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Recommendations and Reviews of Pam

All reviews are from actual Pavlus clients

By: Pavlus Verified Traveler on 02/27/2022

Pam was very helpful when we had to reschedule due to Covid! Appreciate the on board credits as well

By: Pavlus Verified Traveler on 01/27/2022

Pam is great!!!!!

By: Pavlus Verified Traveler on 12/10/2021


By: Pavlus Verified Traveler on 12/06/2021

Pam is a real gem and an asset to your agency.

By: Pavlus Verified Traveler on 12/03/2021

Pam, as usual was responsive beyond expectations. She remains a star.

By: Pavlus Verified Traveler on 11/26/2021

ACL is handling the restarting of river cruising very well with the new restrictions. If you choose your cruise based upon the schedule of the historian/presenters, you will get a great experience. Pam has always been efficient, helpful and friendly and I thank her for her assistance in our travel plans.

By: Pavlus Verified Traveler on 11/11/2021

Pavlus and Pam have always been at our side when traveling. They never fail to get us the best deal. We are constantly recommending them to everyone we meet. Keep up the good work in these difficult times.

By: Pavlus Verified Traveler on 11/01/2021

Thanks for the onboard credit.

By: Pavlus Verified Traveler on 10/18/2021

My vacation to Sicily was caught up in the pandemic and had to be rebooked. Pam always does a good job and rebooked everything for us with Globus. I have traveled with Globus many times. Before we left, we tried to get flights changed and were told nothing better could be found. On the way over on Delta and Alitalia, our luggage was lost. This was due to Alitalia being sold and employees were on strike and never loaded luggage. While waiting at Luggage Lost in Palermo, our transfer did not wait for us. We paid additional for the transfer because we traveled a day early. Fortunately, we found transportation to the hotel after contacting the hotel. Globus is reimbursing us for the transfer. Our tour was amazing and our guide was excellent. This helped to put Globus back in good terms. We communicated with Globus about our issues and still tried to get flights home changed. Finally, the day before we left, Globus changed our flights because ours were cancelled. I had to wonder if that would have happened had we not been in touch with Globus. Some of the people on our tour were stuck at the airport with cancelled flights. So, we were fortunate. All-in-all, our tour was very good. Globus just didn’t do as good a job with travel as they have with previous trips.

By: Pavlus Verified Traveler on 09/27/2021

Enjoyed Michigan As always Tauck's Tours did a good job.

By: Pavlus Verified Traveler on 08/28/2021

The Pavlus Team kept us informed all through the transaction. Couldn't have made the trip without them.

By: Pavlus Verified Traveler on 04/27/2021

Great to get away again after being in the house for 14 months. Pam did her usual great job looking after our needs. We felt comfortable with American Cruise Lines COVID protocols.

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