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19Antarctica, South Georgia & Falkland Islands01/16/2020Buenos Aires Buenos AiresScenic Eclipse$28,395$28,395
21Antarctica In Depth With Highlights Of Peru02/05/2020Lima Buenos AiresScenic Eclipse$29,395$29,395
12Antarctica In Depth02/14/2020Buenos Aires Buenos AiresScenic Eclipse$25,995$25,995
12Antarctica In Depth02/25/2020Buenos Aires Buenos AiresScenic Eclipse$20,495$20,495
19Antarctica In Depth With Taste Of Argentina & Brazil02/25/2020Buenos Aires Rio de JaneiroScenic Eclipse$23,395$23,395
21Antarctica In Depth With Highlights Of Peru02/27/2020Lima Buenos AiresScenic Eclipse$42,360$42,360
12Antarctica In Depth03/07/2020Buenos Aires Buenos AiresScenic Eclipse$18,095$18,095
19Antarctica In Depth With Taste Of Argentina & Brazil03/07/2020Buenos Aires Rio de JaneiroScenic Eclipse$22,795$22,795
27South Georgia With Patagonian Adventure03/10/2020Santiago Buenos AiresScenic Eclipse$32,295$32,295
19Antarctica, South Georgia & Falkland Islands03/18/2020Buenos Aires Buenos AiresScenic Eclipse$24,795$24,795
33Highlights Of Peru With Galápagos & Amazon Cruising With Antarctica In Depth10/20/2020Guayaquil Buenos AiresScenic Eclipse$34,446$34,446
24Ultimate Chilean Fjords, Cape Horn & Antarctica In Depth10/29/2020Santiago Buenos AiresScenic Eclipse$30,960$30,960
12Antarctica In Depth11/09/2020Buenos Aires Buenos AiresScenic Eclipse$17,745$17,745
21Antarctica In Depth With Patagonian Adventure11/09/2020Buenos Aires SantiagoScenic Eclipse$24,083$24,083
29Highlights Of Peru With Antarctica, South Georgia & Falkland Islands11/11/2020Lima Buenos AiresScenic Eclipse$29,582$29,582
19Antarctica, South Georgia & Falkland Islands11/20/2020Buenos Aires Buenos AiresScenic Eclipse$26,495$26,495
28Antarctica, South Georgia & Falkland Islands With Patagonian Adventure11/20/2020Buenos Aires SantiagoScenic Eclipse$31,993$31,993
19Antarctica, South Georgia & Falkland Islands12/08/2020Buenos Aires Buenos AiresScenic Eclipse$27,095$27,095
12Antarctica In Depth12/26/2020Buenos Aires Buenos AiresScenic Eclipse$18,045$18,045
12Antarctica In Depth01/06/2021Buenos Aires Buenos AiresScenic Eclipse$18,045$18,045
19Antarctica, South Georgia & Falkland Islands01/17/2021Buenos Aires Buenos AiresScenic Eclipse$27,095$27,095
22Highlights Of Peru With Antarctica In Depth01/26/2021Lima Buenos AiresScenic Eclipse$22,109$22,109
33Highlights Of Peru With Galápagos & Amazon Cruising With Antarctica In Depth01/30/2021Guayaquil Buenos AiresScenic Eclipse$32,966$32,966
12Antarctica In Depth02/04/2021Buenos Aires Buenos AiresScenic Eclipse$18,045$18,045
19Antarctica In Depth & Taste Of Argentina & Brazil02/04/2021Rio de Janeiro Buenos AiresScenic Eclipse$21,006$21,006
12Antarctica In Depth02/15/2021Buenos Aires Buenos AiresScenic Eclipse$18,345$18,345
21Antarctica In Depth With Patagonian Adventure02/15/2021Buenos Aires SantiagoScenic Eclipse$24,985$24,985
12Antarctica In Depth02/26/2021Buenos Aires Buenos AiresScenic Eclipse$17,845$17,845
19Antarctica In Depth & Taste Of Argentina & Brazil02/26/2021Rio de Janeiro Buenos AiresScenic Eclipse$20,826$20,826
26Patagonian Adventure With Antarctica, South Georgia & Falkland Islands03/02/2021Santiago Rio de JaneiroScenic Eclipse$30,144$30,144
19Antarctica, South Georgia & Falkland Islands03/09/2021Buenos Aires Buenos AiresScenic Eclipse$24,095$24,095
26Antarctica, South Georgia & Falkland Islands With Taste Of Argentina & Brazil03/09/2021Buenos Aires Buenos AiresScenic Eclipse$26,364$26,364
19Antarctica In Depth & Taste Of Argentina & Brazil11/04/2021Rio de Janeiro Buenos AiresScenic Eclipse$21,008$21,008
12Antarctica In Depth11/10/2021Buenos Aires Buenos AiresScenic Eclipse$18,045$18,045
21Antarctica In Depth With Patagonian Adventure11/10/2021Buenos Aires SantiagoScenic Eclipse$24,788$24,788
29Highlights Of Peru With Antarctica, South Georgia & Falkland Islands11/12/2021Lima Buenos AiresScenic Eclipse$28,793$28,793
19Antarctica, South Georgia & Falkland Islands11/21/2021Buenos Aires Buenos AiresScenic Eclipse$25,495$25,495
27Antarctica, South Georgia & Falkland Islands & Taste Of Argentina & Brazil11/21/2021Buenos Aires Rio de JaneiroScenic Eclipse$27,685$27,685
27Patagonian Adventure With Antarctica, South Georgia12/02/2021Santiago Buenos AiresScenic Eclipse$31,464$31,464
19Antarctica, South Georgia & Falkland Islands12/09/2021Buenos Aires Buenos AiresScenic Eclipse$25,495$25,495
12Antarctica In Depth12/27/2021Buenos Aires Buenos AiresScenic Eclipse$18,545$18,545
12Antarctica In Depth01/07/2022Buenos Aires Buenos AiresScenic Eclipse$18,545$18,545
19Antarctica, South Georgia & Falkland Islands01/18/2022Buenos Aires Buenos AiresScenic Eclipse$27,695$27,695
27Antarctica, South Georgia & Falkland Islands & Taste Of Argentina & Brazil01/18/2022Buenos Aires Rio de JaneiroScenic Eclipse$30,036$30,036
20Patagonian Adventure With Antarctica In Depth01/29/2022Santiago Buenos AiresScenic Eclipse$25,326$25,326
33Highlights Of Peru With Galápagos & Amazon Cruising With Antarctica In Depth01/29/2022Guayaquil Buenos AiresScenic Eclipse$32,865$32,865
12Antarctica In Depth02/05/2022Buenos Aires Buenos AiresScenic Eclipse$18,545$18,545
19Antarctica In Depth & Taste Of Argentina & Brazil02/05/2022Rio de Janeiro Buenos AiresScenic Eclipse$21,816$21,816
12Antarctica In Depth02/16/2022Buenos Aires Buenos AiresScenic Eclipse$17,195$17,195
21Antarctica In Depth With Patagonian Adventure02/16/2022Buenos Aires SantiagoScenic Eclipse$24,026$24,026
22Highlights Of Peru With Antarctica In Depth02/18/2022Lima Buenos AiresScenic Eclipse$20,690$20,690
12Antarctica In Depth02/27/2022Buenos Aires Buenos AiresScenic Eclipse$16,695$16,695
19Antarctica In Depth & Taste Of Argentina & Brazil02/27/2022Rio de Janeiro Buenos AiresScenic Eclipse$20,066$20,066
26Patagonian Adventure With Antarctica, South Georgia & Falkland Islands03/03/2022Santiago Rio de JaneiroScenic Eclipse$30,822$30,822
19Antarctica, South Georgia & Falkland Islands03/10/2022Buenos Aires Buenos AiresScenic Eclipse$24,595$24,595
14Arctic Islands: Svalbard, Greenland & Iceland07/13/2020Oslo ReykjavikScenic Eclipse$15,995$15,995
15Across The Arctic Circle06/02/2021Amsterdam OsloScenic Eclipse$17,795$17,795
25Ultimate Arctic Circle06/02/2021Amsterdam OsloScenic Eclipse$31,865$31,865
13Arctic In Depth06/15/2021Oslo OsloScenic Eclipse$14,795$14,795
13Arctic In Depth06/16/2021Oslo OsloScenic Eclipse$13,995$13,995
13Arctic In Depth06/25/2021Oslo OsloScenic Eclipse$14,295$14,295
13Arctic In Depth06/26/2021Oslo OsloScenic Eclipse$13,495$13,495
24The Ultimate Arctic Islands06/26/2021Oslo ReykjavikScenic Eclipse$29,065$29,065
15Arctic Adventure07/05/2021Oslo ReykjavikScenic Eclipse$16,595$16,595
15Arctic Adventure07/06/2021Oslo ReykjavikScenic Eclipse$16,195$16,195
22Ultimate Arctic & Iceland07/27/2021Reykjavik OsloScenic Eclipse$22,790$22,790
14Arctic Islands08/04/2021Reykjavik OsloScenic Eclipse$16,195$16,195
15High Arctic Explorer08/16/2021Oslo BergenScenic Eclipse$17,095$17,095
15High Arctic Explorer08/17/2021Oslo BergenScenic Eclipse$16,695$16,695
19A Viking Voyage: The Arctic To America09/09/2021Dublin BostonScenic Eclipse$17,095$17,095
14Baja To Costa Rica: Whales & Wilderness09/27/2020San Diego San JoseScenic Eclipse$9,045$9,045
9Discover Portugal & Spain04/25/2020Lisbon BarcelonaScenic Eclipse$7,195$7,195
9Mediterranean Discovery05/03/2020Barcelona Piraeus (Athens)Scenic Eclipse$7,695$7,695
11Greek Isles & Dalmatian Discovery05/11/2020Piraeus (Athens) VeniceScenic Eclipse$11,795$11,795
12Great Seafaring Nations05/30/2020Barcelona AmsterdamScenic Eclipse$10,695$10,695
10Iceland Explorer07/26/2020Reykjavik ReykjavikScenic Eclipse$18,095$18,095
12Iceland & Greenland Explorer08/04/2020Reykjavik CopenhagenScenic Eclipse$12,895$12,895
8Incredible Iberian Discovery04/12/2021Lisbon BarcelonaScenic Eclipse$19,445$19,445
16Ultimate Mediterranean Discovery04/12/2021Lisbon Piraeus (Athens)Scenic Eclipse$41,790$41,790
9Mediterranean Discovery04/19/2021Barcelona Piraeus (Athens)Scenic Eclipse$8,195$8,195
9Aegean Adventure04/27/2021Piraeus (Athens) Piraeus (Athens)Scenic Eclipse$7,795$7,795
9Mediterranean Collection05/05/2021Piraeus (Athens) VeniceScenic Eclipse$8,495$8,495
18Ultimate Mediterranean Collection05/05/2021Piraeus (Athens) BarcelonaScenic Eclipse$30,140$30,140
10Mediterranean Treasures05/13/2021Venice BarcelonaScenic Eclipse$15,645$15,645
12Wonders Of Iberia & Western Europe05/22/2021Barcelona AmsterdamScenic Eclipse$10,745$10,745
26Ultimate Seafarers & Baltics05/22/2021Barcelona OsloScenic Eclipse$25,490$25,490
9Iceland Discovery07/19/2021Reykjavik ReykjavikScenic Eclipse$9,195$9,195
9Iceland Discovery07/27/2021Reykjavik ReykjavikScenic Eclipse$8,195$8,195
11Wild Scotland & The Hebrideans08/30/2021Bergen DublinScenic Eclipse$11,095$11,095
29Ultimate Viking Voyage08/30/2021Bergen BostonScenic Eclipse$30,140$30,140
15Wild Alaska & British Columbia09/04/2020Anchorage VancouverScenic Eclipse$11,695$11,695
10West Coast Usa Adventure09/18/2020Vancouver San DiegoScenic Eclipse$6,895$6,895
9East Coast Usa Adventure09/27/2021Boston NassauScenic Eclipse$7,895$7,895
26South Georgia With Taste Of Argentina & Brazil01/16/2020Buenos Aires Rio de JaneiroScenic Eclipse$30,495$30,495
26South Georgia With Taste Of Argentina & Brazil03/18/2020Buenos Aires Rio de JaneiroScenic Eclipse$29,495$29,495
21Transatlantic Explorer04/05/2020Buenos Aires LisbonScenic Eclipse$11,295$11,295
11Baltics Tradewinds Route06/10/2020Amsterdam CopenhagenScenic Eclipse$11,795$11,795
9Latin America Delights10/21/2020Callao (Lima) SantiagoScenic Eclipse$8,495$8,495
13Chilean Fjords & Cape Horn10/29/2020Santiago Buenos AiresScenic Eclipse$12,095$12,095
20Chilean Fjords & Cape Horn With Taste Of Argentina & Brazil10/29/2020Santiago Rio de JaneiroScenic Eclipse$15,742$15,742
25Taste Of Argentina & Brazil With Grand Voyage Of Discovery03/19/2021Buenos Aires LisbonScenic Eclipse$14,952$14,952
17Grand Voyage Of Discovery03/27/2021Rio de Janeiro LisbonScenic Eclipse$11,495$11,495
20Ultimate America Discovery09/27/2021Boston CartagenaScenic Eclipse$16,090$16,090
38Highlights Of Peru With Galápagos & Amazon Cruising With Peru & Chile Explorer10/05/2021Guayaquil Buenos AiresScenic Eclipse$32,558$32,558
18Colombia Experience With Panama & Colombia Discovery10/08/2021Bogota Callao (Lima)Scenic Eclipse$12,440$12,440
10Panama & Colombia Discovery10/16/2021Cartagena Callao (Lima)Scenic Eclipse$7,295$7,295
20Panama & Colombia Discovery With Highlights Of Peru10/16/2021Cartagena LimaScenic Eclipse$11,968$11,968
18Peru & Chile Explorer10/25/2021Callao (Lima) Buenos AiresScenic Eclipse$16,495$16,495
29Ultimate South America10/25/2021Callao (Lima) Buenos AiresScenic Eclipse$35,900$35,900

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