People often ask what happens on Contiki Tours? Contiki is different offering over 350 trips to 6 continents. Contiki Travel is for people 18 to 35 years old. Guests from all over the World enjoy the cultures of every country they visit. Contiki Tours are stress free travel with like minded friends. While most of the trip is planned one is free to go out on your own. In short a guest builds the Contiki Trip that the've always dreamed about over the years. Contiki guests have been know to stay up late, party, sleep in and wear sun glasses in the morning on their coach. Pavlus Travel discounts the price of every Contiki Vacation. Never pay retail. Call 800.528.9300 for a free quote.

The Basics


Contiki is the world leader in travel for 18-35 year olds. Operating since 1962, we’ve been showing young travelers the world for over 55 years and we like to think we know what we’re talking about. Oh, and did we mention our travel philosophy? We call it No Regrets – we believe that life’s greatest lessons are learned through travel. That real life doesn’t happen when you color inside the lines. It’s only when you break free, trust your impulse, and intentionally live with your eyes wide open, that you become the person you’re meant to be. This is what it means to live life with No Regrets.

What is Social Travel?

Social Travel is what you get when you connect like minded travelers and open their eyes to the world. With Contiki, sure you get cool accommodation, tasty and authentic meals and awesome experiences, but we also create something very special that money cant buy – friendship – something you often miss out on if you travel independently. Call it cliché, but it’s the truth, and the equation really isn’t complicated. You + a coach load of other young travelers + shared experiences + a new part of the world = social travel.

How Does it Work?

Booking with Contiki basically means youre taking the hassle out of travel. We sort everything, from your accommodation, to your internal transport, to tiny niggly things like park entry fees and dinner reservations, so literally all you have to think about is where you want to go and when. And our making it easy mantra doesn’t stop once you get on the road with us. Every single Contiki trip is managed by one of our expert and highly trained Trip Managers, who are there to ensure your trip runs smoothly and youre completely looked after from the first day to the last day of your adventure.

How many other travelers are on each trip?

Group Sizes are completely dependent on where and how you choose to travel with Contiki. In Europe and in most of North America and New Zealand, group sizes can range between 35-52 travellers max (usually in busy periods like Europe Summer, we will travel at maximum capacity). In regions like Asia, Australia, Africa and Latin America, and on some North America and New Zealand trips, our group sizes are considerably smaller – as low as 12 or up to 30 travellers max.

Whats included?

All accommodation, internal transport, and a good handful of meals are included in the cost of your Contiki trip (in most regions we offer breakfast every day, plus a cherry picked selection of authentic and tasty meals). On top of this, we also include our No Regrets Inclusions, which are basically the sights and activities we think you just cant afford to miss (think a sunset cruise under the golden gate bridge, or wine tasting in the Tuscan Hills to get you started). And then of course you also get our expert and highly trained team of Contiki Staff; our Trip Managers, Drivers, and On-Site Team members throughout out properties in Europe.

What’s not included?

Flights to and from your start and end destinations are not included in the cost of your trip. These can be booked independently, or added on during the bookig process either online or with your travel agent. We also keep a number of meal times free for you to explore a region and its foodie offerings in greater detail, so budgeting for non catered meals is important. In terms of activities, we also offer Free Time  Add Ons, which are additional experiences you can get involved in during your free time on tour, which are not included in the overall price. Travel insurance and visas are also not included in the cost of your trip, and need to be booked separately.

How to Travel

Passports and visas

What documents do I need to travel

Dependent on where you’re travelling and your nationality, you’ll need a valid passport and may also need visas to enter into certain countries – please check this well in advance of your trip departure date. Some countries also require passports to have 3-6 months left on them before the given expiry date, so be sure to double the check this before booking your travels.

How do I get a passport

If you’re getting a passport for the first time you’ll need to fill out a passport application form, which you can download from your governments website, local post office or government buildings, dependent on your country of residence. You’ll also need colored photographs of your full face against a plain white or off white background. There is a  charge for passports and they normally take 3-6 weeks to be approved and delivered (depending on your country of residence), so make sure you check this out before making any travel plans.

Do I need a visa

Visas are super important and are essential for entering certain countries. It’s up to you to e responsible for obtaining all necessary visas prior to the departure of your trip. Run this y your travel agent (if applicable) or check out a visa service well in advance to determine if/which visas you will require and how to obtain them. Remember, visas can take up to 6 weeks and a fee is normally charged, so no leaving this one till the last minute. We recommend you apply for all visas through your travel agent or visa service before commencing your travel journey.

Health and Vaccinations

Do I need to get any vaccinations before I travel?

If you’re heading to places like Asia and Latin America, it’s likely you’ll need some vaccinations, pre travels. Run this by your GP or a Travel Specialist Doctor, or click here to find out if you require any vaccinations.

What If I have medical conditions or physical disabilities?

If you suffer from any form of medical condition, be sure to have an adequate supply of relevant medications prior to departing on your trip and advise us of any important medical conditions you may have at time of booking.

You’ll also need to flag any physical disabilities to us before you book your trip, otherwise we may be unable to proceed with your booking at a later stage. A lot of our trips require physical activities which may not be best suited for your needs. If your disability does require certain assistance, we need to ensure any special needs. Services or  accompanied bodies are discussed at the time of booking. Contiki do not provide devices such as wheel chairs and will not be responsible on the failure of the person or able bodied companions to provide these services.

What should I bring with me?

It’s super important to be prepared when it comes to your health, and this includes any medication you may need on the road, such as: antihistamines, antibiotics, or any additional precautionary tablets, creams, first aid kits, mosquito sprays, suncreams etc. Just make sure you pack all the important stuff in an easily accessible safe place, ideally in your hand luggage.

What if I get sick while travelling?

Sickness is never ideal, but sometimes the inevitable happens when you’re on the road experiencing new foods and ways of life. Depending on the severity of your sickness, your Trip Manager will help you find any medicine or health requirements you may need. Taking out comprehensive insurance before travelling with Contiki is a must, and will ensure you are covered for any personal injury, medical expenses etc. that you may incur.

How can I keep Healthy on the road?

It can be tricky to stay healthy when you’re constantly out and about (not to mention those late nights…), but it’s the key to ensuring you get the most from your travelling experience. Keeping an eye on what you’re eating and drinking, how much movement you’re doing, getting a decent amount of sleep and just knowing when enough is enough will do wonders for both your physical and mental health.

Luggage and Packing

How much luggage can I bring?

This one depends on the destination and trip you’re travelling on.

For our European, North American, Australian and New Zealand trips, luggage is restricted to one decent sized, non-exanding suitcase, approximately 29” x 20” x 10” (73cm x 50cm x 25cm) with a maximum weight of 20 kilos (44 lbs) plus one small hand/day bag that can go on the coach with you. Metal frame backpacks are not advised as their bulky shape makes packing the coach tricky, plus they are more likely to damage other luggage.

On camping tours, the maximum dimensions 28” x 18” x 9” (70cm x 45cm x 23cm) with a maximum weight of 20 kilos (44lbs).

For latin-america, Asia & Other regions which you can have internal flights included in the itinerary, luggage weight restrictions must be within the restriction of the given airlines you’re travelling on. It’s up to you to ensure you keep within these measurements and weight restrictions, so check this out before you travel as excess baggage fees will e at your own cost.

Why is the amount you can bring restricted?

As important as unlimited outfit choices are, all of the travelers luggage needs to fit under the restricted area of the coach, which only accommodates 1 piece of large luggage per traveler. Plus, you’re responsible for your own luggage, so less luggage = less responsibility.

Should I take a suitcase or backpack?

Again all this is dependent on where you’re travelling to. For trips to the Galapagos Islands, a backpack will be your best bet. Oversized suitcases or metal framed backpacks are a no-go due to luggage limitations, but you can bring a smaller bag to pack for the Galapagos, leaving your main suitcase at the otel in Guayaquil to collect on return.

On our Australian trips which includes sailing and/or 4-wheel drive trips, there is a super small luggage space so again, make sure you bring a small bag to transfer your essentials into. Your regular luggage will be stored back at base.

On European ski trips and New Zealand trips with a ski option you have the option to bring one pair of skis and ski boots, to show off your pro skiing skills.

Other than what’s mentioned above, travelling with a backpack or suitcase is totally up to you.

Is there any kind of dress code?

On a day to day basis we recommend comfortable, casual clothing. Some trips do include bar/club or more formal evening activities, in this case packing a few more evening appropriate pieces is a good call. If you’re jetting off to a sunny location, you’ll most likely have a beach day or a hotel pool, so swimwear is essential. If you’re traveling to areas where the culture and religion is different to your own it is important to be respectful of this and cover up, in particular if you are entering churches, temples, or places of respect.

What should I pack for my trip?

Dependent on where you are going and the time of the year you may need to pack swimwear, scarfs, sweaters, appropriate footwear, or evening-wear. Warm clothing is always a good call, even in the summertime as temperatures can get chilly. Below is a checklist covering all the key travel items, take a look at this to see what might be relevant for the locations you’ll be travelling to:

  1. Passport
  2. Insurance
  3. All relevant trip docs and info
  4. Rainproof jacket
  5. Shorts
  6. Thick sweater
  7. T-shirts
  8. Jeans
  9. Casual shirts
  10. Casual skirts/dresses
  11. Smart trousers/jackets/dresses (for evening wear)
  12. Swimwear
  13. Beach towel
  14. Sandals
  15. Beach towel
  16. Evening shoes
  17. Comfortable walking shoes
  18. Toiletries
  19. Sunblock
  20. Socks
  21. Underwear
  22. Sunglasses
  23. Camera / travel tech
  24. Chargers
  25. Insect repellent
  26. Tissues / antiseptic wipes
  27. Flashlight
  28. Aspirin / medicines
  29. Adapter (varies by location)

Booking your trip

Finding the perfect trip

What’s the difference between your trips?

Once you’ve decided where you want to travel with Contiki, then you need to decide how you want to travel, and that’s where our travel style comes in.

Keen to get to know a particular region (LIKE Scandinavia, for example) or country (Peru for example) in detail? Go in-depth Explorer.

Want to explore all day, party all night, see everything in between and even spend the night in Contiki’s legendary Chateau? It has to be High Energy.

Do you want to see and do everything, ticking off that big old bucketlist you’ve been adding to for as long as you can remember? Then it’s all about discoverer.

Are you all about going slow, brunching till noon, exploring at your own pace and putting your own unique stamp on your trip? Sounds like you’re an Independent Insider.

Have you got your heart set on sailing Australia Whitsunday Islands, cruising around Croatia’s Isles, or living it up nautical style on islands like Mykonos and Santorini? Go Sailing, Cruise and Beach.

Do you have some sweet skills on the slopes (or just think you’d ace skiing/snowboarding, or want to see Europe dusted with a sprinkling of snow? You’re all about Winter & Ski.

Are you all about celebrating life’s moments, dancing till dawn at festivals or seeing in New Year some place seriously special? Go check out our short stays and festivals.

Or are you all about going back to basics and seeing Europe the good old fashioned way? Sounds like you’re campingthrough and through.

Knowing how you want to travel is mighty important, as it means you’ll be travelling with people who want to do all the same stuff as you, and you won’t be disappointed with your travel experience.

How do I know what’s right for me?

To know which travel style is right for you, you need to know exactly what it is you want to get out of your trip. Think about the categories above, which one sounds most like your ideal trip, and then discover more.

On trip

Starting Points and Kick-start meetings

Where does my Contiki Start

Information on your trip start and end points can all be found at My Contiki, or in the documents sent to you 21 days prior to departure. If you are unsure or want clarification on this, please give your travel agent or our reservations team a call, or chat to us on facebook.

What is a kick-start meeting?

Every trip has a kick-start meeting, hosted by the Trip Manager, which happens either the night before the trip is due to start (if starting early the next day), or in the evening of the first day of the trip (if the trip starts later in the day). The kick-start meeting is where you will meet your whole group for the first time, as well as your Trip Manager. In this meeting, your Trip Manager will give you an overview of how things work on Contiki, a health and safety briefing, as well as take all necessary information/documentation they may need from you.


I’m arriving late, does it matter if I miss the kick-start?

It’s not essential to be at the kick-start meeting, and we get that sometimes your flight might be arriving late, or you want to spend the day exploring a new city. If you are not able to make it, just let the Contiki reservations team know in advance and make sure you know all the necessary departure details for the following morning. Your trip manager will post these in the hostel/hotel lobby, so just look out for them (and take a picture if you’re the type to forget).


What’s the Contiki basement?

The Contiki Basement is our supercool, home from home London Launchpad, located in the basement of the Royal National Hotel, Bedford Way, London. This is also the London Base for Contiki trips in Europe, and the meeting point for Contiki trips starting in London.


Are airport transfers included?

Transfers are not included in the trip, and you will need to find your own way to the trip starting point. For some trips, we do offer complimentary shuttles to the train station/airport at the end of the trip, so please read the trip itinerary carefully to see if this is an option.


How do I get to the starting point of my trip?

It’s up to you guys to make your own way to the starting point of the trip. We make sure our starting points are in well connected areas so it shouldn’t be any stress getting public transport, or jumping in a cab. If you need help planning this journey feel free to contact our reservations team, who will be able to help you out.


What type of accommodation do you stay in on Contiki?

We have a whole mix of accommodation styles on our trips, depending on the destination and the travel style you have chosen. With us, you can stay in hostels, hotels, boats, camping sites, jungle lodges, eco camps, beach resorts, and even your own 16thcentury French Chateau. To find out how you could be sleeping on Contiki, head to select ‘Where We Go’ and the region you’re interested in, and then hit ‘ways to stay’.

Can I see a list of the accommodation for each trip?

Three weeks prior to your Contiki trips departure date you will be sent a list of your accommodation within your pre-travel documents. However, if you would like to see trip accommodation before this you can request it from our friendly reservation team by calling us on 1-866-266-8454 or emailing us through our online form found here

Prior to be booking, you can also check out the types of accommodation you could be sleeping in by region, at

Will I have to share a room on my trip?

Shared accommodation is the norm on Contiki, and is all part of the experience. How many people you’ll be sharing with depends on the region, travel style, and type of accommodation, but twin or quad same-sex sharing is the norm, Festival accommodation is the only instance where up to 8 people could be sharing, and this may be mixed gender. On most trips there is also the option to upgrade to a private room for an additional cost, if you’re after a little more privacy.

Who will I be Roomed With?

Your trip manager will assign each member of your group to a room, and this will be your rooming formation for the duration of the trip. If for any reason you want to switch rooms, you’ll need to put this request to your trip manager. If you are booking as a couple or as a group of friends, your trip manager will attempt to room you in the same room however this cannot always be guaranteed.

Can I have a room to myself?

Yes in most regions and on most trips there is the option to upgrade to a private room, for an additional fee.


Is there Wifi at the accommodations we’ll stay at?

Yup! Don’t stress about keeping connected to all your friends and family from afar; almost all accommodation Contiki stays at offers free Wifi, so you can gram/snap/chat to your heart’s content.

Do Contiki coaches have Wifi?

They sure do. All of our coaches offer free wifi to keep you up to date whilst on the road. However, this isn’t unlimited, so save any heavy internet usage (watching videos etc.) for when you get to your accommodation.

How can I stay online during my trip?

You can use the complimentary Wifi at all of our accommodation stops and on the coach. Alternatively, chat to your phone provider about any deals you can use to lower your roaming charges, or buy a local SIM card upon arrival into the region you will be visiting.

Food and Diets

What food is included on Contiki trips?

Breakfasts are included on most trips, as well as a handful of lunches and dinners. For all other meals, we like to give you the freedom to explore the local culture and cuisine, and go on your own foodie safari.

Are you able to cater to my diet?

We sure are! If you have any particular diet requests, allergies or intolerances, you can provide details to these in Manage My Booking, and well do our best to cater to your individual needs. Please also discuss your dietary needs with the Trip Manager at the start of the trip.

I’m allergic to something

As above, please indicate any allergies in Manage my Booking, and also make your trip manager aware at the start of the trip. If this is an allergy that will impact the group (for instance a nut allergy), your trip manager will make the rest of the group aware, so you are not in any danger.


Is there ant free time on Contiki trips?

Absolutely. Free time is a big part of the Contiki experience, as we understand how important it is for you to put your own unique stamp on your trip. Make sure you’re clued up on all the places you’ll be visiting well in advance to get the very most from your free time, chat to your trip manager for their tips, and of course take advantage of our Free Time Add-ons. These are the experiences that we have cherry-picked for you in each destination, that are designed to take your trip to a whole new level of awesomeness, and are not included in the cost of your trip.

How do I know how much free time I’ll have?

The amount of free time you have us dependent on the travel style and individual trip you book. Independent s=insider trips offer the most amount of free time, whilst high energy trips are a bit more structured. Lok out for the F symbol on our trip pages in the brochure, or the Free Time Ad On signs in the detailed itinerary section of out online trip pages, to see a full list.

What do I do in my free time?

It’s up to you! This is the time when you can go off, explore with your new travel crew, and get a real sense for the destination you’re visiting, Your trip Manager will be full to the brim with recommendations and tips, should you need them, and of course you can fill your free time with our free time add-ons.

Freetime Add ons

What are free time add ons?

Free Time Add-Ons are basically the travel experiences we’ve picked that we think will take your trip to a whole new level. The experiences are built around activities or topics we know you love, so think food, adventure, exploration, history, culture, fashion, music – you name it. A few examples of Free Time Add-Ons include:

– A canal cruise down Amsterdam’s iconic canals

– White water rafting in Innsbruck, Austria

– An Italian feast in the Tuscan hills

– A half day snorkeling cruise in Koh Tao

– Visit a local hill tribe in Chiang Mai

– A polo day experience, Buenos Aires

– Kayaking down the Amazon river, Peruvian Jungle

– A sunrise hot air balloon ride, Alice Springs

– A skydive over the Great Barrier Reef, Cairns


Are free time add on activities included int eh cost of my trip?

No, these experiences are an additional cost and are not included in the price of your Contiki trip. However, thanks to our long standing relationships with suppliers, you can be safe in the knowledge that you are getting the best deal when booking one of our Add-Ons.

Do I have to do a free time add on?

Nope, it’s totally up to you. Our Add-Ons happen during your Free Time, so if you’d rather do your own thing we are totally OK with that – the choice is yours!

How do I know what free time add ons are on my trip?

Look out for the F symbol on our trip pages for the Add-Ons available on each trip. A full list of Add-Ons and approximate costs will also be sent to you with your travel documents, 3 weeks in advance of your departure. Your Trip Manager will take you through all of the available options at the start of your trip so you can decide if you want to do any of these awesome experiences once you’ve got the full down low.

How do I pay for free time add ons?

You can pay for your Add-Ons with a debit or credit card, or cash, once you are on your trip. Our Trip Managers will manage this process with you, and answer any questions you may have. We’d also advise having a good read over what Add-Ons are available on your trip prior to departure, as this will help with managing your budget.

Spending Money

What will I need money for on the trip?

In terms of spending money, you’ll need to budget for the following:

– Any meals (normally lunches and dinners) that are not included.

– Any Free Time Add-Ons you would like to do on your trip.

– Any additional sightseeing you plan on doing in your Free Time, that is not covered either by our No Regrets Inclusions or Free Time Add-Ons.

– Any additional personal expenses. This includes alcohol, shopping, and any evening entertainment not included.

How much money should I bring?

How much spending money you’ll need will depend on the duration of the trip, the region you are travelling to (for instance Europe and Australia will be significantly more expensive than Asia, or Latin America), and how much you anticipate spending on personal expenses like alcohol or shopping. Before you travel, it’s also a good idea to read up on and get an idea of the Free Time Add-Ons you think you’ll want to do on trip, as these will form part of your overall budget. We’d advise doing some research on your chosen destinations beforehand, looking at things like:

– Cost of a local lunch

– Cost of a local dinner

– Cost of a bottle of water

– Cost of a beer

– Cost of an ice cream

– Cost of entry to a sightseeing spot

We also advise you bring some cash in the local currency of the destination you’ll be travelling to first, and then use your debit or credit card to withdraw money along the way (don’t forget to let you bank known you’ll be travelling, as otherwise they may freeze your account due to foreign currency expenditure). Cash cards like Travelex are also a good option if you want to reduce conversion fees.


Will I be able to do laundry while travelling?

Long days on the road and exploring can often = a necessity to do laundry. The good news is, lots of our accommodation offers laundry facilities, so you don’t need to be known as the traveller with the stinky socks. There will be a small fee for laundry services, as well as detergent (travellers tip – if you want to be super saving savvy, bring some laundry powder with you). Alternatively, if your accommodation doesn’t have a laundry service and you’re really desperate, just ask your Trip Manager to help find a local laundrette.

Post Trip


Is Tipping Compuslory?

Tipping very much depends on whereabouts in the world you are travelling. If you’re heading to America, tipping is a big part of the culture and is expected when paying your dinner bill, buying drinks at a bar, and even getting a taxi. However, if you were heading to Japan, tipping would be seen as impolite. In most parts of Europe, leaving a tip of around 5 – 10% of the total bill is the standard, although make sure you check the bill first, as a tip may have already been included in the total cost of the bill. It’s generally worth reading up on the tipping culture of the region you are travelling to prior to your trip, or just ask your Trip Manager what the general etiquette is once on trip.

In terms of tipping Contiki staff and Local Guides, this is entirely up to you and is not compulsory. If you think a Trip Manager, Driver or Local Guide has done an awesome job, you may wish to tip them for this, but this is at your discretion and no one else’s. Tip what you think is right only.

What should I tip service staff?

This depends entirely on the tipping culture of the country you are in. Read up on what’s expected prior to your trip or ask your Trip Manager if you are unsure, and also be careful not to over or under tip as a result of currency confusion. Downloading a currency converter app like XE Currency App will help with this.

What should I tip Contiki trip managers and drivers?

Tipping of Contiki Trip Managers and Drivers is completely optional and not mandatory. If you think your Contiki crew have delivered an outstanding level of service throughout your trip you may wish to tip them, but this is at your discretion and no one else’s.

Specialist Trips


Why do Oktoberfest with Contiki?

Doing Oktoberfest with Contiki is kind of a no brainer. Oktoberfest is held in the city of Munich, and every year around 6 million people descend on the city to raise steins, dance on tables and generally have a real good time. But that many people in one place can make organising a trip, and things like accommodation, pretty tricky. Booking with Contiki means we’ll take the headache out of your Oktoberfest experience, so you can concentrate on one thing – having fun. Plus, you’ll be in a ready made group of friends AND you’ll be with a Trip Manager who knows the in’s and out’s of the festival, so all in all, it’s kind of win win.

What’s included?

As well as a ready made party group, all accommodation, transport once on the trip (including transfers from London to Munich), breakfast every day, regular shuttles to and from the festival site, AND an experienced festival crew are all part of the package.

What Accommodation will I stay in?

Here’s the best news – we have accommodation types for every budget. If you’re feeling like you want a little more comfort and luxury, go for hotels. If you’re on a semi tight budget, our hostel accommodation would be better. And if you’re on the tightest of budgets, you can go for our camping option.

What should I wear?

Oktoberfest outfits are totally optional, but highly encouraged. Literally everyone at the festival gets involved in the costume game as it’s all part of the fun. For girls, dirndls and a traditional short-sleeved trachtenblusen (blouse) is the normal get up, plus some kind of hair braid for extra authenticity. For boys, it’s all about the lederhosen and checkered shirts. If you’re prepared, we’d suggest organising your outfits in advance of your trip (all hail the internet), but you’ll also be able to buy costumes once in Munich – these may just come with a higher price tag.

Croatia Sailing

Why sail Croatia with Contiki?
This should really read why not sail Croatia with Contiki. Our Croatia Sailing trips are some of our best loved Contiki experiences, because there’s really nothing not to love. Setting sail on one of our traditional sailing motor boats, you’ll spend your time with an incredible group of new friends exploring the inexplicably beautiful Adriatic sea and Dalmatian coastline, stopping off in UNESCO listed cities like Dubrovnik, party isles like Hvar, but also tiny little coves off uninhabited and utterly breathtaking islands. Plus, you’ll be accompanied every step of the way by a knowledgeable Trip Manager who will get you orientated in each new destination you visit, not to mention a crew who will whip you up the tastiest and freshest on-board meals…when you’re not off exploring new lands that is.

What’s it like on board?

Honestly, it’s pretty nice. All of our exclusive ‘A class’ boats come with a big deck area on top for sunbathing, plus heaps of social areas with seating, and we also have a Premium Boat option on the Croatia Island Escape, which is the nicest of the lot (and comes with air-conditioned cabins). We then give you a chance to choose where you want to sleep on the boat, based on your budget. Our ‘on or above deck’ cabins have a door that opens to the outside, so they are a little cooler in the height of summer, and are a little more expensive. Our ‘below deck’ cabins are the cheaper option; these have a roof port hole and door that opens to the inside of the boat. All cabins are twin-share, or you can opt for your own at an extra cost.

Ski Austria

Why ski Austria with Contiki?

Whether you’re a total beginner who maybe hasn’t even seen snow before, or an absolute piste smashing pro, our Ski Austria trips are suitable to all. Based in the idyllic traditional Austrian village of Hopfgarten, all of our ski/board trips stay at the Contiki owned Gasthof Schoneck, with prime access to the vast Ski Welt region, complete with 279 km (174 miles) of runs for skiers/boarders of all abilities. On a Ski Austria Contiki, you’ll spend your days either in lessons learning the ropes or brushing up on your skills, or else heading out to explore the vast Ski Welt with your new pals. After a long day in the snow, catch one of the regular complimentary transfers back to Gasthof Schoneck, jump in the sauna, then spend your evenings either at one of the legendary Gasthof theme parties, chilling out, or hitting the bright lights of Hopfgarten. New friends, loads of snow, a Contiki only property, a sauna – basically the winter holiday of dreams.

What’s included?

As well as your accommodation in our owned Gasthof, we include a tasty breakfast every day, or for a little extra we’ll also include five three-course dinners over the week (or ten for a two week holiday). You can also take advantage of our complimentary transfers to and from the slopes every day, a day trip to Salzburg, and the legendary Contiki Grand Slam downhill ski race. And did we mention our on-site Contiki crew, who are there to help you out, cook for you, and generally ensure your trip goes off without a hitch? All included in the cost of your trip.

What are the free time addons?

Want to make your trip even more special? Free Time Add-Ons on Ski Contiki include:

– Night skiing

– Bobsledding in Innsbruck at the Olympic Park

– Sleigh riding

– Tandem paragliding over the majestic Austrian Alps

How do I get to Hopfgarten?

You have a few different options when it comes to getting to Hopfgarten. If you book one of our Ski Plus trips, this will see you catching the Contiki coach from London, travelling overnight to get to the Gasthof (this journey takes on average 24 hours, and includes rest breaks and stops to stretch your legs and get food). The coach will depart at around 7pm from the Contiki Basement, located at the Royal National Hotel in London, and whilst the journey is long, our coaches ensure you’re comfortable and catered for with heating/air conditioning, power sockets and USB ports, reclining seats, a DVD player and speaker system, and bathroom facilities.

If you book a Meet Us There trip, you’ll need to book flights that get you into either Munich, Innsbruck or Salzburg – each are fairly equidistant from Hopfgarten. Details on how to get to the Gasthof from each of the above are as follows:

Munich Airport (Flughafen München) to Wörgl & Hopfgarten (im Brixental) Berglift

When you arrive at Munich Airport, follow signs for “Zentrum Bereich” (Central Area) where you can purchase a ticket at the train counter for Wörgl, or Hopfgarten Berglift if you don’t want to take advantage of the free transfer from Wörgl station. Take S-Bahn line S8 to München Ost – approximately 15 minutes journey time.

At München Ost, change platforms & take the fast train direct to Wörgl (one train every 2 hours, journey time approximately 1 hour) where a Contiki coach will collect you at the specified pick up times. Alternatively if you want to make your own way there, when you reach Wörgl by train change platforms & take a train to Hopfgarten Berglift (one train per hour, journey time approximately 10 minutes).

Train schedules & tickets prices can be found at:

Innsbruck Airport (Flughafen Innsbruck) to Wörgl & Hopfgarten (im Brixental) Berglift

Upon arrival at Innsbruck Airport take Bus F (every 15 minutes, journey time approximately 15 minutes) to Innsbruck Central Station (Hauptbahnhof). From here catch a fast train to Wörgl, where a Contiki coach will collect you at the specified pick up times. Alternatively if you want to make your own way there, when you reach Wörgl by train change platforms & take a train to Hopfgarten Berglift (one train per hour, journey time approximately 10 minutes).

Train schedules & ticket prices can be found at:

Salzburg Airport (Flughafen Salzburg) to Wörgl & Hopfgarten (im Brixental) Berglift

Upon arrival at Salzburg Airport take Bus #2 (every 10-20 minutes, journey time approximately 20 minutes) to Salzburg Central Station (Hauptbahnhof). From here catch a fast train to Wörgl, where a Contiki coach will collect you at the specified pick up times. Alternatively if you want to make your own way there, when you reach Wörgl by train change platforms & take a train to Hopfgarten Berglift (one train per hour, journey time approximately 10 minutes).

Train schedules & ticket prices can be found at:

Once you arrive at Hopfgarten Berglift

If you decide to make your own way there, be sure to hop off at “Hopfgarten Berglift” & not at “Hopfgarten” – there are 2 stops in Hopfgarten, & Hopfgarten Berglift is the second stop when travelling from Wörgl. From the Hopfgarten Berglift stop you can telephone Gasthof Schöneck (Tel: +43 5335 2563 or Mob: +43 6991 2014 965) & arrange a pick up from the station.

Are there any Transfers to the Contiki Gasthof in hopfgarten?

Contiki’s free transfers (for Ski Only passengers) from Innsbruck Airport & Wörgl Hauptbahnhof (Central Station) mean getting to Hopfgarten is easy. Wörgl train station connects to major train stations in Munich, Salzburg & Innsbruck, so there are loads of options when booking your holiday flights.

Check out our pick up & drop off times below, so you can work out your flights & trains to get the best deals possible. Our pick up & drop offs take place on Saturdays only.

Taking advantage of these transfers is easy – simply let our reservations team know your flight details & be at the pick up point at the time listed – simple.

Transfer times:

Pick up:

From Innsbruck Airport:

– 5pm

From Wörgl Central Station:

– 8.15am

– 10.15am

– 12.15pm

– 2.45pm

– 6.15pm

Drop off:

To Innsbruck Airport:

– 4pm

To Wörgl Central Station:

– 8.00am

– 10.00am

– 12.00pm

What’s the accommodation like?

All Contiki ski & board trips will stay at our very own Gasthof Schoneck, a traditional and exclusive Austrian guesthouse located in the pretty Tyrolean village of Hopfgarten. All prices are based on quad-share rooms which are fitted with showers and hand basins, or you can pay a little more for twin and single rooms. All rooms are same-sex sharing.

Gasthof Schoneck itself is fully fitted out with a dining room, lounge area, bar, laundry facilities, ski/board and boot storage, free WiFi, and even a sauna, so it’s a real home from home.

Can I book ski/snowboard lessons through Contiki?

Absolutely. With us, you’ll get great deals on both group and private lessons, as our exclusive ski school operates from within our Gasthof. Registered under Austrian Ski School Association, ‘Ski Alpine Skischule’ offers expert instructors – all fully qualified. The ski school will usually provide one English-speaking instructor for a group of no more than 12 people. With perseverance, all beginners will make it up to the top of Hohe Salve by the end of their holiday (beginners are those who have never skied before – everyone else will be intermediate or advanced). Ski lessons can all be organised either before your trip, or through your Trip Manager at the start of your trip.

Can I hire equipment through Contiki?

Yes. Unless you’re a seasoned pro chances are you won’t have your own skis/board, boots, poles and helmet, so we can sort out your equipment hire for you upon first arriving into Hopfgarten. We book all equipment through Kurz Ski Rental, located in town at the base of the ski lifts, who will kit you out with everything you need, with the option to hire Standard or Superior equipment. Standard equipment is perfect for beginners and people learning to ski or snowboard. For those wanting the latest model ski or snowboard equipment, an upgrade (for a fee) is available to the Superior equipment package. This also gives access to Kurz’ storage depot and boot dryer, which dries boots overnight so they’re warm and ready to go the next day.

Can I hire ski gear/clothing through Contiki?

You can indeed hire ski jackets and ski pants through us, and again these can be sorted at the start of your trip. If you are planning on hiring ski clothing, please ensure you pack the following, to ensure you are prepared for the winter weather:

– Snow socks

– Thermal top and bottoms

– Ski gloves

– Goggles

– Sunglasses

– Warm clothing

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