Crystal Ocean Cruises delivers a truly luxurious ocean cruise product. The Austrian society of Les Clefs d'Or provide concierge services for all guests with Butler service in all Penthouse Cabins. Enjoy your Crystal Symphony Cruise of Crystal Serenity Cruises to global destinations or Crystals epic World Cruise. Speciality dining is available at the award winning Umi Uma by Chef Nobu Matsuhisa. Of course all cuisine follows the Michelin-inspired dining and 24-hour in-suite dining. It can be said that Crystal brings their guest life enhancing experiences. Pavlus Travel is recognized as a Crystal National Account with access to all special pricing. Call 800.528.9300 for savings.

Crystal Cruises prices for 2021, 2022 and 2033 sailings at significant savings are now available for every Crystal Serenity and Crystal Symphony cruise at Pavlus Travel. Call 800.528.9300 for a complimentary price quote.

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Ship Name
Brochure Price
Pavlus Price
14African Allure (mombasa To Cape Town)03/08/2021Mombasa, KE Cape Town, ZACrystal Symphony$13,898$4,74966%
14Untamed Coastlines & Curiosities-14-night Getaway (cape Town To Dakar)03/22/2021Cape Town, ZA Dakar, SNCrystal Symphony$10,598$4,09961%
22Untamed Coastlines & Curiosities (cape Town To Lisbon (lisboa))03/22/2021Cape Town, ZA Lisbon (Lisboa), PTCrystal Symphony$15,698$5,94962%
40Grand Journey: Africa & The Mediterranean (cape Town To Rome/civitavecchia)03/22/2021Cape Town, ZA Rome/Civitavecchia, ITCrystal Symphony$33,378$13,18960%
50Grand Journey: Africa, The Med & Greece (cape Town To Athens/piraeus)03/22/2021Cape Town, ZA Athens/Piraeus, GRCrystal Symphony$42,878$16,93960%
8Untamed Coastlines & Curiosities-8-night Getaway (dakar To Lisbon (lisboa))04/05/2021Dakar, SN Lisbon (Lisboa), PTCrystal Symphony$5,998$2,29962%
9Pacific Coast Treasures (los Angeles/san Pedro To Vancouver)06/14/2022Los Angeles/San Pedro, US Vancouver, CACrystal Serenity$6,798$2,64961%
7Alaskan Wonders (vancouver To Whittier)06/23/2022Vancouver, CA Whittier, USCrystal Serenity$7,098$2,79961%
7Gold & Glaciers (whittier To Vancouver)06/30/2022Whittier, US Vancouver, CACrystal Serenity$7,098$2,79961%
11Fascinating Frontiers (round Trip)07/07/2022Vancouver, CA Vancouver, CACrystal Serenity$9,998$3,99960%
7Treetops & Totems (round Trip)07/18/2022Vancouver, CA Vancouver, CACrystal Serenity$7,498$2,99960%
7Glacial Grandeur (vancouver To Whittier)07/25/2022Vancouver, CA Whittier, USCrystal Serenity$7,498$2,99960%
7Wilderness & Icy Wonders (whittier To Vancouver)08/01/2022Whittier, US Vancouver, CACrystal Serenity$7,498$2,99960%
9Southeast Asia Storyteller (bangkok/laem Chabang To Singapore)01/06/2021Bangkok/Laem Chabang, TH Singapore, SGCrystal Symphony$7,898$1,99975%
75Grand Journey: Southeast Asia & Africa (bangkok/laem Chabang To Cape Town)01/06/2021Bangkok/Laem Chabang, TH Cape Town, ZACrystal Symphony$80,578$29,83963%
12Monumental Malaysia & Myanmar (round Trip)01/15/2021Singapore, SG Singapore, SGCrystal Symphony$9,898$2,49975%
8Southeast Asia Skylines-8-night Getaway (singapore To Ho Chi Minh City (saigon))01/27/2021Singapore, SG Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), VNCrystal Symphony$7,198$2,89960%
15Southeast Asia Skylines (singapore To Hong Kong)01/27/2021Singapore, SG Hong Kong, HKCrystal Symphony$13,498$3,99970%
7Southeast Asia Skylines-7-night Getaway (ho Chi Minh City (saigon) To Hong Kong)02/04/2021Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), VN Hong Kong, HKCrystal Symphony$6,298$2,59959%
8Gilded Domes & Golden Sunsets (hong Kong To Singapore)02/11/2021Hong Kong, HK Singapore, SGCrystal Symphony$6,998$2,29967%
10From Asia To Africa-10-night Getaway (singapore To Male)02/19/2021Singapore, SG Male, MVCrystal Symphony$7,598$2,84963%
17From Asia To Africa (singapore To Mombasa)02/19/2021Singapore, SG Mombasa, KECrystal Symphony$12,198$4,49963%
15Asia To Australia Explorer (singapore To Fremantle)11/21/2021Singapore, SG Fremantle, AUCrystal Symphony$10,798$3,89964%
13Imperial Southeast Asia (bangkok/laem Chabang To Hong Kong)02/16/2022Bangkok/Laem Chabang, TH Hong Kong, HKCrystal Symphony$12,998$4,99962%
26Grand Journey: Southeast Asia Medley (bangkok/laem Chabang To Singapore)02/16/2022Bangkok/Laem Chabang, TH Singapore, SGCrystal Symphony$25,998$9,99962%
13Taiwan To The Philippines & Borneo (hong Kong To Singapore)03/01/2022Hong Kong, HK Singapore, SGCrystal Symphony$12,998$4,99962%
16Magnificent Myanmar & Intriguing India (singapore To Mumbai (bombay))03/14/2022Singapore, SG Mumbai (Bombay), INCrystal Symphony$11,998$4,49963%
33Grand Journey: Southeast Asia & Mediterranean (singapore To Athens/piraeus)03/14/2022Singapore, SG Athens/Piraeus, GRCrystal Symphony$25,998$9,49963%
6Ancient Temples & Soaring Skyscrapers (yangon To Singapore)01/16/2023Yangon, MM Singapore, SGCrystal Symphony$7,198$2,59964%
8Treasures Of The South China Sea (singapore To Ho Chi Minh City (saigon))01/22/2023Singapore, SG Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), VNCrystal Symphony$9,098$3,29964%
16Grand Journey: Vietnam & Thailand Discovery (round Trip)01/22/2023Singapore, SG Singapore, SGCrystal Symphony$18,198$6,59964%
8Southeast Asian Cache (ho Chi Minh City (saigon) To Singapore)01/30/2023Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), VN Singapore, SGCrystal Symphony$9,098$3,29964%
15Australian Wine & Wildlife (fremantle To Auckland)12/06/2021Fremantle, AU Auckland, NZCrystal Symphony$12,698$4,84962%
16Dazzling Holiday Down Under (auckland To Melbourne)12/21/2021Auckland, NZ Melbourne, AUCrystal Symphony$17,398$6,49963%
14New Zealand Allure (melbourne To Sydney)01/06/2022Melbourne, AU Sydney, AUCrystal Symphony$14,198$5,59961%
27Grand Journey: Lands Down Under (melbourne To Bali/benoa)01/06/2022Melbourne, AU Bali/Benoa, IDCrystal Symphony$24,598$9,29962%
100Grand Journey: Asia (melbourne To Athens/piraeus)01/06/2022Melbourne, AU Athens/Piraeus, GRCrystal Symphony$87,398$32,69963%
13Remarkable Reefs & Cultures (sydney To Bali/benoa)01/20/2022Sydney, AU Bali/Benoa, IDCrystal Symphony$10,398$3,69964%
27Grand Journey: Australia & Southeast Asia (sydney To Bangkok/laem Chabang)01/20/2022Sydney, AU Bangkok/Laem Chabang, THCrystal Symphony$21,198$7,59964%
14Exploring The Great Australian Bight (fremantle To Auckland)12/07/2023Fremantle, AU Auckland, NZCrystal Symphony$13,498$4,49967%
15Southern Hemisphere Holiday (auckland To Melbourne)12/21/2023Auckland, NZ Melbourne, AUCrystal Symphony$18,498$6,99962%
12Irish Sea To Iceland (london/dover To Reykjavík)07/20/2021London/Dover, GB Reykjavík, ISCrystal Serenity$14,398$6,29956%
12Fjords Of Iceland & Norway (reykjavík To London/dover)08/01/2021Reykjavík, IS London/Dover, GBCrystal Serenity$14,398$6,49955%
47Grand Journey: Majestic Europe To America (reykjavík To New York)08/01/2021Reykjavík, IS New York, USCrystal Serenity$61,178$27,08956%
7Emerald Isle Immersion (london/dover To Belfast)08/13/2021London/Dover, GB Belfast, GBCrystal Serenity$8,698$3,74957%
7Celtic Discovery (belfast To London/dover)08/20/2021Belfast, GB London/Dover, GBCrystal Serenity$7,598$3,19958%
9Cultural Wonders (london/dover To London/southampton)08/27/2021London/Dover, GB London/Southampton, GBCrystal Serenity$10,098$4,24958%
21Grand Journey: Epic Atlantic Crossing (london/dover To New York)08/27/2021London/Dover, GB New York, USCrystal Serenity$23,878$10,83955%
29Grand Journey: Western Europe To North America (london/dover To Québec City)08/27/2021London/Dover, GB Québec City, CACrystal Serenity$33,578$14,98955%
12Kingdoms Of Inspiration (london/dover To Stockholm)07/19/2022London/Dover, GB Stockholm, SECrystal Symphony$10,998$4,49959%
10Gateways Of Baltic Beauty (stockholm To Copenhagen (københavn))07/31/2022Stockholm, SE Copenhagen (København), DKCrystal Symphony$9,998$3,99960%
71Grand Journey: Europe (stockholm To Venice (venezia))07/31/2022Stockholm, SE Venice (Venezia), ITCrystal Symphony$63,798$24,89961%
11Northern Europe Embrace (copenhagen (københavn) To Reykjavík)08/10/2022Copenhagen (København), DK Reykjavík, ISCrystal Symphony$10,598$4,29959%
10Isles, Kingdoms & The Military Tattoo (reykjavík To London/dover)08/21/2022Reykjavík, IS London/Dover, GBCrystal Symphony$9,798$3,89960%
8European Gardens & Gateways (round Trip)08/31/2022London/Dover, GB London/Dover, GBCrystal Symphony$7,498$2,99960%
11Old World Joie De Vivre (london/dover To Lisbon (lisboa))09/08/2022London/Dover, GB Lisbon (Lisboa), PTCrystal Symphony$7,998$2,99963%
9Tropical Thanksgiving (round Trip)11/19/2021Miami, US Miami, USCrystal Serenity$8,398$3,19962%
23Grand Journey: Connoisseur's Caribbean (round Trip)11/19/2021Miami, US Miami, USCrystal Serenity$20,178$7,68962%
7Seashells & Sunshine (miami To San Juan)11/28/2021Miami, US San Juan, PRCrystal Serenity$5,698$2,14962%
7Caribbean Idylls (san Juan To Miami)12/05/2021San Juan, PR Miami, USCrystal Serenity$5,698$2,14962%
17Grand Journey: Caribbean Collection (san Juan To Miami)12/05/2021San Juan, PR Miami, USCrystal Serenity$14,678$5,63962%
10Caribbean Cachet (round Trip)12/12/2021Miami, US Miami, USCrystal Serenity$8,098$3,04962%
14Caribbean Holiday (round Trip)12/22/2021Miami, US Miami, USCrystal Serenity$15,498$6,24960%
9Caribbean Splendor (miami To San Juan)11/25/2022Miami, US San Juan, PRCrystal Serenity$5,998$2,24963%
8Colors Of The Caribbean (round Trip)12/04/2022San Juan, PR San Juan, PRCrystal Serenity$5,498$1,99964%
9Glittering Island Gems (san Juan To Miami)12/12/2022San Juan, PR Miami, USCrystal Serenity$5,998$2,24963%
14East To West Caribbean Celebration (round Trip)12/21/2022Miami, US Miami, USCrystal Serenity$13,998$5,49961%
7Caribbean Interlude (round Trip)01/04/2023Miami, US Miami, USCrystal Serenity$6,098$2,29962%
11Boutique Caribbean (round Trip)11/17/2023Miami, US Miami, USCrystal Serenity$9,598$3,29966%
10Sunkissed Tradewinds (round Trip)11/28/2023Miami, US Miami, USCrystal Serenity$9,598$3,29966%
7Caribbean Wanderlust (miami To San Juan)12/08/2023Miami, US San Juan, PRCrystal Serenity$7,098$2,29968%
7Azure Escape (san Juan To Miami)12/15/2023San Juan, PR Miami, USCrystal Serenity$7,098$2,29968%
14Tropical Holiday Wonders (round Trip)12/22/2023Miami, US Miami, USCrystal Serenity$16,498$5,99964%
7New England Classic (round Trip)10/19/2021New York, US New York, USCrystal Serenity$7,198$2,89960%
31Grand Journey: New England, Amazon & The Tropics (new York To Miami)10/19/2021New York, US Miami, USCrystal Serenity$25,278$10,13960%
24New York To The Amazon (new York To Miami)10/26/2021New York, US Miami, USCrystal Serenity$22,598$9,29959%
40Grand Journey: Passage To The Amazon & Tropics (new York To San Juan)10/26/2021New York, US San Juan, PRCrystal Serenity$39,678$16,13959%
7New England Immersion (round Trip)09/27/2023New York, US New York, USCrystal Serenity$8,498$2,99965%
12Bound For Sunshine (new York To Miami)11/05/2023New York, US Miami, USCrystal Serenity$10,598$3,79964%
16Hawaiian Island Shores (round Trip)05/29/2022Los Angeles/San Pedro, US Los Angeles/San Pedro, USCrystal Serenity$12,998$4,99962%
25Grand Journey: Hawaiian Islands & Pacific Coast (los Angeles/san Pedro To Vancouver)05/29/2022Los Angeles/San Pedro, US Vancouver, CACrystal Serenity$20,698$8,09961%
13Temples & Towers (mumbai (bombay) To Singapore)11/08/2021Mumbai (Bombay), IN Singapore, SGCrystal Symphony$9,698$3,84960%
14Ancient Cultures & Modern Wonders (bali/benoa To Bangkok/laem Chabang)02/02/2022Bali/Benoa, ID Bangkok/Laem Chabang, THCrystal Symphony$10,798$3,89964%
17Legends & Antiquities (mumbai (bombay) To Athens/piraeus)03/30/2022Mumbai (Bombay), IN Athens/Piraeus, GRCrystal Symphony$13,998$4,99964%
29Grand Journey: Arabian Sea To The Mediterranean (mumbai (bombay) To Athens/piraeus)03/30/2022Mumbai (Bombay), IN Athens/Piraeus, GRCrystal Symphony$22,998$8,49963%
9South Asian Tapestry (mumbai (bombay) To Yangon)01/07/2023Mumbai (Bombay), IN Yangon, MMCrystal Symphony$8,498$2,99965%
15Grand Journey: India, Myanmar & Southeast Asia (mumbai (bombay) To Singapore)01/07/2023Mumbai (Bombay), IN Singapore, SGCrystal Symphony$15,698$5,59964%
7From Singapore To Sri Lanka & Beyond (singapore To Colombo)02/22/2023Singapore, SG Colombo, LKCrystal Symphony$7,698$2,59966%
16Grand Journey: Southeast Asia, India & The Uae (singapore To Dubai)02/22/2023Singapore, SG Dubai, AECrystal Symphony$15,398$5,19966%
9Icons Of The Indian Ocean (colombo To Dubai)03/01/2023Colombo, LK Dubai, AECrystal Symphony$8,498$2,99965%
13Gulf Gems & Alluring Mumbai (dubai To Mumbai (bombay))10/27/2023Dubai, AE Mumbai (Bombay), INCrystal Symphony$12,098$3,79969%
13South Asian Spices, Temples & Marvels (mumbai (bombay) To Singapore)11/09/2023Mumbai (Bombay), IN Singapore, SGCrystal Symphony$11,698$3,59969%
15Ancient Kingdoms & Storied Pagodas (singapore To Fremantle)11/22/2023Singapore, SG Fremantle, AUCrystal Symphony$12,498$3,99968%
11Canary Island & Iberian Intrigue (lisbon (lisboa) To Barcelona)04/13/2021Lisbon (Lisboa), PT Barcelona, ESCrystal Symphony$9,498$3,74961%
7Gaudi & Glamour (barcelona To Rome/civitavecchia)04/24/2021Barcelona, ES Rome/Civitavecchia, ITCrystal Symphony$6,298$2,54960%
10Italian Images & Greek Isles (rome/civitavecchia To Athens/piraeus)05/01/2021Rome/Civitavecchia, IT Athens/Piraeus, GRCrystal Symphony$8,898$3,44961%
17Grand Journey: Italy & The Greek Isles (round Trip)05/01/2021Rome/Civitavecchia, IT Rome/Civitavecchia, ITCrystal Symphony$16,178$6,58959%
7Parthenon To Piazzas (athens/piraeus To Rome/civitavecchia)05/11/2021Athens/Piraeus, GR Rome/Civitavecchia, ITCrystal Symphony$6,298$2,64958%
19Grand Journey: Greece, Italy, France & Spain (athens/piraeus To Barcelona)05/11/2021Athens/Piraeus, GR Barcelona, ESCrystal Symphony$19,278$8,13958%
12Grand Prix Riviera Gateway (rome/civitavecchia To Barcelona)05/18/2021Rome/Civitavecchia, IT Barcelona, ESCrystal Symphony$12,998$5,49958%
26Grand Journey: The Mediterranean (round Trip)05/18/2021Rome/Civitavecchia, IT Rome/Civitavecchia, ITCrystal Symphony$27,678$11,43959%
7Balearic Isles To Barcelona -7- Night Getaway (monte Carlo To Barcelona)05/23/2021Monte Carlo, MC Barcelona, ESCrystal Symphony$7,598$3,19958%
7Beyond The Cote Vermeille (barcelona To Monte Carlo)05/30/2021Barcelona, ES Monte Carlo, MCCrystal Symphony$7,398$2,99959%
7Essential European Holiday (monte Carlo To Rome/civitavecchia)06/06/2021Monte Carlo, MC Rome/Civitavecchia, ITCrystal Symphony$7,298$2,94960%
14Combo Voyage Name Tba (monte Carlo To Venice (venezia))06/06/2021Monte Carlo, MC Venice (Venezia), ITCrystal Symphony$14,598$5,89960%
7Adriatic Muse (rome/civitavecchia To Venice (venezia))06/13/2021Rome/Civitavecchia, IT Venice (Venezia), ITCrystal Symphony$7,298$2,94960%
10Enchanting Italy & Croatia (venice (venezia) To Monte Carlo)06/20/2021Venice (Venezia), IT Monte Carlo, MCCrystal Symphony$10,398$4,19960%
7Riviera Soiree (monte Carlo To Barcelona)06/30/2021Monte Carlo, MC Barcelona, ESCrystal Symphony$7,298$2,94960%
9Las Ramblas To Roma (barcelona To Rome/civitavecchia)07/07/2021Barcelona, ES Rome/Civitavecchia, ITCrystal Symphony$9,498$3,79960%
18Grand Journey: Spain, Italy & Croatia (barcelona To Venice (venezia))07/07/2021Barcelona, ES Venice (Venezia), ITCrystal Symphony$18,778$7,38961%
9Old World Wonders (rome/civitavecchia To Venice (venezia))07/16/2021Rome/Civitavecchia, IT Venice (Venezia), ITCrystal Symphony$9,298$3,64961%
16Grand Journey: Italy, Croatia & Greece (rome/civitavecchia To Athens/piraeus)07/16/2021Rome/Civitavecchia, IT Athens/Piraeus, GRCrystal Symphony$16,378$6,48960%
7Greek Isles Grandeur (venice (venezia) To Athens/piraeus)07/25/2021Venice (Venezia), IT Athens/Piraeus, GRCrystal Symphony$7,098$2,89959%
7Aegean Reverie (athens/piraeus To Rome/civitavecchia)08/14/2021Athens/Piraeus, GR Rome/Civitavecchia, ITCrystal Symphony$6,698$2,64960%
14Grand Journey: Greece, Italy & France (athens/piraeus To Monte Carlo)08/14/2021Athens/Piraeus, GR Monte Carlo, MCCrystal Symphony$13,378$5,28960%
7Renaissance & Royalty (rome/civitavecchia To Monte Carlo)08/21/2021Rome/Civitavecchia, IT Monte Carlo, MCCrystal Symphony$6,698$2,64960%
14Grand Journey: Italy, France & Spain (rome/civitavecchia To Barcelona)08/21/2021Rome/Civitavecchia, IT Barcelona, ESCrystal Symphony$13,378$5,28960%
7Cote D'azur To Catalonia (monte Carlo To Barcelona)08/28/2021Monte Carlo, MC Barcelona, ESCrystal Symphony$6,698$2,64960%
15Grand Journey: Mediterranean & Adriatic (monte Carlo To Venice (venezia))08/28/2021Monte Carlo, MC Venice (Venezia), ITCrystal Symphony$13,978$5,58960%
8Romancing Roma (barcelona To Venice (venezia))09/04/2021Barcelona, ES Venice (Venezia), ITCrystal Symphony$7,298$2,94960%
9Mediterranean Masquerade (venice (venezia) To Marseille)09/12/2021Venice (Venezia), IT Marseille, FRCrystal Symphony$8,598$3,29962%
16Grand Journey: Connoisseur's Mediterranean (venice (venezia) To Rome/civitavecchia)09/12/2021Venice (Venezia), IT Rome/Civitavecchia, ITCrystal Symphony$14,878$5,73961%
7Castles & Cathedrals (marseille To Rome/civitavecchia)09/21/2021Marseille, FR Rome/Civitavecchia, ITCrystal Symphony$6,298$2,54960%
20Grand Journey: Mediterranean & Holy Land (marseille To Athens/piraeus)09/21/2021Marseille, FR Athens/Piraeus, GRCrystal Symphony$17,378$7,08959%
13Heavenly Masterpieces (rome/civitavecchia To Athens/piraeus)09/28/2021Rome/Civitavecchia, IT Athens/Piraeus, GRCrystal Symphony$11,098$4,74957%
16Ancient Passages & Modern Marvels (athens/piraeus To Abu Dhabi)10/11/2021Athens/Piraeus, GR Abu Dhabi, AECrystal Symphony$12,598$4,79962%
41Grand Journey: Middle East, Uae & Southeast Asia (athens/piraeus To Singapore)10/11/2021Athens/Piraeus, GR Singapore, SGCrystal Symphony$31,778$12,38961%
71Grand Journey: Athens To Auckland Odyssey (athens/piraeus To Auckland)10/11/2021Athens/Piraeus, GR Auckland, NZCrystal Symphony$55,278$21,13962%
12Holy Land & Greek Isles (round Trip)04/16/2022Athens/Piraeus, GR Athens/Piraeus, GRCrystal Symphony$8,998$3,49961%
47Grand Journey: The Med, Adriatic And Black Seas (athens/piraeus To Rome/civitavecchia)04/16/2022Athens/Piraeus, GR Rome/Civitavecchia, ITCrystal Symphony$37,298$14,39961%
12Black Sea & Adriatic Discovery (athens/piraeus To Venice (venezia))04/28/2022Athens/Piraeus, GR Venice (Venezia), ITCrystal Symphony$8,998$3,49961%
19Grand Journey: Black Sea To The Mediterranean (athens/piraeus To Rome/civitavecchia)04/28/2022Athens/Piraeus, GR Rome/Civitavecchia, ITCrystal Symphony$14,898$5,69962%
7Mediterranean Vistas (venice (venezia) To Rome/civitavecchia)05/10/2022Venice (Venezia), IT Rome/Civitavecchia, ITCrystal Symphony$5,898$2,19963%
7Italia, España & The Riviera (rome/civitavecchia To Barcelona)05/17/2022Rome/Civitavecchia, IT Barcelona, ESCrystal Symphony$5,898$2,19963%
9Gaudí & The Grand Prix (barcelona To Rome/civitavecchia)05/24/2022Barcelona, ES Rome/Civitavecchia, ITCrystal Symphony$7,498$2,99960%
7Romantic Cliffs & Cultures (rome/civitavecchia To Venice (venezia))06/02/2022Rome/Civitavecchia, IT Venice (Venezia), ITCrystal Symphony$6,498$2,49962%
7Stories Of Eternal Enchantment (venice (venezia) To Monte Carlo)06/09/2022Venice (Venezia), IT Monte Carlo, MCCrystal Symphony$6,498$2,49962%
7Royal Riviera (round Trip)06/16/2022Monte Carlo, MC Monte Carlo, MCCrystal Symphony$7,098$2,79961%
45Grand Journey: Mediterranean & Northern Europe (monte Carlo To Stockholm)06/16/2022Monte Carlo, MC Stockholm, SECrystal Symphony$42,298$16,89960%
7Master Collection (monte Carlo To Barcelona)06/23/2022Monte Carlo, MC Barcelona, ESCrystal Symphony$7,098$2,79961%
14Grand Journey: Pearls Of The Mediterranean (monte Carlo To Lisbon (lisboa))06/23/2022Monte Carlo, MC Lisbon (Lisboa), PTCrystal Symphony$14,198$5,59961%
7Sol To Soul (barcelona To Lisbon (lisboa))06/30/2022Barcelona, ES Lisbon (Lisboa), PTCrystal Symphony$7,098$2,79961%
7Escape To España (lisbon (lisboa) To Barcelona)09/19/2022Lisbon (Lisboa), PT Barcelona, ESCrystal Symphony$6,498$2,49962%
7Las Ramblas To The Riviera (barcelona To Rome/civitavecchia)09/26/2022Barcelona, ES Rome/Civitavecchia, ITCrystal Symphony$5,898$2,19963%
7Sunsets & Piazzas (rome/civitavecchia To Venice (venezia))10/03/2022Rome/Civitavecchia, IT Venice (Venezia), ITCrystal Symphony$5,498$1,99964%
7Venetian Vistas (round Trip)10/10/2022Venice (Venezia), IT Venice (Venezia), ITCrystal Symphony$5,498$1,99964%
11Mediterranean Majesty (venice (venezia) To Barcelona)10/17/2022Venice (Venezia), IT Barcelona, ESCrystal Symphony$7,998$2,99963%
11Spanish Coast & Atlantic Isles (barcelona To Lisbon (lisboa))10/28/2022Barcelona, ES Lisbon (Lisboa), PTCrystal Symphony$7,998$2,99963%
8Mediterranean Spirit (lisbon (lisboa) To Rome/civitavecchia)11/08/2022Lisbon (Lisboa), PT Rome/Civitavecchia, ITCrystal Symphony$5,498$1,99964%
21Grand Journey: Mediterranean & Holy Lands (lisbon (lisboa) To Athens/piraeus)11/08/2022Lisbon (Lisboa), PT Athens/Piraeus, GRCrystal Symphony$14,798$5,14965%
13Journey To The Holy Lands (rome/civitavecchia To Athens/piraeus)11/16/2022Rome/Civitavecchia, IT Athens/Piraeus, GRCrystal Symphony$9,298$3,14966%
11Holy Land Sojourn (round Trip)04/11/2023Athens/Piraeus, GR Athens/Piraeus, GRCrystal Symphony$10,998$3,99964%
12Black Sea Brilliance (athens/piraeus To Venice (venezia))04/22/2023Athens/Piraeus, GR Venice (Venezia), ITCrystal Symphony$11,998$4,49963%
7Realms Of The Doge (round Trip)05/04/2023Venice (Venezia), IT Venice (Venezia), ITCrystal Symphony$8,498$2,99965%
9Adriatic Bliss & The Eternal City (venice (venezia) To Rome/civitavecchia)05/11/2023Venice (Venezia), IT Rome/Civitavecchia, ITCrystal Symphony$9,498$3,49963%
7From Bernini To Gaudi (rome/civitavecchia To Barcelona)05/20/2023Rome/Civitavecchia, IT Barcelona, ESCrystal Symphony$7,898$2,69966%
8Legends Of The Med (barcelona To Athens/piraeus)06/19/2023Barcelona, ES Athens/Piraeus, GRCrystal Serenity$9,498$3,49963%
12Black Sea Brilliance (athens/piraeus To Istanbul)06/27/2023Athens/Piraeus, GR Istanbul, TRCrystal Serenity$14,998$5,99960%
9Aegean & Adriatic Antiquities (istanbul To Venice (venezia))07/09/2023Istanbul, TR Venice (Venezia), ITCrystal Serenity$11,098$4,29961%
7Palaces & Monuments (venice (venezia) To Monte Carlo)07/18/2023Venice (Venezia), IT Monte Carlo, MCCrystal Serenity$9,098$3,29964%
7Mediterranean Chic (monte Carlo To Barcelona)07/25/2023Monte Carlo, MC Barcelona, ESCrystal Serenity$9,098$3,29964%
7Mediterranean Idylls (barcelona To Rome/civitavecchia)08/01/2023Barcelona, ES Rome/Civitavecchia, ITCrystal Serenity$9,098$3,29964%
9Amalfi & Dalmatia Dreams (rome/civitavecchia To Venice (venezia))08/08/2023Rome/Civitavecchia, IT Venice (Venezia), ITCrystal Serenity$10,498$3,99962%
12Mediterranean Masterpiece (venice (venezia) To Barcelona)08/17/2023Venice (Venezia), IT Barcelona, ESCrystal Serenity$12,998$4,99962%
7Iberian Wanderlust (barcelona To Lisbon (lisboa))08/29/2023Barcelona, ES Lisbon (Lisboa), PTCrystal Serenity$8,498$2,99965%
10Ancient Kingdoms & Moorish Influences (bordeaux To Barcelona)09/09/2023Bordeaux, FR Barcelona, ESCrystal Symphony$10,598$3,79964%
7Along The Côte D’azur (barcelona To Rome/civitavecchia)09/19/2023Barcelona, ES Rome/Civitavecchia, ITCrystal Symphony$7,698$2,59966%
7Italian Interlude (rome/civitavecchia To Venice (venezia))09/26/2023Rome/Civitavecchia, IT Venice (Venezia), ITCrystal Symphony$7,698$2,59966%
7Adriatic Vistas & Grecian Gems (venice (venezia) To Athens/piraeus)10/03/2023Venice (Venezia), IT Athens/Piraeus, GRCrystal Symphony$7,698$2,59966%
12Visions Of Arabia & India (abu Dhabi To Mumbai (bombay))10/27/2021Abu Dhabi, AE Mumbai (Bombay), INCrystal Symphony$9,498$3,74961%
17Grand Arabian Gulf (athens/piraeus To Abu Dhabi)11/29/2022Athens/Piraeus, GR Abu Dhabi, AECrystal Symphony$11,998$3,99967%
7Pearls Of Arabia (round Trip)12/16/2022Abu Dhabi, AE Abu Dhabi, AECrystal Symphony$5,498$1,99964%
15Dazzling Dubai & Taj Mahal (abu Dhabi To Mumbai (bombay))12/23/2022Abu Dhabi, AE Mumbai (Bombay), INCrystal Symphony$14,998$5,99960%
6Beyond The Strait Of Hormuz (dubai To Al Manamah)03/10/2023Dubai, AE Al Manamah, BHCrystal Symphony$5,998$1,99967%
14Grand Journey: Arabian Peninsula Adventure (round Trip)03/10/2023Dubai, AE Dubai, AECrystal Symphony$13,498$4,49967%
8Pearls Of Arabia (al Manamah To Dubai)03/16/2023Al Manamah, BH Dubai, AECrystal Symphony$7,498$2,49967%
9Red Sea Reverie (dubai To Eilat)03/24/2023Dubai, AE Eilat, ILCrystal Symphony$9,498$3,49963%
18Grand Journey: Holy Land, Egypt & The Antiquities (dubai To Athens/piraeus)03/24/2023Dubai, AE Athens/Piraeus, GRCrystal Symphony$18,998$6,99963%
9Egyptian Treasures & Grecian Grandeur (eilat To Athens/piraeus)04/02/2023Eilat, IL Athens/Piraeus, GRCrystal Symphony$9,498$3,49963%
7Into The Land Of The Pharaohs (athens/piraeus To Eilat)10/10/2023Athens/Piraeus, GR Eilat, ILCrystal Symphony$7,298$2,39967%
17Grand Journey: Egypt & Israel To The Uae (athens/piraeus To Dubai)10/10/2023Athens/Piraeus, GR Dubai, AECrystal Symphony$16,898$5,69966%
10Arabian Peninsula Explorer (eilat To Dubai)10/17/2023Eilat, IL Dubai, AECrystal Symphony$9,598$3,29966%
8North American Majesties (new York To Québec City)09/17/2021New York, US Québec City, CACrystal Serenity$7,398$2,99959%
8Discovery In The Maritimes (québec City To New York)09/25/2021Québec City, CA New York, USCrystal Serenity$7,498$3,04959%
8Skyscrapers & Fortresses (new York To Québec City)10/03/2021New York, US Québec City, CACrystal Serenity$7,998$3,39958%
8Lighthouses & Lobster (québec City To New York)10/11/2021Québec City, CA New York, USCrystal Serenity$7,898$3,24959%
15Grand Journey: New England Immersive (québec City To New York)10/11/2021Québec City, CA New York, USCrystal Serenity$14,678$5,93960%
39Grand Journey: North America & The Amazon (québec City To Miami)10/11/2021Québec City, CA Miami, USCrystal Serenity$33,178$13,38960%
7New England Treasures (round Trip)09/02/2022New York, US New York, USCrystal Serenity$7,498$2,99960%
17Grand Journey: Charms Of The Colonial Coast (new York To Québec City)09/02/2022New York, US Québec City, CACrystal Serenity$16,898$6,69960%
10Wonders Of Canada & New England (new York To Québec City)09/09/2022New York, US Québec City, CACrystal Serenity$9,398$3,69961%
8Canada & New England Enchantment (québec City To New York)09/19/2022Québec City, CA New York, USCrystal Serenity$7,498$2,99960%
8Essential Northeast (new York To Québec City)09/27/2022New York, US Québec City, CACrystal Serenity$7,498$2,99960%
8Autumn In The Northeast (québec City To New York)10/05/2022Québec City, CA New York, USCrystal Serenity$8,098$3,29959%
8Northeast Gems (new York To Québec City)10/13/2022New York, US Québec City, CACrystal Serenity$8,098$3,29959%
14Eastern Seaboard Heritage (québec City To Miami)10/21/2022Québec City, CA Miami, USCrystal Serenity$10,998$3,99964%
8Autumn Tapestry (new York To Québec City)10/04/2023New York, US Québec City, CACrystal Serenity$9,498$3,49963%
8Fall's Grandeur (québec City To New York)10/12/2023Québec City, CA New York, USCrystal Serenity$9,498$3,49963%
8Skyscrapers & Waterfalls (new York To Québec City)10/20/2023New York, US Québec City, CACrystal Serenity$9,098$3,29964%
8Citadels & Cottages (québec City To New York)10/28/2023Québec City, CA New York, USCrystal Serenity$9,098$3,29964%
7Fjords & Castles (round Trip)06/06/2021London/Dover, GB London/Dover, GBCrystal Serenity$7,398$3,19957%
21Grand Journey: Norwegian Fjords & North Cape (london/dover To Copenhagen (københavn))06/06/2021London/Dover, GB Copenhagen (København), DKCrystal Serenity$25,378$10,88957%
14North Cape Midsummer (london/dover To Copenhagen (københavn))06/13/2021London/Dover, GB Copenhagen (København), DKCrystal Serenity$16,998$7,19958%
25Grand Journey: Norwegian Fjords & The Baltic (london/dover To Stockholm)06/13/2021London/Dover, GB Stockholm, SECrystal Serenity$29,878$12,73957%
37Grand Journey: Norwegian Fjords & Baltic Sea (round Trip)06/13/2021London/Dover, GB London/Dover, GBCrystal Serenity$44,278$18,93957%
5Enchanting Adriatic -5-night Getaway (venice (venezia) To Sicily/catania)06/20/2021Venice (Venezia), IT Sicily/Catania, ITCrystal Symphony$5,198$2,09960%
5Enchanting Italy-5-night Getaway (sicily/catania To Monte Carlo)06/25/2021Sicily/Catania, IT Monte Carlo, MCCrystal Symphony$5,198$2,09960%
11Lands Of Castles & Czars (copenhagen (københavn) To Stockholm)06/27/2021Copenhagen (København), DK Stockholm, SECrystal Serenity$12,198$5,29957%
23Grand Journey: Baltic Capital Immersion (copenhagen (københavn) To London/dover)06/27/2021Copenhagen (København), DK London/Dover, GBCrystal Serenity$27,278$11,73957%
12Baltic Capitals & Cultures (stockholm To London/dover)07/08/2021Stockholm, SE London/Dover, GBCrystal Serenity$14,398$6,19957%
24Grand Journey: Baltic, British Isles & Iceland (stockholm To Reykjavík)07/08/2021Stockholm, SE Reykjavík, ISCrystal Serenity$28,778$12,48957%
11Joie De Vivre Et Jardins (lisbon (lisboa) To Rouen)06/03/2023Lisbon (Lisboa), PT Rouen, FRCrystal Symphony$10,998$3,99964%
12Celtic Interlude (rouen To Rosyth (edinburgh))06/14/2023Rouen, FR Rosyth (Edinburgh), GBCrystal Symphony$14,198$5,59961%
10Baltic Brilliance (rosyth (edinburgh) To Stockholm)06/26/2023Rosyth (Edinburgh), GB Stockholm, SECrystal Symphony$12,998$4,99962%
12Imperial Palaces & Viking Traditions (stockholm To Copenhagen (københavn))07/06/2023Stockholm, SE Copenhagen (København), DKCrystal Symphony$14,998$5,99960%
10Norse Meets South (copenhagen (københavn) To Le Havre)07/18/2023Copenhagen (København), DK Le Havre, FRCrystal Symphony$11,998$4,49963%
11Beguiling Britannia & Captivating Ireland (le Havre To Reykjavík)07/28/2023Le Havre, FR Reykjavík, ISCrystal Symphony$13,998$5,49961%
11Northern European Majesties (reykjavík To Copenhagen (københavn))08/08/2023Reykjavík, IS Copenhagen (København), DKCrystal Symphony$13,998$5,49961%
12Accent On The Baltic (copenhagen (københavn) To London/dover)08/19/2023Copenhagen (København), DK London/Dover, GBCrystal Symphony$14,998$5,99960%
11Cultured Pursuits (lisbon (lisboa) To Le Havre)09/05/2023Lisbon (Lisboa), PT Le Havre, FRCrystal Serenity$11,598$4,29963%
7West Coast Wanderer (vancouver To Los Angeles/san Pedro)08/08/2022Vancouver, CA Los Angeles/San Pedro, USCrystal Serenity$5,998$2,24963%
25Grand Journey: Splendors Of North America (vancouver To New York)08/08/2022Vancouver, CA New York, USCrystal Serenity$19,998$7,24964%
18Panama Canal & Central America (los Angeles/san Pedro To New York)08/15/2022Los Angeles/San Pedro, US New York, USCrystal Serenity$11,998$3,99967%
11Caribbean Treasures & Canal Wonders (miami To Caldera)11/04/2022Miami, US Caldera, CRCrystal Serenity$7,998$2,99963%
10Panama & Tropical Playgrounds (caldera To Miami)11/15/2022Caldera, CR Miami, USCrystal Serenity$6,998$2,49964%
19Grand Journey: Panama & Caribbean Gems (caldera To San Juan)11/15/2022Caldera, CR San Juan, PRCrystal Serenity$12,998$4,74963%
7From Asia To Africa-7-night Getaway (male To Mombasa)03/01/2021Male, MV Mombasa, KECrystal Symphony$5,298$1,99962%
12Across The Atlantic (london/southampton To New York)09/05/2021London/Southampton, GB New York, USCrystal Serenity$12,198$5,09958%
11Trans-atlantic Explorer (le Havre To New York)09/16/2023Le Havre, FR New York, USCrystal Serenity$10,998$3,99964%
12Fabled Lands & Vineyards (lisbon (lisboa) To London/dover)07/07/2022Lisbon (Lisboa), PT London/Dover, GBCrystal Symphony$9,998$3,99960%
7Iberian Explorer (barcelona To Lisbon (lisboa))05/27/2023Barcelona, ES Lisbon (Lisboa), PTCrystal Symphony$7,898$2,69966%
9Western European Wanderlust (london/dover To Bordeaux)08/31/2023London/Dover, GB Bordeaux, FRCrystal Symphony$9,098$3,29964%
16Coral Sunsets & Golden Panama (miami To Los Angeles/san Pedro)01/05/2021Miami, US Los Angeles/San Pedro, USCrystal Serenity$11,898$4,64961%
127Ancient Dynasties & World Wonders (miami To Rome/civitavecchia)01/05/2021Miami, US Rome/Civitavecchia, ITCrystal Serenity$139,998$58,69958%
139Ancient Dynasties & World Wonders (miami To London/dover)01/05/2021Miami, US London/Dover, GBCrystal Serenity$154,198$64,79958%
21South Pacific Wanderlust (los Angeles/san Pedro To Brisbane)01/21/2021Los Angeles/San Pedro, US Brisbane, AUCrystal Serenity$16,498$6,44961%
111Ancient Dynasties & World Wonders (los Angeles/san Pedro To Rome/civitavecchia)01/21/2021Los Angeles/San Pedro, US Rome/Civitavecchia, ITCrystal Serenity$124,498$52,44958%
123Ancient Dynasties & World Wonders (los Angeles/san Pedro To London/dover)01/21/2021Los Angeles/San Pedro, US London/Dover, GBCrystal Serenity$138,698$58,54958%
15South Pacific Wanderlust-15-night Getaway (oahu/honolulu To Brisbane)01/27/2021Oahu/Honolulu, US Brisbane, AUCrystal Serenity$14,398$5,69960%
18Exotic Isles Of Southeast Asia (brisbane To Hong Kong)02/11/2021Brisbane, AU Hong Kong, HKCrystal Serenity$14,998$5,99960%
12Treasures Of The Orient (hong Kong To Tokyo)03/01/2021Hong Kong, HK Tokyo, JPCrystal Serenity$10,698$4,94954%
24Grand Journey: Japan & China (hong Kong To Shanghai)03/01/2021Hong Kong, HK Shanghai, CNCrystal Serenity$26,878$12,23954%
5Kingdoms Of Jade & Pearls-5-night Getaway (tokyo To Incheon)03/13/2021Tokyo, JP Incheon, KRCrystal Serenity$3,198$1,34958%
12Kingdoms Of Jade & Pearls (tokyo To Shanghai)03/13/2021Tokyo, JP Shanghai, CNCrystal Serenity$14,698$6,54955%
42Grand Journey: The Far East & India (tokyo To Dubai)03/13/2021Tokyo, JP Dubai, AECrystal Serenity$42,078$17,63958%
7Kingdoms Of Jade & Pearls-7-night Getaway (incheon To Shanghai)03/18/2021Incheon, KR Shanghai, CNCrystal Serenity$11,598$5,24955%
14Far East Fascination (shanghai To Singapore)03/25/2021Shanghai, CN Singapore, SGCrystal Serenity$13,098$5,24960%
16Spice Route Wayfarer (singapore To Dubai)04/08/2021Singapore, SG Dubai, AECrystal Serenity$11,898$4,64961%
18Modern & Ancient Marvels (dubai To Rome/civitavecchia)04/24/2021Dubai, AE Rome/Civitavecchia, ITCrystal Serenity$14,998$5,99960%
30Grand Journey: Uae, Egypt & Western Europe (dubai To London/dover)04/24/2021Dubai, AE London/Dover, GBCrystal Serenity$25,678$10,43959%
12Western Europe Winelands (rome/civitavecchia To London/dover)05/12/2021Rome/Civitavecchia, IT London/Dover, GBCrystal Serenity$14,198$6,09957%
12Captivating Caribbean (round Trip)01/05/2022Miami, US Miami, USCrystal Serenity$9,098$3,54961%
28Grand Journey: Caribbean & Panama Canal (miami To Los Angeles/san Pedro)01/05/2022Miami, US Los Angeles/San Pedro, USCrystal Serenity$23,238$9,11961%
16Passage Between Two Seas (miami To Los Angeles/san Pedro)01/17/2022Miami, US Los Angeles/San Pedro, USCrystal Serenity$12,698$4,84962%
102Myths, Marvels & Monuments: A Cultural Mosaic (miami To Monte Carlo)01/17/2022Miami, US Monte Carlo, MCCrystal Serenity$114,098$48,54957%
116Myths, Marvels & Monuments: A Cultural Mosaic (round Trip)01/17/2022Miami, US Miami, USCrystal Serenity$128,098$54,04958%
19Island Lore & Legends (los Angeles/san Pedro To Auckland)02/02/2022Los Angeles/San Pedro, US Auckland, NZCrystal Serenity$13,718$5,35961%
86Myths, Marvels & Monuments: A Cultural Mosaic (los Angeles/san Pedro To Monte Carlo)02/02/2022Los Angeles/San Pedro, US Monte Carlo, MCCrystal Serenity$97,778$41,88957%
100Myths, Marvels & Monuments: A Cultural Mosaic (los Angeles/san Pedro To Miami)02/02/2022Los Angeles/San Pedro, US Miami, USCrystal Serenity$111,778$47,38958%
116Myths, Marvels & Monuments: A Cultural Mosaic (round Trip)02/02/2022Miami, US Miami, USCrystal Serenity$128,098$54,04958%
18Tasman Shores & Terraced Vineyards (auckland To Fremantle)02/21/2022Auckland, NZ Fremantle, AUCrystal Serenity$18,498$7,74958%
18Indian Ocean Idyll (fremantle To Mumbai (bombay))03/11/2022Fremantle, AU Mumbai (Bombay), INCrystal Serenity$13,758$5,37961%
18Monumental Antiquities (mumbai (bombay) To Istanbul)03/29/2022Mumbai (Bombay), IN Istanbul, TRCrystal Serenity$20,898$8,94957%
31Grand Journey: Arabia & The Mediterranean (mumbai (bombay) To Monte Carlo)03/29/2022Mumbai (Bombay), IN Monte Carlo, MCCrystal Serenity$39,598$17,29956%
13Black Sea Mosaic (istanbul To Monte Carlo)04/16/2022Istanbul, TR Monte Carlo, MCCrystal Serenity$18,698$8,34955%
27Grand Journey: Mediterranean & Trans-atlantic (istanbul To Miami)04/16/2022Istanbul, TR Miami, USCrystal Serenity$32,698$13,84958%
14Continental Connoisseur (monte Carlo To Miami)04/29/2022Monte Carlo, MC Miami, USCrystal Serenity$11,678$4,33963%
16Coastal Treasures (miami To Los Angeles/san Pedro)05/13/2022Miami, US Los Angeles/San Pedro, USCrystal Serenity$12,598$4,79962%
15Panama Canal To Peru (miami To Lima/callao)01/11/2023Miami, US Lima/Callao, PECrystal Serenity$12,198$4,59962%
119Wild Kingdoms & Exotic Discoveries (miami To Athens/piraeus)01/11/2023Miami, US Athens/Piraeus, GRCrystal Serenity$115,798$45,39961%
128Wild Kingdoms & Exotic Discoveries (miami To Venice (venezia))01/11/2023Miami, US Venice (Venezia), ITCrystal Serenity$125,298$49,39961%
140Wild Kingdoms & Exotic Discoveries (miami To Barcelona)01/11/2023Miami, US Barcelona, ESCrystal Serenity$137,298$54,39960%
16Easter Island & French Polynesia (lima/callao To Papeete)01/26/2023Lima/Callao, PE Papeete, PFCrystal Serenity$14,798$5,89960%
19South Pacific Kingdoms (papeete To Brisbane)02/11/2023Papeete, PF Brisbane, AUCrystal Serenity$15,998$5,99963%
23Papua New Guinea Discovery (brisbane To Singapore)03/02/2023Brisbane, AU Singapore, SGCrystal Serenity$18,998$6,99963%
14Exotic Temples & Treasures (singapore To Colombo)03/25/2023Singapore, SG Colombo, LKCrystal Serenity$11,998$4,49963%
14Sanctuaries & Spice Routes (colombo To Mombasa)04/08/2023Colombo, LK Mombasa, KECrystal Serenity$13,798$5,39961%
18Safaris & Antiquities (mombasa To Athens/piraeus)04/22/2023Mombasa, KE Athens/Piraeus, GRCrystal Serenity$16,998$6,49962%
9Greek Isles & Adriatic Icons (athens/piraeus To Venice (venezia))05/10/2023Athens/Piraeus, GR Venice (Venezia), ITCrystal Serenity$8,498$3,49959%
12Riviera Wanderlust (venice (venezia) To Barcelona)05/19/2023Venice (Venezia), IT Barcelona, ESCrystal Serenity$11,198$4,59959%

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