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31Icons Of South America & Antarctica - Cruise & Land Journey10/23/2022Guayaquil Buenos AiresScenic Eclipse I$36,125$34,3195%
26Ultimate Chilean Fjords & Antarctica10/29/2022Santiago Buenos AiresScenic Eclipse I$35,072$33,3185%
13Antarctica In Depth11/10/2022Buenos Aires Buenos AiresScenic Eclipse I$19,925$18,9295%
26Antarctica, South Georgia & Patagonia - Cruise & Land Journey11/15/2022El Calafate Buenos AiresScenic Eclipse I$38,495$36,5705%
20Antarctica, South Georgia & Falkland Islands11/21/2022Buenos Aires MontevideoScenic Eclipse I$30,615$29,0845%
29Antarctica, South Georgia, Argentina & Brazil - Cruise & Land Journey11/21/2022Buenos Aires Rio de JaneiroScenic Eclipse I$35,995$34,1955%
13Antarctica In Depth12/09/2022Buenos Aires Buenos AiresScenic Eclipse I$20,425$19,4045%
13Antarctica In Depth01/03/2023Buenos Aires Buenos AiresScenic Eclipse I$27,795$26,4055%
13Antarctica In Depth01/14/2023Buenos Aires Buenos AiresScenic Eclipse I$20,425$19,4045%
21Antarctica, Argentina & Brazil - Cruise & Land Journey01/14/2023Rio de Janeiro Buenos AiresScenic Eclipse I$25,925$24,6295%
30South American Treasures & Antarctica - Cruise & Land Journey01/19/2023Guayaquil Buenos AiresScenic Eclipse I$34,725$32,9895%
19Antarctica & Argentinean Patagonia - Cruise & Land Journey01/19/2023El Calafate Buenos AiresScenic Eclipse I$52,614$49,9835%
13Antarctica In Depth01/25/2023Buenos Aires Buenos AiresScenic Eclipse I$42,514$40,3885%
13Antarctica In Depth02/05/2023Buenos Aires Buenos AiresScenic Eclipse I$21,025$19,9745%
21Antarctica & Torres Del Paine - Cruise & Land Journey02/05/2023Buenos Aires SantiagoScenic Eclipse I$30,825$29,2845%
30Antarctica, South Georgia & Peru - Cruise & Land Journey02/06/2023Lima Buenos AiresScenic Eclipse I$71,744$68,1575%
20Antarctica, South Georgia & Falkland Islands02/16/2023Buenos Aires MontevideoScenic Eclipse I$64,934$61,6875%
29Antarctica, South Georgia, Argentina & Brazil - Cruise & Land Journey02/16/2023Buenos Aires Rio de JaneiroScenic Eclipse I$72,144$68,5375%
33Ultimate Antarctica, South Georgia, Falkland Islands & Chilean Fjords02/16/2023Buenos Aires SantiagoScenic Eclipse I$98,788$93,8495%
20Antarctica, South Georgia & Falkland Islands11/04/2023Buenos Aires MontevideoScenic Eclipse I$27,495$26,1205%
13Antarctica In Depth11/21/2023Buenos Aires Buenos AiresScenic Eclipse I$17,995$17,0955%
21Antarctica & Torres Del Paine - Cruise & Land Journey11/21/2023Buenos Aires SantiagoScenic Eclipse I$29,190$27,7315%
13Antarctica In Depth12/02/2023Buenos Aires Buenos AiresScenic Eclipse I$17,995$17,0955%
10Antarctica Insights: Cruise & Fly12/18/2023Buenos Aires Punta ArenasScenic Eclipse II$19,195$18,2355%
9Wild Antarctica: Fly The Drake12/25/2023Punta Arenas Punta ArenasScenic Eclipse II$16,995$16,1455%
13Antarctica In Depth12/27/2023Buenos Aires Buenos AiresScenic Eclipse I$17,995$17,0955%
9Antarctica Insights: Fly & Cruise12/31/2023Punta Arenas Buenos AiresScenic Eclipse II$18,995$18,0455%
13Antarctica In Depth01/07/2024Buenos Aires Buenos AiresScenic Eclipse I$17,995$17,0955%
10Antarctica Insights: Cruise & Fly01/07/2024Buenos Aires Punta ArenasScenic Eclipse II$19,195$18,2355%
21Antarctica, Argentina & Brazil - Cruise & Land Journey01/10/2024Rio de Janeiro Buenos AiresScenic Eclipse I$23,790$22,6015%
9Wild Antarctica: Fly The Drake01/14/2024Punta Arenas Punta ArenasScenic Eclipse II$16,995$16,1455%
13Antarctica In Depth01/18/2024Buenos Aires Buenos AiresScenic Eclipse I$17,995$17,0955%
21Antarctica & Torres Del Paine - Cruise & Land Journey01/18/2024Buenos Aires SantiagoScenic Eclipse I$29,190$27,7315%
9Antarctica Insights: Fly & Cruise01/20/2024Punta Arenas Buenos AiresScenic Eclipse II$18,995$18,0455%
10Antarctica Insights: Cruise & Fly01/27/2024Buenos Aires Punta ArenasScenic Eclipse II$19,195$18,2355%
13Antarctica In Depth01/29/2024Buenos Aires Buenos AiresScenic Eclipse I$17,995$17,0955%
9Wild Antarctica: Fly The Drake02/03/2024Punta Arenas Punta ArenasScenic Eclipse II$16,995$16,1455%
9Antarctica Insights: Fly & Cruise02/09/2024Punta Arenas Buenos AiresScenic Eclipse II$18,995$18,0455%
16Beyond The Antarctic Circle02/09/2024Buenos Aires Buenos AiresScenic Eclipse I$21,995$20,8955%
10Antarctica Insights: Cruise & Fly02/16/2024Buenos Aires Punta ArenasScenic Eclipse II$19,195$18,2355%
20Antarctica & Chilean Fjords02/23/2024Punta Arenas SantiagoScenic Eclipse II$20,295$19,2805%
20Antarctica, South Georgia & Falkland Islands02/23/2024Buenos Aires MontevideoScenic Eclipse I$28,395$26,9755%
14Across The Arctic Circle06/30/2022Bergen OsloScenic Eclipse II$18,245$17,3335%
12Arctic In Depth07/12/2022Oslo OsloScenic Eclipse II$16,465$15,6425%
25Ultimate Arctic Islands: Svalbard, Greenland & Iceland07/12/2022Oslo ReykjavikScenic Eclipse I$35,295$33,5305%
15Arctic Islands: Svalbard, Greenland & Iceland07/22/2022Oslo ReykjavikScenic Eclipse I$18,815$17,8745%
19Explore The High Arctic & Iceland - Cruise & Land Journey07/29/2022Reykjavik CopenhagenScenic Eclipse II$20,335$19,3185%
12Exploring The High Arctic08/05/2022Reykjavik CopenhagenScenic Eclipse I$14,435$13,7135%
32Ultimate Arctic & Northwest Passage08/05/2022Reykjavik AnchorageScenic Eclipse I$44,805$42,5655%
21Unlocking The Northwest Passage08/16/2022Copenhagen AnchorageScenic Eclipse I$30,595$29,0655%
23Scandinavian & Arctic Circle Discovery - Cruise & Land Journey06/10/2023Copenhagen OsloScenic Eclipse II$34,115$32,4095%
14Across The Arctic Circle06/19/2023Bergen OsloScenic Eclipse II$26,515$25,1895%
24Ultimate Arctic In Depth06/19/2023Bergen OsloScenic Eclipse II$49,105$46,6505%
18Arctic & Scandinavia In Depth - Cruise & Land Journey06/25/2023Copenhagen OsloScenic Eclipse II$21,695$20,6105%
12Arctic In Depth07/01/2023Oslo OsloScenic Eclipse II$15,195$14,4355%
15Arctic Islands: Svalbard, Greenland & Iceland07/11/2023Oslo ReykjavikScenic Eclipse I$17,905$17,0105%
38Ultimate Russian Arctic07/25/2023Vladivostok TromsoScenic Eclipse I$49,629$47,1485%
19Explore The High Arctic & Iceland - Cruise & Land Journey07/26/2023Reykjavik CopenhagenScenic Eclipse II$34,615$32,8845%
12Exploring The High Arctic08/02/2023Reykjavik CopenhagenScenic Eclipse I$13,225$12,5645%
19Scandinavia & The High Arctic - Cruise & Land Journey08/02/2023Reykjavik OsloScenic Eclipse II$19,725$18,7395%
12Beyond The Arctic Circle07/12/2024Tromso OsloScenic Eclipse I$14,995$14,2455%
15Arctic Islands Svalbard, Greenland & Iceland07/22/2024Oslo ReykjavikScenic Eclipse I$18,495$17,5705%
12Japan: A Journey Through Time06/21/2023Sapporo OsakaScenic Eclipse I$15,210$14,4505%
23Ultimate Japan Circumnavigation06/21/2023Sapporo SapporoScenic Eclipse I$32,550$30,9235%
21Japan: Ancient Traditions & Modern Worlds - Cruise & Land Journey06/23/2023Tokyo SapporoScenic Eclipse I$27,325$25,9595%
12Natural Wonders Of Japan07/02/2023Osaka SapporoScenic Eclipse I$14,825$14,0845%
9Peru To Panama: Along The Andean Coast03/26/2023Panama City LimaScenic Eclipse II$7,995$7,5955%
14Central American Discovery04/03/2023Panama City Los AngelesScenic Eclipse I$9,895$9,4005%
9Sea Of Cortez In Depth04/16/2023Los Angeles Los AngelesScenic Eclipse I$7,595$7,2155%
10Baja California & Sea Of Cortez04/24/2023Los Angeles San DiegoScenic Eclipse I$7,895$7,5005%
19Ultimate Majestic Coastlines Of Baja California & West Coast04/24/2023Los Angeles VancouverScenic Eclipse I$15,390$14,6215%
9Peru To Panama: Along The Andean Coast11/08/2023Panama City LimaScenic Eclipse II$8,595$8,1655%
9Aegean Discovery05/23/2022Athens (Piraeus) Athens (Piraeus)Scenic Eclipse I$8,935$8,4885%
9Mediterranean Odyssey: Greece To Malta05/31/2022Athens (Piraeus) VallettaScenic Eclipse I$9,045$8,5935%
11Authentic Andalucía06/08/2022Valletta LisbonScenic Eclipse I$17,035$16,1835%
12Western Europe Discovery06/18/2022Lisbon BergenScenic Eclipse II$12,215$11,6045%
11Incredible Iberian Discovery04/13/2023Lisbon BarcelonaScenic Eclipse I$10,195$9,6855%
19Ultimate Mediterranean Discovery04/13/2023Lisbon Civitavecchia (Rome)Scenic Eclipse II$18,830$17,8895%
9Riviera Delights04/23/2023Barcelona Civitavecchia (Rome)Scenic Eclipse I$8,635$8,2035%
11Sorrentine Peninsula & Adriatic05/01/2023Venice Civitavecchia (Rome)Scenic Eclipse II$8,895$8,4505%
11Sorrentine Peninsula & Adriatic05/11/2023Venice Civitavecchia (Rome)Scenic Eclipse II$10,195$9,6855%
19Ultimate Adriatic & Riviera Delights05/11/2023Venice BarcelonaScenic Eclipse II$20,630$19,5995%
9Riviera Delights05/21/2023Barcelona Civitavecchia (Rome)Scenic Eclipse I$9,435$8,9635%
19Jewels Of The Russian Far East & Alaska - Cruise & Land Journey05/21/2023Vladivostok AnchorageScenic Eclipse I$22,495$21,3705%
13Jewels Of The Russian Far East05/27/2023Vladivostok AnchorageScenic Eclipse I$13,295$12,6305%
25Ultimate Russian Far East & The Kurils05/27/2023Sapporo AnchorageScenic Eclipse I$25,737$24,4505%
11Incredible Iberian Discovery05/29/2023Lisbon BarcelonaScenic Eclipse I$8,895$8,4505%
22Ultimate Iberian & Western Europe Discovery05/29/2023Barcelona BergenScenic Eclipse II$18,590$17,6615%
12Western Europe Discovery06/08/2023Lisbon BergenScenic Eclipse II$9,695$9,2105%
21Western Europe & Scandinavia - Cruise & Land Journey06/08/2023Lisbon CopenhagenScenic Eclipse II$17,195$16,3355%
13Fire & Ocean: Russia’s Kamchatka & The Kurils06/09/2023Sapporo VladivostokScenic Eclipse I$13,195$12,5355%
13Fire & Ocean: Russia’s Kamchatka & The Kurils07/13/2023Sapporo VladivostokScenic Eclipse I$14,755$14,0175%
25Ultimate Russian Far East & The Kurils07/13/2023Sapporo AnchorageScenic Eclipse I$28,857$27,4145%
13Jewels Of The Russian Far East07/25/2023Vladivostok AnchorageScenic Eclipse I$14,855$14,1125%
19Jewels Of The Russian Far East & Alaska - Cruise & Land Journey07/25/2023Vladivostok AnchorageScenic Eclipse I$24,055$22,8525%
10Iceland In Depth07/25/2023Reykjavik ReykjavikScenic Eclipse I$25,535$24,2585%
32Northeast Passage & Alaska - Cruise & Land Journey07/31/2023Anchorage TromsoScenic Eclipse I$44,445$42,2235%
26Cross The Legendary Northeast Passage08/06/2023Anchorage TromsoScenic Eclipse I$35,245$33,4835%
13Iceland & Greenland Explorer08/24/2023Copenhagen ReykjavikScenic Eclipse II$15,395$14,6255%
19Majestic Norwegian Fjords & Scandinavia - Cruise & Land Journey08/24/2023Copenhagen CopenhagenScenic Eclipse I$19,095$18,1405%
12Majestic Norwegian Fjords08/31/2023Tromso CopenhagenScenic Eclipse I$12,395$11,7755%
22Majestic Norwegian Fjords With Great European Cities08/31/2023Tromso LisbonScenic Eclipse I$21,190$20,1315%
20Scandinavia & Great European Cities - Cruise & Land Journey09/02/2023Bergen LisbonScenic Eclipse I$16,295$15,4805%
11Great European Cities09/11/2023Copenhagen LisbonScenic Eclipse I$8,795$8,3555%
11Incredible Iberian Discovery10/01/2023Lisbon BarcelonaScenic Eclipse I$8,895$8,4505%
11Incredible Iberian Discovery04/22/2024Lisbon BarcelonaScenic Eclipse I$9,195$8,7355%
9Riviera Delights05/02/2024Barcelona Civitavecchia (Rome)Scenic Eclipse I$9,295$8,8305%
11Authentic Andalucía05/18/2024Valletta LisbonScenic Eclipse I$9,195$8,7355%
10Iceland In Depth08/05/2024Reykjavik ReykjavikScenic Eclipse I$12,295$11,6805%
16Adventures Through The Inside Passage09/05/2022Vancouver AnchorageScenic Eclipse I$14,415$13,6945%
10Iconic West Coast Experience09/19/2022San Diego VancouverScenic Eclipse I$9,565$9,0875%
10Iconic West Coast Experience05/03/2023San Diego VancouverScenic Eclipse I$7,495$7,1205%
16Adventures Through The Inside Passage05/12/2023Vancouver AnchorageScenic Eclipse I$15,445$14,6735%
22Wilds Of Alaska & The Inside Passage - Cruise & Land Journey05/12/2023Vancouver AnchorageScenic Eclipse I$24,645$23,4135%
29Ultimate Inside Passage & Russian Far East05/12/2023Vancouver VladivostokScenic Eclipse I$29,829$28,3385%
21Land Of The Rising Sun - Otaru To Tokyo - Cruise & Land Journey06/21/2023Sapporo TokyoScenic Eclipse I$46,420$44,0995%
33Northeast Passage & Scandinavia - Cruise & Land Journey08/06/2023Anchorage CopenhagenScenic Eclipse I$41,745$39,6585%
14Baja & Costa Rica Discovery09/28/2022San Diego San JoseScenic Eclipse I$11,585$11,0065%
13Andean Coastal Exploration10/11/2022San Jose LimaScenic Eclipse I$9,695$9,2105%
9Latin America Delights10/21/2022Lima SantiagoScenic Eclipse II$8,695$8,2605%
13Chilean Fjords & Cape Horn10/29/2022Santiago Buenos AiresScenic Eclipse II$12,995$12,3455%
21Chilean Fjords, Cape Horn & Torres Del Paine - Cruise & Land Journey02/27/2023Santiago SantiagoScenic Eclipse I$22,375$21,2565%
13Chilean Fjords & Cape Horn03/06/2023Santiago Buenos AiresScenic Eclipse II$13,095$12,4405%
21Atacama, Chilean Fjords & Cape Horn - Cruise & Land Journey03/06/2023Buenos Aires SantiagoScenic Eclipse I$19,175$18,2165%
16Peru & Atacama Delights - Cruise & Land Journey03/12/2023Santiago LimaScenic Eclipse I$14,495$13,7705%
9Latin America Delights03/18/2023Lima SantiagoScenic Eclipse II$8,695$8,2605%
16Latin America Delights & Peru - Cruise & Land Journey03/19/2023Santiago CuzcoScenic Eclipse I$14,895$14,1505%
18Grand Voyage Of Discovery10/11/2023Lisbon Rio de JaneiroScenic Eclipse I$11,975$11,3765%
9Latin America Delights11/16/2023Lima SantiagoScenic Eclipse II$9,835$9,3435%
13Chilean Fjords & Cape Horn11/24/2023Santiago Buenos AiresScenic Eclipse II$13,695$13,0105%
18Grand Voyage Of Discovery03/21/2024Lisbon Rio de JaneiroScenic Eclipse I$8,995$8,5455%

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