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Ship Name
Brochure Price
Pavlus Price
30Sands To Safaris - Dubai, Uae To Cape Town, South Africa12/12/2021Dubai, Uae Cape Town, South AfricaNautica$26,498$7,09973%
14Wondrous Wildlife - Cape Town, South Africa To Cape Town, South Africa01/11/2022Cape Town, South Africa Cape Town, South AfricaNautica$15,398$3,39978%
30From Table To Temples - Cape Town, South Africa To Singapore, Singapore01/25/2022Cape Town, South Africa Singapore, SingaporeNautica$27,298$7,84971%
35Extreme Asia & Africa - Bangkok, Thailand To Cape Town, South Africa04/16/2022Bangkok, Thailand Cape Town, South AfricaInsignia$30,398$9,34969%
7Gold Rush & Glaciers - Vancouver, British Columbia To Seward, Alaska06/07/2021Vancouver, British Columbia Seward, AlaskaRegatta$7,698$1,54980%
7Alaska Exploration - Seward, Alaska To Vancouver, British Columbia06/14/2021Seward, Alaska Vancouver, British ColumbiaRegatta$7,098$1,34981%
11Glaciers To Blooms - Vancouver, British Columbia To Seattle, Washington06/21/2021Vancouver, British Columbia Seattle, WashingtonRegatta$10,098$2,39976%
7Wildlife & Wonders - Seattle, Washington To Seattle, Washington07/02/2021Seattle, Washington Seattle, WashingtonRegatta$8,698$1,69980%
10Glacial Adventures - Seattle, Washington To Seattle, Washington07/09/2021Seattle, Washington Seattle, WashingtonRegatta$10,598$2,54976%
10Radiant Alaska - Seattle, Washington To Seattle, Washington07/19/2021Seattle, Washington Seattle, WashingtonRegatta$10,398$2,54975%
7Stunning Scenery - Seattle, Washington To Seattle, Washington07/29/2021Seattle, Washington Seattle, WashingtonRegatta$8,698$1,69980%
7Stunning Scenery - Seattle, Washington To Seattle, Washington08/12/2021Seattle, Washington Seattle, WashingtonRegatta$8,698$1,69980%
14Alaskan Wonders - Seattle, Washington To Vancouver, British Columbia08/19/2021Seattle, Washington Vancouver, British ColumbiaRegatta$13,098$3,29975%
9Glaciers To Gardens - Vancouver, British Columbia To Seattle, Washington05/25/2022Vancouver, British Columbia Seattle, WashingtonRegatta$7,298$1,89974%
7Alaskan Beauties - Seattle, Washington To Seattle, Washington06/03/2022Seattle, Washington Seattle, WashingtonRegatta$6,498$1,49977%
7Alaskan Beauties - Seattle, Washington To Seattle, Washington06/10/2022Seattle, Washington Seattle, WashingtonRegatta$6,498$1,49977%
10Vistas & Glaciers - Seattle, Washington To Seattle, Washington06/17/2022Seattle, Washington Seattle, WashingtonRegatta$8,698$2,49971%
11Wildlife & Frontiers - Seattle, Washington To Seattle, Washington06/27/2022Seattle, Washington Seattle, WashingtonRegatta$9,298$2,79970%
7Stunning Scenery - Seattle, Washington To Seattle, Washington07/08/2022Seattle, Washington Seattle, WashingtonRegatta$7,098$1,79975%
7Wildlife & Wonders - Seattle, Washington To Seattle, Washington07/15/2022Seattle, Washington Seattle, WashingtonRegatta$7,098$1,79975%
10Vistas & Glaciers - Seattle, Washington To Seattle, Washington07/22/2022Seattle, Washington Seattle, WashingtonRegatta$8,798$2,59970%
7Stunning Scenery - Seattle, Washington To Seattle, Washington08/01/2022Seattle, Washington Seattle, WashingtonRegatta$6,998$1,79974%
10Radiant Alaska - Seattle, Washington To Seattle, Washington08/08/2022Seattle, Washington Seattle, WashingtonRegatta$8,798$2,59970%
10Snowcapped Havens - San Francisco, California To Vancouver, British Columbia05/28/2021San Francisco, California Vancouver, British ColumbiaRegatta$9,498$1,64983%
12Gateway To Glaciers - Vancouver, British Columbia To Los Angeles, California09/02/2021Vancouver, British Columbia Los Angeles, CaliforniaRegatta$12,098$1,94984%
12Glitz To Glaciers - Los Angeles, California To Vancouver, British Columbia05/13/2022Los Angeles, California Vancouver, British ColumbiaRegatta$10,298$2,34977%
13Glacial Pathway - Vancouver, British Columbia To Los Angeles, California08/27/2022Vancouver, British Columbia Los Angeles, CaliforniaRegatta$9,798$2,54974%
24Amazon Explorer - Miami, Florida To Miami, Florida11/27/2021Miami, Florida Miami, FloridaInsignia$16,298$4,84970%
25Amazon & The Islands - Miami, Florida To Miami, Florida11/15/2022Miami, Florida Miami, FloridaInsignia$16,198$5,19968%
18Eastern Allure - Tokyo, Japan To Singapore, Singapore05/01/2021Tokyo, Japan Singapore, SingaporeNautica$22,798$5,29977%
16Far East Marvels - Tokyo, Japan To Singapore, Singapore10/28/2021Tokyo, Japan Singapore, SingaporeRegatta$17,398$3,09982%
12Andaman Awakening - Singapore, Singapore To Singapore, Singapore02/24/2022Singapore, Singapore Singapore, SingaporeNautica$14,898$3,34978%
14Southeast Asia Sojourn - Singapore, Singapore To Hong Kong, China03/08/2022Singapore, Singapore Hong Kong, ChinaNautica$16,098$3,84976%
16Essential Asia - Tokyo, Japan To Hong Kong, China03/19/2022Tokyo, Japan Hong Kong, ChinaInsignia$18,298$5,04972%
14Imperial Interlude - Hong Kong, China To Tokyo, Japan03/22/2022Hong Kong, China Tokyo, JapanNautica$16,298$3,94976%
12Imperial Exploration - Hong Kong, China To Bangkok, Thailand04/04/2022Hong Kong, China Bangkok, ThailandInsignia$14,798$3,69975%
18Eastern Allure - Tokyo, Japan To Singapore, Singapore05/05/2022Tokyo, Japan Singapore, SingaporeNautica$18,798$5,14973%
18Far East Mystique - Singapore, Singapore To Dubai, Uae05/19/2021Singapore, Singapore Dubai, UaeNautica$18,798$5,29972%
20Cradle Of History - Dubai, Uae To Rome (civitavecchia), Italy06/06/2021Dubai, Uae Rome (civitavecchia), ItalyNautica$20,998$7,09966%
18Far East Mystique - Singapore, Singapore To Dubai, Uae05/23/2022Singapore, Singapore Dubai, UaeNautica$16,398$4,04975%
18Serene South Pacific - Auckland, New Zealand To Papeete (tahiti), French Polynesia02/18/2022Auckland, New Zealand Papeete (tahiti), French PolynesiaRegatta$17,698$4,24976%
20Divine Down Under - Singapore, Singapore To Sydney, Australia11/13/2021Singapore, Singapore Sydney, AustraliaRegatta$19,498$3,44982%
22Pacific Palette - Perth (fremantle), Australia To Tokyo, Japan02/25/2022Perth (fremantle), Australia Tokyo, JapanInsignia$20,598$5,49973%
14Splendors Down Under - Sydney, Australia To Auckland, New Zealand01/07/2022Sydney, Australia Auckland, New ZealandRegatta$17,298$4,04977%
14Tasman Tapestry - Auckland, New Zealand To Sydney, Australia01/21/2022Auckland, New Zealand Sydney, AustraliaRegatta$17,998$4,39976%
14New Zealand Explorer - Sydney, Australia To Auckland, New Zealand02/04/2022Sydney, Australia Auckland, New ZealandRegatta$18,698$4,74975%
12Scandinavian Spirit - London (southampton), Uk To Copenhagen, Denmark06/03/2021London (southampton), Uk Copenhagen, DenmarkMarina$15,598$3,89975%
10Baltic Brilliance - Copenhagen, Denmark To Oslo, Norway06/15/2021Copenhagen, Denmark Oslo, NorwayMarina$14,498$3,84973%
12North Sea Artistry - London (southampton), Uk To Stockholm, Sweden07/07/2021London (southampton), Uk Stockholm, SwedenMarina$15,798$3,99975%
7Baltic Marvels - Stockholm, Sweden To Copenhagen, Denmark07/19/2021Stockholm, Sweden Copenhagen, DenmarkMarina$11,298$1,94983%
7Baltic Marvels - Copenhagen, Denmark To Stockholm, Sweden07/26/2021Copenhagen, Denmark Stockholm, SwedenMarina$11,298$1,94983%
10Baltic Treasures - Copenhagen, Denmark To Stockholm, Sweden07/27/2021Copenhagen, Denmark Stockholm, SwedenSirena$11,598$2,49978%
10Medieval Montage - Stockholm, Sweden To Copenhagen, Denmark08/02/2021Stockholm, Sweden Copenhagen, DenmarkMarina$13,398$3,39975%
7Baltic Marvels - Copenhagen, Denmark To Stockholm, Sweden08/12/2021Copenhagen, Denmark Stockholm, SwedenMarina$11,298$1,94983%
10Northern Gateways - Stockholm, Sweden To Copenhagen, Denmark08/19/2021Stockholm, Sweden Copenhagen, DenmarkMarina$13,398$3,39975%
12Boundless Baltic - Stockholm, Sweden To Amsterdam, Netherlands08/25/2021Stockholm, Sweden Amsterdam, NetherlandsInsignia$13,598$3,09977%
10Medieval Montage - Copenhagen, Denmark To Stockholm, Sweden08/29/2021Copenhagen, Denmark Stockholm, SwedenMarina$13,398$3,39975%
12Castles & Cobblestones - Stockholm, Sweden To Amsterdam, Netherlands09/08/2021Stockholm, Sweden Amsterdam, NetherlandsMarina$15,298$3,94974%
10Steeples & Spires - Stockholm, Sweden To London (southampton), Uk09/15/2021Stockholm, Sweden London (southampton), UkSirena$11,598$2,59978%
12North Sea Empires - London (southampton), Uk To Copenhagen, Denmark06/05/2022London (southampton), Uk Copenhagen, DenmarkMarina$12,298$3,19974%
12Baltic Artistry - Copenhagen, Denmark To Oslo, Norway06/17/2022Copenhagen, Denmark Oslo, NorwayMarina$12,298$3,19974%
12Gateway To Baltic Gems - London (portsmouth), Uk To Copenhagen, Denmark07/09/2022London (portsmouth), Uk Copenhagen, DenmarkMarina$12,398$3,19974%
10Medieval Montage - Copenhagen, Denmark To Stockholm, Sweden07/21/2022Copenhagen, Denmark Stockholm, SwedenMarina$10,098$2,59974%
7Baltic Marvels - Stockholm, Sweden To Copenhagen, Denmark07/31/2022Stockholm, Sweden Copenhagen, DenmarkMarina$8,298$1,79978%
10Northern Realms - Copenhagen, Denmark To Stockholm, Sweden08/07/2022Copenhagen, Denmark Stockholm, SwedenMarina$10,398$2,79973%
7Baltic Marvels - Stockholm, Sweden To Copenhagen, Denmark08/17/2022Stockholm, Sweden Copenhagen, DenmarkMarina$8,198$1,79978%
11Heritage To Hermitage - Copenhagen, Denmark To Stockholm, Sweden08/24/2022Copenhagen, Denmark Stockholm, SwedenMarina$10,598$2,89973%
9Fairytale Baltic - Stockholm, Sweden To Oslo, Norway09/04/2022Stockholm, Sweden Oslo, NorwayMarina$9,598$2,39975%
14Northern Europe Explorer - Oslo, Norway To Amsterdam (ijmuiden), Netherlands09/13/2022Oslo, Norway Amsterdam (ijmuiden), NetherlandsMarina$13,198$3,64972%
14Whimsical Europe - London (portsmouth), Uk To London (portsmouth), Uk09/17/2022London (portsmouth), Uk London (portsmouth), UkSirena$12,698$3,49972%
7Bermuda Bliss - New York, New York To New York, New York07/09/2021New York, New York New York, New YorkInsignia$8,298$2,19973%
7Bermuda Bliss - New York, New York To New York, New York07/16/2021New York, New York New York, New YorkInsignia$8,098$1,99975%
7Bermuda Bliss - New York, New York To New York, New York07/23/2021New York, New York New York, New YorkInsignia$8,598$2,24974%
7Bermuda Bliss - New York, New York To New York, New York07/05/2022New York, New York New York, New YorkInsignia$5,698$1,19979%
7Bermuda Bliss - New York, New York To New York, New York07/12/2022New York, New York New York, New YorkInsignia$5,698$1,19979%
7Bermuda Bliss - New York, New York To New York, New York07/19/2022New York, New York New York, New YorkInsignia$5,698$1,19979%
11Emblematic East Coast - New York, New York To Montreal, Quebec09/10/2022New York, New York Montreal, QuebecInsignia$9,598$2,99969%
10Greek & Turkish Legends - Istanbul, Turkey To Athens (piraeus), Greece08/26/2021Istanbul, Turkey Athens (piraeus), GreeceNautica$11,598$2,79976%
10Black Sea Brilliance - Istanbul, Turkey To Athens (piraeus), Greece07/17/2022Istanbul, Turkey Athens (piraeus), GreeceRiviera$10,998$2,89974%
12Charming British Isles - London (southampton), Uk To London (southampton), Uk05/22/2021London (southampton), Uk London (southampton), UkSirena$16,598$2,99982%
10Celtic Thrones - London (southampton), Uk To London (southampton), Uk06/03/2021London (southampton), Uk London (southampton), UkSirena$13,498$2,94978%
10British Isles & Lowlands - London (southampton), Uk To London (southampton), Uk06/13/2021London (southampton), Uk London (southampton), UkSirena$13,198$2,69980%
10Gaelic Serenade - London (southampton), Uk To Edinburgh (leith), Scotland06/23/2021London (southampton), Uk Edinburgh (leith), ScotlandSirena$12,798$2,99977%
10Cheers To The Isles - London (southampton), Uk To London (southampton), Uk09/25/2021London (southampton), Uk London (southampton), UkSirena$12,698$2,64979%
12Isles Overture - London (southampton), Uk To Dublin, Ireland06/13/2022London (southampton), Uk Dublin, IrelandSirena$14,098$4,09971%
8Enchanting Ireland - Dublin, Ireland To Dublin, Ireland06/25/2022Dublin, Ireland Dublin, IrelandSirena$9,398$2,39974%
10Ireland Immersion - Dublin, Ireland To Dublin, Ireland07/03/2022Dublin, Ireland Dublin, IrelandSirena$11,398$3,29971%
10Bevy Of British Isles - Dublin, Ireland To Edinburgh (leith), Scotland07/13/2022Dublin, Ireland Edinburgh (leith), ScotlandSirena$11,498$3,29971%
14Atlantic Seafarer - Montreal, Quebec To Miami, Florida10/31/2021Montreal, Quebec Miami, FloridaInsignia$11,298$2,39979%
15Maritimes & Skylines - Montreal, Quebec To Miami, Florida10/31/2022Montreal, Quebec Miami, FloridaInsignia$9,998$2,59974%
10Seaside Coves - New York, New York To New York, New York09/21/2021New York, New York New York, New YorkInsignia$11,798$2,69977%
10Prismatic Fall - New York, New York To Montreal, Quebec10/01/2021New York, New York Montreal, QuebecInsignia$10,598$3,59966%
10Crimson Colors - Montreal, Quebec To New York, New York10/11/2021Montreal, Quebec New York, New YorkInsignia$10,398$3,49966%
10Crimson Colors - New York, New York To Montreal, Quebec10/21/2021New York, New York Montreal, QuebecInsignia$10,498$2,54976%
10Crimson Colors - Montreal, Quebec To New York, New York09/21/2022Montreal, Quebec New York, New YorkInsignia$10,198$3,29968%
10Eastern Seaboard Stars - New York, New York To Montreal, Quebec10/01/2022New York, New York Montreal, QuebecInsignia$10,398$3,39967%
10Crimson Colors - Montreal, Quebec To New York, New York10/11/2022Montreal, Quebec New York, New YorkInsignia$10,398$3,39967%
10Prismatic Fall - New York, New York To Montreal, Quebec10/21/2022New York, New York Montreal, QuebecInsignia$8,998$2,69970%
10Canaries To Catalonia - Lisbon, Portugal To Barcelona, Spain05/24/2021Lisbon, Portugal Barcelona, SpainRiviera$14,798$4,19972%
12Icons Of Iberia - Lisbon, Portugal To Barcelona, Spain08/03/2022Lisbon, Portugal Barcelona, SpainNautica$10,998$2,59976%
10Canaries To Catalonia - Lisbon, Portugal To Barcelona, Spain10/25/2022Lisbon, Portugal Barcelona, SpainSirena$8,798$2,14976%
12Abc Island Explorer - Miami, Florida To Bridgetown, Barbados10/30/2021Miami, Florida Bridgetown, BarbadosSirena$8,998$1,69981%
12Sunny Festivities - Miami, Florida To Miami, Florida12/23/2021Miami, Florida Miami, FloridaRiviera$13,698$3,44975%
12Bays To Beaches - Miami, Florida To Miami, Florida02/07/2022Miami, Florida Miami, FloridaRiviera$11,898$3,14974%
12Waves Of Wanderlust - Miami, Florida To Miami, Florida02/11/2022Miami, Florida Miami, FloridaSirena$10,998$2,69975%
12Amber To Antilles - Miami, Florida To Oranjestad, Aruba03/05/2022Miami, Florida Oranjestad, ArubaSirena$10,398$2,19979%
10Crystalline Caribbean - Bridgetown, Barbados To Bridgetown, Barbados11/11/2021Bridgetown, Barbados Bridgetown, BarbadosSirena$7,998$1,59980%
10Crystalline Caribbean - Bridgetown, Barbados To Bridgetown, Barbados11/21/2021Bridgetown, Barbados Bridgetown, BarbadosSirena$7,998$1,49981%
11Southern Caribbean Gems - Bridgetown, Barbados To Miami, Florida12/01/2021Bridgetown, Barbados Miami, FloridaSirena$7,598$1,49980%
10Atlantic & Amber Gems - Miami, Florida To Miami, Florida12/03/2021Miami, Florida Miami, FloridaRiviera$8,598$2,09976%
10Sun-splashed Soiree - Miami, Florida To Miami, Florida12/12/2021Miami, Florida Miami, FloridaSirena$7,198$1,29982%
14Sirena Celebrations - Miami, Florida To Miami, Florida12/22/2021Miami, Florida Miami, FloridaSirena$13,198$2,99977%
10Atlantic & Amber Gems - Miami, Florida To Miami, Florida01/04/2022Miami, Florida Miami, FloridaRiviera$8,198$1,79978%
10Sun-splashed Soiree - Miami, Florida To Miami, Florida01/12/2022Miami, Florida Miami, FloridaSirena$8,598$1,99977%
14Caribbean Charms - Miami, Florida To Miami, Florida01/14/2022Miami, Florida Miami, FloridaRiviera$13,298$3,24976%
10Atlantic & Amber Gems - Miami, Florida To Miami, Florida01/28/2022Miami, Florida Miami, FloridaRiviera$8,998$2,19976%
10Sun-splashed Soiree - Miami, Florida To Miami, Florida02/23/2022Miami, Florida Miami, FloridaSirena$8,898$2,14976%
10Atlantic & Amber Gems - Miami, Florida To Miami, Florida02/26/2022Miami, Florida Miami, FloridaRiviera$9,698$2,54974%
10Atlantic & Amber Gems - Miami, Florida To Miami, Florida03/08/2022Miami, Florida Miami, FloridaRiviera$8,598$1,99977%
10Mayan & Miami Montage - Miami, Florida To Miami, Florida12/13/2021Miami, Florida Miami, FloridaRiviera$8,198$1,89977%
7Tropical Retreats - Miami, Florida To Miami, Florida01/05/2022Miami, Florida Miami, FloridaSirena$6,998$1,29981%
7Tropical Retreats - Miami, Florida To Miami, Florida02/19/2022Miami, Florida Miami, FloridaRiviera$7,498$1,54979%
10Mediterranean Fusion - Istanbul, Turkey To Barcelona, Spain04/08/2021Istanbul, Turkey Barcelona, SpainSirena$12,798$2,59980%
15Colossal Antiquities - Istanbul, Turkey To Barcelona, Spain05/18/2021Istanbul, Turkey Barcelona, SpainInsignia$19,298$5,24973%
12Essence Of The Aegean - Barcelona, Spain To Istanbul, Turkey10/06/2021Barcelona, Spain Istanbul, TurkeyRiviera$14,098$2,74981%
10Byzantine Sojourn - Istanbul, Turkey To Venice, Italy10/18/2021Istanbul, Turkey Venice, ItalyRiviera$13,498$2,94978%
10Artifacts & Antiquities - Rome (civitavecchia), Italy To Istanbul, Turkey11/02/2021Rome (civitavecchia), Italy Istanbul, TurkeyNautica$8,998$1,79980%
10Byzantine Antiquity - Venice, Italy To Istanbul, Turkey07/07/2022Venice, Italy Istanbul, TurkeyRiviera$10,398$2,69974%
12Mediterranean Montage - Istanbul, Turkey To Rome (civitavecchia), Italy09/14/2022Istanbul, Turkey Rome (civitavecchia), ItalyRiviera$11,498$2,84975%
12Medieval To Modernity - Athens (piraeus), Greece To Barcelona, Spain10/26/2022Athens (piraeus), Greece Barcelona, SpainNautica$9,998$2,19978%
10Acropolis To Adriatic - Athens (piraeus), Greece To Rome (civitavecchia), Italy11/01/2022Athens (piraeus), Greece Rome (civitavecchia), ItalyMarina$7,798$1,59979%
20Glitterati To Gondoliers - Barcelona, Spain To Venice, Italy04/03/2021Barcelona, Spain Venice, ItalyRiviera$20,598$5,24975%
24Catalonia To Crowns - Barcelona, Spain To London (southampton), Uk04/18/2021Barcelona, Spain London (southampton), UkSirena$20,798$4,44979%
19Southern Europe Quest - Rome (civitavecchia), Italy To Venice, Italy04/23/2021Rome (civitavecchia), Italy Venice, ItalyMarina$23,398$6,19974%
22Icons Of The Isles - London (southampton), Uk To London (southampton), Uk05/12/2021London (southampton), Uk London (southampton), UkSirena$24,898$5,34979%
22European Tapestry - Rome (civitavecchia), Italy To Barcelona, Spain05/12/2021Rome (civitavecchia), Italy Barcelona, SpainRiviera$25,998$7,39972%
38Homage To Holy Lands - Singapore, Singapore To Rome (civitavecchia), Italy05/19/2021Singapore, Singapore Rome (civitavecchia), ItalyNautica$34,298$11,19967%
22North Sea Sojourn - London (southampton), Uk To London (southampton), Uk05/22/2021London (southampton), Uk London (southampton), UkSirena$25,998$5,89977%
22Royalty & The Arts - Barcelona, Spain To Copenhagen, Denmark05/24/2021Barcelona, Spain Copenhagen, DenmarkMarina$22,998$6,34972%
17Seaside Getaway - Lisbon, Portugal To Monte Carlo, Monaco05/24/2021Lisbon, Portugal Monte Carlo, MonacoRiviera$26,798$8,39969%
14Coastal Quest - Barcelona, Spain To Rome (civitavecchia), Italy06/03/2021Barcelona, Spain Rome (civitavecchia), ItalyRiviera$22,098$5,14977%
20Ireland & The Isles - London (southampton), Uk To Edinburgh (leith), Scotland06/13/2021London (southampton), Uk Edinburgh (leith), ScotlandSirena$23,298$5,94974%
22Nature To The Nouveau - Copenhagen, Denmark To London (southampton), Uk06/15/2021Copenhagen, Denmark London (southampton), UkMarina$28,998$8,39971%
22Baltic Soiree - Reykjavik, Iceland To Stockholm, Sweden07/15/2021Reykjavik, Iceland Stockholm, SwedenSirena$24,598$6,09975%
30North Cape Jewels - Copenhagen, Denmark To London (southampton), Uk07/27/2021Copenhagen, Denmark London (southampton), UkSirena$30,398$7,99974%
26Arctic Adventure - New York, New York To Stockholm, Sweden07/30/2021New York, New York Stockholm, SwedenInsignia$28,098$7,74972%
53Northern Odyssey - New York, New York To New York, New York07/30/2021New York, New York New York, New YorkInsignia$48,498$13,54972%
22Royalty To Rulers - Monte Carlo, Monaco To Istanbul, Turkey08/04/2021Monte Carlo, Monaco Istanbul, TurkeyNautica$29,898$7,64974%
40Great Northern Circle - Stockholm, Sweden To Stockholm, Sweden08/06/2021Stockholm, Sweden Stockholm, SwedenSirena$39,498$10,94972%
17Eternal Mediterranean - Athens (piraeus), Greece To Rome (civitavecchia), Italy08/09/2021Athens (piraeus), Greece Rome (civitavecchia), ItalyRiviera$21,598$4,74978%
14Renaissance To Relics - Barcelona, Spain To Athens (piraeus), Greece08/19/2021Barcelona, Spain Athens (piraeus), GreeceRiviera$19,498$3,79981%
27Baltic To Broadway - Stockholm, Sweden To New York, New York08/25/2021Stockholm, Sweden New York, New YorkInsignia$24,498$5,89976%
30Myths To The Majestic - London (southampton), Uk To London (southampton), Uk08/26/2021London (southampton), Uk London (southampton), UkSirena$29,898$7,69974%
21Treasures Of Brilliance - Athens (piraeus), Greece To Barcelona, Spain09/05/2021Athens (piraeus), Greece Barcelona, SpainNautica$24,098$5,44977%
26Baltic To The Biscay - Stockholm, Sweden To Lisbon, Portugal09/08/2021Stockholm, Sweden Lisbon, PortugalMarina$31,898$9,24971%
20North Sea Medley - Stockholm, Sweden To London (southampton), Uk09/15/2021Stockholm, Sweden London (southampton), UkSirena$20,098$5,04975%
26European Palette - Amsterdam, Netherlands To Venice, Italy09/20/2021Amsterdam, Netherlands Venice, ItalyMarina$29,998$8,49972%
20British Isles & Beyond - London (southampton), Uk To London (southampton), Uk09/25/2021London (southampton), Uk London (southampton), UkSirena$22,298$6,14972%
27Royal Island Gems - London (southampton), Uk To Bridgetown, Barbados10/15/2021London (southampton), Uk Bridgetown, BarbadosSirena$19,098$3,59981%
20Mediterranean Empires - Istanbul, Turkey To Monte Carlo, Monaco10/18/2021Istanbul, Turkey Monte Carlo, MonacoRiviera$22,798$5,34977%
20Seas Of Discovery - Venice, Italy To Istanbul, Turkey10/23/2021Venice, Italy Istanbul, TurkeyNautica$16,398$3,64978%
14European Collage - Barcelona, Spain To Venice, Italy10/26/2021Barcelona, Spain Venice, ItalyMarina$16,098$3,94975%
36Mystical Endeavors - Tokyo, Japan To Sydney, Australia10/28/2021Tokyo, Japan Sydney, AustraliaRegatta$31,298$6,54979%
17Frescoes To Fountains - Rome (civitavecchia), Italy To Barcelona, Spain11/02/2021Rome (civitavecchia), Italy Barcelona, SpainMarina$15,898$3,54978%
26Transatlantic Traveler - Monte Carlo, Monaco To Miami, Florida11/07/2021Monte Carlo, Monaco Miami, FloridaRiviera$21,898$5,54975%
22Atlantic Horizons - Venice, Italy To Miami, Florida11/09/2021Venice, Italy Miami, FloridaMarina$18,798$4,64975%
38Americas Jubilee - Miami, Florida To Buenos Aires, Argentina12/01/2021Miami, Florida Buenos Aires, ArgentinaMarina$32,998$9,04973%
73Island Time Odyssey - Miami, Florida To Miami, Florida01/04/2022Miami, Florida Miami, FloridaRiviera$59,198$15,99973%
17Cultural Caribbean - Miami, Florida To Miami, Florida01/05/2022Miami, Florida Miami, FloridaSirena$14,098$3,04978%
29Fjords & Samba Spree - Santiago De Chile (san Antonio), Chile To Rio De Janeiro, Brazil01/28/2022Santiago De Chile (san Antonio), Chile Rio De Janeiro, BrazilMarina$27,498$7,69972%
50South America Synergy - Santiago De Chile (san Antonio), Chile To Miami, Florida01/28/2022Santiago De Chile (san Antonio), Chile Miami, FloridaMarina$44,798$13,34970%
32Harbors & Havens - Sydney, Australia To Papeete (tahiti), French Polynesia02/04/2022Sydney, Australia Papeete (tahiti), French PolynesiaRegatta$31,698$8,74972%
43Pacific-eastern Embrace - Auckland, New Zealand To Tokyo, Japan02/04/2022Auckland, New Zealand Tokyo, JapanInsignia$38,098$11,19971%
33Atlantic & Amazon Awe - Buenos Aires, Argentina To Miami, Florida02/14/2022Buenos Aires, Argentina Miami, FloridaMarina$31,198$8,94971%
17Sunny Seascapes - Miami, Florida To Miami, Florida02/19/2022Miami, Florida Miami, FloridaRiviera$15,898$3,94975%
26Southeast Asia Quest - Singapore, Singapore To Hong Kong, China02/24/2022Singapore, Singapore Hong Kong, ChinaNautica$26,498$6,79974%
28Reflections Of Asia - Singapore, Singapore To Tokyo, Japan03/08/2022Singapore, Singapore Tokyo, JapanNautica$28,198$7,39974%
17Carefree Crossing - Miami, Florida To Barcelona, Spain03/18/2022Miami, Florida Barcelona, SpainRiviera$14,598$3,59975%
26Glitz To Gondolas - Miami, Florida To Venice, Italy03/19/2022Miami, Florida Venice, ItalyMarina$22,298$6,24972%
28Far East Escapade - Tokyo, Japan To Bangkok, Thailand03/19/2022Tokyo, Japan Bangkok, ThailandInsignia$30,798$9,24970%
30Enchanting Pearls - Papeete (tahiti), French Polynesia To Los Angeles, California03/25/2022Papeete (tahiti), French Polynesia Los Angeles, CaliforniaRegatta$21,598$5,94972%
21Mediterranean Ballads - Bridgetown, Barbados To Rome (civitavecchia), Italy03/29/2022Bridgetown, Barbados Rome (civitavecchia), ItalySirena$16,098$2,94982%
17Journey To Antiquities - Barcelona, Spain To Athens (piraeus), Greece04/12/2022Barcelona, Spain Athens (piraeus), GreeceSirena$13,998$3,44975%
17Cultural Creations - Rome (civitavecchia), Italy To Istanbul, Turkey04/19/2022Rome (civitavecchia), Italy Istanbul, TurkeySirena$13,998$3,39976%
21Historical Traveler - Athens (piraeus), Greece To Barcelona, Spain04/29/2022Athens (piraeus), Greece Barcelona, SpainSirena$17,798$4,64974%
36Quintessential Far East - Tokyo, Japan To Dubai, Uae05/05/2022Tokyo, Japan Dubai, UaeNautica$31,698$8,74972%
28Ancients To The Arts - Istanbul, Turkey To London (southampton), Uk05/06/2022Istanbul, Turkey London (southampton), UkSirena$23,198$6,59972%
22Rivieras To Relics - Venice, Italy To Barcelona, Spain05/07/2022Venice, Italy Barcelona, SpainRiviera$19,798$5,69971%
22Royal Mediterranean - Venice, Italy To London (southampton), Uk05/14/2022Venice, Italy London (southampton), UkMarina$18,398$4,94973%
24Western Europe Soiree - Rome (civitavecchia), Italy To Copenhagen, Denmark05/24/2022Rome (civitavecchia), Italy Copenhagen, DenmarkMarina$20,598$5,54973%
17Southern Sauntering - Barcelona, Spain To Rome (civitavecchia), Italy05/29/2022Barcelona, Spain Rome (civitavecchia), ItalyRiviera$15,198$4,04973%
22British Isles Sojourn - London (southampton), Uk To Dublin, Ireland06/03/2022London (southampton), Uk Dublin, IrelandSirena$21,598$6,54970%
20North Sea Wonders - London (southampton), Uk To Dublin, Ireland06/13/2022London (southampton), Uk Dublin, IrelandSirena$20,798$6,24970%
22Baltic & North Sea Gems - Copenhagen, Denmark To London (portsmouth), Uk06/17/2022Copenhagen, Denmark London (portsmouth), UkMarina$21,398$6,44970%
22Basilicas & The Byzantine - Barcelona, Spain To Istanbul, Turkey06/25/2022Barcelona, Spain Istanbul, TurkeyRiviera$19,398$5,34972%
22Northern Europe Charms - Oslo, Norway To Copenhagen, Denmark06/29/2022Oslo, Norway Copenhagen, DenmarkMarina$21,398$6,44970%
17Journey Of The Ages - Istanbul, Turkey To Venice, Italy06/30/2022Istanbul, Turkey Venice, ItalyNautica$15,198$4,04973%
22Northern Jewels - Dublin, Ireland To Edinburgh (leith), Scotland07/13/2022Dublin, Ireland Edinburgh (leith), ScotlandSirena$22,398$7,04969%
17Ornate Interlude - Venice, Italy To Lisbon, Portugal07/17/2022Venice, Italy Lisbon, PortugalNautica$15,198$4,04973%
32Atlantic Indulgence - New York, New York To Paris (le Havre), France07/26/2022New York, New York Paris (le Havre), FranceInsignia$27,598$9,19967%
46Transatlantic Treasures - New York, New York To New York, New York07/26/2022New York, New York New York, New YorkInsignia$35,198$11,44967%
22Coasts Of Culture - Lisbon, Portugal To Valletta, Malta08/03/2022Lisbon, Portugal Valletta, MaltaNautica$17,598$4,54974%
32North Atlantic Endeavor - Reykjavik, Iceland To New York, New York08/09/2022Reykjavik, Iceland New York, New YorkInsignia$24,198$7,69968%
20Medieval Meanderings - Barcelona, Spain To Jerusalem (haifa), Israel08/15/2022Barcelona, Spain Jerusalem (haifa), IsraelNautica$15,998$4,19974%
32Mystic Lights & Fjords - Reykjavik, Iceland To London (portsmouth), Uk08/16/2022Reykjavik, Iceland London (portsmouth), UkSirena$29,198$9,99966%
17Rivieras & Relics - Barcelona, Spain To Venice, Italy08/18/2022Barcelona, Spain Venice, ItalyRiviera$14,998$3,94974%
21Glaciers To Grapevines - Vancouver, British Columbia To Los Angeles, California08/27/2022Vancouver, British Columbia Los Angeles, CaliforniaRegatta$14,798$3,84974%
17Enduring Antiquity - Rome (civitavecchia), Italy To Istanbul, Turkey08/28/2022Rome (civitavecchia), Italy Istanbul, TurkeyRiviera$15,198$3,94974%
32Vikings & Baltic Shores - Oslo, Norway To London (portsmouth), Uk08/30/2022Oslo, Norway London (portsmouth), UkSirena$27,198$8,74968%
22Domes Of Discovery - Jerusalem (haifa), Israel To Barcelona, Spain09/04/2022Jerusalem (haifa), Israel Barcelona, SpainNautica$18,398$4,99973%
28North Sea Wayfarer - Oslo, Norway To Lisbon, Portugal09/13/2022Oslo, Norway Lisbon, PortugalMarina$24,198$7,14970%
19Coastal Kaleidoscope - Istanbul, Turkey To Barcelona, Spain09/14/2022Istanbul, Turkey Barcelona, SpainRiviera$16,598$4,19975%
20Canal & Colonnade Quest - Barcelona, Spain To Athens (piraeus), Greece09/26/2022Barcelona, Spain Athens (piraeus), GreeceNautica$15,198$3,99974%
21Royal Rendezvous - Amsterdam (ijmuiden), Netherlands To Barcelona, Spain09/27/2022Amsterdam (ijmuiden), Netherlands Barcelona, SpainMarina$18,598$5,24972%
17Vintages Of Royalty - London (portsmouth), Uk To Bilbao, Spain10/01/2022London (portsmouth), Uk Bilbao, SpainSirena$15,398$4,19973%
14Biscay & Basque - London (portsmouth), Uk To Lisbon, Portugal10/11/2022London (portsmouth), Uk Lisbon, PortugalSirena$12,998$3,14976%
21Historical Kaleidoscope - Lisbon, Portugal To Athens (piraeus), Greece10/11/2022Lisbon, Portugal Athens (piraeus), GreeceMarina$16,798$4,24975%
24Wines & Whimsy - London (portsmouth), Uk To Barcelona, Spain10/11/2022London (portsmouth), Uk Barcelona, SpainSirena$19,398$5,09974%
38Stately Seascapes - London (portsmouth), Uk To Miami, Florida10/11/2022London (portsmouth), Uk Miami, FloridaSirena$27,398$7,39973%
17Iberian Exploration - Bilbao, Spain To Barcelona, Spain10/18/2022Bilbao, Spain Barcelona, SpainSirena$13,598$3,39975%
24Southern Europe Embrace - Barcelona, Spain To Rome (civitavecchia), Italy10/18/2022Barcelona, Spain Rome (civitavecchia), ItalyMarina$17,398$4,59974%
31Bazaars To Beaches - Bilbao, Spain To Miami, Florida10/18/2022Bilbao, Spain Miami, FloridaSirena$21,398$5,59974%
24Canaries To Coastlines - Lisbon, Portugal To Miami, Florida10/25/2022Lisbon, Portugal Miami, FloridaSirena$16,398$4,24974%
32Ancient Awakenings - Athens (piraeus), Greece To Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirate10/26/2022Athens (piraeus), Greece Abu Dhabi, United Arab EmirateNautica$23,598$6,44973%
18Mediterranean Classics - Athens (piraeus), Greece To Monte Carlo, Monaco11/01/2022Athens (piraeus), Greece Monte Carlo, MonacoMarina$12,598$2,74978%
17Adriatic & Beyond - Monte Carlo, Monaco To Rome (civitavecchia), Italy11/04/2022Monte Carlo, Monaco Rome (civitavecchia), ItalyRiviera$15,198$4,14973%
23Colorful Crossing - Rome (civitavecchia), Italy To Miami, Florida11/11/2022Rome (civitavecchia), Italy Miami, FloridaMarina$14,998$3,59976%
23North Atlantic Memoirs - Venice, Italy To Miami, Florida11/14/2022Venice, Italy Miami, FloridaRiviera$17,598$4,99972%
7Aegean Encounter - Athens (piraeus), Greece To Istanbul, Turkey04/01/2021Athens (piraeus), Greece Istanbul, TurkeySirena$9,698$2,14978%
7Coastlines & Colonnades - Rome (civitavecchia), Italy To Athens (piraeus), Greece04/23/2021Rome (civitavecchia), Italy Athens (piraeus), GreeceMarina$10,098$2,34977%
12Aegean Glories - Athens (piraeus), Greece To Venice, Italy04/30/2021Athens (piraeus), Greece Venice, ItalyMarina$15,498$3,44978%
10Idyllic Greek Isles - Istanbul, Turkey To Athens (piraeus), Greece07/30/2021Istanbul, Turkey Athens (piraeus), GreeceRiviera$13,698$2,94978%
10Pillars Of History - Athens (piraeus), Greece To Barcelona, Spain08/09/2021Athens (piraeus), Greece Barcelona, SpainRiviera$13,698$2,94978%
12Medieval To Mythology - Venice, Italy To Istanbul, Turkey08/14/2021Venice, Italy Istanbul, TurkeyNautica$19,498$4,84975%
7Greek & Italian Glory - Rome (civitavecchia), Italy To Athens (piraeus), Greece08/26/2021Rome (civitavecchia), Italy Athens (piraeus), GreeceRiviera$11,598$1,99983%
12Dalmatian Dynasties - Athens (piraeus), Greece To Venice, Italy09/02/2021Athens (piraeus), Greece Venice, ItalyRiviera$17,698$4,14977%
10Ionian & The Isles - Venice, Italy To Venice, Italy10/13/2021Venice, Italy Venice, ItalyNautica$9,598$2,24977%
10European Trilogy - Venice, Italy To Rome (civitavecchia), Italy10/23/2021Venice, Italy Rome (civitavecchia), ItalyNautica$9,498$1,69982%
10Adriatic & Aegean Array - Rome (civitavecchia), Italy To Athens (piraeus), Greece04/19/2022Rome (civitavecchia), Italy Athens (piraeus), GreeceSirena$8,898$1,99978%
7Greek Isles Getaway - Athens (piraeus), Greece To Istanbul, Turkey04/29/2022Athens (piraeus), Greece Istanbul, TurkeySirena$7,598$1,44981%
7Aegean & Ancient Tides - Istanbul, Turkey To Athens (piraeus), Greece06/30/2022Istanbul, Turkey Athens (piraeus), GreeceNautica$8,498$1,79979%
10Greek & Italian Medley - Athens (piraeus), Greece To Venice, Italy07/07/2022Athens (piraeus), Greece Venice, ItalyNautica$9,798$2,49974%
10Aegean Wonders - Athens (piraeus), Greece To Athens (piraeus), Greece07/27/2022Athens (piraeus), Greece Athens (piraeus), GreeceRiviera$10,598$2,69975%
12Balkan & Iberian Icons - Athens (piraeus), Greece To Barcelona, Spain08/06/2022Athens (piraeus), Greece Barcelona, SpainRiviera$11,198$2,59977%
10Byzantine Antiquity - Venice, Italy To Istanbul, Turkey09/04/2022Venice, Italy Istanbul, TurkeyRiviera$9,798$2,49974%
10Adriatic & Aegean Array - Rome (civitavecchia), Italy To Athens (piraeus), Greece10/06/2022Rome (civitavecchia), Italy Athens (piraeus), GreeceNautica$8,698$1,99977%
10Aegean Medley - Athens (piraeus), Greece To Athens (piraeus), Greece10/16/2022Athens (piraeus), Greece Athens (piraeus), GreeceNautica$8,898$1,99978%
12Kilts & Fjords - Edinburgh (leith), Scotland To Reykjavik, Iceland07/03/2021Edinburgh (leith), Scotland Reykjavik, IcelandSirena$12,398$3,39973%
12Viking Legends - Reykjavik, Iceland To Copenhagen, Denmark07/15/2021Reykjavik, Iceland Copenhagen, DenmarkSirena$15,298$3,84975%
14Cityscapes To Iceland - New York, New York To Reykjavik, Iceland07/30/2021New York, New York Reykjavik, IcelandInsignia$15,198$4,19972%
20Fjords, Castles & Crowns - London (southampton), Uk To Stockholm, Sweden08/26/2021London (southampton), Uk Stockholm, SwedenSirena$21,998$5,59975%
18Nordic & Baltic Quest - Reykjavik, Iceland To Paris (le Havre), France08/09/2022Reykjavik, Iceland Paris (le Havre), FranceInsignia$16,298$5,29967%
14Viking Views & Vistas - Reykjavik, Iceland To Oslo, Norway08/16/2022Reykjavik, Iceland Oslo, NorwaySirena$14,598$4,39970%
12Sacred Pathways - Athens (piraeus), Greece To Istanbul, Turkey07/18/2021Athens (piraeus), Greece Istanbul, TurkeyRiviera$18,098$4,14977%
14Sacred Holy Lands - Istanbul, Turkey To Barcelona, Spain05/06/2022Istanbul, Turkey Barcelona, SpainSirena$12,998$3,44973%
10Holy Land Explorer - Valletta, Malta To Jerusalem (haifa), Israel08/25/2022Valletta, Malta Jerusalem (haifa), IsraelNautica$9,598$2,29976%
12Domes To Deities - Jerusalem (haifa), Israel To Venice, Italy09/04/2022Jerusalem (haifa), Israel Venice, ItalyNautica$11,098$2,69976%
14Divine Tides - Barcelona, Spain To Athens (piraeus), Greece10/18/2022Barcelona, Spain Athens (piraeus), GreeceMarina$11,798$2,99975%
10Japan In Bloom - Tokyo, Japan To Tokyo, Japan04/01/2021Tokyo, Japan Tokyo, JapanNautica$16,598$6,19963%
10Japan In Bloom - Tokyo, Japan To Tokyo, Japan04/11/2021Tokyo, Japan Tokyo, JapanNautica$16,598$6,19963%
10Prismatic Japan - Tokyo, Japan To Tokyo, Japan04/21/2021Tokyo, Japan Tokyo, JapanNautica$16,498$5,99964%
10Circle Of Japan - Tokyo, Japan To Tokyo (yokohama), Japan04/05/2022Tokyo, Japan Tokyo (yokohama), JapanNautica$12,198$3,49971%
10Circle Of Japan - Tokyo (yokohama), Japan To Tokyo (yokohama), Japan04/15/2022Tokyo (yokohama), Japan Tokyo (yokohama), JapanNautica$12,198$3,49971%
10Circle Of Japan - Tokyo (yokohama), Japan To Tokyo, Japan04/25/2022Tokyo (yokohama), Japan Tokyo, JapanNautica$11,998$3,39972%
12European Vintages - Barcelona, Spain To London (southampton), Uk04/30/2021Barcelona, Spain London (southampton), UkSirena$15,098$3,84975%
10Vines & Guggenheim - Barcelona, Spain To London (southampton), Uk05/24/2021Barcelona, Spain London (southampton), UkMarina$11,198$2,29979%
15Ramblas To Royalty - Barcelona, Spain To London (southampton), Uk06/02/2021Barcelona, Spain London (southampton), UkInsignia$21,498$6,29971%
14Western Europe Wonders - Amsterdam, Netherlands To Lisbon, Portugal09/20/2021Amsterdam, Netherlands Lisbon, PortugalMarina$19,198$5,29972%
14Iberia & The Arts - Barcelona, Spain To London (southampton), Uk05/20/2022Barcelona, Spain London (southampton), UkSirena$12,698$3,29974%
12Wines & Western Europe - Rome (civitavecchia), Italy To London (southampton), Uk05/24/2022Rome (civitavecchia), Italy London (southampton), UkMarina$11,398$2,69976%
14Windmills To Wineries - Amsterdam (ijmuiden), Netherlands To Lisbon, Portugal09/27/2022Amsterdam (ijmuiden), Netherlands Lisbon, PortugalMarina$13,698$3,94971%
7Basque & Beyond - London (portsmouth), Uk To Bilbao, Spain10/11/2022London (portsmouth), Uk Bilbao, SpainSirena$8,098$1,89977%
10Baja, Beaches & Beyond - Los Angeles, California To Los Angeles, California05/03/2022Los Angeles, California Los Angeles, CaliforniaRegatta$7,498$1,54979%
10Western Europe Quest - London (southampton), Uk To London (southampton), Uk05/12/2021London (southampton), Uk London (southampton), UkSirena$12,398$2,39981%
10Western Europe Quest - London (southampton), Uk To London (southampton), Uk10/05/2021London (southampton), Uk London (southampton), UkSirena$14,298$4,04972%
10Western Europe Quest - London (southampton), Uk To London (southampton), Uk06/03/2022London (southampton), Uk London (southampton), UkSirena$10,598$2,84973%
10Northern Europe Embrace - London (portsmouth), Uk To London (portsmouth), Uk10/01/2022London (portsmouth), Uk London (portsmouth), UkSirena$9,598$2,54973%
12Flourishing Fjords - Oslo, Norway To London (southampton), Uk06/25/2021Oslo, Norway London (southampton), UkMarina$17,298$4,34975%
20Northern Europe Quest - Stockholm, Sweden To London (southampton), Uk08/06/2021Stockholm, Sweden London (southampton), UkSirena$22,698$5,94974%
12Viking Homelands - Reykjavik, Iceland To Stockholm, Sweden08/13/2021Reykjavik, Iceland Stockholm, SwedenInsignia$15,398$3,99974%
10Fjords & Seascapes - Oslo, Norway To London (portsmouth), Uk06/29/2022Oslo, Norway London (portsmouth), UkMarina$11,798$3,39971%
12Nordic Trailblazer - Edinburgh (leith), Scotland To Edinburgh (leith), Scotland07/23/2022Edinburgh (leith), Scotland Edinburgh (leith), ScotlandSirena$13,498$3,79972%
18North Cape Connoisseur - Oslo, Norway To London (portsmouth), Uk08/30/2022Oslo, Norway London (portsmouth), UkSirena$17,398$5,79967%
9Golden Grapevines - Los Angeles, California To Los Angeles, California09/14/2021Los Angeles, California Los Angeles, CaliforniaRegatta$7,198$1,64977%
9Golden Grapevines - Los Angeles, California To Los Angeles, California09/23/2021Los Angeles, California Los Angeles, CaliforniaRegatta$6,998$1,54978%
12Polynesian Delights - Papeete (tahiti), French Polynesia To Papeete (tahiti), French Polynesia03/25/2022Papeete (tahiti), French Polynesia Papeete (tahiti), French PolynesiaRegatta$13,198$2,99977%
9Golden Grapevines - Los Angeles, California To Los Angeles, California04/24/2022Los Angeles, California Los Angeles, CaliforniaRegatta$7,698$1,74977%
8California Dreams - Los Angeles, California To Los Angeles, California09/09/2022Los Angeles, California Los Angeles, CaliforniaRegatta$6,198$1,39977%
8Golden Vines - Los Angeles, California To Los Angeles, California09/17/2022Los Angeles, California Los Angeles, CaliforniaRegatta$6,198$1,39977%
18Panama To Palms - San Francisco, California To Miami, Florida04/22/2021San Francisco, California Miami, FloridaRegatta$14,098$3,24977%
18Tapestry Of Culture - Miami, Florida To San Francisco, California05/10/2021Miami, Florida San Francisco, CaliforniaRegatta$14,098$3,24977%
16Gateway To Sunshine - Miami, Florida To Los Angeles, California12/21/2021Miami, Florida Los Angeles, CaliforniaInsignia$13,198$3,09977%
10Panama Potpourri - Miami, Florida To Panama City, Panama01/22/2022Miami, Florida Panama City, PanamaSirena$9,198$1,99978%
10Panama Potpourri - Panama City, Panama To Miami, Florida02/01/2022Panama City, Panama Miami, FloridaSirena$9,398$2,09978%
18Transit Of The Americas - Miami, Florida To Lima/machu Picchu (callao), Peru12/01/2021Miami, Florida Lima/machu Picchu (callao), PeruMarina$15,798$4,34972%
20Southernmost Seafarer - Lima/machu Picchu (callao), Peru To Buenos Aires, Argentina12/19/2021Lima/machu Picchu (callao), Peru Buenos Aires, ArgentinaMarina$20,098$4,59977%
20Polar & Patagonian Quest - Buenos Aires, Argentina To Santiago De Chile (san Antonio), Chile01/08/2022Buenos Aires, Argentina Santiago De Chile (san Antonio), ChileMarina$20,798$5,69973%
17Prismatic Patagonia - Santiago De Chile (san Antonio), Chile To Buenos Aires, Argentina01/28/2022Santiago De Chile (san Antonio), Chile Buenos Aires, ArgentinaMarina$15,398$3,49977%
12Radiant Rhythms - Buenos Aires, Argentina To Rio De Janeiro, Brazil02/14/2022Buenos Aires, Argentina Rio De Janeiro, BrazilMarina$14,298$3,49976%
21Astounding Amazon - Rio De Janeiro, Brazil To Miami, Florida02/26/2022Rio De Janeiro, Brazil Miami, FloridaMarina$20,398$5,94971%
20Sands & Sculptures - Barcelona, Spain To Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirate11/07/2022Barcelona, Spain Abu Dhabi, United Arab EmirateNautica$15,798$4,49972%
22Skylines & Seasides - London (southampton), Uk To New York, New York06/17/2021London (southampton), Uk New York, New YorkInsignia$29,998$11,39962%
15North Atlantic Passage - Amsterdam, Netherlands To New York, New York09/06/2021Amsterdam, Netherlands New York, New YorkInsignia$12,998$3,09976%
15Royalty To Rays - London (southampton), Uk To Miami, Florida10/15/2021London (southampton), Uk Miami, FloridaSirena$11,498$2,19981%
10Pathway To Iberia - Miami, Florida To Lisbon, Portugal03/18/2022Miami, Florida Lisbon, PortugalRiviera$8,598$1,69980%
14Atlantic & Arctic Awe - New York, New York To Reykjavik, Iceland07/26/2022New York, New York Reykjavik, IcelandInsignia$13,398$4,19969%
14City Of Lights Passage - Paris (le Havre), France To New York, New York08/27/2022Paris (le Havre), France New York, New YorkInsignia$10,798$2,79974%
16Atlantic Abundance - Rome (civitavecchia), Italy To Miami, Florida11/17/2021Rome (civitavecchia), Italy Miami, FloridaRiviera$12,598$3,39973%
12Arrivederci Europa - Barcelona, Spain To Miami, Florida11/19/2021Barcelona, Spain Miami, FloridaMarina$9,798$2,14978%
16Passage To The Old World - Miami, Florida To Rome (civitavecchia), Italy03/19/2022Miami, Florida Rome (civitavecchia), ItalyMarina$11,998$2,89976%
14Idyllic Atlantic - Bridgetown, Barbados To Barcelona, Spain03/29/2022Bridgetown, Barbados Barcelona, SpainSirena$10,198$1,79982%
14Spain To Sunshine - Barcelona, Spain To Miami, Florida11/04/2022Barcelona, Spain Miami, FloridaSirena$9,498$2,19977%
15Alluring Atlantic - Monte Carlo, Monaco To Miami, Florida11/19/2022Monte Carlo, Monaco Miami, FloridaMarina$9,798$2,29977%
16Awe-inspiring Atlantic - Rome (civitavecchia), Italy To Miami, Florida11/21/2022Rome (civitavecchia), Italy Miami, FloridaRiviera$10,098$2,39976%
18South Pacific Spotlight - Papeete (tahiti), French Polynesia To Los Angeles, California04/06/2022Papeete (tahiti), French Polynesia Los Angeles, CaliforniaRegatta$14,498$3,19978%
10Opulent Mediterranean - Barcelona, Spain To Rome (civitavecchia), Italy04/03/2021Barcelona, Spain Rome (civitavecchia), ItalyRiviera$11,798$2,69977%
10Italy & The Adriatic - Rome (civitavecchia), Italy To Venice, Italy04/13/2021Rome (civitavecchia), Italy Venice, ItalyRiviera$12,598$2,99976%
12Marquee Mediterranean - Barcelona, Spain To Barcelona, Spain04/18/2021Barcelona, Spain Barcelona, SpainSirena$15,698$3,24979%
12Ancient Adventures - Venice, Italy To Barcelona, Spain04/23/2021Venice, Italy Barcelona, SpainRiviera$15,198$3,79975%
7Enchanting Mediterranean - Barcelona, Spain To Rome (civitavecchia), Italy05/05/2021Barcelona, Spain Rome (civitavecchia), ItalyRiviera$11,098$2,34979%
12Passage To Iberia - Rome (civitavecchia), Italy To Lisbon, Portugal05/12/2021Rome (civitavecchia), Italy Lisbon, PortugalRiviera$16,498$3,94976%
7Charming Rivieras - Barcelona, Spain To Monte Carlo, Monaco06/03/2021Barcelona, Spain Monte Carlo, MonacoRiviera$12,898$2,74979%
7Glorious Shores - Monte Carlo, Monaco To Rome (civitavecchia), Italy06/10/2021Monte Carlo, Monaco Rome (civitavecchia), ItalyRiviera$12,398$2,49980%
10Mediterranean Vistas - Rome (civitavecchia), Italy To Barcelona, Spain06/17/2021Rome (civitavecchia), Italy Barcelona, SpainRiviera$15,198$3,79975%
10Alluring Adriatic - Rome (civitavecchia), Italy To Venice, Italy06/26/2021Rome (civitavecchia), Italy Venice, ItalyNautica$15,698$4,04974%
12Ionian Interlude - Barcelona, Spain To Venice, Italy06/27/2021Barcelona, Spain Venice, ItalyRiviera$18,498$4,44976%
12Mediterranean Traveler - Venice, Italy To Lisbon, Portugal07/06/2021Venice, Italy Lisbon, PortugalNautica$18,598$4,09978%
10Adriatic & Ionian Gems - Monte Carlo, Monaco To Venice, Italy08/04/2021Monte Carlo, Monaco Venice, ItalyNautica$15,898$4,04975%
7Mediterranean Brilliance - Barcelona, Spain To Rome (civitavecchia), Italy08/19/2021Barcelona, Spain Rome (civitavecchia), ItalyRiviera$10,498$1,54985%
12Roman Realms - Venice, Italy To Rome (civitavecchia), Italy09/14/2021Venice, Italy Rome (civitavecchia), ItalyRiviera$16,498$3,44979%
7Indulgent Mediterranean - Rome (civitavecchia), Italy To Barcelona, Spain09/19/2021Rome (civitavecchia), Italy Barcelona, SpainNautica$9,898$1,34986%
10Piazzas & Promenades - Barcelona, Spain To Monte Carlo, Monaco09/26/2021Barcelona, Spain Monte Carlo, MonacoNautica$11,198$1,89983%
10Lustrous Coasts - Rome (civitavecchia), Italy To Barcelona, Spain09/26/2021Rome (civitavecchia), Italy Barcelona, SpainRiviera$12,998$2,79978%
12Iberia To Italia - Lisbon, Portugal To Venice, Italy10/04/2021Lisbon, Portugal Venice, ItalyMarina$14,898$3,84974%
7Around The Boot - Monte Carlo, Monaco To Venice, Italy10/06/2021Monte Carlo, Monaco Venice, ItalyNautica$8,498$1,19986%
10Mediterranean Palette - Venice, Italy To Barcelona, Spain10/16/2021Venice, Italy Barcelona, SpainMarina$11,198$2,44978%
7Ramblas & The Rivieras - Barcelona, Spain To Rome (civitavecchia), Italy10/26/2021Barcelona, Spain Rome (civitavecchia), ItalyMarina$9,098$2,04977%
10Imperial Icons - Venice, Italy To Monte Carlo, Monaco10/28/2021Venice, Italy Monte Carlo, MonacoRiviera$11,698$2,14982%
7Old World & Adriatic - Rome (civitavecchia), Italy To Venice, Italy11/02/2021Rome (civitavecchia), Italy Venice, ItalyMarina$8,298$1,69980%
10Iberian Immersion - Monte Carlo, Monaco To Rome (civitavecchia), Italy11/07/2021Monte Carlo, Monaco Rome (civitavecchia), ItalyRiviera$10,998$2,14980%
10Roman Romance - Venice, Italy To Barcelona, Spain11/09/2021Venice, Italy Barcelona, SpainMarina$10,598$2,14980%
7Regal Iberia - Lisbon, Portugal To Barcelona, Spain03/28/2022Lisbon, Portugal Barcelona, SpainRiviera$7,998$1,39983%
10Gladiators To Gondolas - Rome (civitavecchia), Italy To Venice, Italy04/04/2022Rome (civitavecchia), Italy Venice, ItalyMarina$11,498$3,04973%
7Renaissance To Rivieras - Barcelona, Spain To Rome (civitavecchia), Italy04/12/2022Barcelona, Spain Rome (civitavecchia), ItalySirena$8,198$1,39983%
7Venetian Vignettes - Venice, Italy To Rome (civitavecchia), Italy04/14/2022Venice, Italy Rome (civitavecchia), ItalyMarina$7,198$1,29982%
7Picturesque Rivieras - Monte Carlo, Monaco To Barcelona, Spain04/25/2022Monte Carlo, Monaco Barcelona, SpainMarina$7,198$1,29982%
12Royals To Rialto - Barcelona, Spain To Venice, Italy04/25/2022Barcelona, Spain Venice, ItalyRiviera$10,898$2,54977%
12Mediterranean Classics - Barcelona, Spain To Venice, Italy05/02/2022Barcelona, Spain Venice, ItalyMarina$12,198$3,19974%
10Ionian Immersion - Venice, Italy To Rome (civitavecchia), Italy05/07/2022Venice, Italy Rome (civitavecchia), ItalyRiviera$10,398$2,79973%
10Adriatic & Artisans - Venice, Italy To Rome (civitavecchia), Italy05/14/2022Venice, Italy Rome (civitavecchia), ItalyMarina$10,098$2,59974%
12Aristocrats & The Azur - Rome (civitavecchia), Italy To Barcelona, Spain05/17/2022Rome (civitavecchia), Italy Barcelona, SpainRiviera$11,798$2,99975%
7Romantic Rivieras - Barcelona, Spain To Monte Carlo, Monaco05/29/2022Barcelona, Spain Monte Carlo, MonacoRiviera$7,898$1,59980%
10Mediterranean Majesty - Monte Carlo, Monaco To Rome (civitavecchia), Italy06/05/2022Monte Carlo, Monaco Rome (civitavecchia), ItalyRiviera$10,298$2,69974%
10Opulent Mediterranean - Rome (civitavecchia), Italy To Barcelona, Spain06/15/2022Rome (civitavecchia), Italy Barcelona, SpainRiviera$10,298$2,69974%
12Rivieras & Balkans - Barcelona, Spain To Venice, Italy06/25/2022Barcelona, Spain Venice, ItalyRiviera$11,898$2,99975%
10Mediterranean Coastlines - Venice, Italy To Barcelona, Spain07/17/2022Venice, Italy Barcelona, SpainNautica$9,898$2,49975%
7Iberian Impressions - Barcelona, Spain To Lisbon, Portugal07/27/2022Barcelona, Spain Lisbon, PortugalNautica$8,198$1,79978%
10Mediterranean Crossroads - Barcelona, Spain To Valletta, Malta08/15/2022Barcelona, Spain Valletta, MaltaNautica$9,298$2,19976%
10Ramblas To Renaissance - Barcelona, Spain To Rome (civitavecchia), Italy08/18/2022Barcelona, Spain Rome (civitavecchia), ItalyRiviera$9,398$2,29976%
7Adriatic Bliss - Rome (civitavecchia), Italy To Venice, Italy08/28/2022Rome (civitavecchia), Italy Venice, ItalyRiviera$7,698$1,64979%
10Canals To Catalonia - Venice, Italy To Barcelona, Spain09/16/2022Venice, Italy Barcelona, SpainNautica$8,898$2,19975%
7Ramblas & The Rivieras - Rome (civitavecchia), Italy To Barcelona, Spain09/26/2022Rome (civitavecchia), Italy Barcelona, SpainRiviera$7,298$1,49979%
10Opulent Mediterranean - Barcelona, Spain To Rome (civitavecchia), Italy09/26/2022Barcelona, Spain Rome (civitavecchia), ItalyNautica$8,898$2,19975%
10Mediterranean Vintages - Barcelona, Spain To Lisbon, Portugal10/03/2022Barcelona, Spain Lisbon, PortugalRiviera$8,898$2,19975%
7Iberian Impressions - Lisbon, Portugal To Barcelona, Spain10/11/2022Lisbon, Portugal Barcelona, SpainMarina$7,398$1,49980%
11Southern Europe Icons - Lisbon, Portugal To Rome (civitavecchia), Italy10/13/2022Lisbon, Portugal Rome (civitavecchia), ItalyRiviera$9,098$2,29975%
7Idyllic Iberia - Bilbao, Spain To Lisbon, Portugal10/18/2022Bilbao, Spain Lisbon, PortugalSirena$7,098$1,39980%
11Dazzling Mediterranean - Rome (civitavecchia), Italy To Monte Carlo, Monaco10/24/2022Rome (civitavecchia), Italy Monte Carlo, MonacoRiviera$9,098$2,29975%
10Regal Shores Rhapsody - Monte Carlo, Monaco To Venice, Italy11/04/2022Monte Carlo, Monaco Venice, ItalyRiviera$8,498$2,04976%
8Rivieras & Retreats - Rome (civitavecchia), Italy To Monte Carlo, Monaco11/11/2022Rome (civitavecchia), Italy Monte Carlo, MonacoMarina$7,098$1,34981%
7Adriatic Bliss - Venice, Italy To Rome (civitavecchia), Italy11/14/2022Venice, Italy Rome (civitavecchia), ItalyRiviera$7,798$1,79977%
198Continental Connoisseur - Miami, Florida To San Francisco, California12/28/2022Miami, Florida San Francisco, CaliforniaInsignia$134,998$45,49966%
214Supreme Sojourn - Miami, Florida To Miami, Florida12/28/2022Miami, Florida Miami, FloridaInsignia$148,798$49,99966%
218Global Expedition - Miami, Florida To New York, New York12/28/2022Miami, Florida New York, New YorkInsignia$148,798$49,99966%
180Around The World In 180 Days - San Francisco, California To San Francisco, California01/15/2023San Francisco, California San Francisco, CaliforniaInsignia$122,998$41,59966%
200Coast To Coast Quest - San Francisco, California To New York, New York01/15/2023San Francisco, California New York, New YorkInsignia$136,598$45,99966%

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