The idea is to educate visitors on respecting and enjoying the islands

By Patti Pietschmann, Travel Diva


Hawaiian Airlines new inflight video is taking the guess work out of what to expect when visitors get there.  There is so much confusion these days and thisfive-minute Travel Pono spot helps clarify things.

The video, which begins airing next week in the cabins of Hawaiian’s transpacific aircraft, features five Hawaiian Airlines crewmembers. One talks about search and rescue operations and marine mammal protection. Another focuses on ocean and hiking safety. And others speak about conservation of endangered species and the environment.

“We’ve served as Hawai‘i’s hometown carrier for over nine decades. As residents of this special place, we are proud to welcome our guests with valuable information.  Hoping it will enrich their experience on the islands while helping protect Hawai’i’s natural resources and our way of life,” says Avi Mannis, senior vice president of marketing at Hawaiian Airlines.

The Travel Pono video airs  prior to landing on the in-flight entertainment system of Hawaiian’s wide-body Airbus A330 and via the wireless streaming function for personal devices on the narrow-body Airbus A321neo.

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