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Pavlus Price
2121-night Cape Town To Tenerife04/19/2023Cape Town Santa Cruz Tenerife Canary IslandsWorld Navigator$10,099$10,099
1919-night Ushuaia To Cape Town03/31/2023Ushuaia Cape TownWorld Navigator$7,399$7,399
1717-night Montevideo To Ushuaia11/01/2022Montevideo UshuaiaWorld Traveller$16,399$16,399
77-night Tromso To Longyearbyen07/16/2022Tromso Longyearbyen SvalbardWorld Navigator$6,299$6,299
88-night Longyearbyen Roundtrip07/23/2022Longyearbyen Svalbard Longyearbyen SvalbardWorld Navigator$9,799$9,799
77-night Tromso To Longyearbyen 8.04.2308/04/2023Tromso Longyearbyen SvalbardWorld Traveller$6,999$6,999
88-night Longyearbyen Roundtrip 8.11.2308/11/2023Longyearbyen Svalbard Longyearbyen SvalbardWorld Traveller$10,099$10,099
1111-night Longyearbyen Roundtrip08/19/2023Longyearbyen Svalbard Longyearbyen SvalbardWorld Traveller$13,599$13,599
169-night Bergen To Tromso07/07/2022Bergen TromsoWorld Navigator$8,099$8,099
1616-night Dublin To Tromso 7.19.2307/19/2023Dublin TromsoWorld Traveller$13,999$13,999
1313-night Longyearbyen To Edinburgh07/31/2022Longyearbyen Svalbard Edinburgh (Leith) ScotlandWorld Navigator$10,499$10,499
1010-night Longyearbyen To Reykjavik08/30/2023Longyearbyen Svalbard ReykjavikWorld Traveller$12,799$12,799
1212-night Kiel Roundtrip09/07/2022Hamburg London Tower BridgeWorld Navigator$7,499$7,499
88-night Reykjavik To Edinburgh09/18/2023Reykjavik Edinburgh (Leith) ScotlandWorld Traveller$8,299$8,299
1313-night Edinburgh To Hamburg08/13/2022Edinburgh (Leith) Scotland HamburgWorld Navigator$8,499$8,499
1313-night Kiel To Porto09/19/2022London Tower Bridge Porto (Leixoes)World Navigator$5,899$5,899
1010-night Edinburgh To Dublin09/26/2023Edinburgh (Leith) Scotland DublinWorld Traveller$8,399$8,399
99-night Bridgetown To Colon10/18/2022Bridgetown ColonWorld Navigator$3,799$3,799
99-night Colon To Panama City10/27/2022Colon Panama CityWorld Navigator$4,999$4,999
1212-night Panama Roundtrip04/28/2023Amador Flamenco Marina (Panama City) Amador Flamenco Marina (Panama City)World Traveller$6,399$6,399
1010-night Panama To Bridgetown05/10/2023Amador Flamenco Marina (Panama City) BridgetownWorld Traveller$5,599$5,599
77-night Balboa To Lima11/05/2022Panama City Lima (Callao)World Navigator$3,599$3,599
99-night Lima To Panama04/19/2023Lima (Callao) Amador Flamenco Marina (Panama City)World Traveller$5,699$5,699
99-night Reykjavik Roundtrip09/09/2023Reykjavik ReykjavikWorld Traveller$11,599$11,599
1414-night Porto To Bridgetown10/04/2022Porto (Leixoes) BridgetownWorld Navigator$3,499$3,499
1212-night Hamburg To Kiel08/26/2022Hamburg HamburgWorld Navigator$7,799$7,799
99-night Rio De Janeiro To Montevideo10/23/2022Rio de Janeiro MontevideoWorld Traveller$6,299$6,299
99-night Lima To Valparaiso11/12/2022Lima (Callao) Santiago (Valparaiso)World Navigator$4,699$4,699
1212-night Valparaiso To Ushuaia11/21/2022Santiago (Valparaiso) Ushuaia ArgentinaWorld Navigator$5,799$5,799
1414-night Ushuaia To Valparaiso03/26/2023Ushuaia Santiago (Valparaiso)World Traveller$10,799$10,799
1010-night Valparaiso To Lima04/09/2023Santiago (Valparaiso) Lima (Callao)World Traveller$5,999$5,999
1313-night Rio De Janeiro To Ushuaia10/27/2023Rio de Janeiro UshuaiaWorld Navigator$9,199$9,199
1212-night Tenerife To Rio De Janeiro 10.15.2310/15/2023Santa Cruz Tenerife Canary Islands Rio de JaneiroWorld Navigator$4,999$4,999
1212-night Tenerife To Rio De Janeiro 10.11.2210/11/2022Santa Cruz Tenerife Canary Islands Rio de JaneiroWorld Traveller$5,599$5,599
1010-night Bridgetown To Tenerife05/20/2023Bridgetown Santa Cruz Tenerife Canary IslandsWorld Traveller$4,399$4,399
1313-night Ushuaia Roundtrip 11.18.2211/18/2022Ushuaia UshuaiaWorld Traveller$12,499$12,499
1313-night Ushuaia Roundtrip 12.01.2212/01/2022Ushuaia UshuaiaWorld Traveller$16,199$16,199
99-night Ushuaia Roundtrip/chilean Fjords12/12/2022Ushuaia Ushuaia ArgentinaWorld Navigator$11,299$11,299
2020-night Ushuaia Roundtrip 12.14.2212/14/2022Ushuaia UshuaiaWorld Traveller$23,399$23,399
99-night Ushuaia Roundtrip 12.21.2212/21/2022Ushuaia Ushuaia ArgentinaWorld Navigator$12,199$12,199
1111-night Ushuaia Roundtrip 12.30.2212/30/2022Ushuaia Ushuaia ArgentinaWorld Navigator$14,999$14,999
1313-night Ushuaia Roundtrip 1.03.2301/03/2023Ushuaia UshuaiaWorld Traveller$16,199$16,199
1111-night Ushuaia Roundtrip 1.10.2301/10/2023Ushuaia Ushuaia ArgentinaWorld Navigator$14,299$14,299
2020-night Ushuaia Roundtrip 1.16.2301/16/2023Ushuaia UshuaiaWorld Traveller$23,999$23,999
99-night Ushuaia Roundtrip 1.21.2301/21/2023Ushuaia Ushuaia ArgentinaWorld Navigator$12,599$12,599
1111-night Ushuaia Roundtrip 1.30.2301/30/2023Ushuaia Ushuaia ArgentinaWorld Navigator$14,299$14,299
1313-night Ushuaia Roundtrip 2.05.2302/05/2023Ushuaia UshuaiaWorld Traveller$16,199$16,199
1111-night Ushuaia Roundtrip 2.10.2302/10/2023Ushuaia Ushuaia ArgentinaWorld Navigator$13,699$13,699
2020-night Ushuaia Roundtrip 2.18.2302/18/2023Ushuaia UshuaiaWorld Traveller$22,099$22,099
99-night Ushuaia Roundtrip 2.21.2302/21/2023Ushuaia Ushuaia ArgentinaWorld Navigator$11,299$11,299
1111-night Ushuaia Roundtrip 3.02.2303/02/2023Ushuaia Ushuaia ArgentinaWorld Navigator$13,199$13,199
1616-night Ushuaia Roundtrip03/10/2023Ushuaia UshuaiaWorld Traveller$18,499$18,499
99-night Ushuaia Roundtrip 3.13.2303/13/2023Ushuaia Ushuaia ArgentinaWorld Navigator$10,799$10,799
99-night Ushuaia Roundtrip 3.22.2303/22/2023Ushuaia Ushuaia ArgentinaWorld Navigator$9,999$9,999
66-night Lisbon To Tenerife10/05/2022Lisbon Portugal Santa Cruz Tenerife Canary IslandsWorld Traveller$4,499$4,499
1111-night Tenerife To Nice05/10/2023 NiceWorld Navigator$6,599$6,599
88-night Nice Roundtrip05/21/2023Nice NiceWorld Navigator$8,299$8,299
1010-night Nice To Rome05/29/2023Nice Rome (Civitavecchia)World Navigator$8,399$8,399
77-night Tenerife Roundtrip 05.30.2305/30/2023Santa Cruz Tenerife Canary Islands Santa Cruz Tenerife Canary IslandsWorld Traveller$4,599$4,599
1010-night Tenerife Roundtrip 06.06.2306/06/2023Santa Cruz Tenerife Canary Islands Santa Cruz Tenerife Canary IslandsWorld Traveller$8,199$8,199
1212-night Rome To Valletta06/08/2023Rome (Civitavecchia) VallettaWorld Navigator$10,799$10,799
1010-night Tenerife To Lisbon06/16/2023Santa Cruz Tenerife Canary Islands LisbonWorld Traveller$8,699$8,699
1010-night Valletta To Athens06/20/2023Valletta Athens (Piraeus)World Navigator$9,199$9,199
99-night Lisbon To London06/27/2023Lisbon London Tower BridgeWorld Traveller$7,799$7,799
1010-night Athens To Dubrovnik07/28/2023Athens (Piraeus) DubrovnikWorld Navigator$9,199$9,199
88-night Dubrovnik To Venice08/07/2023Dubrovnik VeniceWorld Navigator$7,599$7,599
1212-night Venice To Valletta08/15/2023Venice VallettaWorld Navigator$11,099$11,099
99-night Valletta To Barcelona08/27/2023Valletta BarcelonaWorld Navigator$8,099$8,099
1010-night Lisbon To Nice09/13/2023Lisbon NiceWorld Navigator$8,599$8,599
88-night Nice To Barcelona09/23/2023 BarcelonaWorld Navigator$6,799$6,799
77-night Barcelona To Malaga10/01/2023Barcelona MalagaWorld Navigator$5,599$5,599
1010-night Dublin To Lisbon10/06/2023Dublin LisbonWorld Traveller$7,199$7,199

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