Airline commits to crew and passenger safety with ‘Delta Clean’

by Patti Pietschmann Travel Diva

Delta Clean

Photo of Delta flight to Seattle by Patti Pietschmann

While you may not be flying anywhere soon thanks to CDC and government guidelines, it won’t be long until you board a plane again.  And if it’s Delta you could feel confident that the aircraft has been well scrubbed.  The carrier is going to extremes to streamline its cleaning process and help flyers feel safer about catching coronavirus.

A press release from Delta Chief Customer Officer, Bill Lentsch, states that the airline  is transforming expectations for cleanliness across airports and on aircraft to deliver a new standard of clean for customers.  He’s calling it ‘Delta Clean.”

“The highest levels of clean should be ongoing not just in times of crisis. Customers deserve to feel confident and safe whenever they decide to travel,” says l Lentsch.  “That’s why we are extending our overall safety focus to include our new standard of clean.”

 Delta Clean on the planes

Starting April 1 all domestic aircraft will undergo the interior fogging overnight that Delta uses to disinfect international aircraft. Prior to flights  aircraft cleansing will follow the same extensive checklist used during overnight cleanings.

The process  disinfects high-touch areas such as  tray tables, seat-back entertainment screens, arm rests and seat-back pockets.
Spot checks will take place before each flight by a customer service agent and a flight leader.  The team can resolve any issues immediately, and are free to request a crew return to the aircraft for additional cleaning.

May happenings

Starting in May aircraft will undergo fogging  before every flight in Delta’s network. Delta assures that the disinfectant is  safe to breathe and is similar to what hospitals and restaurants use to sanitize. Passengers will be armed with hand sanitizers to use wherever.

“The Delta Clean standard is largely driven by Delta employees, who are committed to delivering safe experiences for customers and each other,” says Lentsch.  “The character of Delta people is shining brighter than ever in these unprecedented times,” Lentsch said. “They are the Delta Difference and the reason we’re ready for our customers when they’re ready to fly.”

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