Ponant cruises ships feature a small capacity of guests which ensures docking in small and private ports. A highlight of Ponant is sailings are truly unique cruises to special destinations throughout the World without crowds. Highlighted are Theme Ponant cruises featuring food and wine, with classical music to golf, theatre and photography cruises. Most enjoyable is the ability to mingle and meet for exchanges with the talented artists aboard your sailing.

Ponant Cruises 2021 – 2022 sailings are discounted at Pavlus Travel. Never pay retail prices for your Ponant Cruise. Nothing better than sailing on the Le Soleal and the Le Lyrial with savings. Ponant cruise deals offer up to Pre-Paid Gratuities, Complementary Beverages, Ship Board Credits and Guided Expedition Landings. Price quotes at 800.528.9300.

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Pavlus Price
8The Essential Cape Verde & Bijagos - With National Geographic03/30/2021Praia DakarL'austral$5,150$4,8935%
14Madagascar & South Africa04/12/2021Zanzibar Cape TownJacques Cartier$8,100$7,6955%
8South Africa & Namibia04/21/2021Durban Walvis BayLe Lyrial$4,290$4,0765%
18Napoleon Cruise04/26/2021Cape Town DakarJacques Cartier$12,670$12,0375%
15Napoleon Cruise04/29/2021Walvis Bay PraiaLe Lyrial$11,255$10,6925%
7On The Trail Of The Gold Prospectors06/14/2021Vancouver Juneau, AlaskaLe Soleal$6,580$6,2515%
7On The Trail Of The Gold Prospectors06/21/2021Juneau, Alaska VancouverLe Soleal$6,290$5,9765%
7On The Trail Of The Gold Prospectors06/28/2021Vancouver Juneau, AlaskaLe Soleal$6,320$6,0045%
7On The Trail Of The Gold Prospectors07/05/2021Juneau, Alaska VancouverLe Soleal$6,290$5,9765%
7On The Trail Of The Gold Prospectors07/12/2021Vancouver Juneau, AlaskaLe Soleal$6,320$6,0045%
7On The Trail Of The Gold Prospectors08/02/2021Juneau, Alaska VancouverLe Soleal$6,290$5,9765%
7On The Trail Of The Gold Prospectors08/09/2021Vancouver Juneau, AlaskaLe Soleal$6,320$6,0045%
12Wildlife And Forests Of Alaska08/23/2021Vancouver Seward, AlaskaLe Soleal$8,800$8,3605%
24The Northwest Passage09/07/2021Reykjavík Nome, AlaskaLe Commandant Charcot$47,160$44,8025%
14Alaska And Its Fur Traders - With National Geographic09/23/2021Nome, Alaska VancouverL'austral$11,350$10,7835%
15The Great Adventure03/04/2021Ushuaia MontevideoL'austral$11,275$10,7115%
21From Antarctica To Africa03/07/2021Ushuaia Cape TownLe Lyrial$10,573$10,0445%
18The Emperor Penguins Of Bellingshausen Sea11/01/2021Puerto Montt UshuaiaLe Commandant Charcot$36,510$34,6855%
14Expedition To Charcot & Peter I Islands11/19/2021Ushuaia UshuaiaLe Commandant Charcot$15,220$14,4595%
11The Weddell Sea & Larsen Ice Shelf12/03/2021Ushuaia UshuaiaLe Commandant Charcot$12,700$12,0655%
14Expedition To Charcot & Peter I Islands12/14/2021Ushuaia UshuaiaLe Commandant Charcot$15,220$14,4595%
11The Weddell Sea & Larsen Ice Shelf12/28/2021Ushuaia UshuaiaLe Commandant Charcot$13,860$13,1675%
14Expedition To Charcot & Peter I Islands - With National Geographic01/08/2022Ushuaia UshuaiaLe Commandant Charcot$17,320$16,4545%
11The Weddell Sea & Larsen Ice Shelf - With National Geographic01/22/2022Ushuaia UshuaiaLe Commandant Charcot$14,440$13,7185%
14Expedition To Charcot & Peter I Islands02/02/2022Ushuaia UshuaiaLe Commandant Charcot$15,220$14,4595%
24The Ross Sea02/16/2022Ushuaia UshuaiaLe Commandant Charcot$30,290$28,7765%
11The Weddell Sea & Larsen Ice Shelf03/14/2022Ushuaia UshuaiaLe Commandant Charcot$12,700$12,0655%
11The Weddell Sea & Larsen Ice Shelf03/25/2022Ushuaia UshuaiaLe Commandant Charcot$12,700$12,0655%
17The Weddell Sea & The South Sandwich Islands04/05/2022Ushuaia MontevideoLe Commandant Charcot$18,990$18,0415%
10At The Genesis Of The French Polar Expeditions06/14/2021Reykjavík Reykjavík Le Commandant Charcot$13,160$12,5025%
15The Geographic North Pole07/24/2021Longyearbyen, Spitsbergen Reykjavík Le Commandant Charcot$36,020$34,2195%
15The Geographic North Pole08/23/2021Longyearbyen, Spitsbergen Reykjavík Le Commandant Charcot$36,020$34,2195%
7Music Along Vietnamese Shores03/06/2021Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) HaiphongLe Laperouse$4,520$4,2945%
14Asia, A Blend Of Tradition And Modernity03/13/2021Haiphong OsakaLe Laperouse$8,430$8,0095%
11Japanese Shores04/07/2021Otaru, Hokkaido OsakaLe Laperouse$8,970$8,5225%
8The Best Of Japan05/12/2021Maizuru OsakaLe Laperouse$8,000$7,6005%
8The Best Of Japan06/04/2021Maizuru OsakaLe Laperouse$6,230$5,9195%
8The Best Of Japan06/20/2021Maizuru OsakaLe Laperouse$6,850$6,5085%
9Japanese Subtropical Islands06/28/2021Osaka ManilaLe Laperouse$6,760$6,4225%
13The Secrets Of The Malay Archipelago07/07/2021Manila DarwinLe Laperouse$9,560$9,0825%
11Japanese Shores10/18/2021Otaru, Hokkaido OsakaLe Soleal$6,370$6,0525%
8The Best Of Japan10/29/2021Osaka MaizuruLe Soleal$4,630$4,3995%
8The Best Of Japan11/06/2021Maizuru OsakaLe Soleal$4,630$4,3995%
9Exploring Ogasawara Islands11/14/2021Osaka GuamLe Soleal$5,000$4,7505%
10Cape Verde And Canary Islands04/07/2021Dakar LisbonL'austral$4,150$3,9435%
9Gastronomy, Vineyards & Grands Crus04/17/2021Lisbon Saint-MaloL'austral$5,120$4,8645%
13Cape Verde, Canary Islands & Andalusian-arabic Heritage05/14/2021Praia Palermo, SicilyLe Lyrial$6,560$6,2325%
12Highlights Of Southern Australia03/27/2021Melbourne FremantleLe Bellot$9,100$8,6455%
10Chairman's Cruise - Australia's West Coast Odyssey 04/08/2021Fremantle BroomeLe Bellot$11,680$11,0965%
10Australia's Iconic Kimberley04/18/2021Broome DarwinLe Bellot$10,060$9,5575%
10Australia's Iconic Kimberley04/28/2021Darwin BroomeLe Bellot$9,520$9,0445%
10Australia's Iconic Kimberley05/18/2021Darwin BroomeLe Bellot$10,530$10,0045%
10Australia's Iconic Kimberley06/07/2021Darwin BroomeLe Bellot$9,520$9,0445%
10Australia's Iconic Kimberley06/27/2021Darwin BroomeLe Bellot$9,520$9,0445%
10Australia's Iconic Kimberley07/17/2021Darwin BroomeLe Bellot$10,530$10,0045%
10Australia's Iconic Kimberley08/18/2021Darwin BroomeLe Bellot$9,520$9,0445%
10Australia's Iconic Kimberley08/28/2021Broome DarwinLe Bellot$8,980$8,5315%
10Australia's Iconic Kimberley09/07/2021Darwin BroomeLe Bellot$9,520$9,0445%
13Aboriginal Art Of The Kimberley And Tiwi Islands - With National Geographic09/17/2021Broome DarwinLe Bellot$11,220$10,6595%
7Historic Cities Of The Baltic Sea05/18/2021Copenhagen StockholmLe Champlain$5,840$5,5485%
7Historic Cities Of The Baltic Sea06/22/2021Stockholm CopenhagenLe Champlain$5,830$5,5395%
10Baltic Sea, Scotland And Iceland07/08/2021Saint Petersburg Reykjavík Le Champlain$7,710$7,3255%
14Greenland Of Great Explorers07/03/2021Longyearbyen, Spitsbergen KangerlussuaqL'austral$12,240$11,6285%
13Baffin Bay Secrets07/17/2021Kangerlussuaq KangerlussuaqL'austral$14,570$13,8425%
16Expedition To The Thule Region07/30/2021Kangerlussuaq KangerlussuaqL'austral$17,150$16,2935%
10Greenland And Newfoundland08/22/2021Reykjavík Saint Pierre Island, Saint PieLe Champlain$7,700$7,3155%
8From Saint Pierre And Miquelon To The Saint Lawrence 09/01/2021Saint Pierre Island, Saint Pie TorontoLe Champlain$5,680$5,3965%
7Great Lakes Of North America10/14/2021Milwaukee TorontoLe Champlain$16,280$15,4665%
10Discover The St. Lawrence River10/21/2021Toronto BostonLe Champlain$8,490$8,0665%
13Treasures Of Central America03/27/2021Guayaquil ColónLe Boreal$5,920$5,6245%
11Treasures Of The Caribbean Sea04/09/2021Colón MiamiLe Boreal$5,060$4,8075%
14Transatlantic Voyage From Miami To Lisbon04/20/2021Miami LisbonLe Boreal$4,880$4,6365%
7The Best Of Croatia06/04/2021Venice VeniceLe Lyrial$4,630$4,3995%
7The Best Of Croatia06/11/2021Venice VeniceLe Lyrial$4,630$4,3995%
7The Best Of Croatia06/25/2021Venice VeniceLe Lyrial$4,200$3,9905%
7The Best Of Croatia07/02/2021Venice VeniceLe Lyrial$4,210$4,0005%
7The Best Of Croatia07/09/2021Venice VeniceLe Lyrial$3,770$3,5825%
7The Cyclades And Ancient Treasures07/13/2021Athens IstanbulLe Bougainville$4,170$3,9625%
7The Cyclades And Ancient Treasures07/23/2021Athens IstanbulLe Lyrial$4,120$3,9145%
7Treasures Of The Aegean Sea07/30/2021Istanbul AthensLe Lyrial$3,410$3,2405%
10Black Sea Odyssey07/31/2021Istanbul IstanbulLe Bougainville$19,080$18,1265%
8Secrets Of The Greek Islands08/06/2021Athens AthensLe Lyrial$4,700$4,4655%
11From Scotland To Spitsbergen05/25/2021Dublin Longyearbyen, SpitsbergenL'austral$8,520$8,0945%
8Pristine Spitsbergen - With National Geographic05/27/2021Tromso Longyearbyen, SpitsbergenLe Boreal$11,010$10,4605%
7Unexplored Svalbard06/04/2021Longyearbyen, Spitsbergen Longyearbyen, SpitsbergenLe Boreal$9,840$9,3485%
7Unexplored Svalbard06/05/2021Longyearbyen, Spitsbergen Longyearbyen, SpitsbergenL'austral$9,840$9,3485%
7Unexplored Svalbard06/11/2021Longyearbyen, Spitsbergen Longyearbyen, SpitsbergenLe Boreal$9,840$9,3485%
7Unexplored Svalbard06/12/2021Longyearbyen, Spitsbergen Longyearbyen, SpitsbergenL'austral$10,400$9,8805%
7Unexplored Svalbard06/19/2021Longyearbyen, Spitsbergen Longyearbyen, SpitsbergenL'austral$9,840$9,3485%
12Discovering The Northeast Greenland National Park - With National Geographic06/24/2021Reykjavík Reykjavík Le Commandant Charcot$25,100$23,8455%
7Unexplored Svalbard06/25/2021Longyearbyen, Spitsbergen Longyearbyen, SpitsbergenLe Boreal$9,840$9,3485%
7Unexplored Svalbard06/26/2021Longyearbyen, Spitsbergen Longyearbyen, SpitsbergenL'austral$9,840$9,3485%
7Unexplored Svalbard07/02/2021Longyearbyen, Spitsbergen Longyearbyen, SpitsbergenLe Boreal$11,160$10,6025%
7Unexplored Svalbard07/09/2021Longyearbyen, Spitsbergen Longyearbyen, SpitsbergenLe Boreal$11,160$10,6025%
7Unexplored Svalbard07/23/2021Longyearbyen, Spitsbergen Longyearbyen, SpitsbergenLe Boreal$9,840$9,3485%
7Unexplored Svalbard07/30/2021Longyearbyen, Spitsbergen Longyearbyen, SpitsbergenLe Boreal$9,840$9,3485%
7Icelandic Mosaic08/04/2021Reykjavík Reykjavík Jacques Cartier$4,970$4,7225%
7Icelandic Mosaic08/08/2021Reykjavík Reykjavík Le Champlain$4,680$4,4465%
15The Geographic North Pole08/08/2021Reykjavík Longyearbyen, SpitsbergenLe Commandant Charcot$39,620$37,6395%
7Icelandic Mosaic08/11/2021Reykjavík Reykjavík Jacques Cartier$4,680$4,4465%
7Icelandic Mosaic08/15/2021Reykjavík Reykjavík Le Champlain$4,680$4,4465%
15Expedition Along The East Coast Of Greenland - With National Geographic08/15/2021Kangerlussuaq TromsoL'austral$13,370$12,7025%
7Icelandic Mosaic08/18/2021Reykjavík Reykjavík Jacques Cartier$4,970$4,7225%
7Icelandic Mosaic08/25/2021Reykjavík Reykjavík Jacques Cartier$4,970$4,7225%
7Icelandic Mosaic09/01/2021Reykjavík Reykjavík Jacques Cartier$5,270$5,0075%
8The Essential Seychelles 03/04/2021Victoria, Mahé Victoria, MahéLe Bougainville$4,530$4,3045%
12Madagascar, Réunion & Mauritius03/05/2021Port Louis Victoria, MahéJacques Cartier$8,350$7,9335%
12Zanzibar & The Treasures Of The Indian Ocean03/12/2021Victoria, Mahé ZanzibarLe Bougainville$8,350$7,9335%
12Madagascar, Réunion & Mauritius03/17/2021Victoria, Mahé Port LouisJacques Cartier$8,810$8,3705%
12Zanzibar & The Treasures Of The Indian Ocean03/24/2021Zanzibar Victoria, MahéLe Bougainville$8,820$8,3795%
8Along The South-african Coastline03/28/2021Cape Town DurbanLe Lyrial$3,640$3,4585%
14Jewels Of The Indian Ocean03/29/2021Port Louis ZanzibarJacques Cartier$8,530$8,1045%
16The Scattered Islands & Madagascar04/05/2021Durban DurbanLe Lyrial$8,550$8,1235%
7From The Tagus River To The Celtic Shores: A Musical Odyssey04/24/2021Lisbon Fairlie (Glasgow), ScotlandLe Dumont-D'urvi$4,280$4,0665%
8Treasures Of The Celtic Sea04/26/2021Saint-Malo Glasgow, ScotlandL'austral$3,520$3,3445%
7Celtic Shores05/11/2021Dublin PortsmouthL'austral$3,510$3,3355%
7Flanders And Hansa Cities05/11/2021London CopenhagenLe Champlain$4,280$4,0665%
7Strings And Winds05/12/2021London BergenLe Boreal$3,980$3,7815%
8Norway's Fjords And Islands05/19/2021Bergen TromsoLe Boreal$5,760$5,4725%
14Inaugural Cruise - In The Wake Of Captain Jean-baptiste Charcot05/31/2021Le Havre Reykjavík Le Commandant Charcot$18,150$17,2435%
7Iceland And Inner Hebrides09/08/2021Reykjavík Glasgow, ScotlandJacques Cartier$9,820$9,3295%
7Ocean Voyage: Talcahuano - Hanga Roa03/31/2021Talcahuano Hanga Roa, Easter IslandLe Soleal$1,760$1,6725%
8Ocean Voyage: Dakar - Honfleur05/14/2021Dakar HonfleurJacques Cartier$2,110$2,0055%
3Ocean Voyage: Edinburgh - Reykjavik06/06/2021Edinburgh, Scotland Reykjavík Jacques Cartier$1,070$1,0175%
8Ocean Voyage: Honolulu - Vancouver06/06/2021Honolulu, Hawaii VancouverLe Soleal$1,970$1,8725%
2Ocean Voyage: Glasgow - Bergen06/28/2021Glasgow, Scotland BergenLe Dumont-D'urvi$800$7605%
2Ocean Voyage: Bergen - Copenhagen07/15/2021Bergen CopenhagenLe Dumont-D'urvi$800$7605%
2Ocean Voyage: Stockholm - Oslo08/10/2021Stockholm OsloLe Dumont-D'urvi$800$7605%
6Ocean Voyage: Oslo - Lisbon09/09/2021Oslo LisbonLe Dumont-D'urvi$1,650$1,5685%
12The Essential Kimberley - With National Geographic08/06/2021Darwin DarwinLe Bellot$10,240$9,7285%
12The Essential Kimberley - With National Geographic08/29/2021Darwin DarwinLe Laperouse$10,240$9,7285%
13Polynesia & Easter Island04/07/2021Hanga Roa, Easter Island Papeete, Tahiti IslandLe Soleal$6,080$5,7765%
9Polynesia: The Austral Islands & Bora Bora05/04/2021Papeete, Tahiti Island Papeete, Tahiti IslandLe Soleal$5,570$5,2925%
9Treasures Of Polynesia05/13/2021Papeete, Tahiti Island Papeete, Tahiti IslandLe Soleal$5,180$4,9215%
15Treasures Of The Marine World With The Oceanographic Institute Of Monaco05/22/2021Papeete, Tahiti Island Honolulu, HawaiiLe Soleal$6,190$5,8815%
24The Northeast Passage08/30/2021Tromso Nome, AlaskaL'austral$31,700$30,1155%
16Fire And Ice In The Arctic09/04/2021Seward, Alaska Nome, AlaskaLe Soleal$13,080$12,4265%
14The Best Of Kamtchatka - With National Geographic09/20/2021Nome, Alaska Petropavlovsk-KamchatskyLe Soleal$12,510$11,8855%
14Fire And Ice In The Arctic09/21/2021Nome, Alaska Seward, AlaskaLe Boreal$12,340$11,7235%
14The Sea Of Okhotsk - With National Geographic10/04/2021Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky Otaru, HokkaidoLe Soleal$10,610$10,0805%
12Adventure In Patagonia03/05/2021Ushuaia TalcahuanoLe Soleal$8,040$7,6385%
10The Caribbean & French Guiana03/10/2021Fort-de-France CayenneLe Dumont-D'urvi$4,960$4,7125%
13Cordillera & Andean Secrets03/14/2021Talcahuano GuayaquilLe Boreal$5,840$5,5485%
12Discover The Amazon03/20/2021Cayenne CayenneLe Dumont-D'urvi$9,300$8,8355%
11Ocean Voyage: Cayenne - Lisbon04/13/2021Cayenne LisbonLe Dumont-D'urvi$2,810$2,6705%
76th Annual Piano Festival At Sea06/07/2021Civitavecchia (Roma) Palermo, SicilyLe Bougainville$6,330$6,0145%
7The Best Of Croatia06/18/2021Venice VeniceLe Lyrial$4,420$4,1995%
7From The Serenissima To The City Of Gods07/16/2021Venice AthensLe Lyrial$5,840$5,5485%
7From The Serenissima To The City Of Gods09/04/2021Venice AthensLe Bougainville$4,630$4,3995%
7From Barcelona To Lisbon: Laureates Of The Queen Elisabeth Competition10/07/2021Barcelona LisbonLe Lyrial$4,210$4,0005%

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Expedition on a Ponant cruise for 2021 or 2022 means selecting a blend of luxury, exploring and significant comfort, adventure and refinement... in the heart of the most remote regions of the World. The expedition cruises of Ponant not only give you the chance to journey on board a luxury small ship, but also to enjoy outstanding services and go on a voyage of discovery to far-flung corners of our earth, accompanied by experts on the regions visited.Make your dream come true in Antarctica, go in search of Inuits, dive into the crystal-clear waters of the Seychelles, observe the diverse fauna and explore the dense jungle of Central America. The size of our ships makes it possible to get to hard-to-reach areas, giving you the chance to discover hidden spots unavailable to the larger ships which sale the oceans. One common question by many: is Ponant all inclusive? Simply ask one of the Pavlus Team for a complete reply.
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