Crystal Cruises FAQs

What is the dress code on board?

At Crystal, we want guests to feel confident and relaxed throughout their stay, so we have compiled the following guide to the different dress codes on board. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us by calling 1.888.616.9615 or +1.786.464.4420.

Day Casual

A less formal look allows guests to feel comfortable during the day; Day Casual attire may be worn everywhere, including our restaurants, until 18:00.

Suggestions for a Day Casual look:

Elegant shorts
T-shirts or blouses
Linen clothing
Swimsuits with cover-ups (when not poolside)


T-shirts or polo shirts
Linen clothing
Swim shorts with a T-shirt or polo (when not poolside)

NOTE: Swimwear on its own, wet swimwear, revealing clothing, bathrobes, bare feet, tank tops, baseball caps, and clothes bearing any offensive messaging are not permitted. Covered swimsuits may only be worn at Trident Grill, Tastes, and Marketplace.

Evening Resort

A step up from Day Casual, after 18:00, we ask that guests adopt the more refined Evening Resort dress code.

Suggestions for an Evening Resort look:


Blouses or sweaters
Dark-wash jeans with no rips
Tailored dress shorts


Collared polo shirt
Sweaters or smart designer sweatshirts
Dark-wash jeans with no rips (only when accompanied with a jacket)
Sports jacket or blazer (optional)
Tailored shorts (these may only be worn in the Tastes restaurant)

NOTE: Please avoid flip-flops/sliders, swimwear, and hats.

Formal Evening

On sailings over seven days, there will be at least one optional ship-wide formal night (depending on the length of the segment), which will require more formal cocktail chic attire. These special events will be defined in your personal pre-sailing guide.

Suggestions for a Formal Evening look:


Cocktail dresses or gowns
Suits Evening skirts or pants with an elegant top
Evening shoes


Suits or tuxedos
Dress shoes
Ties (optional)

What is the smoking policy?

At Crystal, we recognize that some of our guests smoke and others do not. While most areas of the ship are non-smoking, there will be designated smoking areas throughout. Please note that pipe and cigar smoking is only allowed in the Connoisseurs Club and all suites/guest rooms are non-smoking, including on the verandas.

Which restaurants are included and which are subject to an upcharge?

Our restaurants are complimentary, except for The Vintage Room. For our specialty restaurants, such as Osteria d’Ovidio, guests will be allotted one complimentary reservation for two people per voyage of up to 11 days (more than one for more extended stays – see below). In addition, guests staying in Crystal Penthouse or Junior Crystal Penthouse Suites can enjoy unlimited free visits.

  • Up to 11 days: One complimentary reservation to each restaurant
  • 12 to 22 days: Two complimentary reservations to each restaurant
  • 23 or more days: Three complimentary reservations to each restaurant

Reservations above the complimentary allotment will be $50 per person.

Do you have a list of beverages available on board?

A list of beer, wine, and spirits will be made available prior to the first sailing.

Do you provide wheel chair assistance on board?

Wheelchair assistance is not provided on board or at our ports of call unless in case of an emergency. Guests with limited mobility, requiring assistance, are required to travel with a companion who is able to assist them in moving around.

Is there a limit to the amount of luggage a guest can bring on board?

Crystal does not restrict the amount of luggage but does not provide additional space for storage outside of your suite or guest room.

What currency is used on board?

The onboard currency is USD only.

What voltage is used in the guest rooms and suites?

Both 110-volt (American current) and 220-volt (European current) outlets are provided in your suite or guest room. One hair dryer is provided in each suite or guest room. If you have any questions about compatibility of appliances, please ask your butler.

Will all guest rooms and suites have butler service?

Butler service is offered for all categories. Services offered will be determined by suite category.

Can I bring oxygen on board?

If you are dependent on oxygen or require oxygen therapy, you must supply your own oxygen.

What items are forbidden to bring on board?

  • Firearms and ammunition, including realistic replicas
  • Sharp objects, including all knives and scissors (Note: personal grooming items such as safety razors are allowed. Scissors with blade length less than 4 inches are allowed.)
  • Illegal drugs and substances
  • CBD oil and other CBD products
  • Medical marijuana
  • Items that generate heat or produce an open flame. This includes heat pads, clothing irons, hot plates, coffee makers, travel steamers, candles, incense, and any other item that may create a fire hazard. (NOTE: The only exception to this policy is curling irons and hair straighteners.) Matches and normal lighteners are allowed on board. However, torch lighters (which emit a powerful, concentrated flame), and novelty lighters such as those that look like guns are not allowed on board.
  • Hoverboards and drones
  • Martial arts and self defense weaponry, and sports gear, including handcuffs, pepper spray, night sticks
  • Flammable liquids and explosives, including lighter fluid and fireworks
  • Hookahs and water hookah pipes
  • HAM radios
  • Electrical extension cords
  • Dangerous chemicals, including bleach and paint
  • Perishable food and meat products

Am I allowed to bring non-alcoholic or alcoholic drinks on board?

You may bring your own nonalcoholic or alcoholic drinks aboard. Please note that certain restrictions apply by country or destination.

What’s going to take place of the casino?

These spaces are being turned into lounge areas where guests can read, enjoy a game of bridge with friends or just relax with fellow passengers.Our exceptional teams in Marketing, Hotel Operations and Destination Management are building unique experiences that will take place in these lounges.

Can I bring a CPAP machine?

The following devices are permitted on board:

BIPAP machines, CPAP machines, Concentrators, and Nebulizers.

You must bring your own equipment on board for personal use. Please hand-carry these items and do not place them in your checked luggage.

Where can I store my valuables?

Each suite or guest room is equipped with a personal safe with an electronic combination lock.

Can I pay with cash instead of using a credit card onboard?

All purchases will be charged to your onboard account. Cash will not be accepted.

What language is spoken on board?

The official language spoken on board is English. All officers, staff, and crew as well as local guides and regional specialists speak fluent English. All announcements and lectures will be presented in English.

Can you accommodate special dietary requirements?

In most cases, we can accommodate special requirements. Please provide details about any allergies or food requirements to our Reservations team or your travel advisor prior to your cruise departure.

How much are gratuities?

Gratuities are complimentary for housekeeping (e.g., butler, room stewardess and assistant stewardess) and for bar and dining staff (including specialty restaurants). If you would like to present gratuities for other service personnel, please do so at your discretion, or if you have any questions regarding gratuities, please contact the Reception Desk on board.

What type of entertainment can I expect on my cruise?

Several of the entertainment activities that were previously offered will return including dance lessons (e.g., ballroom dancing), production shows and more. As Crystal continues to build out our new entertainment programming, we will share updates via

Can I withdraw cash on board? What is the fee?

ATMs will not be available on board and therefore no cash can be withdrawn.

What amenities are included in suites and guest rooms?

• Beverages including select fine wines, champagne, premium spirits, and all nonalcoholic beverages such as bottled water, soft drinks, and specialty coffees

• Gratuities for housekeeping, dining, and bar staff

• One complimentary reservation to Osteria d’ Ovidio and one complimentary reservation to our second Asian specialty restaurant (not yet announced)

• Butler service in all suites and guest rooms

• Wi-Fi/Internet access in-room and throughout the ship, signal permitting

Will I be able to exchange cash for local currency on board?

At this time foreign currency will not be carried on board. In some ports, a local currency exchange service may be available on board on the day of arrival. When currency exchange is not provided on board, your crew will advise the closest currency exchange location.

Are ships pet friendly?

Pets will not be permitted aboard the ships.

Is dry cleaning available for all suites and categories?

Dry cleaning will be included in select suite categories and detailed on your itinerary.

Is room service included?

An expansive, complimentary in-suite dining menu will be available. Select suite categories will also be able to order from specialty dining venues via their butler.

What will be the new guest capacity and guest:crew ratio?

Both ships will offer nearly one staff member per guest. Crystal Serenity will host 740 guests and Crystal Symphony will host 606 guests.

Will bridge be a part of the onboard offering?

Bridge will be offered in a variety of ways, from casual games to tournaments based on the voyage itself. Bridge cruises will be announced as part of our enrichment programs at a later date.

Will there still be youth programming?

Crystal prides itself on being an inclusive cruise line where families of all ages are welcome aboard. We will offer a youth program on select voyages aboard both Crystal Symphony and Crystal Serenity. More information including the inclusions and overall program offering will be defined in the coming weeks and published on our website as soon as available.

What renovations are scheduled for the ships?

A&K Travel Group and the entire Crystal team are focused on delivering the highest level of quality within our two ships. The majority of guest rooms and suites and several public spaces are being updated. Please visit the Our Ships section of our website to view the latest renderings and details.

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