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Ship Name
Brochure Price
Pavlus Price
21Gleaming Cityscapes - Dubai, Uae To Singapore, Singapore12/01/2023Dubai, Uae Singapore, SingaporeSeven Seas Navigator$41,598$12,64970%
19New Year Down Under - Singapore, Singapore To Sydney, Australia12/22/2023Singapore, Singapore Sydney, AustraliaSeven Seas Navigator$42,398$12,09971%
14Sacred Temples & Serene Shores - Bali (benoa), Indonesia To Bangkok (laem Chabang), Thailand03/22/2024Bali (benoa), Indonesia Bangkok (laem Chabang), ThailandSeven Seas Navigator$33,598$9,51972%
20Asian Wonders & Arabian Delights - Bangkok (laem Chabang), Thailand To Abu Dhabi, Uae04/05/2024Bangkok (laem Chabang), Thailand Abu Dhabi, UaeSeven Seas Navigator$40,398$12,99968%
18Kiwi & Aussie Brilliance - Auckland, New Zealand To Bali (benoa), Indonesia03/04/2024Auckland, New Zealand Bali (benoa), IndonesiaSeven Seas Navigator$43,998$13,34970%
28Jewels Of Northern Europe - Reykjavik, Iceland To Copenhagen, Denmark07/11/2023Reykjavik, Iceland Copenhagen, DenmarkSeven Seas Navigator$50,198$20,34959%
16Crests Of The North Sea Coast - London (southampton), Uk To Copenhagen, Denmark07/23/2023London (southampton), Uk Copenhagen, DenmarkSeven Seas Navigator$30,798$8,13274%
17Majesty In Norway - Amsterdam, Netherlands To Copenhagen, Denmark06/15/2024Amsterdam, Netherlands Copenhagen, DenmarkSeven Seas Navigator$34,598$12,09965%
10Sunset In Stockholm - Copenhagen, Denmark To Stockholm, Sweden07/02/2024Copenhagen, Denmark Stockholm, SwedenSeven Seas Navigator$23,998$7,39969%
14Baltic Rhapsody - Stockholm, Sweden To Amsterdam, Netherlands07/12/2024Stockholm, Sweden Amsterdam, NetherlandsSeven Seas Navigator$30,998$10,29967%
15Spring In Nova Scotia - Miami, Florida To Montreal, Canada05/05/2023Miami, Florida Montreal, CanadaSeven Seas Navigator$17,598$7,64957%
12Bermudian Beauty - Montreal, Canada To New York, New York06/11/2023Montreal, Canada New York, New YorkSeven Seas Navigator$16,398$6,74959%
18Northbound From New England - New York, New York To Reykjavik, Iceland06/23/2023New York, New York Reykjavik, IcelandSeven Seas Navigator$30,998$13,24957%
30England, New & Old - New York, New York To London (southampton), Uk06/23/2023New York, New York London (southampton), UkSeven Seas Navigator$47,998$20,29958%
12Kingdoms & Isles - Reykjavik, Iceland To London (southampton), Uk07/11/2023Reykjavik, Iceland London (southampton), UkSeven Seas Navigator$24,598$9,51961%
20A Northern Summer - Copenhagen, Denmark To Amsterdam, Netherlands08/08/2023Copenhagen, Denmark Amsterdam, NetherlandsSeven Seas Navigator$37,798$14,44962%
10Allure Of The British Isles - Amsterdam, Netherlands To London (southampton), Uk07/26/2024Amsterdam, Netherlands London (southampton), UkSeven Seas Navigator$21,798$6,09972%
20Inspired Iceland - London (southampton), Uk To London (southampton), Uk08/05/2024London (southampton), Uk London (southampton), UkSeven Seas Navigator$45,598$16,49964%
11La Belle Province - Montreal, Canada To New York, New York05/20/2023Montreal, Canada New York, New YorkSeven Seas Navigator$15,798$6,54959%
11Passage On The St. Lawrence - New York, New York To Montreal, Canada05/31/2023New York, New York Montreal, CanadaSeven Seas Navigator$19,598$8,44957%
14An Enchanting Crossing - Barcelona, Spain To Miami, Florida11/22/2024Barcelona, Spain Miami, FloridaSeven Seas Navigator$18,998$5,49971%
12The Magnificent Azores - Miami, Florida To Lisbon, Portugal04/04/2025Miami, Florida Lisbon, PortugalSeven Seas Navigator$17,598$5,09971%
10Cupid To Carnival - Bridgetown, Barbados To Bridgetown, Barbados02/13/2023Bridgetown, Barbados Bridgetown, BarbadosSeven Seas Navigator$14,198$5,79959%
11Grenada,the Grenadines & Guadeloupe - Bridgetown, Barbados To Miami, Florida02/23/2023Bridgetown, Barbados Miami, FloridaSeven Seas Navigator$15,798$6,69958%
10Primavera In Puerto Rico - Miami, Florida To Miami, Florida03/13/2023Miami, Florida Miami, FloridaSeven Seas Navigator$14,398$6,19957%
14Abc Islands & Caribbean Reefs - Miami, Florida To Miami, Florida04/21/2023Miami, Florida Miami, FloridaSeven Seas Navigator$17,998$6,96961%
10Glamorous Gustavia - Miami, Florida To Miami, Florida12/13/2024Miami, Florida Miami, FloridaSeven Seas Navigator$12,798$3,89970%
11New Year In The Tropics - Miami, Florida To Bridgetown, Barbados12/23/2024Miami, Florida Bridgetown, BarbadosSeven Seas Navigator$15,998$5,29967%
10Turquoise Shores, Hidden Isles - Bridgetown, Barbados To Bridgetown, Barbados01/03/2025Bridgetown, Barbados Bridgetown, BarbadosSeven Seas Navigator$15,998$4,89969%
7Joy Of The Islands - Bridgetown, Barbados To Bridgetown, Barbados01/13/2025Bridgetown, Barbados Bridgetown, BarbadosSeven Seas Navigator$11,998$3,39972%
10Barefoot Reverie - Bridgetown, Barbados To Bridgetown, Barbados01/20/2025Bridgetown, Barbados Bridgetown, BarbadosSeven Seas Navigator$15,998$4,89969%
7Eternal Sunshine - Bridgetown, Barbados To Bridgetown, Barbados01/30/2025Bridgetown, Barbados Bridgetown, BarbadosSeven Seas Navigator$11,998$3,39972%
11Caribbean Warmth - Bridgetown, Barbados To Miami, Florida02/06/2025Bridgetown, Barbados Miami, FloridaSeven Seas Navigator$16,598$5,49967%
7Delight In The Mediterranean - Barcelona (tarragona), Spain To Lisbon, Portugal09/22/2023Barcelona (tarragona), Spain Lisbon, PortugalSeven Seas Navigator$19,698$5,79971%
10Enchantment In The Mediterranean - Valletta, Malta To Venice (fusina), Italy10/09/2023Valletta, Malta Venice (fusina), ItalySeven Seas Navigator$21,998$5,08277%
12Bosphorus Beauty & The Black Sea - Athens (piraeus), Greece To Istanbul, Turkey10/29/2023Athens (piraeus), Greece Istanbul, TurkeySeven Seas Navigator$24,598$5,49578%
78Grand Arctic Adventure - New York, New York To Barcelona, Spain06/23/2023New York, New York Barcelona, SpainSeven Seas Navigator$121,998$51,19958%
10The Traditions Of Greece - Venice (fusina), Italy To Athens (piraeus), Greece10/19/2023Venice (fusina), Italy Athens (piraeus), GreeceSeven Seas Navigator$22,398$6,73670%
10Dreams Of Dalmatia - Athens (piraeus), Greece To Venice (trieste), Italy05/14/2024Athens (piraeus), Greece Venice (trieste), ItalySeven Seas Navigator$25,398$7,79969%
12Hidden Gems & Turkish Shores - Rome (civitavecchia), Italy To Athens (piraeus), Greece09/28/2024Rome (civitavecchia), Italy Athens (piraeus), GreeceSeven Seas Navigator$26,598$8,29969%
12Aegean Antiquities & Chic Shores - Athens (piraeus), Greece To Jerusalem (haifa), Israel10/10/2024Athens (piraeus), Greece Jerusalem (haifa), IsraelSeven Seas Navigator$28,598$8,89969%
14Ancient, Historic & Holy - Jerusalem (haifa), Israel To Istanbul, Turkey10/22/2024Jerusalem (haifa), Israel Istanbul, TurkeySeven Seas Navigator$32,998$10,69968%
10Sunset In Bora Bora - Papeete (tahiti), French Polynesia To Papeete (tahiti), French Polynesia01/28/2024Papeete (tahiti), French Polynesia Papeete (tahiti), French PolynesiaSeven Seas Navigator$28,998$5,89980%
10Under The Tahitian Moon - Papeete (tahiti), French Polynesia To Papeete (tahiti), French Polynesia02/07/2024Papeete (tahiti), French Polynesia Papeete (tahiti), French PolynesiaSeven Seas Navigator$28,798$6,39978%
16South Pacific Paradise - Papeete (tahiti), French Polynesia To Auckland, New Zealand02/17/2024Papeete (tahiti), French Polynesia Auckland, New ZealandSeven Seas Navigator$35,698$9,64973%
25Emerald Reefs & Amazon Adventure - Miami, Florida To Miami, Florida02/24/2025Miami, Florida Miami, FloridaSeven Seas Navigator$29,798$10,99963%
7Caribbean Coasts & Ancient Ruins - Miami, Florida To Miami, Florida03/06/2023Miami, Florida Miami, FloridaSeven Seas Navigator$10,998$4,99955%
7Season Of Sunshine - Miami, Florida To Miami, Florida12/06/2024Miami, Florida Miami, FloridaSeven Seas Navigator$9,598$2,79971%
7Sun-drenched Islands - Miami, Florida To Miami, Florida02/17/2025Miami, Florida Miami, FloridaSeven Seas Navigator$11,798$3,89967%
14Vibrant Hues Of Blue - Miami, Florida To Miami, Florida03/21/2025Miami, Florida Miami, FloridaSeven Seas Navigator$19,998$6,99965%
12A Taste Of France & Iberia - Amsterdam, Netherlands To Barcelona, Spain08/28/2023Amsterdam, Netherlands Barcelona, SpainSeven Seas Navigator$23,798$8,64964%
12Western European Sensations - Monte Carlo, Monaco To Amsterdam, Netherlands06/03/2024Monte Carlo, Monaco Amsterdam, NetherlandsSeven Seas Navigator$27,598$9,09967%
10Savor Europe - London (southampton), Uk To London (southampton), Uk08/25/2024London (southampton), Uk London (southampton), UkSeven Seas Navigator$23,998$7,19970%
14Alluring Iberia - London (southampton), Uk To Barcelona, Spain09/04/2024London (southampton), Uk Barcelona, SpainSeven Seas Navigator$28,998$9,19968%
10Sevillian Flair - Lisbon, Portugal To Valletta, Malta09/29/2023Lisbon, Portugal Valletta, MaltaSeven Seas Navigator$22,598$7,89965%
10Cliffs, Coasts & Culture - Venice (trieste), Italy To Monte Carlo, Monaco05/24/2024Venice (trieste), Italy Monte Carlo, MonacoSeven Seas Navigator$23,998$7,29970%
10Flavors Of The Mediterranean - Barcelona, Spain To Rome (civitavecchia), Italy09/18/2024Barcelona, Spain Rome (civitavecchia), ItalySeven Seas Navigator$24,998$7,69969%
10Archons, Emperors & Sultans - Istanbul, Turkey To Rome (civitavecchia), Italy11/05/2024Istanbul, Turkey Rome (civitavecchia), ItalySeven Seas Navigator$23,598$6,79971%
7Autumn On The Mediterranean - Rome (civitavecchia), Italy To Barcelona, Spain11/15/2024Rome (civitavecchia), Italy Barcelona, SpainSeven Seas Navigator$18,398$4,99973%
7Beauty Across Iberia - Lisbon, Portugal To Barcelona, Spain04/16/2025Lisbon, Portugal Barcelona, SpainSeven Seas Navigator$19,798$5,49972%

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