Seward)06/14/2022Otaru SewardSH Minerva$19,411$18,4405%
17Aleutian Islands, Russian Far East & Bering Sea Discovery 07/02/2022Seward NomeSH Minerva$15,128$14,3725%
15Far East Arctic Highlights And Wrangel Island07/18/2022Nome NomeSH Minerva$14,158$13,4505%
19Far East Arctic In Depth And Wrangel Island08/01/2022Nome NomeSH Minerva$16,603$15,7735%
21Aleutian Islands & Kamchatka Discovery (from Nome To Otaru)08/19/2022Nome OtaruSH Minerva$20,723$19,6875%

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