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Recommendations and Reviews for Annette

All reviews are from actual Pavlus clients

By: Pavlus Verified Traveler on 02/24/2022

Pavlus and Annette is my travel agent of choice. Thanks Annette.

By: Pavlus Verified Traveler on 02/04/2022

This is our second cruise with Oceania since they restarted. This cruise, an Eastern Caribbean voyage had a total different feel to it. It was a great cruise and we knew going into this vacation that things would be different from our late fall transatlantic cruise. Most of our ports were cancelled and we were re-routed to ports that would accept cruise ships. Omicron was peaking at the time of our cruise and all of the Entertainment team and a few other staff were quarantined (some only as a precaution) during this cruise. It was very quiet, no music, games onboard were very minamal but the food and drinks were plentiful. Annette and Renee kept us informed before the cruise as to what port was cancelled and was always available for a question or two I may have had. Cruising 6 weeks prior I knew what to expect and how well Oceania has been dealing with the pandemic. When onboard we enjoyed the bottle of wine and lovely flowers that were gifted to us from Pavlus Travel. That is always a nice treat for us. We are very thankful that Pavlus travel was recommended to us and are very satisfied with the service we have received from Annette.

By: Pavlus Verified Traveler on 01/30/2022

Very pleased with Annette.

By: Pavlus Verified Traveler on 01/16/2022

Excellent service. Greatly appreciated.

By: Pavlus Verified Traveler on 01/12/2022

Very pleased with Pavlus and especially with Annette and Jennifer. The cruise was so-so because of all the missed ports.

By: Pavlus Verified Traveler on 01/12/2022

I receive great and up-to-the-minute service from Annette and Jenny. Keep up the good work! Best Regards, Kelvin

By: Pavlus Verified Traveler on 01/10/2022

Annette was great…as usual…. Wish things get better so we can book more cruises! Happy New Year.

By: Pavlus Verified Traveler on 01/03/2022

Regent Splendor was great!

By: Pavlus Verified Traveler on 12/28/2021

First of all, thank you for the most generous OBC. It was much appreciated. We love Silversea, and our voyage on the Silver Spirit could not have been better. We were in one of the Silver suites in the new stretched portion of the ship (Suite 1116) which we were told is similar to the Silvers on the Moon and Dawn. The layout, especially the closet, was superior to the Silvers on the Muse and possibly better than the older Silvers on the Spirit. The location was superb. There were no neighbors, the veranda was completely private, and there was no noise from the elevators. Silversea crew was wonderful as always. The food was very good, but we fear that they have increased portion size which is not necessarily good. While we do miss the Main Dining Room, we did enjoy Indochine a lot. We felt that the menu in Atlantide was limited, and having to make a choice of what type of food you wanted before dinner was not as good as just being able to walk into the MDR and make a decision. The Covid protocols were handled very well and passengers and crew adhered to them consistently. Even though we did have one passenger test positive on the transatlantic portion, it was handled very well, and we never felt at risk. We would not hesitate to travel on Silversea in the future.

By: Pavlus Verified Traveler on 12/26/2021

I was totally satisfied with Annette and her group. They are always excellent. But the Royal Caribbean cruise company was quite a disappointment. The only actual decent treatment was in the concierge lounge where the two concierges were excellent. We are used to much better service, and this is one of the reasons that we don't use RC, the only reason we did this time was a special occasion and friends were already booked on it. We had actually not been on a RC since 2011 I think a lot of the problem is so many of the crew is new, as the experienced crew had to find other employment due to COVID.

By: Pavlus Verified Traveler on 12/26/2021

Family Christmas celebration on Oasis of the Seas. Wonderful trip.

By: Pavlus Verified Traveler on 12/26/2021

We love working with Annette. Every time we have a question she is quick to get us an answer. She is very patient with us as we sometimes need to determine the class of service we want to cruise in so getting all of the facts for us is key to making our decisions and Annette always is gracious to get us those details. We look forward to 2022 and with a bit of hope we can get ‘back to normal’ soon.

By: Pavlus Verified Traveler on 12/16/2021

Annette has always been most responsive that is why I am a return customer.

By: Pavlus Verified Traveler on 12/11/2021

Always book with Pavlus!

By: Pavlus Verified Traveler on 12/11/2021

This was our second time to use Pavlus and our first trip. We will leave on the 29th for our next trip. Annette helped us with that one and she referred Sandra to us for the most recent trip. Both were excellent and very professional and efficient! We will use them again and will recommend them to our friends.

By: Pavlus Verified Traveler on 12/10/2021

First time Pavlus customer. I was referred to Annette and am very happy I was. She seamlessly took care of my cancelled cruise and rebooked a different one for us. Just back from that vacation and everything went perfect in these unpredictable times. Service was excellent and we have booked a few more vacations with them.

By: Pavlus Verified Traveler on 12/05/2021

Annette goes above and beyond to make everything perfect for us.

By: Pavlus Verified Traveler on 11/26/2021

Annette took great care of us!

By: Pavlus Verified Traveler on 11/24/2021

Loved Renee she could not have been more helpful. Annette totally came through also. Love the total experience. Doug and Darlene Knecht. Thank you

By: Pavlus Verified Traveler on 11/24/2021

Annette consistently provides friendly fast excellent service. We are very impressed. Thank you!

By: Pavlus Verified Traveler on 11/20/2021

Great communication with Annette - both pre-cruise and post-cruise. She's definitely an asset for Pavlus Travel!

By: Pavlus Verified Traveler on 10/30/2021

Annette, as usual, was amazing in getting everything set up for this anxious traveler. Silversea was awesome. Great job! Great vacation.

By: Pavlus Verified Traveler on 10/24/2021

Annette is very easy to plan with. But we were very disappointed in our American Cruise trip on the Hudson. The cruise director was very unorganized and curt. The hotel manager was rude at times. The housekeeping staff of one often forgot towels, etc when cleaning our room. The excursions were very disappointing as we couldn't go in FDR or Vanderbilt mansions. The bus rides were VERY LONG and uncomfortable. The ship was dated, and in need of updating and sound proofing between rooms. It was a very disappointing trip. Fran and Larry Heaton

By: Pavlus Verified Traveler on 10/22/2021

Annette was timely (quick responses!) and knowledgeable. This cruise was a last-minute thing, but it came together easily.

By: Pavlus Verified Traveler on 10/17/2021

Sandra is great to work with. Always responsive and positive.

By: Pavlus Verified Traveler on 10/13/2021

Great trip. Over the top Regent Service.

By: Pavlus Verified Traveler on 10/02/2021

Annette was a fantastic travel agent. Her communication skills were superb! She kept us informed as to all the changes to our itinerary and all the Covid-19 testing and flight requirements. My wife and I will definitely ask for Annette when we travel again.

By: Pavlus Verified Traveler on 09/29/2021

Everything from the planning process to getting home went very smoothly! It was especially hard being one of the first cruises after Covid and the uncertainty of travel restrictions flying internationally, but, Annette helped us every step of the way. Thank you for an amazing experience!

By: Pavlus Verified Traveler on 09/20/2021

Annette has been helping us with our travel arrangements for many years. We have booked countless cruises and land tours which were all well organized for the best prices as advertised. Our recent land tour in Alaska was really interesting, fun and educational. Thank you for another great travel experience.

By: Pavlus Verified Traveler on 09/15/2021

I am very satisfied with the travel services of Annette and Pavlus. I chose the American Cruise Lines Ohio River Cruise but will not sail on ACL again. ACL needs much improvement to come close to perfect cruising. We had HVAC issues on our July and August sailings. Food was fair.

By: Pavlus Verified Traveler on 09/15/2021

Latest tour was booked through you with Alexander + Roberts on their On Safari Kenya and Tanzania. Great tour, very memorable, saw all of the animals in their natural habitat

By: Pavlus Verified Traveler on 09/02/2021

As always, Annette did a fabulous job planning our trip!

By: Pavlus Verified Traveler on 08/11/2021

Annette has been excellent every step of the way. She listened to the details we were interested in and worked to make everything run smoothly. Our trip to Alaska was picture perfect.

By: Pavlus Verified Traveler on 08/05/2021

No problems with Pavlus Crystal Cruises still leaves an undecided flavor in my mouth. The crew, service, fellow passengers and food were exemplary. The pre-cruise information, the size of the cabins and the lack of visibility of the officers leaves a lot to be desired. The pre cruise check in was not organized well and there was little to no communication of what was going on. At many times I felt like a second class citizen since we weren't in a penthouse cabin. So many people have said what a big deal Crystal makes over birthdays. Ken got a cake at dinner. When we were on Oceania for my birthday, our cabin stewardess decorated the cabin and I had the cake at dinner. Different vibe. Would I sail Crystal again? Maybe. Would definitely be itinerary driven.

By: Pavlus Verified Traveler on 08/01/2021

We continue to be well satisfied with Annette and her colleagues and with Pavlus Travel. Thank you so much.

By: Pavlus Verified Traveler on 07/11/2021

Viking cruise around Iceland. WONDERFUL. We have booked a fair amount of cruises with Annette . . . and watched most of them be "Covid cancelled" one by one. Annette is a pleasure to work with, VERY responsive and helpful.

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