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  • Apart from Uzbekistan, Liechtenstein is the only nation to be bordered entirely by other landlocked nations.
  • Liechtenstein imports more than 90% of its energy requirements.
  • Liechtenstein is the smallest German-speaking country on earth and the only German-speaking nation that doesn’t share a border with Germany.

Latvia boasts a sparkling landscape of more than 4,000 lakes; a third of its territory of 24,000 square miles is covered in forest and is a Liechtenstein, a tiny Principality of 62 square miles (about the size of Washington DC) is the fourth-smallest country in the world, with a population of only 38,000 inhabitants. Its land is bordered by Switzerland, the Rhine River, and Austria, and the official language is German. Part of the German Confederation until 1866; it is now a Constitutional Monarchy ruled by the hereditary princes of the House of Liechtenstein, a noble family originating from lower Austria. The Princes of Liechtenstein own one of the largest private art collections in the world. Their 14th-century castle nestling halfway up the Rhaetian Alps, dominates the capital, Vaduz. Today, Liechtenstein has strong connections with Switzerland, and its currency is the Swiss Franc. Its economy is based on finance and banking, specialized high-tech production (dental etc.), engineering, dairy farming,

textile and wine production. Its postage stamps are works of art.


Visas to Liechtenstein are not required for US citizens. If you hold a passport from another country, please check with your local consulate about requirements for travel to Liechtenstein. All passengers traveling internationally are required to have a passport. Please carry proper identification (your passport) on you and do not leave it in your suitcase or hotel room.

It is advisable to carry your passport with you at all times.


The country code for Liechtenstein is 423. When calling to Liechtenstein from overseas, dial your international access code (011 from the US/Canada), followed by the country code, area code, and phone number. Phone numbers in Liechtenstein are 7 digits in length. Dialing from the US/Canada: 011 423 ### ####.


The official currency of Liechtenstein is the Swiss Franc.

Bank hours: 9 a.m. to 12 p.m., and 1.30 p.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.


Euro coins differ according to country, but they can be used in any Eurozone state. Bank notes are of uniform EU design (depicting European architectural styles throughout seven ages, from Classical to Modern times).

1 SWISS FRANC (CHF) = 100 Cents

  • Banknote denominations: 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 1000 Francs

  • Coin denominations: 5, 10, 20, 50 Cents, 1, 2, 5 Francs

For the most current exchange rates, please go to our website at

Euro banknotes may be accepted in hotels and stores If you pay in Euro, the exchange rate is fixed by the outlet, and change is usually given in Swiss Francs. Credit cards are widely accepted (mostly Visa and MasterCard), and you should have no problems using them in larger shops and restaurants. Smaller shops may ask you to pay in cash or have a minimum amount required to use a credit card.


The following budget guidelines are just approximate values or starting values for meals and are per person. Actual prices will vary widely by restaurant and city within a country but below are some averages as provided by our experienced personne

  • The approximate cost of a soft drink/mineral water/coffee is 3.50-4.50 CHF.
  • An average lunch consisting of a salad or sandwich and a soda or water starts at approximately 15 CHF.
  • Dinner at a mid-range restaurant with dessert and a non-alcoholic beverage starts at approximately 40-60 CHF.

Please note that soft drinks and mineral water are often as expensive, if not more expensive than wine or beer.


A service charge is included in most restaurant bills, and further tipping is not required. However, if you would like to tip, round up the bill by a few Swiss Francs to show appreciation for good service (1-2 CHF per person for a modest meal and 5-10 CHF for meals in higher class restaurants). We recommend tips be left in cash and not added to the credit card payment.

For taxis, round up the fare to the nearest Swiss Franc.

Tip hotel staff the equivalent of CHF 1 for room service.

A few small denomination coins will be necessary for restrooms.



Voltage for outlets is 230V. North American voltage is generally 110V. Therefore, you will need a converter for your travels. Adapters will be necessary to adapt your plug into the outlet, but these may not convert the voltage, so both devices are necessary. Liechtenstein uses a round, 2 or 3-prong plug that looks like:


The climate is continental with cold, snowy winters and pleasantly moderate summers. To help you plan, below are average low and high temperatures for Liechtenstein.

To convert to Celsius, subtract 30, then divide by 2. While not exact, this simple formula will give a close estimation.


Hafaläb (corn- and wheat-flour dough formed into small loaves), Käsknöpfle (small cheese dumplings topped with onions, often served with apple sauce), and Ribel (a traditional cornmeal dish).




Good morning: Guten Morgen, Good Day: Guten Tag, Good evening: Guten Abend, Please/You’re welcome: Bitte, Thank you: Danke, Yes: Ja, No: Nein, Do you speak English?: Sprechen Sie Englisch?, I don’t understand: Ich verstehe nicht, Please write it down: Können Sie das bitte aufschreiben? How much?: Wieviel kostet das?, 1: Eins, 2: Zwei, 3: Drei, 4: Vier, 5: Fünf, 6: Sechs, 7: Sieben, 8: Acht, 9: Neun, 10: Zehn, Where is…?: Wo ist…?, Telephone: Telefon, Bathroom: Toilette, Tea: Tee, Coffee: Kaffee, Bottled water: Mineralwasser (carbonated=mit Kohlensäure, non-carbonated= ohne Kohlensäure), Cheers!: Prost!, Restaurant check/bill: Die Rechnung.



Additional country-specific information for US citizens can be found on the US Government’s website Here, you can find the most up-to-date information about destination descriptions, passports/visas, safety and security, transportation, travel local laws, alerts/warnings, vaccinations, and more. For citizens of other nations, we recommend you consult your local consulate for travel information, regulations, and requirements.

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