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Ship Name
Brochure Price
Pavlus Price
11Remote Wrangell And Spectacular Sitka05/06/2024Vancouver VancouverEX$6,080$6,080
11Sailing The Whale's Highway05/17/2024Vancouver VancouverEX$5,985$5,985
10Journey Of The Glaciers05/28/2024Vancouver VancouverEX$5,445$5,445
11Sailing The Whale's Highway06/07/2024Vancouver VancouverEX$6,300$6,300
10Journey Of The Glaciers06/18/2024Vancouver VancouverEX$6,080$6,080
11Sailing The Whale's Highway06/28/2024Vancouver VancouverEX$6,790$6,790
10Journey Of The Glaciers07/09/2024Vancouver VancouverEX$6,175$6,175
11Sailing The Whale's Highway07/19/2024Vancouver VancouverEX$6,790$6,790
10Journey Of The Glaciers07/30/2024Vancouver VancouverEX$6,080$6,080
11Sailing The Whale's Highway08/09/2024Vancouver VancouverEX$6,650$6,650
24An Extended Journey From Iceland & Greenland To High-latitude America09/09/2023Reykjavik QuebecEX$9,650$9,650
8Inaugural North American East Coast Journey Atlantic Provinces & Canadian Maritimes09/25/2023New York QuebecEX$4,085$4,085
18Extended Historic American Cities & Quebecois Culture09/25/2023New York New YorkEX$8,705$8,705
10Quebecois Culture, Canadian Fjords & New Amsterdam10/03/2023Quebec New YorkEX$5,080$5,080
7European Influences In The New World10/13/2023New York QuebecEX$3,240$3,240
14Autumn Leaves & Palm Trees Along The Atlantic Coast10/20/2023Quebec MiamiEX$5,220$5,220
39The Americas Grand Journey Circumnavigating The New World08/20/2024Vancouver QuebecEX$13,530$13,530
10Bright City Lights And Stunning Scenery09/18/2024Miami QuebecEX$3,915$3,915
7Inaugural Caribbean Journey A Yachtsman’s Paradise11/03/2023Miami San JuanEX$2,755$2,755
14Extended Escapes Into A Yachtsman's Caribbean11/03/2023Miami MiamiEX$5,050$5,050
7Inaugural Caribbean Journey British Isles, Creole Idylls And Miami Magic11/10/2023San Juan MiamiEX$2,565$2,565
10Caribbean Escapes In European Outposts11/17/2023Miami BridgetownEX$3,870$3,870
9Unesco Treasures Below And Above The Caribbean Sea11/27/2023Bridgetown BridgetownEX$3,150$3,150
7Discovering The Sainted Islands Of The Caribbean12/06/2023Bridgetown MiamiEX$2,430$2,430
9Diamond Beaches And Sparkling Private Idylls12/13/2023Miami MiamiEX$3,150$3,150
7White-sand Wonderlands For The Holidays12/22/2023Miami San JuanEX$3,150$3,150
14An Extended Holiday Journey Into White-sand Wonderlands12/22/2023Miami MiamiEX$6,580$6,580
7A Sensational New Year Celebration12/29/2023San Juan MiamiEX$3,780$3,780
6The Magical Realism Of Miami, Santa Marta And Cartagena01/05/2024Miami CartagenaEX$2,115$2,115
8Unesco Wonders Of Colombia, Panama And The Caribbean01/11/2024Cartagena BridgetownEX$2,880$2,880
6A Yachtsman’s Caribbean Of Remote Harbourages01/19/2024Bridgetown San JuanEX$2,115$2,115
12An Extended Journey To A Yachtsman’s Caribbean Of Remote Refuges01/19/2024Bridgetown BridgetownEX$4,010$4,010
6Islands Of Global Sophistication & Natural Charm01/25/2024San Juan BridgetownEX$2,115$2,115
7Islands Of Desire03/01/2024Bridgetown MiamiEX$2,610$2,610
17An Extended Journey Of Caribbean Rhythm & Creole Soul03/01/2024Bridgetown BridgetownEX$5,705$5,705
10A Celestial Caribbean And Creole Soul03/08/2024Miami BridgetownEX$3,735$3,735
11Panama Canal Passage03/18/2024Bridgetown PanamaEX$4,095$4,095
25An Extended Journey To The Sunny Caribbean And Golden California03/18/2024Bridgetown Los AngelesEX$7,610$7,610
29An Extended Journey To Snow-peaked Mountains And White-hot Beaches08/20/2024Vancouver MiamiEX$10,805$10,805
22An Extended Journey Of Coastal Cosmopolitan Cities08/27/2024Los Angeles MiamiEX$8,115$8,115
32An Extended Journey From American Dreamers To French Savoir Fare08/27/2024Los Angeles QuebecEX$11,210$11,210
8A Journey Of Pirates, Paradise Jungles, And Kaleidoscopic Coral Cays09/11/2024Panama MiamiEX$3,105$3,105
18An Extended Journey To The Emblems Of America And Eastern Canada09/11/2024Panama QuebecEX$6,660$6,660
12Inaugural Norwegian Journey Epic Fjords & The Arctic Circle07/11/2023Southampton NorwayEX$8,265$8,265
21An Extended Exploration Of Norway’s Fjords07/11/2023Southampton CopenhagenEX$13,805$13,805
44Inaugural Norwegian Grand Journey07/11/2023Southampton SouthamptonEX$24,045$24,045
9Glacier Carved Islands & The Valley Of Mischievous Trolls07/23/2023Norway CopenhagenEX$6,270$6,270
7White-night Capitals Of The Baltics08/01/2023Copenhagen StockholmEX$4,275$4,275
14An Extended Overture Of The Baltic Jewels08/01/2023Copenhagen CopenhagenEX$8,120$8,120
7Baltic Beaches & Hanseatic History08/08/2023Stockholm CopenhagenEX$4,275$4,275
6Danish Designs & Hanseatic Style08/15/2023Copenhagen HamburgEX$3,600$3,600
9An Extended Viking Lore Of Fjords & Hanseatic Cities08/15/2023Copenhagen SouthamptonEX$4,695$4,695
23An Extended Journey To Scotland, Greenland And The New World09/02/2023Greenock New YorkEX$9,825$9,825
16Inaugural Iceland & Greenland Journey Arctic Geysers, Calving Glaciers, And Fiery Lands Of Ice09/09/2023Reykjavik New YorkEX$6,410$6,410
11An Inaugural Journey Into History05/31/2023Barcelona PiraeusEX$7,980$7,980
17An Extended Exploration Of Mediterranean Empires05/31/2023Barcelona PiraeusEX$11,730$11,730
25Inaugural Grand Journey Into History05/31/2023Barcelona BarcelonaEX$15,520$15,520
6Coasts Of Culture & Sunsets In Santorini06/11/2023Piraeus PiraeusEX$4,370$4,370
14Extended Sunsets In Santorini, Mykonos And Ibiza06/11/2023Piraeus BarcelonaEX$8,805$8,805
8A Journey To Blessed Islands Of Bohemia06/17/2023Piraeus BarcelonaEX$4,905$4,905
15Extended Idylls Of Southern Spain & Portugal06/17/2023Piraeus LisbonEX$8,500$8,500
7Moorish Gems Of Andalusia, The Algarve & Lisbon06/25/2023Barcelona LisbonEX$4,050$4,050
16An Extended Exploration From The Balearic Sea To The English Channel06/25/2023Barcelona SouthamptonEX$7,775$7,775
14Central America To Centre Stage In Los Angeles03/29/2024Panama Los AngelesEX$4,365$4,365
6Sybaritic Cities & Pacific Northwest Coves04/12/2024Los Angeles VancouverEX$2,205$2,205
9Inaugural Hawaiian Journey Hawai'i Volcanos & The Magic Of Kai04/18/2024Vancouver HonoluluEX$3,515$3,515
18An Extended Exploration Of The Hawaiian Islands04/18/2024Vancouver VancouverEX$7,030$7,030
9Inaugural Hawaiian Journey “no Ka ‘oi” Of Hawai’i04/27/2024Honolulu VancouverEX$3,705$3,705
18An Extended Journey To The Wild And Wonderful West Coast08/09/2024Vancouver Los AngelesEX$9,605$9,605
7Vibrant Vancouver Meets California Cool08/20/2024Vancouver Los AngelesEX$3,465$3,465
21An Extended Journey To America’s Western Shores08/20/2024Vancouver PanamaEX$8,460$8,460
14From Surfy Socal To Costa Rica’s Cloud Forests08/27/2024Los Angeles PanamaEX$5,445$5,445
16Inaugural South American Journey01/31/2024Bridgetown SantosEX$7,790$7,790
30"an Extended Journey To Brazilian Carnival And Bardo-worthy Beaches"01/31/2024Bridgetown BridgetownEX$11,380$11,380
13Brazil In-depth And Incredible02/17/2024Santos BridgetownEX$4,860$4,860
9Taste Of Bordeaux & Impressions Of Brittany07/02/2023Lisbon SouthamptonEX$4,590$4,590
3Waterways Of Hamburg, Rotterdam & Bruges08/21/2023Hamburg SouthamptonEX$1,620$1,620
12An Extended Tapestry Of Netherlands, Belgium & Scotland08/21/2023Hamburg GreenockEX$6,625$6,625
9Inaugural United Kingdom Journey Scottish Lochs, Lore & The Military Tattoo08/24/2023Southampton GreenockEX$5,745$5,745
16An Extended Exploration From Scotland To Iceland08/24/2023Southampton ReykjavikEX$8,545$8,545
7Scottish Highlands & Icelandic Geysers09/02/2023Greenock ReykjavikEX$3,750$3,750

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