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Regent Cruises Offer Luxury and Personal Service

You have many choices when deciding on an ocean cruise. You can go with a cruise that appears to be very inexpensive, but provides most amenities a la carte and accommodates thousands of passengers at a time. For some people, this is the right choice for budgetary reasons. Others choose Regent cruises because Regent Seven Seas cruises offer a luxury experience, passenger loads in the hundreds, and all-in-one pricing.

Pricing on Regent cruise lines is very attractive. Every state room is a suite that can sleep up to six people. A Regent cruise is a great choice for a family that wants to travel together, especially since it includes two for one pricing. It also includes free roundtrip airfare and a free hotel room for the night before the trip. When you travel on Regent cruise ships, you also receive unlimited shore excursions as well as free alcoholic beverages and use of specialty restaurants. All tips and transfers are pre-paid. You also enjoy free, 24-hour room service. Most rooms on a Regent cruise have private balconies, and wifi is available throughout the boat.

Regent Seven Seas cruises offer trips to many areas of the world, but vacationers particularly enjoy going to Alaska and the Mediterranean. A Regent cruise to Alaska may begin in Vancouver, offering 37 free shore excursions during the trip to Anchorage. Along the way, you see ice flows, glaciers, and native sea life. A Regent cruise to the Mediterranean is a delightful way to travel. There are trips from Istanbul to Venice, Venice to Barcelona, and many more.

Another great attribute of Regent cruise lines is that the ratio of staff to passengers is quite high. Generally, there are about 1.5 staff members per passenger, allowing for a very personal and attentive experience.

A Reagent cruise may be the answer for you and your family.

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Tauck Italy Tours: Great Travel at Great Prices

For the average American vacationer, a trip to Italy is the epitome of a great holiday. Since most first-time travelers to that country are unfamiliar with its sites, an Italy tour is the best way to go. There are a variety of Italy tour packages available that are quite affordable. Some of the best Italy tours are Tauck Tours to Italy.

A Tauck tour of Italy includes the Classic Tour: Rome to Venice, and Bellisima Northern Italy. The latter Italy tour package will take you through the lesser-known parts of the country, including Milan, Verona, Bologna, and Venice. You will see all of the sights within those cities and eat their extraordinary cuisine. You will enjoy the rich cream sauces, stuffed meats, and polentas of the region. You can taste, firsthand, the fine Parmigiano-Reggiano, pecorino, and Asiago cheeses, along with a Barolo wine from the Piemonte region.

A very popular Tauck Tour of Italy is the Classic Tour. This trip will take you to all of the sights in the northern and southern parts of the country. Venice, Rome, Pompeii, Florence, and an after-hours, guided tour through the Vatican museum are all part of the itinerary. You will see it all and get to enjoy the fine food and drink of the regions.

Tauck Italy Tours also include Italia Bella: Rome to Venice. Visit Pisa to see the Leaning Tower. Stop in Florence on the way to Venice. You get the full experience in each city because you have more time. Watch pizza-making in Florence and mask-making in Rome. This trip is a good one for families because if offers numerous activities in the well-known cities of Venice and Rome.

Italy tours through Tauck are all-inclusive and well-crafted. You will get experiences that are beyond the ordinary. Tauck believes that travel should be easy, fun, and worth the money you paid. Take a Tauck Tour of Italy.

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Avalon River Cruises Give You an Open Air Suite

There are a variety of river cruise companies, each with its own set of differentiating qualities. While some companies boast that their rooms offer balconies on which you can sit as your boat cruises past sights of interest, most of the time these viewing areas are very cramped. They consist of two chairs and a tiny table crammed into a few feet that stand between the sliding doors of the state room and the external guard rail. Not so on Avalon river cruises. Avalon river cruise ships offer a Panorama Suite, which turns your whole state room into a viewing balcony. On an Avalon river cruise, the whole wall facing the river is a giant glass window that you can open so that you feel the open air in your state room. You also get a bit of extra space in your room.

In addition to offering the largest state rooms in river cruising, Avalon river tours bring you to several destinations. Avalon river tours in Europe will take you through Holland and Belgium in the spring, when the tulips are in full bloom. You can also take a romantic cruise down the Rhine. You can even take a cruise through Germany during Christmas. Avalon river cruises through France will take you through Burgundy and Provence on the Rhone. Other Avalon river cruises in Europe can take you down the Danube through multiple countries and many gorgeous sites.

Avalon river tours offer other features, too. They bring naturalists and experts on the trips, as well as certified local guides, to help you learn about the areas you are seeing. They provide bicycles so that you can take a personal bike tour through a countryside or ancient city. Dinners onboard include a specialty dish from that day’s destination. You can also access a fitness center, lounges and the Internet.

Avalon river cruises help you see the world in an intimate style.

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Globus Tours Take You Almost Everywhere Affordably

If you are looking for guided tours to most any part of the world, Globus Tours are good choices because of their pricing and the variety of destinations. In addition, a Globus Tour enlists local experts who will tell you the best places to go in a city for a particular pastry, aperitif, or cultural attraction. The operators of Globus Tours pride themselves on qualities not found in other world tours.

The first quality you will notice about their operations, including Globus Tours to Europe as well as Globus Tours to Asia, is the fact that your hotel is in the middle of the action. The company makes sure that your accommodations are great, but they also want you to be within walking distance of history, cuisine, and events. They want you to wake up next to the sights that you want to see.

On Globus Tours to Italy and Globus Tours to Spain, as well as on all their other trips, you will not encounter the hidden fees that other tour operators use. At the same time, you will gin experiences, including sightseeing, that are not available from other tour operators. You get these extras at no additional charge.

You will also notice, especially on Globus Tours to Ireland, as well as to other parts of Europe, that the company does its advance legwork. If you take Globus Tours to Africa or Globus tours to New Zealand, the company will use its local contacts to make sure that you get to see the best sights, but without enduring long lines.

Just in time for warming relations with that country, Globus Tours to Cuba bring you to Havana and other charming cities. You will get to experience the culture, history, and cuisine of this country that has been locked away from American tourists for so long.

As long as we are talking about America, Globus Tours in the USA are available for Americans and international tourists. They can also take advantage of Globus tours to Canada.

Globus goes almost anywhere that you want to see.

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Viking River Cruises Brings You the Vacation of a Lifetime

Because of the importance of water for drinking, bathing, shipping, and food, cities in Europe and Asia sprouted along rivers. Today, the area around rivers are vibrant and located close to cities’ centers of activities. It is for this reason, that river cruises offer unique views of city skylines and access to interesting diversions. Viking River cruises take full advantage of these opportunities to bring you the vacation of a lifetime.

Viking River tours to Europe will bring you up close and personal with the heart of cities that have been around for thousands of years. For example, Viking River cruises in Germany will take you along the Rhine, where you will see many medieval castles, as well as take excursions to shore so that you can walk cobbled streets and sample German beers. You can also take the Rhine on Viking River cruises to France. The Rhine Rhapsody from Paris to Basel allows you to see the beautiful skyline from the Rhine, as well as go to shore and sample cafes. Viking River cruises to Europe are perfect for first time river cruisers. Another nice aspect of some of these trips is that they include Viking River cruises to the UK as part of the trip. For example, the Into the Midnight Sun tour runs from Bergen Norway, through Scotland, and ending in London.

If you are more adventurous, you might consider Viking River cruises to China and Viking River cruises to Russia. You might enjoy the Imperial Jewels of China: Beijing to Shanghai in which you can cruise the Yangtze River. The latter Viking River tours will take you from Moscow to St. Petersburg along the Volga and other rivers.

In addition to the destinations on a Viking River tour, you will enjoy the Viking River cruise ships. Rooms are large and include in-room video entertainment. Common areas and bars are luxurious and the glassed-in and outdoor areas allow for great viewing.

A Viking River cruise will leave you wanting more.

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