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Recommendations and Reviews of Denise

All reviews are from actual Pavlus clients

By: Pavlus Verified Traveler on 01/21/2022

Well pleased with all the planning and communications

By: Pavlus Verified Traveler on 12/17/2021

The vacation was most enjoyable. Our expectations, based upon our Pavlus invoice, were met on the ship. We did have many issues with the new Princess Ocean Medallion system, both signing in and on the ship. Software was released prematurely. We have missed Denise during her long absence due to health. However, we have been successful in working with Customer Relations and temporary agents willing to help.

By: Pavlus Verified Traveler on 11/15/2021

Everything was great.

By: Pavlus Verified Traveler on 11/14/2021

We are very satisfied with Pavlus Travel. We had been working with Denise who -- unfortunately -- became ill and has taken an extended leave. Although this happened, some colleagues stepped in with some level of success, but the person who filled in all the gaps and was EXTREMELY helpful is Michael. I can't say enough about his attention to detail, about his responsiveness, and about making me feel as if he was looking over us as we approached our trip departure date. He also quickly attended to our desire (while we were into the first week of a two-week cruise) to extend the cruise into a third week. He and Viking worked very well to make this happen. I can't say enough about Michael. We also appreciate the shipboard credits. This is a very nice touch. Thank you.

By: Pavlus Verified Traveler on 10/24/2021

All wonderful

By: Pavlus Verified Traveler on 10/22/2021

Our Boston Cape Cod and Martha's Vineyard through Trafalgar from Oct. 8 through Oct. 15 was a well planned and scenic trip. Denise helped arrange this tour after our originally planned French Riviera trip was canceled twice. The Trafalgar tour guide, driver and health and wellness persons were very good. The only negative was, unfortunately, the first tour of the first full day. It included a very long guided tour of the historic trail through most of the City of Boston. This was fine, although a little too fast paced. But, what made the day even more physically challenging was the planned visit to the campus of MIT with a student guide. A good format, except the walk was too long, too fast, and the guide, although excited about what she was showing us, walked too fast, especially after the morning walk in Boston, and didn't use a hand held speaker so that most of us could not hear anything she was talking about - unless the tour director periodically told her to stop and wait for about half of the older member to catch up. He should have done this more often, since she was in her early 20's and walked the pace of a person that age, but not accommodating the over 55-pluse tour group. It turned out to be a disappointing first day. Fortunately, the rest of the tour was much better/excellent, although several of us were still in discomfort for 2-3 days as a result of the over-excersized first day walking tours.

By: Pavlus Verified Traveler on 09/25/2021

I hope Denise is doing well!

By: Pavlus Verified Traveler on 09/15/2021

Good to cruise again even with masking and vaccines.

By: Pavlus Verified Traveler on 08/18/2021

Denise is always excellent and attentive - never rushes or sways - gives alternatives and wisdom regarding travel options.

By: Pavlus Verified Traveler on 08/08/2021

Denise is a great travel planner. We love Viking ocean cruises.

By: Pavlus Verified Traveler on 08/08/2021

A great cruise. Signed up for two other cruise with Pavlus

By: Pavlus Verified Traveler on 08/05/2021

The Viking cruise was top notch. It was excellent.

By: Pavlus Verified Traveler on 08/01/2021

Excellent cruise including onboard activities, itinerary, open beverages, snacks and fine cruise directors. Dining room staff new, eager but inexperienced . Very critical of "medical officer who visited state room casually and dropped few pills on the bed without any temp or throat readings--also never checked back with us . Bad feelings Very pleased overall and appreciate the advance check !! Suggested Pavlus and website to several passengers

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