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14Splendorous Scandinavia & The Kiel - Dublin, Ireland To Copenhagen, Denmark07/14/2020Dublin, Ireland Copenhagen, DenmarkSeven Seas Navigator$24,398$8,19966%
34Regal Beauty - Dublin, Ireland To Amsterdam, Netherlands07/14/2020Dublin, Ireland Amsterdam, NetherlandsSeven Seas Navigator$53,798$20,69962%
30Icelandic Wonder & Baltic Beauty - Reykjavik, Iceland To Copenhagen, Denmark06/16/2021Reykjavik, Iceland Copenhagen, DenmarkSeven Seas Navigator$49,598$17,39965%
16Marvelous Amsterdam & The Kiel - London (southampton), Uk To Copenhagen, Denmark06/30/2021London (southampton), Uk Copenhagen, DenmarkSeven Seas Navigator$29,598$9,79967%
12Harvest In Halifax - Montreal, Canada To New York, New York10/18/2020Montreal, Canada New York, New YorkSeven Seas Navigator$14,998$5,99960%
16Caribbean Delights - New York, New York To Miami, Florida10/30/2020New York, New York Miami, FloridaSeven Seas Navigator$14,898$5,54963%
10Sophisticated Shores - New York, New York To Montreal, Canada09/02/2021New York, New York Montreal, CanadaSeven Seas Navigator$13,998$4,69966%
12Season Of The Sun - Montreal, Canada To Miami, Florida10/24/2021Montreal, Canada Miami, FloridaSeven Seas Navigator$16,598$5,99964%
20Arctic Exploration - Copenhagen, Denmark To Amsterdam, Netherlands07/28/2020Copenhagen, Denmark Amsterdam, NetherlandsSeven Seas Navigator$34,398$12,59963%
16Summer In Greenland - New York, New York To Reykjavik, Iceland05/31/2021New York, New York Reykjavik, IcelandSeven Seas Navigator$24,998$8,79965%
30Between Fire & Ice - New York, New York To London (southampton), Uk05/31/2021New York, New York London (southampton), UkSeven Seas Navigator$46,398$16,44965%
14Inspired Icleand & The Isles - Reykjavik, Iceland To London (southampton), Uk06/16/2021Reykjavik, Iceland London (southampton), UkSeven Seas Navigator$26,998$8,69968%
20Arctic Coasts, Cliffs & Fjords - Copenhagen, Denmark To Amsterdam, Netherlands07/16/2021Copenhagen, Denmark Amsterdam, NetherlandsSeven Seas Navigator$36,598$12,39966%
12Rustic Acadia & Beyond - Montreal, Canada To New York, New York09/26/2020Montreal, Canada New York, New YorkSeven Seas Navigator$19,998$8,59957%
10Arrival Of Fall - New York, New York To Montreal, Canada10/08/2020New York, New York Montreal, CanadaSeven Seas Navigator$18,198$7,69958%
10Colorful Coasts Of Canada - Montreal, Canada To New York, New York09/12/2021Montreal, Canada New York, New YorkSeven Seas Navigator$18,798$7,09962%
12Autumn Debut - New York, New York To Montreal, Canada09/22/2021New York, New York Montreal, CanadaSeven Seas Navigator$21,998$8,69960%
10Fall Awakening - Montreal, Canada To New York, New York10/04/2021Montreal, Canada New York, New YorkSeven Seas Navigator$19,398$7,39962%
10Lighthouses & Leaves - New York, New York To Montreal, Canada10/14/2021New York, New York Montreal, CanadaSeven Seas Navigator$18,998$7,19962%
15Isles Of The Atlantic - Barcelona, Spain To Montreal, Canada09/11/2020Barcelona, Spain Montreal, CanadaSeven Seas Navigator$15,998$4,69971%
16Iberian-atlantic Crossing - Barcelona, Spain To New York, New York08/17/2021Barcelona, Spain New York, New YorkSeven Seas Navigator$19,998$6,29969%
12Bermudian Spring - New York, New York To London (southampton), Uk04/03/2022New York, New York London (southampton), UkSeven Seas Navigator$14,998$4,09973%
12Spices & Sandy Beaches - Miami, Florida To Miami, Florida12/10/2020Miami, Florida Miami, FloridaSeven Seas Navigator$11,398$4,29962%
14Awe Of Aruba - Miami, Florida To Miami, Florida04/27/2021Miami, Florida Miami, FloridaSeven Seas Navigator$16,998$5,69966%
15Bonaire, Bermuda & Brooklyn - Miami, Florida To New York, New York05/16/2021Miami, Florida New York, New YorkSeven Seas Navigator$14,398$4,39969%
12Tropical Marvels - San Juan, Puerto Rico To Cartagena, Colombia01/13/2022San Juan, Puerto Rico Cartagena, ColombiaSeven Seas Navigator$16,998$5,59967%
10Luminous Shores - Miami, Florida To Bridgetown, Barbados02/05/2022Miami, Florida Bridgetown, BarbadosSeven Seas Navigator$13,398$4,19969%
10Barbados In Bliss - Bridgetown, Barbados To Bridgetown, Barbados02/15/2022Bridgetown, Barbados Bridgetown, BarbadosSeven Seas Navigator$13,598$4,19969%
12Caribbean Warmth - Bridgetown, Barbados To Miami, Florida02/25/2022Bridgetown, Barbados Miami, FloridaSeven Seas Navigator$14,598$4,79967%
11Welcome To Paradise - Miami, Florida To Miami, Florida03/09/2022Miami, Florida Miami, FloridaSeven Seas Navigator$14,598$4,99966%
14Island Life - Miami, Florida To New York, New York03/20/2022Miami, Florida New York, New YorkSeven Seas Navigator$14,398$4,39969%
94Grand Arctic Adventure - New York, New York To New York, New York05/31/2021New York, New York New York, New YorkSeven Seas Navigator$124,998$45,64963%
62Circle South America - Miami, Florida To Miami, Florida11/05/2021Miami, Florida Miami, FloridaSeven Seas Navigator$78,998$27,74965%
15Best Beaches Of Bora Bora - Honolulu, Oahu To Papeete (tahiti), French Polynesia01/15/2021Honolulu, Oahu Papeete (tahiti), French PolynesiaSeven Seas Navigator$24,998$7,39970%
10Cruising The South Pacific - Papeete (tahiti), French Polynesia To Papeete (tahiti), French Polynesia01/30/2021Papeete (tahiti), French Polynesia Papeete (tahiti), French PolynesiaSeven Seas Navigator$24,798$3,79985%
10Romance Of Paradise - Papeete (tahiti), French Polynesia To Papeete (tahiti), French Polynesia02/09/2021Papeete (tahiti), French Polynesia Papeete (tahiti), French PolynesiaSeven Seas Navigator$24,798$3,79985%
10Lagoons & Lush Peaks - Papeete (tahiti), French Polynesia To Papeete (tahiti), French Polynesia02/19/2021Papeete (tahiti), French Polynesia Papeete (tahiti), French PolynesiaSeven Seas Navigator$24,798$3,79985%
18Wayfinding And Moai Magic - Papeete (tahiti), French Polynesia To Lima (callao), Peru03/01/2021Papeete (tahiti), French Polynesia Lima (callao), PeruSeven Seas Navigator$30,998$7,49976%
24Grand Pacific Holiday - Miami, Florida To Honolulu, Oahu12/22/2020Miami, Florida Honolulu, OahuSeven Seas Navigator$24,598$9,39962%
14Peru, Panama & Pristine Shores - Lima (callao), Peru To Miami, Florida03/19/2021Lima (callao), Peru Miami, FloridaSeven Seas Navigator$23,598$7,59968%
25Glories Of The Amazon - Miami, Florida To Miami, Florida11/15/2020Miami, Florida Miami, FloridaSeven Seas Navigator$24,398$9,69960%
25Amazon Celebration - Miami, Florida To Miami, Florida04/02/2021Miami, Florida Miami, FloridaSeven Seas Navigator$25,998$9,19965%
18Beaches & Brazil - Miami, Florida To Rio De Janeiro, Brazil11/05/2021Miami, Florida Rio De Janeiro, BrazilSeven Seas Navigator$24,598$7,29970%
28Brazilian Brilliance - Miami, Florida To Buenos Aires, Argentina11/05/2021Miami, Florida Buenos Aires, ArgentinaSeven Seas Navigator$38,398$11,44970%
10Charms Of South America - Rio De Janeiro, Brazil To Buenos Aires, Argentina11/23/2021Rio De Janeiro, Brazil Buenos Aires, ArgentinaSeven Seas Navigator$20,798$4,89976%
16Lands Of Fire, Peaks Of Ice - Buenos Aires, Argentina To Santiago (san Antonio), Chile12/03/2021Buenos Aires, Argentina Santiago (san Antonio), ChileSeven Seas Navigator$29,998$8,99970%
34Around The Horn & Across The Canal - Buenos Aires, Argentina To Miami, Florida12/03/2021Buenos Aires, Argentina Miami, FloridaSeven Seas Navigator$49,398$16,59966%
18Callao, Canal & Costa Maya - Santiago (san Antonio), Chile To Miami, Florida12/19/2021Santiago (san Antonio), Chile Miami, FloridaSeven Seas Navigator$26,798$8,69968%
7Islands In Bloom - Miami, Florida To San Juan, Puerto Rico01/06/2022Miami, Florida San Juan, Puerto RicoSeven Seas Navigator$9,998$3,19968%
30The Complete Caribbean - Miami, Florida To Miami, Florida01/06/2022Miami, Florida Miami, FloridaSeven Seas Navigator$38,398$13,39965%
11Sun, Sand & Sails - Cartagena, Colombia To Miami, Florida01/25/2022Cartagena, Colombia Miami, FloridaSeven Seas Navigator$15,998$5,09968%
11Emphatically Europe - Amsterdam, Netherlands To Barcelona, Spain08/17/2020Amsterdam, Netherlands Barcelona, SpainSeven Seas Navigator$20,198$6,59967%
12South For The Summer - Amsterdam, Netherlands To Barcelona, Spain08/05/2021Amsterdam, Netherlands Barcelona, SpainSeven Seas Navigator$22,798$6,99969%
28Mokum To Manhattan - Amsterdam, Netherlands To New York, New York08/05/2021Amsterdam, Netherlands New York, New YorkSeven Seas Navigator$37,598$12,49967%

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$$ = Group Amenities Included

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