Thailand Family Adventure

Thailand Family Adventure

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Destinations & Sightseeing
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Why do some families go all the way to Thailand just to lie on the beach? We don’t know either. Our family adventure mixes a whole lot of bona fide Thai experiences – everything from a longboat tour of Bangkok, a meeting with a hill tribe community, a cooking class in Chiang Mai and a sombre visit to the infamous bridge over the River Kwai – with a little bit of sand and surf, too. Hey, even the Buddha reclined and relaxed once in a while, right?

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Destination & Sightseeing


Day 1 Bangkok
Arrive in Bangkok. Arrival transfer included.Included Activities: Arrival Day and Welcome Meeting

Day 2 Bangkok (1B)
You have free time this afternoon to enjoy this bustling city. Shoppers could spend weeks sifting through Bangkok’s malls and open-air markets.Included Activities: Wat Po Guided Tour Klong Riverboat Tour

Day 3 Bangkok/Kanchanaburi (1B)
Transfer to Kanchanaburi. Visit the Bridge over the River Kwai and explore Erawan National Park.Included Activities: Erawan Waterfalls Visit Bridge on the River Kwai VisitTransport: Private Vehicle (3.50 hour(s)) Private Vehicle (1.00 hour(s))

Day 4 Kanchanaburi/Chiang Mai (1B)
Visit the temple complex of Ayutthaya before catching an overnight train to Chiang Mai.Included Activities: Ayutthaya Historical Park Guided TourTransport: Private Vehicle (2.00 hour(s)) Basic overnight train (beds) (12.00 hour(s))

Day 5 Chiang Mai (1B)
Enjoy a city tour of Chiang Mai and visit Wat Phra That Doi Suthep temple, spectacularly situated on a mountaintop at an altitude of 3,520 feet.Included Activities: Chiang Mai City Tour Doi Suthep Temple Visit

Day 6 Chiang Mai (1B, 1L)
Take part in a Thai cooking class and enjoy some free time to explore the city.Included Activities: Cooking Class

Day 7 Chiang Mai/Ko Chang (1B)
Spend 3 nights in this tropical paradise isle taking boat rides, exploring its many beaches, and participating in all the water sports it has to offer. Rightfully famous for its delicious fresh seafood, indulge in fresh fish, crab, and squid.Transport: Plane (1.50 hour(s)) Private Vehicle (3.75-4.25 hours) Ferry (0.75 hour(s)) Private Vehicle (0.25-0.50 hours)

Days 8-10 Ko Chang
Free day to relax on the beach and explore Ko Chang.

Day 11 Ko Chang/Bangkok (1B)
You have time to finish up any last minute shopping. There will be time for one last optional meal with all of our new found friends.Transport: Private Vehicle (0.25-0.50 hours) Ferry (0.75 hour(s)) Private Vehicle (3.75-4.25 hours)

Day 12 Bangkok (1B)
Depart at any time.Included Activities: Departure Day