Costa Cruise FAQs

Before Departure

What are luggage tags for?

Luggage tags are used when boarding to allow the identification and delivery of your baggage to your cabin. On board, at the end of the cruise, you will receive your tags indicating your priority, to facilitate disembarkation. Please note that it is mandatory to attach tags to your baggage.

Bag Express: What is it?

With Bag Express, your bags will be picked up directly from home and placed in your cabin at an affordable cost. You can book this service online by logging on to MyCosta, entering the MyCruise section, or by calling the dedicated number.

What is Premium Discount?

It’s a nominal and staff discount that entitles you to a 10% discount on your next cruise (excluding port and registration fees, service fees and any flights). You are entitled to the Premium discount if you buy a Premium cabin, a Suite or a Samsara and it can be used to buy a future cruise, not including world tours and their flights, and cruises to the Far East, departing within 1 year after the end of the trip on which you accrued your discount.

What is the difference between Classic and Premium?

Classic fare cabins offer you all the comfort of a higher-class cabin at cheaper rates, along with the freedom to access the services and facilities on offer.
However, Premium fare cabins enjoy a higher level of Costa comfort with free services: the choice between first or second service at dinner, first breakfast service on request and 24-hour room service.

Are there any special offers or promotions for the purchase of a cruise?

Costa Cruises provides many advantageous opportunities for purchasing a cruise. Family Specials ensure an affordable holiday for families of two adults and one or two children under 18 years, who pay only airport taxes and registration and service fees; Family Spaces are tailored for families who want to combine convenience and comfort; One-and-a-Half guarantees special rates for an adult travelling alone with one child. In addition to promotions for families, Costa offers a honeymoon rate for couples on their honeymoon, groups bookings of more than 8 cabins, Basic, Last Minute, Roulette and Light rates (available on cruises that include different departure and disembarkation ports). Stay in touch with us to receive updates, as Costa will always surprise you with many offers throughout the year.

How do I online check-in to get my boarding pass?

Simply complete all the required fields to complete online check-in and get your boarding pass. Please be careful when filling out the email field: the address must be unique and only one is required per reservation, but if you add it for all passengers, each must have their own.
In the phone number field, remember to enter the international prefix (+1 not 001) for landlines and mobiles.

How do I access Web Check In?

To access Web Check-in simply enter MyCosta by entering the last name of one of the passengers and the reservation number. Web Check-in is located within the MyCruise section.

How do I confirm the services that are in my basket?

The services you have chosen for your cruise can be found summarized in the “Basket” section. From there you can choose whether to confirm them, change them or delete them. Once decided, you can go ahead with the booking. Remember: you have until 3 days prior to departure to change your mind at no extra cost. After his time, each service booked will be charged to your account.

How do I pay for services booked to customize my cruise?

All services booked before departure can be paid for on board.

How does the delivery of luggage work during boarding and disembarking?

The luggage is handled during boarding and disembarking by Costa staff using a simple labelling system, so you don’t have to move around the ship with suitcases. Once your baggage is on board, you don’t have to worry about a thing: a Costa staff member will deliver it to your cabin at no charge. Because of security checks carried out on all bags, baggage delivery may be extended up to two hours after departure.
Please remember to label all your baggage carefully: in the event of doubt or difficulties, you can always count on our staff to help you.
On the day prior to disembarking you will receive labels to attach to your luggage, which you should leave outside your cabin to be collected by staff to ensure a smooth disembarkation.
During boarding and disembarkation, we advise you to keep hold of your hand luggage, personal belongings and documents at all times. Also, remember that strollers must be carried as hand luggage.

How can I find my cabin and the Costa Card?

Once on board, our staff will show you how to reach your cabin. You will find the Costa Card on the bed. Please note that all even-numbered cabins are located on the left side of the ship and odd ones on the right.

How do I get to the port of embarkation?

You will find the specific directions to reach your port of departure in MyCosta in the MyCruise section by stating your point of departure, and we will provide you with directions.

What do I do once I have boarded?

When boarding, check your cabin number on your cruise ticket. You can go there directly. You will find your key on the bed. Your luggage will be delivered to your cabin as soon as possible.

What should I know before booking an excursion (CostaTours!)?

The tours require a minimum number of participants and the price includes transport, a guide and entrance fees to museums and monuments. Meals and drinks are only included when specified. Children and teenagers benefit from price reductions of between 10% to 30%. Children under three years of age are free of charge, if they travel on the lap of an accompanying adult. Please remember to pay attention to items purchased on land, some may be subject to customs duties for which Costa Cruises is not responsible.

What is included in the price of a cruise?

From standard meals (drinks not included) to activities on board, from sports and wellness facilities, to evening entertainment, Costa Cruises include everything you could wish from a vacation. It does not include the extra facilities (drinks, excursions, spa treatments…) and service fees.

What do you need to book a cruise online?

You must know the full name and date of birth of all the guests travelling with you. Booking online is simple: once you have chosen your cruise, you simply follow the booking process that tells you step by step what to do and select the method of payment (credit card or bank transfer).

What do Costa Cabins offer?

All cabins are modern in style and offer small and large comforts. In each are: air conditioning with thermostat, flat-screen satellite TV, safe, minibar and 24-hour room service, a steward who is always available (surcharge depending on cabin choice during purchase), WiFi (surcharge), soap and liquid soap for the shower and linen (sheets and towels), changed regularly. Every morning, the cabin and bathroom will be cleaned and organized. Every evening, as well additional cleaning with trash removal, there will be a replacement of pool towels and towels left on the floor and a ready-made bed to welcome you for the night, blinds closed and the lights on.

What do the Samsara Cabins offer?

The Samsara cabins and Suites are luxurious, stylish and comfortable environments that guarantee unlimited privileged access to the spa area. Samsara cabins and suites offer continental breakfast served in your cabin on request, 24-hour Room Service, bathrobe and slippers, double CostaClub points, and a Premium discount of 10% off your next cruise. Also, you in the Samsara Suites you’ll find all the details of the Costa ship Suite, plus some special features: purifying filter shower, an essence diffuser, bathroom scales and a kettle with a selection of aromatic teas.

What do the suite cabins offer?

Suites are spacious, comfortable, airy and enhance the view of the sea even more. Buying a cabin Suite will offer you the following: Connoisseur drinks package (not included for guests who buy a World Tour cruise), dedicated restaurant, priority boarding and disembarkation at the terminal with private VIP area, personal butler, personalised invitations to special events and special daily access to the spa area of the ship. You’ll also have Deluxe privileges including: an Illy Espresso machine, a bathrobe and slippers available for the entire cruise, choice of pillows (Pillow menu). Check out lots of other benefits.

What is a guaranteed cabin?

If you book a guaranteed cabin (referred to as G0000), after booking you will be assigned an equal or higher category at the same price in the selected category, although it may have different amenities. Assigning a category higher than that purchased as guaranteed and/or on the basis of any commercial promotions will not entail the possibility for passengers to enjoy the relevant privileges and rights. The same or higher level as assigned above may be without a double bed and/or equipped for disabled persons.

I have to make a reservation for more than four people. What can I do?

You can reserve one cabin at a time online, the Costa ship cabins can accommodate up to four guests, except the Costa Diadema, which has larger cabins that can accommodate up to five people. On other ships, families with three children can travel comfortably in two cabins with the Family Spaces promotion. Also, the customization of your cruise through MyCosta can be carried out online for a maximum of four people for each registration (except for those who bought a quintuple cabin on Costa Diadema). If you are travelling with more than four people, please refer to our Contact Center or your travel agent and you can book without any problems.

What is the emergency number on the ticket?

You will find this information at the top of the ticket in a box.

Where can I park my car at the port?

Check availability, rates and terms applied at the parking lots of the ports of departure for your cruise. You will find all the details at MyCosta, in the dedicated area within the MyCruise section.

Where do I find the services I booked to customize my cruise?

Within MyCosta, all the services you have chosen to book can be found in “Basket” section of “Your bookings”.

Should I get vaccinated before departure? What kind of vaccinations are required?

Vaccinations – when required – can be of varying types and can be obligatory or optional depending on the country of destination. You should check with your doctor or local health clinic; they will give you all the information you need and perform the required vaccinations. If a vaccination is mandatory you should book it in advance.

Can I book a special diet?

You can arrange special diets when booking through your travel agent or by calling our Contact Center. On every Costa ship you can request a special menu that will be served at the restaurant: gluten-free for those suffering from celiac disease, hypoglycaemic for diabetics, or a specific menu for those who have some kind of allergy or intolerance.

I purchased the cruise, which documents should I receive and complete in order to depart?

In order to receive your cruise tickets and luggage tags by mail, you must complete the web check-in and boarding form by logging into MyCosta with your last name and reservation number. You must print out all these documents and take them when boarding together with the valid documents required for foreign travel.
Remember that it is the responsibility of passengers to obtain the necessary travel documents and comply with the requirements of customs and immigration. Passengers without the correct travel documents will not be permitted to board and their holiday will not be refunded.

I booked a Costa Cruise through a travel agency. Can I still complete Web Check In?

Of course! You can do it yourself directly from the official Costa website by accessing MyCosta. It is convenient, fast and secure: enter all your information to ensure a hassle-free departure. When completing it, you’ll need your booking number, personal info and documents of all guests who will travel with you.

Are the boarding forms sufficient to be allowed on board?

No, in addition to online boarding forms, on the day of departure you will have to present your cruise ticket and the travel documents required.
Remember that it is the responsibility of passengers to obtain the necessary travel documents and comply with the requirements of customs and immigration. Passengers without the correct travel documents will not be permitted to board and their holiday will not be refunded.

Is Web Check in available for all cruises?

Yes, from whichever port you start your Costa Cruise, with the completed form online you will access boarding, along with your cruise ticket and the travel document required.
Remember that it is the responsibility of passengers to obtain the necessary travel documents and comply with the requirements of customs and immigration. Passengers without the correct travel documents will not be permitted to board and their holiday will not be refunded.

Is insurance required?

Insurance is not mandatory, but we recommend you arrange some when booking the cruise. The insurance company that collaborates with us has agreed on a specific policy with particularly favorable contractual and premium conditions.

Are drinks included in the price?

No, drinks are not included in the price. Drinking water is available on board at the buffet during opening hours. All drinks (cocktails, coffee, soft drinks) can be purchased with the Costa Card at the ship’s bars and restaurants. Special Drinks Packages are also available in advance when making a reservation or on board. Booking the Total Comfort new rate will include one of our Special Drinks Packages.

Not all the people travelling with me have email, what should I do?

For booking purposes, you do not need to provide the email address of every guest, only one per cabin is required. However, entering an email address is important, and will enable you to receive all the information before departure, stay in touch with us and be informed about our special offers. If you have booked a Premium cabin, entering an email address for each guest is even more important and beneficial: everyone will enjoy a Premium discount of 10% off their next cruise.

Why should I use Web Check in?

Completing Web Check-in allows you to download the boarding form required to board, which you must provide along with your cruise tickets. Also, you can be sure you have entered your details and will embark with no problem. When completing it, you’ll need your booking number, personal info and documents of all guests who will travel with you.

Why do I need to enter an emergency contact during web check in?

It is important and obligatory: to have contact info if required during your cruise, you will be asked to give your mobile phone number, and the first and last name and phone number of a family member or friend who is not travelling with you. All information, in compliance with the rules on Privacy, will be automatically deleted 7 days after the end of the cruise.

Can I complete Web Check in even though I don’t have the reservation number?

No, this is not possible.

Which browsers are supported by the official Costa Website?

Our site supports all the latest versions of browsers currently in use. The use of versions earlier than Internet Explorer 8 can generate browsing problems. The site is also optimized for smartphones, tablets and all mobile devices. If you access the site through a firewall or proxy, make sure it’s allowed to receive cookies to enhance your browsing experience.

Which documents should I have in order to take my cruise?

In addition to travel documents (boarding pass, cruise tickets, luggage tags and any tickets), each guest must bring a valid identity document for travel abroad to all countries included in the itinerary: Identity card or passport, depending on your nationality and destination of the cruise.
Remember that it is your responsibility to obtain the necessary travel documents and comply with the requirements of customs and immigration. Passengers without the correct travel documents will not be permitted to board and their holiday will not be refunded. It will also be the guest’s responsibility to ensure they have any visas required for the countries to be visited and to check the validity of their travel documents.

What documents are needed for minors?

Children under 18 years old must also travel with a passport and, from June 26, 2012, inclusion in their parents’ passports is no longer considered valid
For all cruises that require a valid ID card to leave the country – children under 18 years may travel with their passport or identity card (please note that for children under 14 years with Italian nationality, if the names of their parents/guardians are not included in their document, a birth certificate proving parentage will also be required). If the child is not travelling with both parents or is accompanied by guardians or any persons mentioned in the document, please check with the relevant authorities to find out what is required for minors to travel abroad.
For children under 15 years, please check with the relevant authorities if they can use just their birth certificate with photo, validated for travel abroad by the police or other authorities. The acceptance of this document by the local authorities depends on regulations in the countries visited by the ship during the route (for example in Egypt, Morocco, Gibraltar, Iceland, the certificate is not valid).

What amenities are offered to families with small children?

All ships are equipped to accommodate children in strollers from six months: lifts and spacious cabins, spacious decks and boardwalks. Children under 3 years have priority boarding and can use the playroom at the Squok Club (outside peak hours and accompanied by an adult). Upon request and subject to availability, through the Hospitality Office/customer services, you can obtain: a crib and cot, baths for children, the facility to prepare their meals, high chairs in the restaurant, and a bottle warming service. We do not sell baby food or diapers.

What precautionary measures are taken by Costa Cruises to prevent infection of Influenza A (H1N1)?

To make your holidays as safe and comfortable as possible, Costa Cruises has implemented a series of hygiene and sanitation measures on board, along with checks to minimize the risk of spreading the H1N1 flu virus on board, which the World Health Organization declared an influenza pandemic.
In the port you will receive a letter with all the details of the precautionary measures implemented by Costa Cruises along with a questionnaire that you will complete upon boarding. During certain times of the year, we may check your body temperature upon boarding.

When can I download my cruise ticket?

Before printing your cruise ticket, you must first complete the online check-in, where your cabin number will be assigned to you. Cruise tickets will be available online several days before departure, depending on your country of residence. For more information, please contact your travel agent.

When can I download the boarding form?

To print out the form, you must first complete online check-in, where your cabin number will be assigned to you. You can download the boarding form directly from MyCosta.

How much luggage can I take on board?

The number of bags you can carry on board varies depending on the length of your cruise:
– Cruise up to 7 nights: in addition to hand luggage, one bag/suitcase per person
– Cruise from 8 to 14 nights: besides hand luggage, you can bring a maximum of two bags/suitcases per person.
Cruises over 14 nights: no more than three suitcases per person in addition to hand luggage
The recommended maximum weight per bag is 50 lbs. All baggage must pass through an x-ray security check before being boarded. It is prohibited to transport weapons, ammunition, explosives, fireworks, gas and poisonous and infectious substances. If your trip includes a flight, we suggest checking the weight allowance provided by the airline.

How far in advance do I need to go to the boarding gate?

We suggest that you go always to the boarding gate at least 2 hours before departure of your cruise to facilitate the boarding of passengers and baggage. Safety is paramount for Costa Cruises guests and we spend ever more time and attention on boarding controls. If the cruise includes an air transfer, we recommend that you arrive at the airport least 3 hours before your flight departs.

If I decide to go on a cruise alone, will I have to pay twice as much for my holiday?

The supplement for single use of a cabin varies depending on availability for the chosen departure date. The earlier you book, the more opportunities you will have to get the lowest single person supplement of 30%.

I am already registered and I changed my email address. What can I do?

Access the reserved area of the Costa website and click “edit your profile”, with your password, you can change the information released during registration, including your email address.

I am pregnant, can I go on a cruise?

Yes, if you have not entered the 24th week of pregnancy by the end of the cruise.
Please bring a medical certificate that verifies the expected due date and a good state of health. Please note that our ships are not equipped for assistance with pregnancy and birth.

Are special travel documents and visas required?

We always ask our guests to check before departure that they are in possession of the identity document required for their cruise and to check the expiration date. For tourist visas in particular, our guests are reminded that it is their responsibility to request the visas for all the countries they will visit during their cruise at the embassies/consulates prior to departure from their country. Passengers without the correct travel documents will not be permitted to board and their holiday will not be refunded.

I am trying to view my booking. It displays a message for verifying my information. What is the problem?

To correctly display your reservation, you must enter the same information you submitted during the purchase. We suggest that you verify it and, if you need assistance, call the Contact Center stating your reservation number to our operators.

Can a disabled person can go on a Costa Cruise?

Yes, to ensure people with disabilities have a wonderful cruise, all information regarding their specific needs must be provided at the time of booking. If a chaperone/caretaker and wheelchair are required, there is a limited number of wheelchairs on board our ships for emergencies, approved for use on board. Our ships also have fully equipped cabins free from architectural barriers with preferential boarding and disembarking, and a dedicated elevator for emergencies.

I would like to customize my cruise, but the website says the deadline has passed. What does it mean?

There is a time limit within which you can customize your cruise (up to 3 days before the date of departure of the ship). This period is indicated by the system once you have entered your information. If the deadline has expired, you can book (CostaTours!) excursions, drinks packages or other products and services on board. We suggest you do this on the first day of the cruise to avoid availability problems.


Who can I contact?

On every Costa ship you will find the Hospitality Office open 24 hours a day providing information, assistance and even a booking service available during the cruise.

What is the Oggi?

The Oggi is the book handed out every night in the cabin. Will keep you updated on the activities of the next day, the times of the restaurants, news about the port of call, the (CostaTours!) excursions available and many other information you may need.

What temperature will it be on board?

The temperature is pleasant however, it is advisable to bring warmer clothing to avoid changes in temperature between outside and inside and in enclosed spaces with air conditioning. You can control the temperature individually in your cabin using the thermostat.

What kind of clothes should I bring on a cruise?

On a cruise you can dress how you want: the dress is informal and casual. Garments must be suitable for the environments, season, destination and occasion: more formal for the gala dinner, more comfortable and casual for day time and trips. A jacket or shawl are always recommended.

What kind of cabins can I find on board?

On a cruise, there are cabins that satisfy your needs in terms of space, features and location. Each cabin type has different characteristics. There are internal, ocean view, private balcony or window cabins.
For those looking for the best, there is the total comfort of the suites, Panorama Suite and Grand Suite with amenities, attention to detail and exclusive service. Those who wish to travel in style can book a cabin or Samsara Suite with unlimited access to the Spa.
For more information please consult the page “Our cabins”.

Who is Squok?

Squok is the cute mascot of Costa, half shark and half dolphin, who will become your child’s best friend.

How should I dress for the trip?

For excursions on land, we recommend you wear casual clothing and comfortable shoes without heels. If the trip includes visits to religious sites, we recommend you wear appropriate clothing.

How does the safe in the cabin work?

We ask that, to avoid blocking the safe, to read the operating instructions carefully and avoid putting electronic devices (cell phones, smartphones) switched on inside because they can interfere with the function of the opening.

How can I safely keep my valuables?

You can store your belongings directly in the cabin. Each cabin is equipped with a safe.

How can I get my bearings on the ship?

Costa ships are easy to find your way around. On the screens placed in public areas of ships, simple, intuitive videos are shown with all the information you need, from finding your cabin to when your baggage will be delivered. On each floor there are several maps and you’ll find one with the main areas of the ship, and even one about the safe-keeping of your cabin key. The most pleasant way is to discover all the areas of the boat by walking around.

How do you access the Samsara area on board?

Access to the Spa is open to all Guests travelling in Samsara cabins and Suites. For all other Guests, access is subject to payment of a daily or weekly entry fee.

How do I pay for purchases and expenses on board?

On board each guest will receive a personal identification card: all costs will be charged directly to the account of the cabin with this Costa Card, so it will not be necessary to carry cash during your stay on the ship for daily expenses in bars, in the boutique or for extra services. We will issue a receipt for each purchase, which must be signed by the guest. At the end of the cruise and before landing, you will receive a final bill with listed items of all purchases made on board.
Upon delivery, the Costa Card is already activated and will automatically charge your purchases to the account of the cabin. However, within 48 hours after boarding you must register your personal credit card (Visa, Mastercard and American Express) or your ATM card (with the exception of ships in Asia) to ensure the coverage of card costs. We do not accept prepaid cards. Alternatively, you can pay a cash deposit of $150 dollars per person (in the following days it may be necessary to supplement this sum if the expenses incurred exceed the deposit). In the first 48 hours, the card costs may be temporarily disabled if the costs exceed $200 dollars (if not covered by a cash deposit or the registration of credit/debit cards).

What happens in the event of rough seas or bad weather?

Our itineraries are designed to offer our guests the most beautiful and calmest seas in the world in the best seasons. Our ships have been designed and manufactured using the latest technology: we have a sophisticated stabilization system to ensure that sailing is peaceful even in rough seas. Those who have already experienced a cruise with us were surprised by the breadth of the interior spaces and the sense of stability that you have walking aboard our ships. In any event, seasickness tablets are available free of charge at the Hospitality Office for those who need them.

What is open seating?

This is a new service that puts no time limits on dinner: you can enter the restaurant from 6.30pm to 10.30pm, even the choice of the table is free, so every night you can meet new friends! Available for members CostaClub Perla Diamante, guests who purchase a Suite or guests who purchase a Premium cabin on board Costa Diadema and Costa Mediterranea.

What is samsara?

Samsara Spa is the exclusive Costa health and beauty center but the Samsara world also offers much more. It is a collection of many small details that start with the Spa treatments and products of the best spas, as well as light menus comprising wholesome and natural ingredients, and continue in the comfort of your cabin.

Do Costa Cruises offer medical assistance?

Each ship has a modern infirmary on board, open at the times indicated in the daily newsletter, and a 24-hour in-cabin medical service Primary care provided by doctors and nursing staff is charged. Sea sickness pills are available free of charge at the Hospitality Office. Special medical needs must be reported at the time of booking.
Guests should be aware that over-the-counter medication are not available for purchase on board. Medication is available by doctor’s prescription only following a medical examination. We recommend that guests take all their usual medication with them. Guests can ask the Contact Center specific questions about their trip.

Should I bring a towel?

Every day you will receive large, soft beach towels in your cabin for use on board and to take on land for your trips. If you lose it, you will be charged the cost of the towel. You can also buy them and take them home.

Do I have to book a table at the restaurant?

When booking your cruise, please select the type of table at which you would like to dine (with the number of guests), as well as the service hours and the restaurant (if you choose a Classic Cabin, you can’t choose your dinner service hours).
Also, different types of guests are not required to choose the time of their dinner service, as they can take advantage of the open seating service (CostaClub Perla Diamante members, guests who buy a Suite).

Where can I buy drinks packages on board?

You can purchase packages drinks at any bar on board. Please note that the purchase of drinks packages may only be done through the Costa Card.

Where can I buy trips (CostaTours!) on board?

In your cabin you will find the Tour Magazine with information on the excursions (CostaTours!) available in each port. The staff will be at your disposal for reservations at the Trip Office during hours of operation indicated in the daily newsletter. You can also book excursions (CostaTours!) on board, via the on-board Totem or via the interactive TV (where available).

Where can I eat lunch and dinner?

The buffet is available for lunch and for dinner; in the evening, you can also enjoy the elegance of the main restaurants. There are also themed restaurants for dinner (on specific ships only) such as the Club Restaurant, the Japanese restaurant Teppanyaki Restaurant, the Pizzeria Pummid’oro and or the Samsara Restaurant. The opening times of all the restaurants are stated in the daily newsletter.

Are pets allowed on board?

No animals are allowed on board Costa ships. The only exception is for persons with reduced mobility who may, upon production of the appropriate documentation, be accompanied by a dog trained and certified to work or perform tasks for the benefit of persons with a disability.

Can you smoke on board?

Smoking – cigarettes, cigars and pipes – is not permitted on board in all public areas of the ship, with the exception of the areas marked as “Cigar Lounge”. Electronic cigarettes can be used exclusively in the cabins and in the areas marked as “Cigar Lounge”. In some public areas, smoking is allowed only in designated outdoor Smoking Points equipped with ashtrays. Smoking is not allowed in cabins but is permitted outdoors on private balconies. In order to avoid a fire hazard, it is very important to always extinguish and dispose of cigarettes in appropriate ashtrays and never throw them from the ship when still lit.

Can you browse the internet on board and in the cabin?

Every ship in the fleet offers 24-hour satellite Internet access. You can connect to Wi-Fi on board with your personal computer, iPad, iPhone, smartphone or using the PCs at the Internet Point. Instructions for access and service costs are available once on board. You can access the Internet with a single device at a time, the cost of the service will be debited directly from your Costa account, you can choose between metered mode (pay per use) or use one of the several prepaid plans available. To access the PCs at the Internet Point, just swipe your Costa Card or follow the instructions to log in manually. Wi-Fi is available in public areas of the ship and in all cabins. For full details please visit the page “Internet and telephone services” or contact the on-board Hospitality Office.

Is there a casino on board?

On board all Costa ships you will find a Casino with slot machines, roulette and gambling tables. Access is limited to guests of legal age and the opening is scheduled only during sailing. For players currency is accepted at the on-board value (within the limits of the law of €999.99). If you play using the Costa Card, the daily limit for your bets is €500 if you registered your credit card, and €100 if you made the deposit in cash.

Is there a general emergency drill?

The general drill will take place before departure to instruct all visitors on emergency procedures, on how to wear a life jacket and how to reach their meeting point. Please note that participation in the drill is required. All instructions for taking part will be announced after boarding.

Do I need reservations for performances at the theater?

The theater is open to all, without any reservations. The shows are repeated twice each evening between 8.00pm and 9.30pm, so there will always be a place for everyone! Every night has a different program, announced in the daily program that is delivered to your cabin.

Is there a Holy Mass service on board?

The service of Holy Mass can only be found on some cruises and during major religious holidays. On every Costa ship there is a chapel where you can pray.

Is there a babysitting service?

During the day, children over 3 years (not requiring diapers) may participate in the kids’ club, Mini Club If parents want to spend time freely, they can book collective childcare one day in advance at the Mini Club, from 11:30pm to 1:30am.

Is there a laundry service?

For a fee, each Costa ship has a fast laundry, dry cleaning and ironing service Each cabin is equipped with bags for washing clothes and a laundry price list. In MyCosta, in the section “Customize -> Celebrations and Surprises”, you can book the “MAGIC LAUNDRY SERVICE” at an affordable price, an offer to enjoy during the last days of your cruise.

Is there entertainment for children?

For children over three years (not requiring diapers) there are several entertaining activities for the duration of the cruise. Children’s Club and Teen Club are open all day from 9.00am until midnight, and our entertainment staff will keep your children and many new friends amused, divided into four age groups: Mini Club (3-6 years), Maxi Club (7-11 years), Teen Club Junior (12-14 years) and Teen Club (15-17 years). The assistance of our qualified staff is available free of charge in our 4 clubs: simply register your children at the time of boarding, when you will also receive a detailed program of activities dedicated to them. Activities may vary according to the season, the ship and the number of people involved. Entertainment is not provided for children under three years of age, but in the off-season or during hours with low turnout, they can access the club with their parents.

Do activities for children and young people incur an extra cost?

No, the activities are free. The programs are full of activities for children aged children over 3 years (not requiring diapers) to teen up to 17 years. Costa holidays are fun for everyone and there is a club for all ages.

Can I change the dinner service?

Any changes regarding the restaurant and the time allocated for dinner must be requested with the Mâitre at the times indicated in the daily newsletter. Costa will try to meet the needs of everyone within the limits of available seats. If you have booked your cruise with a Premium plan or Deluxe, you can change the time of dinner and the restaurant by going to MyCosta, under “MyCruise” -> “Service hours for dinner.” Check the availability of seats in the various restaurants, and remember, you can change the time of the dinner service until 4 days prior to departure.

Can I be reached while I’m on board?

Any changes regarding the restaurant and the time allocated for dinner must be requested with the Mâitre at the times indicated in the daily newsletter. Costa will try to meet the needs of everyone within the limits of available seats. If you have booked your cruise with a Premium plan or Deluxe, you can change the time of dinner and the restaurant by going to MyCosta, under “MyCruise” -> “Service hours for dinner.” Check the availability of seats in the various restaurants, and remember, you can change the time of the dinner service until 4 days prior to departure.

Can I celebrate an anniversary on board?

Celebrating a birthday, a wedding anniversary or honeymoon aboard the ship is a truly unique opportunity. You can buy special packages with cakes and other items directly on board, or by logging on to MyCosta, in the section “Customize” ->”Celebrations and Surprises”. On the Costa Diadema, you can also book areas where you can celebrate with friends or family in a more private setting.

Can I bring food or drinks on board?

It is not possible to bring food or drinks on board that were purchased on land. If they are local products bought during a port stop, you can leave them with Costa Security staff and collect them at the end of the cruise.

Can I bring a small electrical appliance with me?

For safety reasons, no electrical appliances can be brought on board, with the exception of battery chargers (for mobile phones, video cameras, cameras, PCs and MP3 players) and electric razors. A hairdryer is available in every cabin and on board ships, and you can benefit from a paid service for ironing, laundry and dry cleaning.

Can I get married on board?

No marriage ceremonies can be conducted on Costa ships, either civil or religious.

Can I use the chairs and loungers?

On the external decks you’ll find deck chairs and sun beds available free of charge. You are free to use them at any time and throughout your cruise.

Could there be changes to the itinerary?

Yes, the itinerary may be changed either before departure or during the cruise, the reasons may be technical, operational or due to a force majeure. The safety of our guests and crew members is a top priority of Costa Cruises and is necessary for a peaceful and pleasant holiday so, for that reason, if stops are planned in high-risk countries, the company reserves the right to change the itinerary of the cruise. Even while navigating, the Commander has the authorization to change the planned route. For itinerary changes made after booking and before departure, communication will be sent promptly to all guests.

Which credit cards are accepted on board?

On board, American Express, Visa, Mastercard and debit cards are accepted (with the exception of ships in Asia). Prepaid cards, rechargeable cards, and VISA Electron, Postepay, Postamat and Cirrus Maestro cards are not accepted.

What languages are spoken on board?

Our crew and guests come from all over the world and one of the reasons our ships are so special is the international atmosphere that reigns on board. You will have no difficulty in communicating with our staff. Also, the entertainment and the shows are meant for an international audience: traditional music, dances and mimes: here the official language is the music!
Also on the ground, you can choose which language to participate in our exclusive excursions (CostaTours!)

What shops will I find on board?

The ship has the most fashionable shops, with the best Italian and international companies where you can go shopping, choose gifts or buy basic necessities. At the Photo Shop you can buy souvenir photos and video footage that will be made during the cruise, you will also find for sale digital appliances and accessories, postcards and a shipping service. The shops are duty free and you can pay using your Costa Card.

What types of excursions (CostaTours!) are there?

In addition to the classic tours, suitable for everyone and available for all cruises, there are Eco CostaTours!, dedicated to lovers of nature and travel; Premium CostaTours!, a selection of the most popular tours for small groups of up to 25 people; and customized tours, tailored to suit your needs.
For more information, please consult the pages dedicated to excursions (CostaTours!) on the site, accessing the dedicated area on MyCosta, or alternatively, view the detail of the cruise of your choice. The cruise itinerary includes tours available daily, for each port. You’ll find a brief description of what you’re going to visit, an indication of the level of difficulty and what you can do (e.g. View, Shopping, Entertainment, Wine Tasting).

When are service fees charged?

Daily, on behalf of the guest, a service fee will be charged for all hotel services on board. Payment will be required at the end of the cruise. The prescribed daily amount varies depending on the date of the cruise and destination of the cruise itself. You can find details about the daily amount aniticpated for the cruise by consulting the page “Useful Info” on the official Costa Cruise site.

Can I still have dinner if I return to the ship late after an excursion?

All activities on board, including our excursions (CostaTours!), are organized taking account the opening and closing times of the restaurants. If you do not participate in organized Costa excursions, we recommend you check the daily newsletter for the time the ship departs for the next stop.

Can you change cabin once you are on board?

Yes, if one is available and by paying the difference in rate. Requests for changes of cabin must be made immediately after boarding at the Hospitality Office.

Can you pay on board with a debit card?

Yes, if one is available and by paying the difference in rate. Requests for changes of cabin must be made immediately after boarding at the Hospitality Office.

Can you withdraw money on board?

There are no ATMs or banks on Costa ships: remember to get money on land before departure or during the cruise.

Can you telephone the ship?

The ship provides GSM connection for mobile phones, with which you can call or send messages using international roaming. The ship is also equipped with a satellite telephone system that allows you to make calls directly from your cabin. Calls will be charged to your on-board account. You can make calls to the ship from land, and the operator will then pass the call to the requested person. For full details please see the page “Internet and telephone”.

Are visitors allowed on board?

Yes, you can purchase ship visits through a travel agency. Customers who are going to visit the ship (a visit of approx. 4 hours) can enjoy the magical atmosphere of the ship: the main hall, theatre, Casino, disco, bars and restaurant. Not only that, you can visit the cabins, solarium, wellness areas and the Squok Club. Every adult who buys a Costa Cruise within 60 days from the date of the visit, will receive a credit to spend on board on drinks.

Is there an on-board spa or a beauty salon?

Every ship has a spa with sauna, Turkish baths and oriental traditional or therapeutic massages. On some ships, you’ll find the Samsara Spa, the magnificent beauty of the Costa. Every Costa ship also has a beauty salon for a few small enhancements to your style and image: manicure, pedicure, haircut, hair style and, on some ships, beard shaving.

How can I share the experience I’ve just had on a cruise?

At the end of each cruise you will be asked to fill out a short online questionnaire. The opinion of our Guests is important to us, and helps us to continuously improve. There are many ways of becoming part of the social world of a Costa Cruise: find us on Facebook or Twitter or read our news on the official Costa Cruises Blog. If you wish to share photos and a short account of your experience with us, enter the world of Millions of Memories and Cruisetips.

After the Cruise

What if I realize I’ve forgotten something on board?

Items found on board our ships will be delivered to the local lost and found location of Costa Cruises. Please Contact the Contact Center to report a loss. If the object is found we will send it directly to your house.

What if I discover damage to my baggage?

In case of damage both in port and on board, it is essential to make the damage known to relevant staff on site. You will then need to contact your insurance company (if you have a policy) or contact the Agency where the cruise was booked.

International Tourist Tax – only for cruises on Japan

From Jan 7th, the Japanese government will ask for the payment of the International Tourist Tax of 1.000 JPY ( USD 9.00 – value subject to the exchange rate) which will be invoiced on board during your cruise.


How can I install Costa Cruises?

The Costa Cruises app is available for iPhone (iOs) for smartphones and tablets based on Android platforms.
To download, simply use your device to open the App Store of Apple or Google Play, type “Costa Cruises” in the search field, select the app, click “install” and proceed to download.

How do I open the Costa Cruises app after it has been downloaded?

The app home screen gives you two options to access the app: you can enter your booking number and your last name in the appropriate fields, or log in to CostaClub.

What are the features of the app for life on the ship?

You can use the Costa Cruises app to book shore excursions and restaurants, monitor your expenses and the weather, chat with other passengers and keep up to date with the timetables and milestones of your itinerary. In the logbook section, you can also find all the latest information about daily activities and events.

What can I do with the app when I’m not on board?

You can use the Costa Cruises app to easily access your CostaClub profile to display points, privileges, discounts, past holidays and new travel programmes.
For users who have booked a cruise, the app provides a countdown of the time remaining to your departure, the planned route and a preview of the restaurants and the shore excursions.

The app is not responding: I can’t start it and access the various functions. Why?

It may be that the Costa Cruises app has some temporary technical issues, often related to the computer systems with which it interfaces. When this happens, make sure you have installed the latest version and try logging in again after some time.

Do I need to purchase a Wi-fi/social package to use the app on the ship?

Not at all. The Costa Cruises app works free of charge: just connect via the ship Wi-Fi.

On which ships can I use the app?

The Costa Cruises app works on all the ships except Costa NeoRiviera, Costa Smeralda, Costa Atlantica, Costa Serena, Costa Fortuna, Costa Venezia and Costa NeoRomantica.

Why can’t I log in to CostaClub from my country via the app?

For Italian, French, Spanish, Swiss and Austrian users, CostaClub access via the app takes place as described in the preceding paragraph.
However, all other users require an additional step: if the password is changed on the site, you must change it again in the app.

Are new features planned for the app?

The Costa Cruises app is constantly being updated: new sections and features will be added in the near future. Follow us and always check you have downloaded the latest version available.

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