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Ship Name
Brochure Price
Pavlus Price
9Adriatic & Greek Isles Rendezvous (venice (venezia) To Athens/piraeus)09/11/2020Venice (Venezia), IT Athens/Piraeus, GRCrystal Symphony$8,398$3,39960%
21Greek Isles, Tuscan Sun & Spanish Shores (athens/piraeus To Barcelona)09/20/2020Athens/Piraeus, GR Barcelona, ESCrystal Symphony$21,698$9,84955%
17From Asia To Africa (singapore To Mombasa)02/19/2021Singapore, SG Mombasa, KECrystal Symphony$12,198$4,59962%
14African Allure (mombasa To Cape Town)03/08/2021Mombasa, KE Cape Town, ZACrystal Symphony$13,898$4,54967%
22Untamed Coastlines & Curiosities (cape Town To Lisbon (lisboa))03/22/2021Cape Town, ZA Lisbon (Lisboa), PTCrystal Symphony$15,698$5,84963%
40Grand Journey: Africa & The Mediterranean (cape Town To Rome/civitavecchia)03/22/2021Cape Town, ZA Rome/Civitavecchia, ITCrystal Symphony$31,478$12,03962%
50Grand Journey: Africa, The Med & Greece (cape Town To Athens/piraeus)03/22/2021Cape Town, ZA Athens/Piraeus, GRCrystal Symphony$40,378$15,48962%
9Pacific Coast Treasures (los Angeles/san Pedro To Vancouver)06/14/2022Los Angeles/San Pedro, US Vancouver, CACrystal Serenity$6,498$2,49962%
7Alaskan Wonders (vancouver To Whittier)06/23/2022Vancouver, CA Whittier, USCrystal Serenity$7,098$2,79961%
7Gold & Glaciers (whittier To Vancouver)06/30/2022Whittier, US Vancouver, CACrystal Serenity$7,098$2,79961%
11Fascinating Frontiers (round Trip)07/07/2022Vancouver, CA Vancouver, CACrystal Serenity$9,998$3,99960%
7Treetops & Totems (round Trip)07/18/2022Vancouver, CA Vancouver, CACrystal Serenity$7,498$2,99960%
7Glacial Grandeur (vancouver To Whittier)07/25/2022Vancouver, CA Whittier, USCrystal Serenity$7,498$2,99960%
7Wilderness & Icy Wonders (whittier To Vancouver)08/01/2022Whittier, US Vancouver, CACrystal Serenity$7,498$2,99960%
17Australian Wilds & Beyond (sydney To Singapore)03/03/2020Sydney, AU Singapore, SGCrystal Serenity$18,498$8,24955%
15Australian Wine & Wildlife (fremantle To Auckland)12/06/2021Fremantle, AU Auckland, NZCrystal Symphony$12,698$4,84962%
16Dazzling Holiday Down Under (auckland To Melbourne)12/21/2021Auckland, NZ Melbourne, AUCrystal Symphony$16,298$6,64959%
14New Zealand Allure (melbourne To Sydney)01/06/2022Melbourne, AU Sydney, AUCrystal Symphony$14,198$5,59961%
27Grand Journey: Lands Down Under (melbourne To Bali/benoa)01/06/2022Melbourne, AU Bali/Benoa, IDCrystal Symphony$24,598$9,29962%
100Grand Journey: Asia (melbourne To Athens/piraeus)01/06/2022Melbourne, AU Athens/Piraeus, GRCrystal Symphony$87,398$32,69963%
13Remarkable Reefs & Cultures (sydney To Bali/benoa)01/20/2022Sydney, AU Bali/Benoa, IDCrystal Symphony$10,398$3,69964%
27Grand Journey: Australia & Southeast Asia (sydney To Bangkok/laem Chabang)01/20/2022Sydney, AU Bangkok/Laem Chabang, THCrystal Symphony$21,198$7,59964%
25Baltic To The British Isles (london/dover To Stockholm)06/19/2020London/Dover, GB Stockholm, SECrystal Symphony$27,698$11,59958%
11Tsars & Scandinavian Splendor (stockholm To London/dover)07/14/2020Stockholm, SE London/Dover, GBCrystal Symphony$11,598$4,59960%
25Imperial Palaces & Regal Wonders (stockholm To London/dover)07/14/2020Stockholm, SE London/Dover, GBCrystal Symphony$26,798$10,79960%
12Irish Sea To Iceland (london/dover To Reykjavík)07/20/2021London/Dover, GB Reykjavík, ISCrystal Serenity$12,698$5,34958%
12Fjords Of Iceland & Norway (reykjavík To London/dover)08/01/2021Reykjavík, IS London/Dover, GBCrystal Serenity$12,698$5,34958%
47Grand Journey: Majestic Europe To America (reykjavík To New York)08/01/2021Reykjavík, IS New York, USCrystal Serenity$46,178$18,68960%
7Emerald Isle Immersion (london/dover To Dublin)08/13/2021London/Dover, GB Dublin, IECrystal Serenity$7,598$3,09959%
7Celtic Discovery (dublin To London/dover)08/20/2021Dublin, IE London/Dover, GBCrystal Serenity$7,598$3,09959%
7Celtic Discovery (belfast To London/dover)08/20/2021Belfast, GB London/Dover, GBCrystal Serenity$7,598$3,09959%
9Cultural Wonders (london/dover To Dublin)08/27/2021London/Dover, GB Dublin, IECrystal Serenity$8,998$3,49961%
21Grand Journey: Epic Atlantic Crossing (london/dover To New York)08/27/2021London/Dover, GB New York, USCrystal Serenity$18,278$7,13961%
29Grand Journey: Western Europe To North America (london/dover To Québec City)08/27/2021London/Dover, GB Québec City, CACrystal Serenity$25,678$10,13961%
12Kingdoms Of Inspiration (london/dover To Stockholm)07/19/2022London/Dover, GB Stockholm, SECrystal Symphony$10,998$4,49959%
10Gateways Of Baltic Beauty (stockholm To Copenhagen (københavn))07/31/2022Stockholm, SE Copenhagen (København), DKCrystal Symphony$9,998$3,99960%
71Grand Journey: Europe (stockholm To Venice (venezia))07/31/2022Stockholm, SE Venice (Venezia), ITCrystal Symphony$63,798$24,89961%
11Northern Europe Embrace (copenhagen (københavn) To Reykjavík)08/10/2022Copenhagen (København), DK Reykjavík, ISCrystal Symphony$10,598$4,29959%
10Isles, Kingdoms & The Military Tattoo (reykjavík To London/dover)08/21/2022Reykjavík, IS London/Dover, GBCrystal Symphony$9,798$3,89960%
8European Gardens & Gateways (round Trip)08/31/2022London/Dover, GB London/Dover, GBCrystal Symphony$7,498$2,99960%
11Old World Joie De Vivre (london/dover To Lisbon (lisboa))09/08/2022London/Dover, GB Lisbon (Lisboa), PTCrystal Symphony$7,998$2,99963%
14British Isles Brilliance (round Trip)07/25/2020London/Dover, GB London/Dover, GBCrystal Symphony$15,198$6,19959%
7Fjords & Castles (round Trip)06/06/2021London/Dover, GB London/Dover, GBCrystal Serenity$7,398$2,99959%
21Grand Journey: Norwegian Fjords & North Cape (london/dover To Copenhagen (københavn))06/06/2021London/Dover, GB Copenhagen (København), DKCrystal Serenity$22,378$8,98960%
14North Cape Midsummer (london/dover To Copenhagen (københavn))06/13/2021London/Dover, GB Copenhagen (København), DKCrystal Serenity$14,998$5,99960%
25Grand Journey: Norwegian Fjords & The Baltic (london/dover To Stockholm)06/13/2021London/Dover, GB Stockholm, SECrystal Serenity$26,378$10,68959%
37Grand Journey: Norwegian Fjords & Baltic Sea (round Trip)06/13/2021London/Dover, GB London/Dover, GBCrystal Serenity$39,078$16,03959%
11Lands Of Castles & Czars (copenhagen (københavn) To Stockholm)06/27/2021Copenhagen (København), DK Stockholm, SECrystal Serenity$11,398$4,69959%
23Grand Journey: Baltic Capital Immersion (copenhagen (københavn) To London/dover)06/27/2021Copenhagen (København), DK London/Dover, GBCrystal Serenity$24,078$10,03958%
12Baltic Capitals & Cultures (stockholm To London/dover)07/08/2021Stockholm, SE London/Dover, GBCrystal Serenity$12,698$5,34958%
24Grand Journey: Baltic, British Isles & Iceland (stockholm To Reykjavík)07/08/2021Stockholm, SE Reykjavík, ISCrystal Serenity$25,378$10,68958%
8Autumn Equinox In New England (new York To Québec City)09/20/2020New York, US Québec City, CACrystal Serenity$7,298$3,14957%
8North American Treasures (québec City To New York)09/28/2020Québec City, CA New York, USCrystal Serenity$7,298$3,14957%
8Cultural Treasures & Natural Wonders (new York To Québec City)10/06/2020New York, US Québec City, CACrystal Serenity$7,998$3,49956%
8Autumn In The Maritimes (québec City To New York)10/14/2020Québec City, CA New York, USCrystal Serenity$7,998$3,49956%
8Fall Foliage Sojourn (new York To Québec City)10/22/2020New York, US Québec City, CACrystal Serenity$6,798$2,89957%
22Colonial Coastlines & Colorful Islands (québec City To Miami)10/30/2020Québec City, CA Miami, USCrystal Serenity$17,698$7,24959%
8North American Majesties (new York To Québec City)09/17/2021New York, US Québec City, CACrystal Serenity$7,398$2,99959%
8Discovery In The Maritimes (québec City To New York)09/25/2021Québec City, CA New York, USCrystal Serenity$7,498$3,04959%
8Skyscrapers & Fortresses (new York To Québec City)10/03/2021New York, US Québec City, CACrystal Serenity$7,498$3,04959%
8Lighthouses & Lobster (québec City To New York)10/11/2021Québec City, CA New York, USCrystal Serenity$7,398$2,99959%
15Grand Journey: New England Immersive (québec City To New York)10/11/2021Québec City, CA New York, USCrystal Serenity$13,778$5,48960%
39Grand Journey: North America & The Amazon (québec City To Miami)10/11/2021Québec City, CA Miami, USCrystal Serenity$31,078$12,13961%
7New England Treasures (round Trip)09/02/2022New York, US New York, USCrystal Serenity$7,498$2,99960%
17Grand Journey: Charms Of The Colonial Coast (new York To Québec City)09/02/2022New York, US Québec City, CACrystal Serenity$16,898$6,69960%
10Wonders Of Canada & New England (new York To Québec City)09/09/2022New York, US Québec City, CACrystal Serenity$9,398$3,69961%
8Canada & New England Enchantment (québec City To New York)09/19/2022Québec City, CA New York, USCrystal Serenity$7,498$2,99960%
8Essential Northeast (new York To Québec City)09/27/2022New York, US Québec City, CACrystal Serenity$7,498$2,99960%
8Autumn In The Northeast (québec City To New York)10/05/2022Québec City, CA New York, USCrystal Serenity$8,098$3,29959%
8Northeast Gems (new York To Québec City)10/13/2022New York, US Québec City, CACrystal Serenity$8,098$3,29959%
14Eastern Seaboard Heritage (québec City To Miami)10/21/2022Québec City, CA Miami, USCrystal Serenity$10,998$3,99964%
6Caribbean Flavors – 6-night Getaway (new Orleans To Curacao/willemstad)10/25/2019New Orleans, US Curacao/Willemstad, CWCrystal Symphony$4,550$2,33049%
14Caribbean Flavors (new Orleans To Ft Lauderdale)10/25/2019New Orleans, US Ft Lauderdale, USCrystal Symphony$3,449$2,44929%
8Colorful Cultures (ft Lauderdale To San Juan)12/06/2019Ft Lauderdale, US San Juan, PRCrystal Serenity$4,555$1,87559%
8Accent On The Lesser Antilles (san Juan To Miami)12/14/2019San Juan, PR Miami, USCrystal Serenity$4,875$2,03558%
8Haute Caribbean Holidays-8-night Getaway (miami To Barbados/bridgetown)12/22/2019Miami, US Barbados/Bridgetown, BBCrystal Serenity$4,875$4,14515%
15Haute Caribbean Holidays (round Trip)12/22/2019Miami, US Miami, USCrystal Serenity$7,860$6,68015%
7Haute Caribbean Holidays-7-night Getaway (barbados/bridgetown To Miami)12/30/2019Barbados/Bridgetown, BB Miami, USCrystal Serenity$4,265$3,62515%
9Tropical Island Tapestry (round Trip)11/12/2020Miami, US Miami, USCrystal Serenity$7,598$2,99961%
11Caribbean Chic (round Trip)11/21/2020Miami, US Miami, USCrystal Serenity$8,898$3,64959%
7Tropical Serenade (round Trip)12/02/2020Miami, US Miami, USCrystal Serenity$5,198$2,09960%
7Island Discoveries (miami To San Juan)12/09/2020Miami, US San Juan, PRCrystal Serenity$5,398$2,19959%
14Idyllic Island Holiday (round Trip)12/09/2020Miami, US Miami, USCrystal Serenity$10,698$4,34959%
7Caribbean Kaleidoscope (san Juan To Miami)12/16/2020San Juan, PR Miami, USCrystal Serenity$5,298$2,14959%
13Holidays In The Caribbean (round Trip)12/23/2020Miami, US Miami, USCrystal Serenity$13,498$5,94956%
8Colors Of The Caribbean (round Trip)12/04/2022San Juan, PR San Juan, PRCrystal Serenity$5,498$1,99964%
9Glittering Island Gems (san Juan To Miami)12/12/2022San Juan, PR Miami, USCrystal Serenity$5,998$2,24963%
14East To West Caribbean Celebration (round Trip)12/21/2022Miami, US Miami, USCrystal Serenity$13,998$5,49961%
10Panama Panorama (ft Lauderdale To Caldera)12/01/2019Panama Panorama (Ft Lauderdale to Caldera)$3,610$3,610
15Sparkling Cities Of Northern Asia (round Trip)03/16/2020Hong Kong, HK Hong Kong, HKCrystal Symphony$10,998$2,99973%
13Along The Eastern Seaboard (québec City To Miami)10/30/2020Québec City, CA Miami, USCrystal Serenity$10,098$4,24958%
7New England Classic (round Trip)10/19/2021New York, US New York, USCrystal Serenity$6,398$2,49961%
31Grand Journey: New England, Amazon & The Tropics (new York To Miami)10/19/2021New York, US Miami, USCrystal Serenity$23,678$9,13961%
24New York To The Amazon (new York To Miami)10/26/2021New York, US Miami, USCrystal Serenity$17,298$6,64962%
40Grand Journey: Passage To The Amazon & Tropics (new York To San Juan)10/26/2021New York, US San Juan, PRCrystal Serenity$30,478$11,53962%
5Treasures Of The Sun – 5-night Central America Getaway (caldera To Puerto Vallarta)12/11/2019Caldera, CR Puerto Vallarta, MXCrystal Symphony$5,810$2,70553%
10Treasures Of The Sun (caldera To San Diego)12/11/2019Caldera, CR San Diego, USCrystal Symphony$3,899$3,49910%
15Hawaiian Serenade (round Trip)12/21/2019San Diego, US San Diego, USCrystal Symphony$7,650$5,35530%
16Hawaiian Island Shores (round Trip)05/29/2022Los Angeles/San Pedro, US Los Angeles/San Pedro, USCrystal Serenity$12,998$4,99962%
25Grand Journey: Hawaiian Islands & Pacific Coast (los Angeles/san Pedro To Vancouver)05/29/2022Los Angeles/San Pedro, US Vancouver, CACrystal Serenity$19,498$7,49962%
8Timeless Treasures & Ancient Cultures-08-night Getaway (singapore To Colombo)03/20/2020Singapore, SG Colombo, LKCrystal Serenity$8,798$3,59959%
14Timeless Treasures & Ancient Cultures (singapore To Mumbai (bombay))03/20/2020Singapore, SG Mumbai (Bombay), INCrystal Serenity$15,098$6,14959%
6Timeless Treasures & Ancient Cultures-06-night Getaway (colombo To Mumbai (bombay))03/28/2020Colombo, LK Mumbai (Bombay), INCrystal Serenity$6,598$2,69959%
16Lands Of Enlightenment (mumbai (bombay) To Singapore)11/21/2020Mumbai (Bombay), IN Singapore, SGCrystal Symphony$11,698$4,34963%
13Temples & Towers (mumbai (bombay) To Singapore)11/08/2021Mumbai (Bombay), IN Singapore, SGCrystal Symphony$9,698$3,84960%
14Ancient Cultures & Modern Wonders (bali/benoa To Bangkok/laem Chabang)02/02/2022Bali/Benoa, ID Bangkok/Laem Chabang, THCrystal Symphony$10,798$3,89964%
17Legends & Antiquities (mumbai (bombay) To Athens/piraeus)03/30/2022Mumbai (Bombay), IN Athens/Piraeus, GRCrystal Symphony$13,998$4,99964%
29Grand Journey: Arabian Sea To The Mediterranean (mumbai (bombay) To Athens/piraeus)03/30/2022Mumbai (Bombay), IN Athens/Piraeus, GRCrystal Symphony$22,998$8,49963%
12Mediterranean Impressions (rome/civitavecchia To Monte Carlo)04/21/2020Rome/Civitavecchia, IT Monte Carlo, MCCrystal Serenity$10,198$3,89962%
19Palazzos & Provence (rome/civitavecchia To Venice (venezia))04/21/2020Rome/Civitavecchia, IT Venice (Venezia), ITCrystal Serenity$22,998$8,79962%
7Palais To Palazzos (monte Carlo To Venice (venezia))05/03/2020Monte Carlo, MC Venice (Venezia), ITCrystal Serenity$6,898$2,94957%
28Legends Of The Med (monte Carlo To Rome/civitavecchia)05/03/2020Monte Carlo, MC Rome/Civitavecchia, ITCrystal Serenity$37,698$15,34959%
12Capitals Of Culture (venice (venezia) To Barcelona)05/10/2020Venice (Venezia), IT Barcelona, ESCrystal Serenity$11,498$4,99957%
21Mediterranean & Adriatic Glamour (venice (venezia) To Rome/civitavecchia)05/10/2020Venice (Venezia), IT Rome/Civitavecchia, ITCrystal Serenity$28,098$11,54959%
28Renaissance Reverie (round Trip)05/10/2020Venice (Venezia), IT Venice (Venezia), ITCrystal Serenity$38,298$15,64959%
9Marvels Of The Mediterranean (barcelona To Rome/civitavecchia)05/22/2020Barcelona, ES Rome/Civitavecchia, ITCrystal Serenity$11,698$4,59961%
7Mediterranean Enchantment (rome/civitavecchia To Barcelona)05/24/2020Rome/Civitavecchia, IT Barcelona, ESCrystal Symphony$6,398$2,54960%
14Grand Masters Of The Med (rome/civitavecchia To Lisbon (lisboa))05/24/2020Rome/Civitavecchia, IT Lisbon (Lisboa), PTCrystal Symphony$16,798$7,29957%
7Treasures Of Italy & The Adriatic (rome/civitavecchia To Venice (venezia))05/31/2020Rome/Civitavecchia, IT Venice (Venezia), ITCrystal Serenity$7,298$3,14957%
7Montserrat To Marrakech (barcelona To Lisbon (lisboa))05/31/2020Barcelona, ES Lisbon (Lisboa), PTCrystal Symphony$8,698$3,89955%
12Connoisseur's Collection (athens/piraeus To Barcelona)06/14/2020Athens/Piraeus, GR Barcelona, ESCrystal Serenity$11,498$4,99957%
19Greek Isles To The Cote D'azur (athens/piraeus To Rome/civitavecchia)06/14/2020Athens/Piraeus, GR Rome/Civitavecchia, ITCrystal Serenity$24,298$9,89959%
7Beyond Ibiza & The Cote D'azur (barcelona To Rome/civitavecchia)06/26/2020Barcelona, ES Rome/Civitavecchia, ITCrystal Serenity$6,898$2,94957%
14Riviera & Balearic Bliss (barcelona To Monte Carlo)06/26/2020Barcelona, ES Monte Carlo, MCCrystal Serenity$13,798$5,69959%
28Emperors & Icons (round Trip)07/03/2020Rome/Civitavecchia, IT Rome/Civitavecchia, ITCrystal Serenity$31,098$12,84959%
4Icons Of The Mediterranean-04-night Getaway (monte Carlo To Sorrento)07/10/2020Monte Carlo, MC Sorrento, ITCrystal Serenity$2,798$84970%
9Icons Of The Mediterranean (monte Carlo To Venice (venezia))07/10/2020Monte Carlo, MC Venice (Venezia), ITCrystal Serenity$9,098$3,29964%
5Icons Of The Mediterranean-05 Night Getaway (sorrento To Venice (venezia))07/14/2020Sorrento, IT Venice (Venezia), ITCrystal Serenity$6,898$2,74960%
12Monumental Mediterranean (venice (venezia) To Rome/civitavecchia)07/19/2020Venice (Venezia), IT Rome/Civitavecchia, ITCrystal Serenity$11,498$4,99957%
9Romancing The Riviera (rome/civitavecchia To Barcelona)07/31/2020Rome/Civitavecchia, IT Barcelona, ESCrystal Serenity$9,498$3,74961%
16Mediterranean Maestros (rome/civitavecchia To Monte Carlo)07/31/2020Rome/Civitavecchia, IT Monte Carlo, MCCrystal Serenity$18,998$7,64960%
57Epic European Odyssey (london/dover To Monte Carlo)08/08/2020London/Dover, GB Monte Carlo, MCCrystal Symphony$64,298$28,54956%
7España To The Cote D'azur (barcelona To Monte Carlo)08/09/2020Barcelona, ES Monte Carlo, MCCrystal Serenity$7,198$2,74962%
14Mediterranean Interlude (barcelona To Rome/civitavecchia)08/09/2020Barcelona, ES Rome/Civitavecchia, ITCrystal Serenity$14,498$5,89959%
7La Dolce Vita (monte Carlo To Rome/civitavecchia)08/16/2020Monte Carlo, MC Rome/Civitavecchia, ITCrystal Serenity$7,298$3,14957%
46Inspired Western Europe (amsterdam To Monte Carlo)08/19/2020Amsterdam, NL Monte Carlo, MCCrystal Symphony$49,398$21,89956%
7Mediterranean Isles (rome/civitavecchia To Barcelona)08/23/2020Rome/Civitavecchia, IT Barcelona, ESCrystal Serenity$6,898$2,94957%
10Masterpieces Of The Mediterranean (barcelona To Venice (venezia))09/01/2020Barcelona, ES Venice (Venezia), ITCrystal Symphony$8,598$3,59958%
7Gods & Empires (athens/piraeus To Rome/civitavecchia)09/20/2020Athens/Piraeus, GR Rome/Civitavecchia, ITCrystal Symphony$6,398$2,74957%
33Mediterranean Tapestry (round Trip)09/20/2020Athens/Piraeus, GR Athens/Piraeus, GRCrystal Symphony$32,998$15,09954%
49Sacred Paths & Ancient Empires (athens/piraeus To Dubai)09/20/2020Athens/Piraeus, GR Dubai, AECrystal Symphony$48,398$20,69957%
7Italian Intrigue & Romance (rome/civitavecchia To Monte Carlo)09/27/2020Rome/Civitavecchia, IT Monte Carlo, MCCrystal Symphony$5,698$2,59954%
26Heavenly Vistas & Holy Lands (rome/civitavecchia To Athens/piraeus)09/27/2020Rome/Civitavecchia, IT Athens/Piraeus, GRCrystal Symphony$25,398$11,74954%
7Mediterranean Island Inspiration (monte Carlo To Barcelona)10/04/2020Monte Carlo, MC Barcelona, ESCrystal Symphony$5,698$2,54955%
12Monumental Holy Lands (barcelona To Athens/piraeus)10/11/2020Barcelona, ES Athens/Piraeus, GRCrystal Symphony$9,498$4,34954%
28Holy Land Sojourn (barcelona To Dubai)10/11/2020Barcelona, ES Dubai, AECrystal Symphony$22,498$8,74961%
6Beyond The Acropolis & Aqaba-6-night Getaway (athens/piraeus To Al 'aqabah)10/23/2020Athens/Piraeus, GR Al 'Aqabah, JOCrystal Symphony$4,598$1,54966%
16Beyond The Acropolis & Aqaba (athens/piraeus To Dubai)10/23/2020Athens/Piraeus, GR Dubai, AECrystal Symphony$12,198$3,99967%
11Canary Island & Iberian Intrigue (lisbon (lisboa) To Barcelona)04/13/2021Lisbon (Lisboa), PT Barcelona, ESCrystal Symphony$9,498$3,74961%
7Gaudi & Glamour (barcelona To Rome/civitavecchia)04/24/2021Barcelona, ES Rome/Civitavecchia, ITCrystal Symphony$6,298$2,44961%
10Italian Images & Greek Isles (rome/civitavecchia To Athens/piraeus)05/01/2021Rome/Civitavecchia, IT Athens/Piraeus, GRCrystal Symphony$8,898$3,44961%
17Grand Journey: Italy & The Greek Isles (round Trip)05/01/2021Rome/Civitavecchia, IT Rome/Civitavecchia, ITCrystal Symphony$15,178$5,88961%
7Parthenon To Piazzas (athens/piraeus To Rome/civitavecchia)05/11/2021Athens/Piraeus, GR Rome/Civitavecchia, ITCrystal Symphony$6,298$2,44961%
19Grand Journey: Greece, Italy, France & Spain (athens/piraeus To Barcelona)05/11/2021Athens/Piraeus, GR Barcelona, ESCrystal Symphony$19,278$7,93959%
12Grand Prix Riviera Gateway (rome/civitavecchia To Barcelona)05/18/2021Rome/Civitavecchia, IT Barcelona, ESCrystal Symphony$12,998$5,49958%
26Grand Journey: The Mediterranean (round Trip)05/18/2021Rome/Civitavecchia, IT Rome/Civitavecchia, ITCrystal Symphony$27,678$11,43959%
7Beyond The Cote Vermeille (barcelona To Monte Carlo)05/30/2021Barcelona, ES Monte Carlo, MCCrystal Symphony$7,398$2,99959%
7Essential European Holiday (monte Carlo To Rome/civitavecchia)06/06/2021Monte Carlo, MC Rome/Civitavecchia, ITCrystal Symphony$7,298$2,94960%
7Adriatic Muse (rome/civitavecchia To Venice (venezia))06/13/2021Rome/Civitavecchia, IT Venice (Venezia), ITCrystal Symphony$7,298$2,94960%
17Grand Journey: Italy & The Adriatic Sea (rome/civitavecchia To Monte Carlo)06/13/2021Rome/Civitavecchia, IT Monte Carlo, MCCrystal Symphony$17,678$7,13960%
10Enchanting Italy & Croatia (venice (venezia) To Monte Carlo)06/20/2021Venice (Venezia), IT Monte Carlo, MCCrystal Symphony$10,398$4,19960%
17Grand Journey: Adriatic, Ionian & Balearic Seas (venice (venezia) To Barcelona)06/20/2021Venice (Venezia), IT Barcelona, ESCrystal Symphony$17,678$7,13960%
7Riviera Soiree (monte Carlo To Barcelona)06/30/2021Monte Carlo, MC Barcelona, ESCrystal Symphony$7,298$2,94960%
9Las Ramblas To Roma (barcelona To Rome/civitavecchia)07/07/2021Barcelona, ES Rome/Civitavecchia, ITCrystal Symphony$9,498$3,74961%
18Grand Journey: Spain, Italy & Croatia (barcelona To Venice (venezia))07/07/2021Barcelona, ES Venice (Venezia), ITCrystal Symphony$18,778$7,38961%
9Old World Wonders (rome/civitavecchia To Venice (venezia))07/16/2021Rome/Civitavecchia, IT Venice (Venezia), ITCrystal Symphony$9,298$3,64961%
16Grand Journey: Italy, Croatia & Greece (rome/civitavecchia To Athens/piraeus)07/16/2021Rome/Civitavecchia, IT Athens/Piraeus, GRCrystal Symphony$16,378$6,48960%
7Greek Isles Grandeur (venice (venezia) To Athens/piraeus)07/25/2021Venice (Venezia), IT Athens/Piraeus, GRCrystal Symphony$7,098$2,84960%
20Grand Journey: Adriatic, Aegean & Black Seas (venice (venezia) To Athens/piraeus)07/25/2021Venice (Venezia), IT Athens/Piraeus, GRCrystal Symphony$20,978$8,78958%
13Black Sea Explorer (round Trip)08/01/2021Athens/Piraeus, GR Athens/Piraeus, GRCrystal Symphony$13,398$5,69957%
7Aegean Reverie (athens/piraeus To Rome/civitavecchia)08/14/2021Athens/Piraeus, GR Rome/Civitavecchia, ITCrystal Symphony$6,698$2,64960%
14Grand Journey: Greece, Italy & France (athens/piraeus To Monte Carlo)08/14/2021Athens/Piraeus, GR Monte Carlo, MCCrystal Symphony$13,378$5,28960%
7Renaissance & Royalty (rome/civitavecchia To Monte Carlo)08/21/2021Rome/Civitavecchia, IT Monte Carlo, MCCrystal Symphony$6,698$2,64960%
14Grand Journey: Italy, France & Spain (rome/civitavecchia To Barcelona)08/21/2021Rome/Civitavecchia, IT Barcelona, ESCrystal Symphony$13,378$5,28960%
7Cote D'azur To Catalonia (monte Carlo To Barcelona)08/28/2021Monte Carlo, MC Barcelona, ESCrystal Symphony$6,698$2,64960%
15Grand Journey: Mediterranean & Adriatic (monte Carlo To Venice (venezia))08/28/2021Monte Carlo, MC Venice (Venezia), ITCrystal Symphony$13,978$5,58960%
8Romancing Roma (barcelona To Venice (venezia))09/04/2021Barcelona, ES Venice (Venezia), ITCrystal Symphony$7,298$2,94960%
9Mediterranean Masquerade (venice (venezia) To Monte Carlo)09/12/2021Venice (Venezia), IT Monte Carlo, MCCrystal Symphony$8,598$3,29962%
16Grand Journey: Connoisseur's Mediterranean (venice (venezia) To Rome/civitavecchia)09/12/2021Venice (Venezia), IT Rome/Civitavecchia, ITCrystal Symphony$14,878$5,73961%
7Castles & Cathedrals (monte Carlo To Rome/civitavecchia)09/21/2021Monte Carlo, MC Rome/Civitavecchia, ITCrystal Symphony$6,298$2,44961%
20Grand Journey: Mediterranean & Holy Land (monte Carlo To Athens/piraeus)09/21/2021Monte Carlo, MC Athens/Piraeus, GRCrystal Symphony$17,378$6,98960%
13Heavenly Masterpieces (rome/civitavecchia To Athens/piraeus)09/28/2021Rome/Civitavecchia, IT Athens/Piraeus, GRCrystal Symphony$11,098$4,54959%
16Ancient Passages & Modern Marvels (athens/piraeus To Abu Dhabi)10/11/2021Athens/Piraeus, GR Abu Dhabi, AECrystal Symphony$12,598$4,79962%
41Grand Journey: Middle East, Uae & Southeast Asia (athens/piraeus To Singapore)10/11/2021Athens/Piraeus, GR Singapore, SGCrystal Symphony$31,778$12,38961%
71Grand Journey: Athens To Auckland Odyssey (athens/piraeus To Auckland)10/11/2021Athens/Piraeus, GR Auckland, NZCrystal Symphony$55,278$21,13962%
12Holy Land & Greek Isles (round Trip)04/16/2022Athens/Piraeus, GR Athens/Piraeus, GRCrystal Symphony$8,998$3,49961%
47Grand Journey: The Med, Adriatic And Black Seas (athens/piraeus To Rome/civitavecchia)04/16/2022Athens/Piraeus, GR Rome/Civitavecchia, ITCrystal Symphony$37,298$14,39961%
12Black Sea & Adriatic Discovery (athens/piraeus To Venice (venezia))04/28/2022Athens/Piraeus, GR Venice (Venezia), ITCrystal Symphony$8,998$3,49961%
19Grand Journey: Black Sea To The Mediterranean (athens/piraeus To Rome/civitavecchia)04/28/2022Athens/Piraeus, GR Rome/Civitavecchia, ITCrystal Symphony$14,898$5,69962%
7Mediterranean Vistas (venice (venezia) To Rome/civitavecchia)05/10/2022Venice (Venezia), IT Rome/Civitavecchia, ITCrystal Symphony$5,898$2,19963%
9Gaudí & The Grand Prix (barcelona To Rome/civitavecchia)05/24/2022Barcelona, ES Rome/Civitavecchia, ITCrystal Symphony$7,498$2,99960%
7Romantic Cliffs & Cultures (rome/civitavecchia To Venice (venezia))06/02/2022Rome/Civitavecchia, IT Venice (Venezia), ITCrystal Symphony$6,498$2,49962%
7Stories Of Eternal Enchantment (venice (venezia) To Monte Carlo)06/09/2022Venice (Venezia), IT Monte Carlo, MCCrystal Symphony$6,498$2,49962%
7Royal Riviera (round Trip)06/16/2022Monte Carlo, MC Monte Carlo, MCCrystal Symphony$7,098$2,79961%
45Grand Journey: Mediterranean & Northern Europe (monte Carlo To Stockholm)06/16/2022Monte Carlo, MC Stockholm, SECrystal Symphony$42,298$16,89960%
7Master Collection (monte Carlo To Barcelona)06/23/2022Monte Carlo, MC Barcelona, ESCrystal Symphony$7,098$2,79961%
7Sol To Soul (barcelona To Lisbon (lisboa))06/30/2022Barcelona, ES Lisbon (Lisboa), PTCrystal Symphony$7,098$2,79961%
7Escape To España (lisbon (lisboa) To Barcelona)09/19/2022Lisbon (Lisboa), PT Barcelona, ESCrystal Symphony$6,498$2,49962%
7Sunsets & Piazzas (rome/civitavecchia To Venice (venezia))10/03/2022Rome/Civitavecchia, IT Venice (Venezia), ITCrystal Symphony$5,498$1,99964%
7Venetian Vistas (round Trip)10/10/2022Venice (Venezia), IT Venice (Venezia), ITCrystal Symphony$5,498$1,99964%
11Mediterranean Majesty (venice (venezia) To Barcelona)10/17/2022Venice (Venezia), IT Barcelona, ESCrystal Symphony$7,998$2,99963%
11Spanish Coast & Atlantic Isles (barcelona To Lisbon (lisboa))10/28/2022Barcelona, ES Lisbon (Lisboa), PTCrystal Symphony$7,998$2,99963%
8Mediterranean Spirit (lisbon (lisboa) To Rome/civitavecchia)11/08/2022Lisbon (Lisboa), PT Rome/Civitavecchia, ITCrystal Symphony$5,498$1,99964%
13Journey To The Holy Lands (rome/civitavecchia To Athens/piraeus)11/16/2022Rome/Civitavecchia, IT Athens/Piraeus, GRCrystal Symphony$9,298$3,14966%
8Empires Of Past & Present-08-night Getaway (mumbai (bombay) To Al 'aqabah)04/03/2020Mumbai (Bombay), IN Al 'Aqabah, JOCrystal Serenity$6,898$2,94957%
18Empires Of Past & Present (mumbai (bombay) To Rome/civitavecchia)04/03/2020Mumbai (Bombay), IN Rome/Civitavecchia, ITCrystal Serenity$15,198$6,39958%
10Empires Of Past & Present-10-night Getaway (al 'aqabah To Rome/civitavecchia)04/11/2020Al 'Aqabah, JO Rome/Civitavecchia, ITCrystal Serenity$8,598$3,59958%
10Arabian Nights & Amalfi Sights-10-night Getaway (dubai To Al 'aqabah)05/08/2020Dubai, AE Al 'Aqabah, JOCrystal Symphony$8,498$2,64969%
16Arabian Nights & Amalfi Sights (dubai To Rome/civitavecchia)05/08/2020Dubai, AE Rome/Civitavecchia, ITCrystal Symphony$13,598$2,99978%
6Arabian Nights & Amalfi Sights-6-night Getaway (al 'aqabah To Rome/civitavecchia)05/18/2020Al 'Aqabah, JO Rome/Civitavecchia, ITCrystal Symphony$5,098$1,64968%
10Beyond The Acropolis & Aqaba-10-night Getaway (al 'aqabah To Dubai)10/29/2020Al 'Aqabah, JO Dubai, AECrystal Symphony$7,598$2,44968%
13Priceless Pearls Of The Middle East (dubai To Mumbai (bombay))11/08/2020Dubai, AE Mumbai (Bombay), INCrystal Symphony$9,498$3,74961%
29Eastern Tapestries (dubai To Singapore)11/08/2020Dubai, AE Singapore, SGCrystal Symphony$21,198$8,09962%
17Grand Arabian Gulf (athens/piraeus To Abu Dhabi)11/29/2022Athens/Piraeus, GR Abu Dhabi, AECrystal Symphony$11,998$3,99967%
7Pearls Of Arabia (round Trip)12/16/2022Abu Dhabi, AE Abu Dhabi, AECrystal Symphony$5,498$1,99964%
15Dazzling Dubai & Taj Mahal (abu Dhabi To Mumbai (bombay))12/23/2022Abu Dhabi, AE Mumbai (Bombay), INCrystal Symphony$14,998$5,99960%
14North Cape Brilliance (london/dover To Copenhagen (københavn))06/19/2020London/Dover, GB Copenhagen (København), DKCrystal Symphony$14,498$5,74960%
25Northern European Grandeur (london/dover To Amsterdam)07/25/2020London/Dover, GB Amsterdam, NLCrystal Symphony$26,798$11,19958%
11Royal Military Tattoo & Norwegian Fjords (london/dover To Amsterdam)08/08/2020London/Dover, GB Amsterdam, NLCrystal Symphony$11,598$4,99957%
7West Coast Wanderer (vancouver To Los Angeles/san Pedro)08/08/2022Vancouver, CA Los Angeles/San Pedro, USCrystal Serenity$5,998$2,24963%
25Grand Journey: Splendors Of North America (vancouver To New York)08/08/2022Vancouver, CA New York, USCrystal Serenity$17,998$6,24965%
18Panama Canal & Central America (los Angeles/san Pedro To New York)08/15/2022Los Angeles/San Pedro, US New York, USCrystal Serenity$11,998$3,99967%
11Caribbean Treasures & Canal Wonders (miami To Caldera)11/04/2022Miami, US Caldera, CRCrystal Serenity$7,998$2,99963%
10Panama & Tropical Playgrounds (caldera To Miami)11/15/2022Caldera, CR Miami, USCrystal Serenity$6,998$2,49964%
19Grand Journey: Panama & Caribbean Gems (caldera To San Juan)11/15/2022Caldera, CR San Juan, PRCrystal Serenity$12,998$4,74963%
14South Pacific Tropical Kingdoms (papeete To Auckland)02/04/2020Papeete, PF Auckland, NZCrystal Serenity$12,098$4,54962%
27Pacific Isles & South Asia (oahu/honolulu To Hong Kong)01/19/2020Oahu/Honolulu, US Hong Kong, HKCrystal Symphony$26,698$9,84963%
8Stars Of Southeast Asia-8-night Getaway (hong Kong To Ho Chi Minh City (saigon))02/15/2020Hong Kong, HK Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), VNCrystal Symphony$7,298$2,24969%
15Stars Of Southeast Asia (hong Kong To Singapore)02/15/2020Hong Kong, HK Singapore, SGCrystal Symphony$10,998$2,99973%
30Far East Fascinations (round Trip)02/15/2020Hong Kong, HK Hong Kong, HKCrystal Symphony$26,898$8,94967%
7Stars Of Southeast Asia-7-night Getaway (ho Chi Minh City (saigon) To Singapore)02/23/2020Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), VN Singapore, SGCrystal Symphony$6,398$2,09967%
15Southeast Asia Highlights (singapore To Hong Kong)03/01/2020Singapore, SG Hong Kong, HKCrystal Symphony$13,198$4,59965%
30Grand Asia Explorer (singapore To Hong Kong)03/01/2020Singapore, SG Hong Kong, HKCrystal Symphony$27,198$9,09967%
13Southeast Asia Soiree (hong Kong To Singapore)03/31/2020Hong Kong, HK Singapore, SGCrystal Symphony$11,298$3,64968%
15Icons Of Southeast Asia (singapore To Hong Kong)12/07/2020Singapore, SG Hong Kong, HKCrystal Symphony$11,198$4,09963%
30Grand Far East Celebration (singapore To Bangkok/laem Chabang)12/07/2020Singapore, SG Bangkok/Laem Chabang, THCrystal Symphony$24,798$9,09963%
15Far East Festivities (hong Kong To Bangkok/laem Chabang)12/22/2020Hong Kong, HK Bangkok/Laem Chabang, THCrystal Symphony$13,598$4,99963%
9Southeast Asia Storyteller (bangkok/laem Chabang To Singapore)01/06/2021Bangkok/Laem Chabang, TH Singapore, SGCrystal Symphony$7,898$2,74965%
75Grand Journey: Southeast Asia & Africa (bangkok/laem Chabang To Cape Town)01/06/2021Bangkok/Laem Chabang, TH Cape Town, ZACrystal Symphony$67,578$24,18964%
12Monumental Malaysia & Myanmar (round Trip)01/15/2021Singapore, SG Singapore, SGCrystal Symphony$9,898$3,44965%
15Southeast Asia Skylines (singapore To Hong Kong)01/27/2021Singapore, SG Hong Kong, HKCrystal Symphony$13,498$4,74965%
8Gilded Domes & Golden Sunsets (hong Kong To Singapore)02/11/2021Hong Kong, HK Singapore, SGCrystal Symphony$6,998$2,49964%
15Asia To Australia Explorer (singapore To Fremantle)11/21/2021Singapore, SG Fremantle, AUCrystal Symphony$10,798$3,89964%
13Imperial Southeast Asia (bangkok/laem Chabang To Hong Kong)02/16/2022Bangkok/Laem Chabang, TH Hong Kong, HKCrystal Symphony$12,998$4,99962%
26Grand Journey: Southeast Asia Medley (bangkok/laem Chabang To Singapore)02/16/2022Bangkok/Laem Chabang, TH Singapore, SGCrystal Symphony$25,998$9,99962%
13Taiwan To The Philippines & Borneo (hong Kong To Singapore)03/01/2022Hong Kong, HK Singapore, SGCrystal Symphony$12,998$4,99962%
16Magnificent Myanmar & Intriguing India (singapore To Mumbai (bombay))03/14/2022Singapore, SG Mumbai (Bombay), INCrystal Symphony$11,998$4,49963%
33Grand Journey: Southeast Asia & Mediterranean (singapore To Athens/piraeus)03/14/2022Singapore, SG Athens/Piraeus, GRCrystal Symphony$25,998$9,49963%
12Crossing To The Caribbean (lisbon (lisboa) To Ft Lauderdale)11/12/2019Lisbon (Lisboa), PT Ft Lauderdale, USCrystal Serenity$6,290$2,94553%
13Trans-atlantic Discovery (barcelona To Québec City)08/30/2020Barcelona, ES Québec City, CACrystal Serenity$9,398$4,04957%
12Across The Atlantic (london/southampton To New York)09/05/2021London/Southampton, GB New York, USCrystal Serenity$9,298$3,64961%
12Across The Atlantic (dublin To New York)09/05/2021Dublin, IE New York, USCrystal Serenity$9,898$3,94960%
7Seashells & Sunshine (miami To San Juan)11/28/2021Miami, US San Juan, PRCrystal Serenity$5,698$2,14962%
7Caribbean Idylls (san Juan To Miami)12/05/2021San Juan, PR Miami, USCrystal Serenity$5,698$2,14962%
17Grand Journey: Caribbean Collection (san Juan To Miami)12/05/2021San Juan, PR Miami, USCrystal Serenity$13,778$5,18962%
10Caribbean Cachet (round Trip)12/12/2021Miami, US Miami, USCrystal Serenity$8,098$3,04962%
14Caribbean Holiday (round Trip)12/22/2021Miami, US Miami, USCrystal Serenity$14,498$5,74960%
13European Cultural Canvas (amsterdam To Barcelona)08/19/2020Amsterdam, NL Barcelona, ESCrystal Symphony$10,198$4,49956%
12Fabled Lands & Vineyards (lisbon (lisboa) To London/dover)07/07/2022Lisbon (Lisboa), PT London/Dover, GBCrystal Symphony$9,998$3,99960%
16Coral Sunsets & Golden Panama (miami To Los Angeles/san Pedro)01/05/2021Miami, US Los Angeles/San Pedro, USCrystal Serenity$11,898$4,44963%
127Ancient Dynasties & World Wonders (miami To Rome/civitavecchia)01/05/2021Miami, US Rome/Civitavecchia, ITCrystal Serenity$142,798$59,89958%
139Ancient Dynasties & World Wonders (miami To London/dover)01/05/2021Miami, US London/Dover, GBCrystal Serenity$157,298$66,14958%
21South Pacific Wanderlust (los Angeles/san Pedro To Brisbane)01/21/2021Los Angeles/San Pedro, US Brisbane, AUCrystal Serenity$15,498$5,74963%
111Ancient Dynasties & World Wonders (los Angeles/san Pedro To Rome/civitavecchia)01/21/2021Los Angeles/San Pedro, US Rome/Civitavecchia, ITCrystal Serenity$126,998$53,49958%
123Ancient Dynasties & World Wonders (los Angeles/san Pedro To London/dover)01/21/2021Los Angeles/San Pedro, US London/Dover, GBCrystal Serenity$141,498$59,74958%
18Exotic Isles Of Southeast Asia (brisbane To Hong Kong)02/11/2021Brisbane, AU Hong Kong, HKCrystal Serenity$14,998$5,99960%
12Treasures Of The Orient (hong Kong To Tokyo)03/01/2021Hong Kong, HK Tokyo, JPCrystal Serenity$14,498$6,24957%
24Grand Journey: Japan & China (hong Kong To Shanghai)03/01/2021Hong Kong, HK Shanghai, CNCrystal Serenity$32,878$14,43956%
12Kingdoms Of Jade & Pearls (tokyo To Shanghai)03/13/2021Tokyo, JP Shanghai, CNCrystal Serenity$14,698$6,34957%
42Grand Journey: The Far East & India (tokyo To Dubai)03/13/2021Tokyo, JP Dubai, AECrystal Serenity$39,678$15,83960%
14Far East Fascination (shanghai To Singapore)03/25/2021Shanghai, CN Singapore, SGCrystal Serenity$13,098$5,04961%
16Spice Route Wayfarer (singapore To Dubai)04/08/2021Singapore, SG Dubai, AECrystal Serenity$11,898$4,44963%
18Modern & Ancient Marvels (dubai To Rome/civitavecchia)04/24/2021Dubai, AE Rome/Civitavecchia, ITCrystal Serenity$14,998$5,99960%
30Grand Journey: Uae, Egypt & Western Europe (dubai To London/dover)04/24/2021Dubai, AE London/Dover, GBCrystal Serenity$25,678$10,33960%
12Western Europe Winelands (rome/civitavecchia To London/dover)05/12/2021Rome/Civitavecchia, IT London/Dover, GBCrystal Serenity$10,698$4,34959%
12Captivating Caribbean (round Trip)01/05/2022Miami, US Miami, USCrystal Serenity$9,098$3,54961%
28Grand Journey: Caribbean & Panama Canal (miami To Los Angeles/san Pedro)01/05/2022Miami, US Los Angeles/San Pedro, USCrystal Serenity$21,798$8,39961%
16Passage Between Two Seas (miami To Los Angeles/san Pedro)01/17/2022Miami, US Los Angeles/San Pedro, USCrystal Serenity$12,698$4,84962%
116Myths, Marvels & Monuments: A Cultural Mosaic (round Trip)01/17/2022Miami, US Miami, USCrystal Serenity$98,098$39,04960%
102Myths, Marvels & Monuments: A Cultural Mosaic (miami To Monte Carlo)01/17/2022Miami, US Monte Carlo, MCCrystal Serenity$98,258$40,62959%
19Island Lore & Legends (los Angeles/san Pedro To Auckland)02/02/2022Los Angeles/San Pedro, US Auckland, NZCrystal Serenity$13,718$5,35961%
116Myths, Marvels & Monuments: A Cultural Mosaic (round Trip)02/02/2022Miami, US Miami, USCrystal Serenity$98,098$39,04960%
18Tasman Shores & Terraced Vineyards (auckland To Fremantle)02/21/2022Auckland, NZ Fremantle, AUCrystal Serenity$18,498$7,74958%
18Indian Ocean Idyll (fremantle To Mumbai (bombay))03/11/2022Fremantle, AU Mumbai (Bombay), INCrystal Serenity$12,298$4,64962%
18Monumental Antiquities (mumbai (bombay) To Istanbul)03/29/2022Mumbai (Bombay), IN Istanbul, TRCrystal Serenity$15,898$6,44959%
31Grand Journey: Arabia & The Mediterranean (mumbai (bombay) To Monte Carlo)03/29/2022Mumbai (Bombay), IN Monte Carlo, MCCrystal Serenity$34,878$14,43959%
13Black Sea Mosaic (istanbul To Monte Carlo)04/16/2022Istanbul, TR Monte Carlo, MCCrystal Serenity$13,998$5,99957%
27Grand Journey: Mediterranean & Trans-atlantic (istanbul To Miami)04/16/2022Istanbul, TR Miami, USCrystal Serenity$29,198$11,59960%
14Continental Connoisseur (monte Carlo To Miami)04/29/2022Monte Carlo, MC Miami, USCrystal Serenity$10,998$3,99964%
16Coastal Treasures (miami To Los Angeles/san Pedro)05/13/2022Miami, US Los Angeles/San Pedro, USCrystal Serenity$12,598$4,79962%