24 06, 2019

Silversea Cloud Expedition Svalbard Norway Post 5

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Good Morning from the Artic Ocean as we cruise to the Svalbard region of Norway. We will land in Burgerbutka and Gnalodden areas of Svalbard starting early tomorrow morning. We begin our Zodiac landings in this icy region at 6 a.m. to 11 a.m. in Burgerbutka. In the afternoon we move to Gnalodden. Today, the [...]

24 06, 2019

Silversea Cloud Expedition Jan Mayen Island Post 4

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By Wes Weiner Jan Mayen Island-- Meterological Station Commander briefed all Silversea Cloud Expedition cruisers this morning before our five hour stop at this Volcanic rock--a black and grey sand island marked with hilly terrain. Except for the near 15,000 foxes, there are no animals found on this island. Its  last volcanic eruption was in [...]

12 06, 2019

This may surprise you but Tauck offers a whole more than tours

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By Patti Pietschmann Travel Diva You might have thought Tauck only did tours. Wrong.  The 94-year-old company caters to every traveler's taste from river cruises to ocean voyages.   It's a discerning traveler's go to company for personalized travel. During decades of operation the award-winning  company amassed a loyal cultural-curious clientele who will follow them anywhere. [...]

7 06, 2019

Hike and bike in Whistler BC one of the most beautiful spots on the planet

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Plan an active summer vacation to magical Whistler Patti Pietschmann Pavlus BlogMaster Do you love to go hiking or bike riding and are looking for a great place to do it this summer? Have we got the spot for you. It’s Whistler Mountain Bike Park. With world class cross country trails, events and festivals for [...]

5 06, 2019

Silversea stages exclusive event for the Monaco Grand Prix 2020

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Yearly stop-over in Monte Carlo attracts racing fans Patti Pietschmann Travel Diva Monte Carlo oozes with wealth and hedonism What a treat for Grand Prix fans. Every May swish Silversea Cruises sails into chic Monte Carlo for the Formula One Motor race where passengers can buy an exclusive two-night shore excursion. The tour [...]

1 06, 2019

Dining at Montage Beverly Hills Restaurant delights the senses

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A posh haven for the rich and famous that redefines luxury By Patti Pietschmann Travel Diva The European-style Montage Beverly Hills  exudes class. But that's not to say it's in any way stuffy.  The staff is always friendly and welcoming.  Even the valets who take your car at the porte-cochere--which is usually lined with limos, [...]

24 04, 2019

Silversea opens special bookings for Venetian Society members

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Luxury line offering slew of enticing odysseys Patti Pietschmann Pavlus BligMaster/PostMistress If you have sailed enough with  Silversea’s to be a member of its elite Venetian Society you are  entitled to an exclusive pre-sale on 54 new winter 2020/2021 voyages. You have a choice of 26 highly-crafted, appealing winter itineraries on Silver Muse, Silver Whisper, [...]

16 04, 2019

Crystal Cruises gives you the world in 2022

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Crystal Cruises World Cruise 2022 now ready for booking And Pavlus Travel has you covered By Patti Pietschmann Pavlus  PostMistress/BlogMaster Pool deck  photo by Richard Pietschann Wow! It might seem that booking a cruise for 2022 is too soon.  But if you’re considering a World Cruise on the uber-popular Crystal Serenity, it’s never [...]

12 04, 2019

Silversea to launch incredibly luxurious Galapagos-specific ship

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 Silver Origin debuts in 2020 with extraordinary features By Patti Pietschmann Pavlus BlogMaster Silversea's Silver Origin sets sail in the Galapagos in 2020 as one of the most environmentally friendly cruise ships ever built. The destination immersive expedition ship will offer uniquely immersive Ecuadorian-themed shore and on board experiences led by Silversea’s Expedition Team. A [...]

10 04, 2019

Embassy Suites Fort Lauderdale is ideal hotel for a pre-cruise stay

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Hotel's just a  short hop from airport or cruise port By Patti Pietschmann Pavlus BlogMaster Don't miss the boat Crystal Serenity by Richard Pietschmann Many people sailing from Fort Lauderdale must arrive in Florida a day early to catch their ships. I always need to get there a day in advance since I [...]

5 04, 2019

14 most spectacular voyages on Regent Seven Seas

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Sail out of Bora Bora Photo by Richard Pietschmann Experience wonders of the South Pacific and beyond By Patti Pietschmann  Pavlus BlogMaster  Fans of Regent Seven Seas will love the line's 14 voyage selection in  New Zealand, the South Pacific,  Asia and Australia.  And Pavlus is ready to book you.  Imagine exploring a new [...]

4 04, 2019

A fantasy of food in a tropical paradise at Hotel Wailea

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The Restaurant at Hotel Wailea Maui exceeds expectations By Patti Pietschmann Pavlus BlogMaster reporting from Maui A vibrant fantasy of tropical plants, flowers and palm trees greet you as you drive through the entry gates of the exquisite Hotel Wailea Maui--a   Relais & Chateaux property posed like a sumptuous hojin inn on a slope of [...]

19 03, 2019

A Hawaii honeymoon planner from Pavlus

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By Patti Pietschmann Pavlus BlogMaster What makes Hawaii one of the top honeymoon destinations? Well for starters, the archipelago is just about the most romantic on the planet. It's where rainbows appear on almost on cue and scents of heady  plumaria fill the air.  It's where balmy breezes blow, verdant mountains flank  the blue Pacific [...]

15 03, 2019

It’s easy to fall in love with St. Barths

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A little island paradise in the sun for lovers By Patti Pietschann Pavlus BlogMaster Ooh la la do I love St. Barths. The little, sun soaked French West Indies island is so chic and inviting. Talk about joie de vivre. The streets are always alive with the sounds of scooters  and  people having fun.  Talk [...]

15 03, 2019

An unconventional seafarer’s guide to cruise control

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Taking control of your cruise By Patti Pietschmann Pavlus BlogMaster Head-spinning activities on QM2 Just because there’s a list of activities on your ship doesn’t mean you have to do them. Just because the cruise line sells shore excursions doesn’t mean you can’t go off on your own. If you want to plop [...]

13 03, 2019

Ten items travelers are likely to forget to pack

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Don't let it happen to you By Patti Pietschmann Pavlus BlogMaster Oops, did you forget something?  Perhaps on your last vacation you realized that  you left  important items or favorite cosmetics at home. Well even seasoned travelers find themselves in this predicament. Sometimes something as simple  as underwear gets left behind. A fellow globe trotting [...]

12 03, 2019

It’s always a foodie fest at Maui’s Haliimaile General Store

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By Patti Pietschmann Pavlus BlogMaster with photos by Richard Pietschmann   Best restaurant in Maui No trip to Maui is complete without a visit to celebrity Chef Beverly Gannon’s Haliimaile General Store. The charming up country eatery dishes out some of the best food in the islands. And yes, it was once really [...]

12 03, 2019

Hawaiian Airlines lie-flat seats make flying First Class worth the fare

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Patti Pietschmann Pavlus BlogMaster with photos below by Richard Pietschmann “E komo mai, welcome aboard” reads the First Class dinner menu on  our Hawaiian Airlines’ flight from Maui to  Los Angeles. It's  just one of the many touches that make the carrier cuts above  some of the rest. We were winging our way home from [...]

11 03, 2019

A quick escape to Loew’s Santa Monica Beach Hotel

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By Patti Pietschmann Pavlus BlogMaster with photos by Richard Pietschmann Although we live in Los Angeles, sometimes we just need a fast break.  A quick getaway that feels far from home, but is just a few miles away. So a couple of summers ago we booked a room at Loew’s Santa Monica Beach Hotel—a short, [...]

9 03, 2019

Hawaii’s heavenly Halekulani Hotel is the place to stay in Waikiki

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By Patti Pietschmann Pavlus BlogMaster/writer and photos by Richard Pietschmann The Halekulani: “house befitting heaven” One of the most sumptuously soothing hotels in Hawaii is the Halekulani in Oahu. Nestled steps from the Pacific Ocean just outside bustling Waikiki, the lavish property oozes with an Aloha spirit. Guest are treated like family and greeted with [...]