Dear passengers,
You are about to embark on a unique adventure that combines the romance
and nautical heritage of a traditional clipper ship with the relaxation and
sophistication of sailing aboard amodern-day private-yacht.
We look forward to welcoming you aboard.
Thank you for choosing
Star Clippers.


It is preferable to use an international credit card ( Visa, American Express, and Mastercard) to make purchases on board
Star Clippers ships. Diners club and Discover cards are not accepted. Onboard purchases will be added to your personal
invoice and debited in Euros. Your EURO onboard charges will be processed by our accounting department located outside
the U.S. or your home country; you might incur foreign transaction fees and/or exchange rate fees from your credit card
company. Please check with your credit card provider. Verify the expiration date of credit cards you plan to take with you
and make sure they are properly signed. Find out about the services offered by your credit card company, including
withdrawing cash abroad. We recommend you bring traveller’s checks or cash in the local currency of the scheduled
ports of call during the trip.
Your Cruise Documents include Star Clippers’ luggage tags. Please fill them out with your name. The tags should be
attached to your luggage before checking in to facilitate identification and help prevent loss. Placing an identification tag
inside your baggage is also a good idea. Make sure all of your bags are closed at alltimes.

Our cancellation and refund policy is clearly indicated in the brochure and can be sent to you by your travel agent. Please
read this information carefully. Cancellation requests must be received in writing before departure.


People who take special prescription medication (insulin for diabetic patients, for example) are requested to provide a
letter from their doctor providing the following information:
 Full name of the treating physician
 Ailment treated by the prescription medication , daily dosage, the amount needed during the trip
 Stipulation that the medication is necessary for the welfare of passengers when travelling abroad. It is also
recommended that you carry the medication in their original packaging along with the doctor’s prescription , as this
may be requested when clearing customs or immigration
We advise you to keep your medication with you in your hand luggage. Passengers requiring special medical care are
encouraged to inform Star Clippers in writing prior to departure. The crew will be informed and will be able to assist where

☐ Passport
☐ Cruise and airline ticket
☐ Address book (for your postcards)
☐ Prescription medication
☐ Camera
☐ Spare batteries
☐ Sunglasses
☐ Hat / cap
☐ Comfortable walking shoes
☐ Jacket or light sweater – Windbreaker
☐ Swimsuit
☐ Books, magazines
Keep your airline tickets, passports, visas and all travel documents handy.

Take care of your passport or visa request (if necessary) early. Please contact your travel agent for more information.
Certain countries that you visit may require that your passport be valid for six months after your return date.
Allow sufficient time for having a new passport issued . Check your passport carefully to ensure that all information
contained in it is correct and sign it on receipt.
Note: International aviation regulations require that the name on the air ticket must exactly match the name on the
passport. During the cruise, the Purser will keep the passports in order to carry out port and immigration formalities at
each port visited. Passports are collected upon boarding and are returned to you when you disembark.

Be prepared to take advantage of exceptional opportunities to take unique photos. On site, ask people for permission
to photograph them before getting out your camera.

You can purchase your transfers and if necessary an overnight stay with Star Clippers through your travel agent.


Check with your doctor that you do not need an immunization certificate and that your vaccinations are up to date.

For security reasons, visitors are not allowed on board while in port.


For security reasons, it is forbidden to bring alcoholic beverages on board for personal consumption. For your pleasure,
the ship offers a wide selection of wines and spirits in the dining room or at the bar. The Maître d’Hôtel, wine waiters
and bartenders will guide you in your choice. Bottles of alcohol purchased on land will be taken into safekeeping at the
gangway of the ship, stored in a secure area, and returned when you disembark.
No alcoholic beverages will be served to minors. We reserve the right to refuse to serve alcohol. Thank you for your

The library offers reference books , art books, and novels in several languages. There is also a selection of board games
and comfortable seating so that you can relax and enjoy some quiet time if you so wish.

Cabins are all equipped with a TV, DVD player (except Star Clipper and Star Flyer cat. 6 cabins), a satellite phone, a safe,
a bathroom (shower), hairdryer, and adequate storage space. Most cabins have twin beds that can be converted to a
double bed. The main deck, cat. 1 cabins, and luxury suites also have a mini bar and a bathroom with a whirlpool. A
steward will ensure the cleanliness and comfort of your cabin.

At the time of boarding, a personal account will be automatically opened in your name so you can pay your expenditure
on board. For added convenience, the Purser will take an imprint of your credit card. All expenses incurred on board can
then be debited from your card. American Express, Master Card, Visa are accepted on board. Discover and Diners Club
cards are not accepted. If you wish to pay your expenses in cash or traveller’s check , you will be asked to pay a deposit
of 300 Euros in cash or travellers check.

Each cabin is equipped with 110V/60HZ flat plug aboard Star Clipper and Star Flyer. Adapters can be borrowed from the
Purser’s Office in exchange for a deposit . A hairdryer is available in every bathroom and on the dressing table. Limited
access to a 220V plug is available in certain areas of the ships (please contact the Hotel Manager). Cabins on board the
Royal Clipper are equipped with 220V European plugs.


The information below is a summary of important reminders about the excursions offered on board . Information
meetings giving a detailed overview of each trip are organized by the Cruise Director. We recommend that you attend.
Important note: Star Clippers’ liability is limited to the ship itself. Star Clippers may sell tickets for shore excursions or
arrange other services for its clients from independent contractors. However, it cannot under any circumstances be held
liable for loss, damage, injury or death resulting from services provided on land or any other service provided or offered
in addition to the cruise. Star Clippers reserve the right to edit, cancel, or modify the itinerary of each tour programs as
necessary. Tour schedules vary depending on time of arrival and departure at ports of call.
Excursion program: consists of day or half day trips that allow you to discover the main attractions of each port
within the expected duration of the call. Access to some monuments may be restricted or impossible during national or
regional holidays.
Reservation and paymen: Reservation and payment for excursions may be reserved on board ship on a “first come,
first served” basis. No registrations or cancellations will be accepted after the closing date announced on board by the
Cruise Director. Excursions are paid for at the end of cruise.
Prices: The price for excursions is subject to change in case of unexpected increase in the cost of providing land
services and exchange rate fluctuations.
Cancellations: Excursions may be cancelled without penalty before the closing date announced on board by the Cruise
Director. After closing date, a 100% fee will be charged for cancellation made within 24 hours prior to the call. No
refunds will be possible for passengers who only participate in a portion of the excursion.
Only a limited number of participants allowed: It is possible that the number of participants will be limited on
certain excursions in certain ports due to a limited capacity in terms of transportation, guides and logistics. Excursions
will not take place unless a minimum number of participants is reached.
Bus Tours: Coaches used for excursions are air-conditioned whenever possible. Star Clippers select the best vehicles
available in each port of call. However, their quality can vary considerably from one port to another depending on local
standards and availability.
Tour guides: our representative in each port selects the best local tour guides. You will find knowledgeable tour guides
at most destinations. However the quality of the tour guides is likely to be lower in certain ports, simply because tourism
there is less developed. It is possible that no French-speaking tour guide is available. In such a case, the tour will be
conducted in English. A minimum number of French-speaking passengers is necessary in order to request- when
possible – a French-speaking tour guide.
Tips during excursions: This is left to your discretion. However, a small gratuity is a nice way to thank someone for
the quality of his or her work.
Dress Code: The dress code for all excursions is casual. In certain countries, or when visiting religious sites, classic,
modest clothing may be required. We recommend that you leave your valuables and jewelry on the ship during visits
ashore. Jewelry may well attract unwanted attention. Remember to protect yourself from the sun, wear appropriate
walking shoes, and carry a bottle of water.


Meal times are programmed and adapted according to the hours of port calls, departure and return times from

Star Clippers tries its best at all times to improve the itineraries offered and reserves the right to modify them , due to
improvements or unforeseen conditions beyond our control or specific to the countries visited. This applies to both
programs on land as well as to the cruise itinerary.

Your cabin has a proper safe where you can deposit your valuables while cruising.

All items found on board are deposited in the Purser’s office. When leaving the ship, make sure you leave nothing in the
drawers, trunks, or closets in your cabin. Star Clippers is not liable for articles left behind.

Our ships have two or three swimming pools located on the Sun Deck. When the weather permits, they are filled with
sea water.

Gratuities on the ship are not included in the cruise fare and are at your discretion. We suggest €8 per day and per
person. Gratuities are divided among the waiters in the dining room and the stewards. You can pay these gratuities at
the end of the cruise by credit card, indicating the amount you wish to give (a form will be placed in your cabin) or in
cash placed in an envelope, deposited in the box near the Purser’s Office.

The Daily Program shows the list of activities planned for the next day. It is distributed in your cabin each evening, for
the following day.

Your breakfast, lunch and dinner will be served in a pleasant environment. No reservations are required, and the choice
of seating is yours. The Head Waiter will be happy to help you at all times. Meal times are listed in the Daily Program and
may vary depending on the times of call and activities planned. Generally sports and leisurewear are worn onboard. In
the evenings, however, shorts are not accepted in the Dining Room. Gentlemen are requested to wear shirts with collar
and sleeves.

It is essential that you observe certain simple safety rules while on board:
 Use ashtrays for cigarette butts and used matches. Please do not throw cigars or cigarettes over board – they can be
blown back onto the ship, and could cause a fire. It is forbidden to smoke in your cabin and inside the ship.
 Never run on board the ship, walk carefully, especially if the decks are wet or slippery.
 We ask women to avoid high/ pointed heel shoes as they can damage the teak decks.

 It is forbidden for unaccompanied children to run or play on the decks, in corridors and stairwells as well as near the

Avoid going out on to the decks
 Hold on to handrails in stairways and corridors
 Doors must be closed in case of heavy seas. Use the handles and never hold a door by its frame as a sudden
movement of the ship could cause it to close on your hand.
 Make sure your bags are secure in your cabin and if necessary, call your steward
 Secure any objects in the bathroom and on your dressing table that could fall

Although the construction of the vessel has required the use of modern materials that are fire retardant and fireproof,
fire remains a concern. Thank you for respecting the following rules.
 Do not smoke inside the cabins
 Do not throw cigarette butts over board
 Do not light candles or other objects of this type
 It is forbidden to iron clothes in the cabin

Star Clippers offers a laundry service (note: there is no dry cleaning service on board Star Clipper and Star Flyer) Dry
cleaning in offered on the Royal Clipper .

Medical services are provided by a doctor during long distance crossings and by trained nurses from the Star Clippers’
staff on other cruises . All of the ship’s officers are also able to administer first aid. When the ship conducts coastal
navigation, it is always near a hospital on land, and can deal with the possibility of a passenger requiring hospital care.
Passengers requiring special medication are advised to take their prescriptions along with them. The nurse only
provides very basic medicine, which is sold without prescription.

The ship’s store offers a wide variety of items and Star Clippers’ unique range of clothing . The shop is open every day
(except on embarkation day) from 8:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. and depending on the times of call and customs regulations.

When the ship is at anchor, you will be disembarked by tenders or zodiacs, which requires good physical condition.
Sometimes the disembarkation involves a wet landing. We recommend that you bring appropriate footwear (for
example plastic sandals).

The sports team overseas all water activities. These activities are available to all passengers and include snorkeling,
water skiing, windsurfing, dinghy sailing, and kayaking (if permitted by the local authorities and according to local
conditions). All water sports are free of charge. During the boarding formalities, you will be asked to sign a waiver for all


Our ships are fully stabilized and have bilge keels to minimize the movement of the ship and prevent any unpleasant
sensations or discomfort that may be caused by such movement.

Each cabin is equipped with direct dial telephone so you can make calls to anywhere in the world. Calls are charged to
your onboard account. Please note that calls made via satellite are extremely expensive. If a caller wishes to contact you
by telephone on board, they should contact the Star Clippers’ office who will forward the call to the ship. WIFI cards are
available in the Sloop Shop for use of the Internet. You can receive emails on board our three ships via the Purser.
Star Clipper:
Star Flyer:
Royal Clipper:
These emails will be printed and delivered to your cabin for a nominal charge.
In an emergency, contact your travel agency under the phone number provided to you or the Star Clippers’ office at the
number listed in your documentation. In case you are unable to reach anyone at that number, Star Clippers has a
24-hour emergency telephone number: 1-305 773 3541.

Star Clippers offers a uniquely modern and classic sailing. The Royal Clipper, The Star Clipper and the Star Flyer bring you the romance of sailing the seas in a yacht experience of a tall ship. And perhaps most importantly the destinations of these tall ships has been expanded to include the trendy beaches of Cambodia and Sihanoukville. Now the Royal Clipper will call on Propriano, Corsica and the port of Zadar in Croatia. Star Clipper is a true sailing experience that more and more guests are coming to find out. Pavlus Travel has the unpublished pricing on all sailings and can provide added value on every sailing

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