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Recommendations and Reviews of Kymm

All reviews are from actual Pavlus clients

By: Pavlus Verified Traveler on 02/22/2022

On our recent trip, my husband and I were subject to an additional COVID quarantine, of which Silversea neglected to inform us. Your customer service department, especially Christy and Samantha, we’re life savers for us. It was such a relief to be able to speak with a live person to help us since Silversea virtually abandoned us. We wouldn’t travel with any other company.

By: Pavlus Verified Traveler on 02/12/2022

Everything went very smoothly. So nice to be traveling again!

By: Pavlus Verified Traveler on 01/05/2022

We had a group of 50 travel to Mexico for our wedding. Kymm Smith planned our trip and did an AMAZING job! She made traveling with a group this size feel manageable. Our group loved the experience so much that we are considering a similar trip in December 2022. Thanks Kymm!!!

By: Pavlus Verified Traveler on 12/21/2021

I am a loyal customer because of the consistently high quality service and best prices.

By: Pavlus Verified Traveler on 11/26/2021

Your whole Pavlus team including Kymm Smith, Andrea Spero and Mike Duran do a great job for us. We were referred by Jim Murphy and have not been disappointed. We recommend your company whenever we can and have found several of your clients on our travels including our last Viking trip to Panama.

By: Pavlus Verified Traveler on 11/19/2021

We had a fantastic trip to Portugal and Spain with Viking. Kymm coordinated our trip (along with Leann for air travel) and we always like the on board credits that Pavlus provides. Kymm also coordinated our friend’s travel and since this was their first cruise through Pavlus, we received a referral check so that was a nice bonus. We shared our Pavlus connection with several other Viking passengers so maybe they will book though you in the future.

By: Pavlus Verified Traveler on 11/06/2021

Enjoyed the chance to cruise after the pandemic. Italy was a very poor host to cruise passengers; unlike Greece, Italy would not allow passengers without an excursion to get off the ship.

By: Pavlus Verified Traveler on 10/28/2021

Excellent. Will refer people we meet to Pavlus

By: Pavlus Verified Traveler on 10/24/2021

My trip report was sent to Kymm.

By: Pavlus Verified Traveler on 10/23/2021

Kymm and the Pavlus team have provided us outstanding service for many years!! Thank you very much, Bill & Joy

By: Pavlus Verified Traveler on 10/07/2021

Great trip with Trafalgar. Kymm has been great with all our trips over the past number of years. Very pleased.

By: Pavlus Verified Traveler on 09/29/2021

I've loved traveling with Pavlus for years. Kymm has always been an absolute pleasure to work with and we look forward to every trip working with her and Pavlus. We made sure to mention Pavlus to a number of fellow travelers onboard our recent cruise.

By: Pavlus Verified Traveler on 09/27/2021

I really like Pavlus. Kymm has booked other trips for us. Her service is top notch!!

By: Pavlus Verified Traveler on 09/27/2021

Pavlus has been excellent in booking our vacations the last few years, mostly Tauck trips. Kymm has been most helpful in arranging our trips. Our recent Tauck trip to California had a few glitches, but nothing that Tauck or Pavlus could contraol - we were going to see the giant Sequoia trees in Sequoia National Park, but there was a fire (still burning) that started a few days before our intended arrival, and the park was shut down, so alternate arrangements had to be made on the fly. This was our first travel since the pandemic, and we felt very safe as all precautions (masks, vaccinated guests) were taken. We will continue to use Pavlus (and Kymm) for our future travels.

By: Pavlus Verified Traveler on 09/15/2021

Craig, you have a well oiled machine. My wife and I enjoy using your company. Kymm is so awesome, I want to leave my wife and run away with her! Naw, just kidding, but is a good thought. I was very pleased how you guys were able to book five trips and help cancel four with minimal headaches. I sure miss my big voucher check I usually get when I book with you guys. I also enjoyed working with Brian in guest services who has a good “here to serve” attitude and Pam over in aviation control. Sometimes you guys get better rates that I can and other times you can’t and really don’t understand why. I also don’t understand why you guys can not book flights using my credit card frequent flyer miles. I wish you offered discount airline services that target business and first class travelers. Overall I enjoy booking through your company because I enjoy working with your staff. They are all a pleasure to work with and put up with me when I get a little anxious about travel issues.

By: Pavlus Verified Traveler on 09/15/2021

Have always been satisfied with Pavlus. Kymm provery good service.

By: Pavlus Verified Traveler on 08/26/2021

Kymm is very thorough when working through the details of our travel to ensure that we get what we want for the best possible deal.

By: Pavlus Verified Traveler on 08/07/2021

Our trip, despite the existence of COVID, went off without a hitch. Kymm assisted us in our Viking Cruise booking and we really liked the $300 Pavlus onboard credit that we used to pay for some additional excursions in Iceland. We always book with Kymm and Pavlus for our Viking cruises (we have 5 more booked) and friends who joined us on this trip were our second set of referrals to Pavlus. They said they will book now with Pavlus for their future cruises! For our upcoming Portugal cruise, we have a third couple of friends that we referred to Pavlus so we look forward to another $250 referral reward from Pavlus in the near future.

By: Pavlus Verified Traveler on 07/31/2021

Lots of great help when you need it.

By: Pavlus Verified Traveler on 07/13/2021

The folks on the 24 hour help line for air travel problems were terrific. After our Unite flight fm Newark to Raleigh was cancelled, United was of little help getting us rebooked. Spoke w/ your representative after midnight and they were able to get us out the next day on a Delta flight via Detroit back to RDU. We really appreciated what they did for us. Being stranded over night the Newark airport was no fun but they helped get us home.

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