An Exclusive Cruise to Top Sites in Northern Europe

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An Exclusive Cruise to Top Sites in Northern Europe

Tour Description:

From the Belgian capital to the famous Windmills of Kinderdijk, discover the beauty of northern European cities and the authenticity found within. A cultivated mix of architecture and local cuisine. Crisscross Brussels and its medieval Grand-Place, retrace the steps of immigrants embarking to the USA during the 19th and early 20th centuries at the Red Star Line Museum in Antwerp, and visit one of the best-kept secrets in that city—the magnificent Nottebohm Room. In Ghent, you'll come across amazing Flemish architecture revealing an unquestionable medieval heritage, and you won't escape without enjoying a local brew, if that's your style. Stroll the romantic streets of Bruges, taking in the fairytale-like atmosphere. Further along, learn about the years of engineering needed to complete the intriguing Delta Works. Lastly, visit one of the most iconic sites in Holland, the famous Windmills of Kinderdijk—a prime example of 1,000-year-old Dutch know-how.

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Excursions proposed:- CLASSIC: The must-see sites in Brussels- DISCOVERY: Brussels, the comic strip capitalOur ship will cruise to Antwerp.

Excursions proposed: - CLASSIC: Antwerp, its historic center, and the Het Steen fortress- DISCOVERY: Antwerp, the Red Star Line Museum, and Nottebohm RoomWe’ll spend the afternoon cruising to Ghent.

Excursions proposed:- CLASSIC: Bruges- DISCOVERY: GhentCruise to Middelburg.

Enjoy a free morning in Middelburg.CLASSIC/DISCOVERY excursion to the Delta Works.Our ship will cruise to Dordrecht overnight.

Cruise to Dordrecht.CLASSIC/DISCOVERY excursion: The Windmills of Kinderdijk.Tonight is our festive gala evening.