Emerald Cruises reviews clearly demonstrate Emerald guests prefer sailings of 8 to 17 days. Two of the most popular guest choices are the Rhine river cruise and the Danube river cruise. So many guests of Emerald cruises enjoy the breadth of destinations around the World. Of course complimentary wine and beer are chosen for each lunch and dinner. All soft drink beverages are included. Pavlus Travel discounts every Emerald sailing throughout the World.

Emerald Waterways FAQs

General Questions

Are tips and gratuities included in the cost of my trip?

All tipping and gratuities for both on board and shoreside staff are included in the price of your Emerald Waterways vacation.

How will the water levels of the rivers affect my river cruise?

Water levels on Europe’s rivers vary and can occasionally mean disruption to our itineraries. If we’re unable to continue sailing certain rivers due to water level problems, we’ll do everything we can to minimize the impact this has on your vacation and make alterntive arrangements for the rest of the itinerary. This could mean arranging coach transfers, organizing ship swaps, providing hotel accommodation or finding alternative attractions to visit – all of which are weather dependent.

More information can be found on our River Cruise Guarantee page

What are the dimensions of your Star-Ship fleet?

Emerald Dawn, Emerald Destiny, Emerald Sky, Emerald Star, Emerald Sun

Draft: 4.75 ft | Height: 20 ft | Length: 443 ft | Width: 38 ft | Speed: 16/mph
Crew Members: 47 | Staterooms: 20 | Suites: 72 | Guests: 182

Emerald Liberté

Draft: 5.58 ft | Height: 20 ft | Length: 361 ft | Width: 38 ft | Speed: 16/mph
Crew Members: 43 | Staterooms: 16 | Suites: 54 | Guests: 138

Emerald Radiance

Draft: 4.75 ft | Height: 20 ft | Length: 292 ft | Width: 38 ft | Speed: 16/mph
Crew Members: 37 | Staterooms: 10 | Suites: 46 | Guests: 112

What is the size of your cabins?

Emerald Dawn, Emerald Destiny, Emerald Sky, Emerald Star, Emerald Sun

Owner’s One-Bedroom Suite (Category SA): 315 sq. ft.
Grand Balcony Suite (Category S): 210 sq. ft.
Emerald Panorama Balcony Suite (Categories A, B, C, P, R): 180 sq. ft.
Emerald Stateroom (Categories D, E): 162 sq. ft.
Emerald Single Stateroom (Category ES): 117 sq. ft.

Emerald Liberté

Owner’s One-Bedroom Suite (Category SA): 315 sq. ft.
Grand Balcony Suite (Category S): 207 sq. ft.
Emerald Panorama Balcony Suite (Categories A, B, C, P, R): 170 sq. ft.
Emerald Stateroom (Categories D, E): 162 sq. ft.
Emerald Single Stateroom (Category ES): 105 sq. ft.

Emerald Radiance

Emerald Riverview Suite (Category RA): 300 sq. ft.
Owner’s One-Bedroom Suite (Category SA): 290 sq. ft.
Emerald Panorama Balcony Suite (Categories A, B, C, P, R, S): 170 sq. ft.
Emerald Stateroom (Categories D, E): 162 sq. ft.

During your cruise

Are bathrobes and slippers provided on my river cruise?

Bathrobes & slippers are available for each guest in every stateroom.

Are bicycles available to use on board my river cruise

Complimentary bicycles are available on board for guests to use at any time. Bikes should be reserved with our Guest Services desk.

Are hairdryers available on board my river cruise?

Hairdryers are available in all cabins on all Emerald Waterways ships.

Are Salon and Spa services available?

On board all ships guests may take advantage of our salon & massage services at their own expense. Pricing & appointments are available once on board.

Are there fitness facilities on board?

All Star-Ships feature a Fitness Room with exercise machines and free weights.

Are there laundry facilities on board?

Guests staying in an Owner’s One-bedroom Suite can take advantage of four items laundered daily, free of charge, while guests staying in Grand Balcony Suites are allocated two complimentary items daily.

Laundry services are available to all other guests for a fee.

There is no dry cleaning available.

Are there other tours outside my itinerary available during my river cruise?

During your cruise, you can book a range of optional activities, or Discover More tours, for a number of destinations throughout your cruise. You can book these tours through our reservations department or your travel agent before leaving home.  Or you may book these tours once onboard the ship.

Cost for tours are in USD if you pre-book prior to leaving home.  Tours will be charged in euros once onboard your Star-Ship.

Optional tours are at an additional cost, subject to availability and seasonal operation and may be subject to minimum/maximum numbers.

Can I use mobility equipment during my river cruise?

Emerald Waterways welcomes disabled guests but wishes all guests to understand that limitations could exist on board and during shore excursions. The elevators on our ships service three out of four decks, with access to the sun deck only possible using stairs. Under appropriate circumstances guests are welcome to use collapsible wheelchairs on board.

Many tours are conducted from motor coaches, so guests need to be able to climb up and down the stairs to board. Some shore excursions may require movement over cobblestones or up and down stairs; accordingly, guests with limited mobility will require the services of a responsible compainion to be travelling with them.

If you have any medical, physical or other special needs, please contact our reservations department or your travel agent for further information.  It is recommended that you have a look at our deck plans to gain an understanding of the layout of our ships.

Can I use my credit card or ATM card while on my river cruise?

Many locations accept major credit cards. ATM machines are located onshore at some stops. Prior to departure you should confirm your ATM card and PIN will work overseas.

Do I need to reserve my seat to watch a film in the cinema?

The cinema can get busy, so it is best to reserve your place at Guest Services. If there is a high demand for a particular film, the Cruise Director will try and show the film again at another time.

How much walking will be involved with my river cruise?

All of our itineraries include excursions which involve a certain amount of walking to tour each destination, occasionally over uneven streets and up and down stairs.

When we have included walking tours one group will always be designated as slower paced.

Is coffee and tea available on board my river cruise?

You will find tea and coffee machines located in the Horizon Bar and Lounge, and in the pool area at the ship’s stern.

Is smoking allowed on my river cruise?

Smoking is not permitted indoors on any ship, or on cabin balconies. There are areas available to smoke on the ship’s outside decks however we can’t guarantee these facilities will be available at all times.

Smoking is not permitted on any motor coach used for an included or optional tour. On motor coach journeys we’ll aim to ensure there are frequent stops.

Is there a safe or mini bar within my cabin

All cabins come with a secure safe for your valuables.

Owner’s One-bedroom Suites have a complimentary in-suite mini bar, restocked daily with wine, beer and soft drinks. All other cabins offer an in-suite mini bar at your own expense.

Is there on board WI-FI available?

We do offer complimentary Wi-Fi onboard.  Please note that Wi-Fi connection availability and speed will vary depending on where the ship is positioned and the number of users. Wi-Fi may be slow and there may be occasions where no signal is available.

Guests staying in an Owner’s One-bedroom Suite will have complimentary use of an iPad throughout the cruise.

What are the dining times on my river cruise?

Dining times will vary by ship & itinerary. Times listed below are typical, not exact.

Horizon Lounge:

Light Breakfast 6:30am – 10:00am
Light Lunch 1:00pm – 2.30pm

Reflections Restaurant:

Breakfast 6:30am – 10:00am
Lunch 1:00pm – 2:30pm
Dinner 7:00pm – 9:00pm

What currency is used on board my river cruise ship?

All purchases on board are charged to your shipboard account. The on board currency on our ships is the Euro. Shipboard accounts may be paid in cash in Euros or by credit card.

What currency will be used during my river cruise?

Most countries visited in Europe will use the Euro, although some still have their own local currency. For small purchases ashore or in small towns, local currency is recommended.

Countries in Southeast Asia will use their own, local currency.

What language will be spoken on board my river cruise?

The language on board is English. All staff, crew and tour guides speak English and all announcements and lectures will be made in English.

What time is the swimming pool and cinema open?

The on board pool is open from 6:00am until 5:00pm each evening when the water disappears and the room turns into a cinema.

The pool is 6×4 meters and 140cm (4.6ft.) deep.

Will my cruise director speak English?

Every Emerald Waterways sailing has an experienced English speaking Cruise Director onboard.

Will popcorn be served during movie times?

Yes. Popcorn is served complimentary during all movies.

Will we need to travel in a motor coach?

To experience the full range of regional attractions during our itineraries, there will be a certain amount of motor coach travel required.


Are EmeraldEXPLORER points based on nights or days traveled?

Points accumulation is calculated on days traveled.

Can I apply to join EmeraldEXPLORER?

Membership is restricted to those who have previously cruised with Emerald Waterways.

Do I have to travel to maintain my membership?

No. EmeraldEXPLORER membership is valid for life and you can only increase your tier status level.

Do I have to travel to maintain my membership

No. EmeraldEXPLORER membership is valid for life and you can only increase your tier status level.

Do I need my membership number when making a booking?

No, your details are held electronically on your profile. You will be asked some security questions to verify your identity.

How can I calculate EmeraldEXPLORER points for a future cruise or tour

An online EmeraldEXPLORER points calculator will soon be available. In the meantime, please use the EmeraldEXPLORER points table located above.

How can I find out my current EmeraldEXPLORER points and loyalty tier?

Your EmeraldEXPLORER point’s balance and loyalty status will appear at the top of most loyalty marketing emails you receive from us.

How do I qualify for EmeraldEXPLORER membership tiers?

Guests will earn 100 EmeraldEXPLORER points for each paid tour/cruise day, plus additional bonus points for higher spend on premium decks and suite categories, so the more guests spend, the greater the benefits.

EmeraldEXPLORER Silver membership is automatic after you have completed one cruise.
EmeraldEXPLORER Gold membership is automatic after you have earned 5,000 EmeraldEXPLORER points.
EmeraldEXPLORER Diamond membership is automatic after you have earned 10,000 EmeraldEXPLORER points.
EmeraldEXPLORER Platinum memberships automatic after you have earned 25,000 EmeraldEXPLORER points.

If I receive a hotel upgrade on a tour, do I receive incremental EmeraldEXPLORER points?

No, the program is designed so that guests who are traveling on land tours receive 100 EmeraldEXPLORER points per day traveled, irrespective of hotel room categories.

If I wish to unsubscribe from receiving mail or email from EmeraldEXPLORER, will I retain my membership?

Yes, you will maintain your current status. By unsubscribing, you will no longer receive correspondence including Thank You vouchers or New Member kits and associated vouchers. Should you change your mind, we keep your records so we can easily reinstate your record.

What happens to my EmeraldEXPLORER points calculation if I am upgraded? (i.e. booked in a Panorama Suite and upgraded to a Grand Balcony Suite)

Generally, EmeraldEXPLORER points are calculated on your suite category at the time of departure. Depending on the circumstance, you may not always be awarded the higher earning rate.

Will I have my own membership number or share it with a partner?

Each guest has their own individual membership number and accumulates EmeraldEXPLORER points based on days they have taken on an individual basis.

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