Peru Uncovered with Train to Machu Picchu (Mar 2024 to Feb 2025)

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Peru Uncovered with Train to Machu Picchu (Mar 2024 to Feb 2025)

Tour Description:

Experience the best of Peru on this adventure into the country’s ultimate hotspots. From ancient Inca culture & Amazon jungle to awesome locals, Peru has it all. See the floating islands of Lake Titicaca, the cultural-hub of Cusco, the Colca Canyon & our highlight, Machu Picchu. When you're done, sit back & relive the memories over a perfect Pisco Sour. You can choose to either trek the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, or take it easy & go by train.

Map for Peru Uncovered with Train to Machu Picchu (Mar 2024 to Feb 2025)
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Dates & Pricing

Sunday 30 Jun 24 — Saturday 13 Jul 24Starting at $3,578Check Mark Icon SPECIALGet a Quote
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Destination & Sightseeing

Dining Summary
6 Dinner (D)
13 Breakfast (B)
3 Lunch (L)

Lake Titicaca: We recommend you don't drink the tap water in Peru (even in hotels), because of the high mineral density. Don’t worry, though. We ain’t leaving you thirsty. Your Trip Manager will advise on where to fill your water bottle with safe drinking water.
Lake Titicaca: We’ll be visiting parts of Peru that have an altitude of above 2800 metres or 9200 feet. So it’s common for some travellers to experience altitude sickness - which usually results in shortness of breath, nausea and lightheadedness. While it may not be severe in most cases, it’s always best to be prepared. That’s why we recommend that you carry your own medication and read a trusted health advisory for tips on how to combat altitude sickness.
Lake Titicaca: You’ll experience different kinds of weather throughout your trip. But mainly, remember to bring layers, comfortable shoes, and a good (and snuggly) jacket. A good bug-spray will come handy during the jungle portion of your trip. And of course, don’t forget to use sun protection, and drink plenty of water during the trip.
Lake Titicaca: The local currency of Peru is the Nuevo Sol (S/). ATMs are the easiest and most efficient way to get some cash - which you will need, since credit cards aren’t generally accepted. Your Trip Manager will recommend how much money to withdraw at each destination.
Lake Titicaca: If you’ve selected to do the Inca trail one-day hike, you’ll be walking 13 km or 8 miles on foot for about 6-7 hours. This is a moderate hike with the highest elevation being 2,720m / 8,924 ft - so there’s no need to do any prior training as long as you’re relatively fit and active.There’s no road access during the hike, so you’ll have to complete the trek in its entirety once you start. Not sure what to bring? Check out your guest document for all the info.

Included Experience
Lima: Get to know this magnificent clifftop city. It’s steeped in history and pretty architecture. But we’re all about the epic food.
Lima: Sit tight as you swoop into Peru’s second biggest city. The views of volcanic peaks are rivalled only by the incredible food.
Arequipa: Get to know the ‘white city’ better. Explore the highlights like Plaza de Armas and take some pics of the incredible backdrop of volcanoes.
Colca Canyon: It’s a real ‘pinch yourself’ moment as you ramble around the Andean plateaus, discovering lakes, meadows, llamas and flamingos as you go.
Colca Canyon: See these iconic volcanos IRL. Pics or it didn’t happen!
Colca Canyon: Brave the lookout point at 3287m. Take in the unrivalled views and spot some Andean Condor birds.
Colca Canyon: Experience life in this traditional Peruvian village in the Colca Canyon. It’s an epic 3277m above sea level!
Puno: If you’ve secretly always wanted to hop on one of these, here’s your chance.
Puno: Jump on a boat to hop around the reed islands in the world’s highest navigable lake (3657m). And stop off to meet the locals.
Puno: A humbling opportunity to get to know the local people on these reed islands in Lake Titicaca.
Puno: Immerse yourself in culture by getting to know the locals.
Puno: Stop off at two traditional Peruvian towns. Step up your cultural knowledge at Pukara’s museum. Then take in the scenic views of Sicuani.
: See the sights and learn the backstory of why the Incas built this temple for the deity Wiracocha.
: Unleash your spiritual side, as you explore the ancient Inca ruins known as Raqchi.
Cusco: Graze on cancha or cacao nibs as you browse the local wares and see historical sights.
Cusco: Your chance to pick up some mementos at San Pedro Markets and then see Cusco Cathedral, San Blas and Coricancha.
Sacred Valley: See this former heartland of the Incan Empire and hike around the Pisac ruins.
Sacred Valley: The sleepy town will give you a taste of local life in the Sacred Valley. Don’t forget to pick up some mementos at the market.
Cusco: AKA ‘corn beer’. This ceremonial bevvy was the drink of choice for Incan nobility.
Machu Picchu: Feel the goosebumps of excitement as you glide into Aguas Calientes and get ready to start this life-changing experience.
Machu Picchu: It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for! Time to explore the Incan citadel with your new Contiki fam. #travelgoals
Lima: Cameras ready. It’s not every day you get a bird’s eye view of the Amazon rainforest
Puerto Maldonado:
Puerto Maldonado:
Puerto Maldonado: Ride on a canoe over the serene waters of the Sandoval Lake, surrounded by lush greenery. Who knows? You might spot giant river otters sticking their head out to give you a show.
Puerto Maldonado: Get set to land in the gastro capital of Latin America. Where ‘olde worlde’ meets modern-day life, in this sundrenched, clifftop city.

Make Travel Matter®
Sacred Valley: Learn about the vibrant Andean art of weaving & goldsmithing in Pisac Qolque. Every penny you spend here helps them preserve their time-worn cultural identities & form of self-expression.


Start Lima
Welcome to Lima, adventurers! Steeped in Spanish colonialism yet buzzing with modern metro vibes, Lima is sure to ignite your love for Peru. Spend your morning marvelling at lavishly decorated churches and an underground tunnel cemetery overflowing with bones or catacombs, then hit the Barranco district this afternoon to get a feel for its bohemian ambiance. A stroll over the Bridge of Sighs is also a must. And of course no trip to Lima is complete without devouring at least one portion of ceviche – it’s a pretty massive deal in the city. Round off the day watching the sun set over the Pacific, most likely with a pisco sour in hand…

Lima to Arequipa
The skies are calling this morning as we board our included flight bound for the ‘White City’ of Arequipa, Peru’s second largest city which lies in the shadow of three majestic volcanoes. The town of Arequipa, or La Ciudad Blanca, is both culturally and aesthetically astounding. A city tour will gets us orientated, taking in highlights including the UNESCO World Heritage site of the Plaza de Armas, then this evening is all about something we reckon you’re going to love… food. Rocoto Relleno (stuffed hot peppers) and Chupe de Camarones (crayfish chowder) are both on the menu, and after a busy day exploring this ancient city, we’ll sure be deserving of a feast.

Arequipa to Colca Canyon
Are you ready for another nature masterclass? Waving farewell to Arequipa this morning, we’ll pass through Salinas and Aguada Blanco national reserve en route to one of the world’s deepest canyons. After a journey of windswept landscapes, sandstone cliff & stops for hot coca tea, we will arrive at the highest point of our entire journey, which at 4910 metres/16,108ft above sea level is the same height as Mont Blanc, Europe’s highest peak. Those jaws will be on the floor as you catch a first glimpse of this epic natural masterpiece. Can you feel the tingles already?

Colca Canyon to Puno
This morning promises to be pretty mega as we hop out of bed in search for the King of the Andes, otherwise known as the Andean Condor, which boasts a mega 3-metre wingspan. Fingers crossed luck is on our side – some days we may spot 10 condors, other days none – but that’s the fun of Mother Nature. Either way, the majestic view of the Colca Canyon never ceases to impress, and we know you’ll leave feeling like you’ve witnessed something truly special. Back on the road, we’ll roll past quaint villages, stop for lunch in Chivay, then head on to the high plains of Peru. Yet more natural beauty will be dished up this afternoon as we pull in to Puno, located on the shores of Lake Titicaca. Spend the evening settling in to our cosy hotel, or head into town for some dance floor action but a word of warning – Puno sits at an altitude of 3657 metres, so go easy on the piscos and the energetic dancefloor moves as the altitude could leave you feeling more breathless than normal. Tomorrow promises to be one to remember as we take to the lake for a taste of ancient Peruvian life…

Ready to explore this area in all its multi-coloured glory? We thought so. Jumping in a triciclo (a three-wheeled bike taxi) we’ll bump our way down to the port and get our first taste of life on the Lake (fun fact – Lake Titicaca is South America’s largest freshwater lake). Our boat ride will take us first to Taquile Island, which to this day remains one of the most culturally intact communities in the whole of Peru, and it’s here you’ll meet local weaving groups and stop for lunch.After exploring, we’ll then jump back on the boat and make for the Uros Islands, or as they’re more commonly called, the floating islands. Stepping off the boat you’ll feel like you’re walking on a water bed – unsurprising given the islands are made entirely from reeds. Here, we’ll hang with locals, visit a fish farm and even explore the local museum (yes, on an island made from reeds). The island community survives by selling textiles and totora reed boats to tourists, so after stocking up on one-off souvenirs, tonight we are warmly welcomed by locals on a Home Stay at Llachon Village.

Puno to Cusco via Raqchi
Heading out of Puno this morning, we’ll make our way to Pukara to visit a small museum offering up archaeological findings and Peru’s iconic ceramic bulls. Hitting the road again we’ll journey through the snow-capped surrounds of La Raya, stopping for lunch in the town of Sicuani. Eagle eyes, this is llama country, so have those cameras at the ready. Ancient Incan culture suggest that the Raqchi ruins are sacred for their powerful healing waters. Your entry tickets on us, and our local guide will paint the full picture as we explore the ruins. The Temple of Wiracocha is the pride of the site, and we’ll learn that the ruins were built as a village defence. History lesson complete we’ll head on to Cusco, the next stop of our adventure. Our final leg of the day lands us in Cusco, the hub of ancient Incan culture. This place is a feast for the senses and will call you out for an evening of exploration and maybe even some after dark antics, Cusco style.

Another day, another incredible Latin American destination to uncover; today it's sun up 'til sun down in Cusco. Shop for artisan jewellery and woodworks, roam the cobble-stone streets or just stroll the San Pedro markets eating cacao buds and sipping on coca leaf tea. Today really is what you make it!

Cusco to Sacred Valley
Heading out of Cusco and bound for the Sacred Valley on our private coach, this is where our journey into the ruins and mystique of this land truly begins. But first, llamas. An iconic symbol of Peru, we’ll be stopping off at a llama farm to show some love to these furry favourites up close, and we’re talking the whole humpback family – llamas, vicuna and alpacas. We’ll then stop off to witness the ancient Incan art of weaving in practise by a group of talented local artisans. Throughout the journey, play close attention to your surrounds – there’s the chance to spot the Incan farming technique of terracing and other local ways of life. Want to know what the Peruvians do for fun? You’ll get the chance to play the traditional game of “Sapo”, and exactly what that entails we’ll leave to the imagination… Our explorations of the Sacred Valley will begin with a guided tour of the Pisac and Ollantaytambo ruins. Our Local Guide will give you the d-l on both, visiting the circular terraced Pisac ruins first which date back to the 1400’s. Moving on to Ollantaytambo, base camp for those taking the trek tomorrow, we’ll appease dry mouths with some homemade Chicha de Jora brew. This tiny town may be small in geographical terms, but what it lacks in size it makes up for in attitude, with artisan shops and cafes spilling out onto streets, and the roaring Urubamba river providing the perfect natural background noise. For those embarking on the Inca trail tomorrow this is your final chance to stock up on last minute essentials (socks, socks and more socks). For all others, spend your time soaking in the vibes, hanging with other travellers and just getting a feel for this iconic little town.

Sacred Valley to Aguas Calientes via Train
For those not embarking on the Inca Trail, the morning is yours to enjoy the surrounding lush mountains of Ollantaytambo. Can you feel the excitement mounting? Yep – those are pretty much the feels when Machu Picchu is quite literally on the horizon. This afternoon we’ll hop on the train to Aguas Calientes, a cute town in its own right complete with roaring river, quaint bridges and local haunts, but most famously known as the gateway town to Machu Picchu. We’ll meet up with those who opted for the one day trek, and basically spend the evening hyping each other up for what’s to come tomorrow.

Aguas Calientes to Cusco via Machu Picchu
Excitement levels at an all-time high, the day we’ve all been waiting for is finally here – it’s Machu Picchu time! This is one big old tick off the life goals list, so enjoy every single second of it. Built around 1450 at the height of the Incan Empire, Machu Picchu is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the seven wonders of the new world. We’ll be treated to a guided tour of the site taking in such wonders as the Temple of the Three Windows and Huayna Picchu (the peak you’ll of seen in every Machu Picchu image ever), and of course you’ll have some alone time to explore the area as only you can do.  Back on the train we’ll de-brief on our once-in-a-lifetime experience as we head back to Cusco. Last time round was all about getting acquainted with the city, so now you’ve got you’re bearings you can really get lost amongst the market stalls and cobbled streets, maybe even going truly local by trying out a serving of cuy.

The last few days have been pretty full on, so today is all about seeking out some much needed r’n’r. Grab a lie in at the hotel then sip fresh mountain coffee in the Plaza de Armas, or maybe take a stroll around town to pick up an alpaca sweater or ten (they are super snuggly). Can’t shake that taste for adventure? We hear you.

Cusco to Jungle Lodge
Saying a final farewell to Cusco, we’ll hop on our included flight over the Andes to the city of Puerto Maldonado. With the sound of macaws and toucans welcoming us in, this can only mean one thing…it’s jungle time. A quick tour of the city will reveal colourful fruit stalls, open air markets and locals going about their day.  But now we're back underway and we just want to get to the jungle… What’s accessible only by boat, is made from wood and clay and surrounded by the sounds and colours of nature? Answer – our rainforest lodge, your blissful home for the night. We’ll work up a pre-dinner appetite by hiking to the canopy tower, then after a tasty home-cooked dinner continue our outdoor pursuits by heading out to spot caimans – a member of the alligator family native to the Amazon. Tonight promises to be one for the story bank as you fall asleep in your open-walled room to the exotic sounds of the surrounding jungle.

Jungle Lodge
If the vibrant morning song of the jungle birds hasn’t roused you early doors, the prospect of the Sandoval Lake teeming with wildlife will. Our morning canoe cruise will have us spotting prehistoric hoatzin birds and giant river otters. Satisfaction levels on high, the rest of the afternoon is all yours. Tired and hungry after another adventure filled day, we’ll head back to the lodge for the night. After such an epic day of jungle antics, we’re guessing a good night’s sleep and some sweet group hangs are pretty high on the agenda.

Puerto Maldonado To Lima
Today our Peruvian encounter comes to an end. As heartbroken as you'll be to wave goodbye to this incredible country, you'll be leaving with countless memories and a whole army of new friends. From Puerto Maldonado we'll catch a flight to Lima, for our final farewell. We'll arrive back in Lima where our trip ends on arrival. Sob. How about easing the pain by making reunion plans is somehwere equally exotic - Thailand, anyone?

Check Mark Disclaimer: Prices listed are per person, based on double occupancy, and in USD. All promotions are valid for new bookings only, capacity controlled and valid on select dates and departures. Individual Terms and Conditions will apply to all promotions. Any promotion can be withdrawn at any time without notice. Please speak with your Pavlus Travel Planner for complete vendor terms and conditions, including eligible tour and cruise dates.