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Guatemala with Tikal and Copán

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Destinations & Sightseeing
Itinerary and Meals

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Destination & Sightseeing


Day 1 - Guatemala City, Guatemala
Caravan welcomes you to El Mundo Maya, the beautiful land of lakes, volcanoes and ancient Mayan culture. Caravan provides a transfer from Guatemala City airport to your hotel. Rooms are available for check in after 3:00 p.m. Dine at your hotel. Join Caravan for an 6:00 p.m. welcome briefing. D

Day 2 - Ixchel, Guatemala City
Enjoy breakfast, then visit the Ixchel Museum. See handwoven textiles and costumes from Guatemala's highland Indians. Next, to the historic center. Drive by the main plaza and cathedral. Lunch. The rest of the day is at leisure. Dine at your hotel. BLD

Day 3 - Chichicástenango, Lake Atitlán
Morning drive into the Altiplano (highlands) of Chichicástenango. Enjoy lunch. Next, visit the largest traje (indigenous clothing) and handicrafts market in Central America. This marketplace has operated continuously for over a thousand years. With Caravan, your visit is on market day, which draws hundreds of vendors from all over Guatemala. Shop for wooden dance masks, hand-woven huipiles and colorful fabrics. Next, see Santo Tomas Church, built in 1540. Here Indians practice their faith, blending Mayan and Catholic rituals. Indian priests chant prayers in ancient dialects, copal incense fills the air, and rose petals and candles cover the church floor. Then, to your hotel for a leisurely two night stay on Lake Atitlán, 5,000 feet above sea level. Dinner. BLD

Day 4 - Lake Atitlán Boat Cruise
Relaxing morning cruise across the deep, blue water of Lake Atitlán, considered by many to be the world's most beautiful lake. This breathtaking lake is surrounded by three towering volcanoes. Visit the traditional village of Santiago Atitlán. Look for fishermen in dug-out canoes and women balancing huge water vessels on their heads. Enjoy lunch. The rest of the day is at leisure to enjoy the dramatic scenery. Dinner. BLD

Day 5 - Lake Atitlán, Copán, Honduras
Spectacular scenery this morning as you descend from the highlands into Guatemala's central valley. Pass through Indian villages with their Mayan culture still intact. See pine forests, picturesque lakes and hand-tilled crops growing on hillside terraces. Enjoy lunch en route. Cross into western Honduras. Arrive at Copán, home to the best preserved ruins of the Mayan world, long protected by the jungle in a remote mountain valley. Enjoy a two night stay at your hotel. Dinner. BLD

Day 6 - Copán, Honduras
Morning visit to Copán Ruins, the "Athens" of the Mayan world. These magnificent ruins are known for their detailed carvings and remarkably preserved stelae. Stelae are stone monoliths which record Mayan history. Visit the Acropolis, Great Plaza, and Ballcourt. See the Hieroglyphic Stairway where the world's longest Maya text, with over a thousand glyphs, is carved on 63 stone steps. See Altar Q, a rectangular stone altar with carved portraits of all of Copán's rulers from the founder, Yax Kuk Mo, to the last ruler, Yax Pac. Enjoy lunch. Next, to the charming town of Copán. Then, free time to explore the village, main plaza and the native marketplace. Enjoy dinner. BLD

Day 7 - Petenchel, Guatemala
Re-enter Guatemala this morning and descend into the Caribbean lowlands. ?Cross the Rio Dulce. Enjoy lunch. Afternoon arrival in Petenchel for a two night stay. Enjoy dinner. BLD

Day 8 - Tikal
An unforgettable morning visit to Tikal. Settled in 700 B.C., Tikal became the grandest of all Mayan cities and is now a UNESCO World Heritage site. This majestic site also served as the victorious rebel base in the first Star Wars movie. Here, while the sounds of monkeys and tropical birds fill the air, you see towering pyramids jut out of the rainforest canopy. Visit Tikal's great plaza. See the Temple of the Grand Jaguar and Temple II. Visit the Plaza of the Seven Temples and El Mundo Perdido, the Lost World. Enjoy lunch. Afternoon at leisure at your resort. Enjoy bird watching on the nature trails or just relax by the pool. Dinner. BLD

Day 9 - Tikal, Antigua
Head south this morning for a day's drive to Antigua. Enjoy a lunch en route. Then visit the Mayan archaeological site of Quiriguá. See fantastic zoomorphic figures and some of the world's largest stelae. Continue to Antigua, a UNESCO World Heritage site, one of the best preserved colonial cities in Central America. Enjoy a two night stay in Antigua. Dinner. BLD

Day 10 - Antigua, Coffee Plantation
This morning explore Antigua, Guatemala's former capital for more than two centuries. Visit a coffee plantation. Pick a few beans, in season, and sample fresh Guatemalan coffee. Next, see the ornate façade of La Merced Church. Visit Las Capuchinas Convent. Enjoy lunch. Then, free time in Antigua for great shopping. You can buy ceramics, jade and beautiful weavings. Guatemala's fame as the "land of the eternal spring" is based on Antigua's near perfect climate. Enjoy dinner. BLD

Day 11 - Antigua, Guatemala City
Your tour ends this morning at your hotel in Antigua. Caravan provides transfers throughout the day to the Guatemala City airport. Thanks for vacationing with Caravan. ¡Hasta la vista! B

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