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Recommendations and Reviews for Melissa

All reviews are from actual Pavlus clients

By: Pavlus Verified Traveler on 02/13/2022

Great cruise to French Polynesia with Viking. Excellent safety measures to control any covid concerns. In fact, we were covid free and allowed independent exploration. Our cruise was the first international cruise ship to French Polynesia since covid. Melissa did a great job and really helped us with our cruise planning.

By: Pavlus Verified Traveler on 02/07/2022

Very satisfied with Mellisa, I feel sorry for all you have to go through dealing with Princess and their cancellations and problems with Covid. Mellisa is above and beyond in communicating and handling all the changes.

By: Pavlus Verified Traveler on 01/28/2022

Wonderful cruise on Disney. The COVID mitigation was outstanding. They could not have done more.

By: Pavlus Verified Traveler on 01/23/2022

Four cruises in three months. Great service and coordination,

By: Pavlus Verified Traveler on 12/28/2021

Everything perfect as always.

By: Pavlus Verified Traveler on 12/26/2021

Our agent, Melissa, was extremely helpful considering all the rebooking she did for us, with the cancellations in the last year. We had five bookings booked and rebooked, she had a cheerful attitude throughout the experiences, with Princess in the changes. Melissa went above and beyond in handling this.

By: Pavlus Verified Traveler on 12/19/2021

I love Melissa. She follows through on any request, issue etc...She makes sure that everything is done correctly. Love getting money back from Pavlus.

By: Pavlus Verified Traveler on 12/10/2021

Excellent vacation and thanks to Melissa for her help with a few details.

By: Pavlus Verified Traveler on 12/08/2021

Mississippi River Cruise was great! Good to get away. Melissa Poole was very helpful and was a pleasure to work with.

By: Pavlus Verified Traveler on 11/27/2021

Love Melissa. She seems busy but always has time to address any questions, quotes or information we need. Love the discounts you offer!

By: Pavlus Verified Traveler on 11/23/2021

This is our 2ed time with Melissa. It was great!

By: Pavlus Verified Traveler on 11/21/2021

Everything went great

By: Pavlus Verified Traveler on 11/06/2021

On a 1-10, Pavlus is at least a 15. Many, many more trips to take!

By: Pavlus Verified Traveler on 10/30/2021

Our guide Daniela was excellent and very Melissa.

By: Pavlus Verified Traveler on 10/22/2021

Melissa and the other agent Kimberly we talked to were very helpful since this was a trip planned for 2020 and had to be postponed because of the Covid virus.

By: Pavlus Verified Traveler on 10/22/2021

Melissa is a great asset to your company.

By: Pavlus Verified Traveler on 10/15/2021

Melissa is the best!

By: Pavlus Verified Traveler on 10/09/2021

I appreciated Mellisa's help in planning a Mother - Daughter cruise. We had a lovely time and it was good to spend some quality time with my daughter after 2 years. Holland American did a wonderful job making us feel safe in a Covid19 Delta varient world. We felt confident that everyone on the ship was fully vaccinated. Ann Lyn Martin

By: Pavlus Verified Traveler on 10/08/2021

I love your discounts.

By: Pavlus Verified Traveler on 10/05/2021

Obvious that Covid has affected travel services. Ship only half full and so they had to cut a few corners. On board services were still outstanding, but onboard programs were not up to par. Had difficulty keeping our personal group together as we were in separate hotels and buses. However, waitstaff made the day. Captain was a bit introverted and the program director was not as entertaining as past trips. Good trip otherwise. Especially Normandy Beach.

By: Pavlus Verified Traveler on 09/28/2021

Pavlus has consistantly offered me the lowest prices on tours and cruises or they have met and beat competitor's quotes. Melissa is easy to work with, very patient and professional. I recommend Pavlus all the time.

By: Pavlus Verified Traveler on 09/27/2021

Very satisfied. I just gave a referral card to a couple last night. My cruise from August 29, 2021 is continuing until 1 December 1, 2021. Has Lauren R. returned as a travel planner? When she left I was turned over to Melissa. On recent bookings on board Oceania, my invoices have come back with Lauren as my travel planner. Please advise if I should contact Lauren R. or Melissa concerning my bookings. Thank you

By: Pavlus Verified Traveler on 09/26/2021

Trip was handled well. I was kept informed and trip was super.

By: Pavlus Verified Traveler on 09/22/2021

Melissa and others answered all of my questions. She was prompt to call when an passive occurs with our hotel. I will use Pavlus again. Many thanks!

By: Pavlus Verified Traveler on 08/30/2021

Melissa and the staff were fantastic. After booking I had questions and Jay Whiteaker worked with American Queen to get answers. Kimberly was informative when texting with her when I first discovered your website. The only negative was the occasional confusion between American Queen Steamship Company and American Cruise Lines. I received two emails, one early and one just before leaving with information about my American Cruise Lines Cruise. Of course, I was on American Queen. However all documents were correct so it looks like some rushed correspondence based on “American”. Urge caution there as it could lead to doubts. I definitely will use you in the future. The rebate is a nice feature.

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