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Brochure Price
Pavlus Price
42Legends Of The Old World - Istanbul, Turkey To Singapore, Singapore10/31/2022Istanbul, Turkey Singapore, SingaporeSeven Seas Explorer$67,998$23,24966%
12Ancient Shrines & Bright Skylines - Tokyo, Japan To Tokyo, Japan10/11/2021Tokyo, Japan Tokyo, JapanSeven Seas Explorer$31,598$9,29971%
10Zen Gardens & Samurai Legends - Tokyo, Japan To Tokyo (yokohama), Japan10/23/2021Tokyo, Japan Tokyo (yokohama), JapanSeven Seas Explorer$29,398$7,99973%
16Land Of The Rising Sun - Tokyo (yokohama), Japan To Hong Kong, China11/02/2021Tokyo (yokohama), Japan Hong Kong, ChinaSeven Seas Explorer$37,698$10,94971%
30Japanese Wonders & Local Flavors - Tokyo (yokohama), Japan To Singapore, Singapore11/02/2021Tokyo (yokohama), Japan Singapore, SingaporeSeven Seas Explorer$58,598$19,04967%
14Exotic Pacific Shores - Hong Kong, China To Singapore, Singapore11/18/2021Hong Kong, China Singapore, SingaporeSeven Seas Explorer$36,498$9,94973%
32Ha Long Bay To Sydney Harbor - Hong Kong, China To Sydney, Australia11/18/2021Hong Kong, China Sydney, AustraliaSeven Seas Explorer$62,198$19,64968%
14Culture & Cuisine Of Asia - Bali (benoa), Indonesia To Bangkok (laem Chabang), Thailand02/04/2022Bali (benoa), Indonesia Bangkok (laem Chabang), ThailandSeven Seas Explorer$35,498$9,94972%
32Asian Enchantments - Bali (benoa), Indonesia To Tokyo, Japan02/04/2022Bali (benoa), Indonesia Tokyo, JapanSeven Seas Explorer$61,598$20,19967%
18Sacred Temples To Neon Lights - Bangkok (laem Chabang), Thailand To Tokyo, Japan02/18/2022Bangkok (laem Chabang), Thailand Tokyo, JapanSeven Seas Explorer$40,398$11,79971%
18From Osaka To Saigon - Tokyo, Japan To Singapore, Singapore03/20/2022Tokyo, Japan Singapore, SingaporeSeven Seas Explorer$41,498$12,54970%
21Exotic & Iconic - Dubai, Uae To Singapore, Singapore11/21/2022Dubai, Uae Singapore, SingaporeSeven Seas Explorer$44,398$13,89969%
15Pristine Beaches & Bustling Markets - Bali (benoa), Indonesia To Hong Kong, China02/13/2023Bali (benoa), Indonesia Hong Kong, ChinaSeven Seas Explorer$37,598$10,89971%
29Natural Beauty & Asian Innovations - Bali (benoa), Indonesia To Tokyo, Japan02/13/2023Bali (benoa), Indonesia Tokyo, JapanSeven Seas Explorer$58,398$18,99967%
14Futuristic Asian Cities - Hong Kong, China To Tokyo, Japan02/28/2023Hong Kong, China Tokyo, JapanSeven Seas Explorer$35,998$10,19972%
14Ancient Temples & Sacred Sites - Tokyo, Japan To Tokyo (yokohama), Japan03/14/2023Tokyo, Japan Tokyo (yokohama), JapanSeven Seas Explorer$37,098$10,64971%
14Sushi, Sake & Shimizu - Tokyo (yokohama), Japan To Tokyo, Japan03/28/2023Tokyo (yokohama), Japan Tokyo, JapanSeven Seas Explorer$36,998$10,64971%
14Towering Mountains & Nippon Culture - Tokyo, Japan To Tokyo (yokohama), Japan04/11/2023Tokyo, Japan Tokyo (yokohama), JapanSeven Seas Explorer$37,098$10,74971%
32Radiant Japan & The Last Frontier - Tokyo, Japan To Vancouver, British Columbia04/11/2023Tokyo, Japan Vancouver, British ColumbiaSeven Seas Explorer$60,398$22,09963%
18Epic North Pacific Voyage - Tokyo (yokohama), Japan To Vancouver, British Columbia04/25/2023Tokyo (yokohama), Japan Vancouver, British ColumbiaSeven Seas Explorer$35,998$12,19966%
18Explore Australia - Singapore, Singapore To Sydney, Australia12/02/2021Singapore, Singapore Sydney, AustraliaSeven Seas Explorer$42,598$11,89972%
34Bali, The Outback & New Zealand - Singapore, Singapore To Auckland, New Zealand12/02/2021Singapore, Singapore Auckland, New ZealandSeven Seas Explorer$70,998$23,29967%
16Holiday Down Under - Sydney, Australia To Auckland, New Zealand12/20/2021Sydney, Australia Auckland, New ZealandSeven Seas Explorer$45,598$12,99971%
14Milford To Melbourne - Auckland, New Zealand To Sydney, Australia01/05/2022Auckland, New Zealand Sydney, AustraliaSeven Seas Explorer$41,198$11,19973%
30Sails, Sounds & The Sunshine Coast - Auckland, New Zealand To Bali (benoa), Indonesia01/05/2022Auckland, New Zealand Bali (benoa), IndonesiaSeven Seas Explorer$66,398$21,69967%
16Kangaroos, Koalas & Dragons - Sydney, Australia To Bali (benoa), Indonesia01/19/2022Sydney, Australia Bali (benoa), IndonesiaSeven Seas Explorer$41,598$11,79972%
30Aussie Escapes & Asian Spices - Sydney, Australia To Bangkok (laem Chabang), Thailand01/19/2022Sydney, Australia Bangkok (laem Chabang), ThailandSeven Seas Explorer$59,598$19,09968%
17Coastal Beauties Of The Pacific - Singapore, Singapore To Sydney, Australia12/12/2022Singapore, Singapore Sydney, AustraliaSeven Seas Explorer$40,998$11,59972%
14Lord Of The Fjords - Sydney, Australia To Auckland, New Zealand12/29/2022Sydney, Australia Auckland, New ZealandSeven Seas Explorer$43,498$11,84973%
14Epic New Zealand Landscapes - Auckland, New Zealand To Sydney, Australia01/12/2023Auckland, New Zealand Sydney, AustraliaSeven Seas Explorer$42,798$11,49973%
32Kiwis, Fjords & Aussie Wonders - Auckland, New Zealand To Bali (benoa), Indonesia01/12/2023Auckland, New Zealand Bali (benoa), IndonesiaSeven Seas Explorer$69,998$22,69968%
18Rugged Outback To Golden Beaches - Sydney, Australia To Bali (benoa), Indonesia01/26/2023Sydney, Australia Bali (benoa), IndonesiaSeven Seas Explorer$45,998$13,59970%
7Venetian Dream - Athens (piraeus), Greece To Venice, Italy06/26/2022Athens (piraeus), Greece Venice, ItalySeven Seas Explorer$19,398$5,79970%
10Stunning Dalmatia - Venice, Italy To Rome (civitavecchia), Italy07/03/2022Venice, Italy Rome (civitavecchia), ItalySeven Seas Explorer$25,598$8,39967%
14Historic Mediterranean Shores - Rome (civitavecchia), Italy To Athens (piraeus), Greece08/06/2022Rome (civitavecchia), Italy Athens (piraeus), GreeceSeven Seas Explorer$32,998$11,19966%
12Ionian Sea Inspiration - Istanbul, Turkey To Venice, Italy08/30/2022Istanbul, Turkey Venice, ItalySeven Seas Explorer$28,598$9,89965%
7Antiquities & Archeology - Venice, Italy To Athens (piraeus), Greece09/11/2022Venice, Italy Athens (piraeus), GreeceSeven Seas Explorer$19,798$5,99970%
12Aegean Discovery - Valletta, Malta To Venice, Italy09/25/2022Valletta, Malta Venice, ItalySeven Seas Explorer$27,998$9,59966%
12Ballad Of The Black Sea - Venice, Italy To Istanbul, Turkey10/07/2022Venice, Italy Istanbul, TurkeySeven Seas Explorer$27,998$9,59966%
73Grand Spice Route Quest - Istanbul, Turkey To Auckland, New Zealand10/31/2022Istanbul, Turkey Auckland, New ZealandSeven Seas Explorer$118,998$42,34964%
61Grand Asia Exploration - Sydney, Australia To Tokyo (yokohama), Japan01/26/2023Sydney, Australia Tokyo (yokohama), JapanSeven Seas Explorer$111,298$38,87465%
10Beauties Of The Bosphorus - Istanbul, Turkey To Athens (piraeus), Greece05/14/2022Istanbul, Turkey Athens (piraeus), GreeceSeven Seas Explorer$24,998$8,09968%
7Mediterranean Immersion - Venice, Italy To Athens (piraeus), Greece06/19/2022Venice, Italy Athens (piraeus), GreeceSeven Seas Explorer$19,598$5,89970%
14Ancient Streets & Glistening Seas - Venice, Italy To Venice, Italy06/19/2022Venice, Italy Venice, ItalySeven Seas Explorer$32,398$10,89966%
17Adriatic & Aegean Wonders - Athens (piraeus), Greece To Rome (civitavecchia), Italy06/26/2022Athens (piraeus), Greece Rome (civitavecchia), ItalySeven Seas Explorer$38,198$13,29965%
14Exquisite Mediterranean Dining - Barcelona, Spain To Rome (civitavecchia), Italy07/23/2022Barcelona, Spain Rome (civitavecchia), ItalySeven Seas Explorer$33,598$11,89965%
7World Heritage Exploration - Venice, Italy To Athens (piraeus), Greece08/13/2022Venice, Italy Athens (piraeus), GreeceSeven Seas Explorer$19,798$5,99970%
10Goddesses, Legends & Empires - Athens (piraeus), Greece To Istanbul, Turkey08/20/2022Athens (piraeus), Greece Istanbul, TurkeySeven Seas Explorer$24,598$7,89968%
22Aegean & Ionian Dreams - Athens (piraeus), Greece To Venice, Italy08/20/2022Athens (piraeus), Greece Venice, ItalySeven Seas Explorer$45,998$16,69964%
14Grecian Cultures & Aegean Antiquity - Venice, Italy To Valletta, Malta09/11/2022Venice, Italy Valletta, MaltaSeven Seas Explorer$32,798$11,09966%
7Grecian Wanderlust - Athens (piraeus), Greece To Valletta, Malta09/18/2022Athens (piraeus), Greece Valletta, MaltaSeven Seas Explorer$19,598$5,89970%
19Turkish Delights & The Greek Isles - Athens (piraeus), Greece To Venice, Italy09/18/2022Athens (piraeus), Greece Venice, ItalySeven Seas Explorer$40,798$14,59964%
12Delights Of Greece & Turkey - Athens (piraeus), Greece To Jerusalem (haifa), Israel05/24/2022Athens (piraeus), Greece Jerusalem (haifa), IsraelSeven Seas Explorer$28,698$9,74966%
14Sacred Lands & Picturesque Canals - Jerusalem (haifa), Israel To Venice, Italy06/05/2022Jerusalem (haifa), Israel Venice, ItalySeven Seas Explorer$33,198$11,49965%
12Holy Land Passage - Istanbul, Turkey To Istanbul, Turkey10/19/2022Istanbul, Turkey Istanbul, TurkeySeven Seas Explorer$27,598$9,39966%
10Corsican Summer - Rome (civitavecchia), Italy To Barcelona, Spain07/13/2022Rome (civitavecchia), Italy Barcelona, SpainSeven Seas Explorer$25,998$8,59967%
7Retreat To The Mediterranean - Rome (civitavecchia), Italy To Venice, Italy08/06/2022Rome (civitavecchia), Italy Venice, ItalySeven Seas Explorer$19,798$5,99970%

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