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Ship Name
Brochure Price
Pavlus Price
20History Of The World - Abu Dhabi, Uae To Rome (civitavecchia), Italy04/16/2020Abu Dhabi, Uae Rome (civitavecchia), ItalySeven Seas Voyager$30,398$9,99967%
14The Land Of Lions - Cape Town, South Africa To Cape Town, South Africa12/08/2020Cape Town, South Africa Cape Town, South AfricaSeven Seas Voyager$31,998$10,59967%
14Dreams Of Africa - Cape Town, South Africa To Cape Town, South Africa12/22/2020Cape Town, South Africa Cape Town, South AfricaSeven Seas Voyager$33,598$11,09967%
20Ancient Ruins & Modern Monuments - Rome (civitavecchia), Italy To Abu Dhabi, Uae10/03/2021Rome (civitavecchia), Italy Abu Dhabi, UaeSeven Seas Voyager$31,598$8,79972%
22Adventure In Africa - Abu Dhabi, Uae To Cape Town, South Africa10/30/2021Abu Dhabi, Uae Cape Town, South AfricaSeven Seas Voyager$43,798$12,59971%
16South African Radiance - Cape Town, South Africa To Cape Town, South Africa11/21/2021Cape Town, South Africa Cape Town, South AfricaSeven Seas Voyager$37,598$10,29973%
15Sunrise On Safari - Cape Town, South Africa To Cape Town, South Africa12/07/2021Cape Town, South Africa Cape Town, South AfricaSeven Seas Voyager$36,998$9,99973%
20Opulent Capitals & Sacred Shrines - Dubai, Uae To Singapore, Singapore11/16/2019Dubai, Uae Singapore, SingaporeSeven Seas Voyager$12,489$6,68946%
14Enlightened Passage - Singapore, Singapore To Singapore, Singapore12/06/2019Singapore, Singapore Singapore, SingaporeSeven Seas Voyager$11,249$5,24953%
32Cultural Awakenings - Singapore, Singapore To Sydney, Australia12/06/2019Singapore, Singapore Sydney, AustraliaSeven Seas Voyager$61,998$21,24966%
18Eastern Contrasts - Bali (benoa), Indonesia To Hong Kong, China02/12/2020Bali (benoa), Indonesia Hong Kong, ChinaSeven Seas Voyager$39,598$11,89970%
12Journey To Japan - Hong Kong, China To Tokyo, Japan03/01/2020Hong Kong, China Tokyo, JapanSeven Seas Voyager$29,798$8,89970%
14Illuminated Skylines - Tokyo, Japan To Bangkok (laem Chabang), Thailand03/13/2020Tokyo, Japan Bangkok (laem Chabang), ThailandSeven Seas Voyager$13,079$7,47943%
20Golden Temples, Ancient Shrines - Bangkok (laem Chabang), Thailand To Abu Dhabi, Uae03/27/2020Bangkok (laem Chabang), Thailand Abu Dhabi, UaeSeven Seas Voyager$15,969$10,31935%
18The Greatness Of Australia - Singapore, Singapore To Sydney, Australia12/20/2019Singapore, Singapore Sydney, AustraliaSeven Seas Voyager$12,625$6,12551%
14Winelands Down Under - Sydney, Australia To Auckland, New Zealand01/07/2020Sydney, Australia Auckland, New ZealandSeven Seas Voyager$39,598$10,79973%
22Koalas & Komodo Dragons - Auckland, New Zealand To Bali (benoa), Indonesia01/21/2020Auckland, New Zealand Bali (benoa), IndonesiaSeven Seas Voyager$48,998$15,49968%
40Exotic Adventures - Auckland, New Zealand To Hong Kong, China01/21/2020Auckland, New Zealand Hong Kong, ChinaSeven Seas Voyager$72,398$25,64965%
52Ancient Landscapes - Auckland, New Zealand To Tokyo, Japan01/21/2020Auckland, New Zealand Tokyo, JapanSeven Seas Voyager$88,598$32,89963%
14Reykjavik Under The Midnight Sun - London (southampton), Uk To Reykjavik, Iceland07/02/2021London (southampton), Uk Reykjavik, IcelandSeven Seas Voyager$33,998$11,99965%
12Amazing Fjords - Reykjavik, Iceland To Oslo, Norway07/16/2021Reykjavik, Iceland Oslo, NorwaySeven Seas Voyager$29,998$10,79964%
12Norwegian Dream - Oslo, Norway To Amsterdam, Netherlands07/28/2021Oslo, Norway Amsterdam, NetherlandsSeven Seas Voyager$31,598$11,29964%
22Royal Sights & Icelandic Heights - Oslo, Norway To London (southampton), Uk07/28/2021Oslo, Norway London (southampton), UkSeven Seas Voyager$50,598$18,79963%
10Illuminated Ireland - Amsterdam, Netherlands To London (southampton), Uk08/09/2021Amsterdam, Netherlands London (southampton), UkSeven Seas Voyager$26,398$8,69967%
20A European Summer - Amsterdam, Netherlands To Barcelona, Spain08/09/2021Amsterdam, Netherlands Barcelona, SpainSeven Seas Voyager$44,798$15,89965%
14Safari & Samba - Cape Town, South Africa To Rio De Janeiro, Brazil01/05/2021Cape Town, South Africa Rio De Janeiro, BrazilSeven Seas Voyager$25,798$7,69970%
26Vintners & Vineyards - Cape Town, South Africa To Buenos Aires, Argentina01/05/2021Cape Town, South Africa Buenos Aires, ArgentinaSeven Seas Voyager$42,198$14,69965%
30Cape Verde & The Canary Islands - Buenos Aires, Argentina To Barcelona, Spain03/14/2021Buenos Aires, Argentina Barcelona, SpainSeven Seas Voyager$42,598$14,64966%
18Atlantic Ocean Exploration - Rio De Janeiro, Brazil To Barcelona, Spain03/26/2021Rio De Janeiro, Brazil Barcelona, SpainSeven Seas Voyager$25,798$7,69970%
14Southern Atlantic Expedition - Cape Town, South Africa To Rio De Janeiro, Brazil12/22/2021Cape Town, South Africa Rio De Janeiro, BrazilSeven Seas Voyager$27,998$6,49977%
24Fabulous Beaches & Fado Music - Miami, Florida To Lisbon, Portugal03/22/2022Miami, Florida Lisbon, PortugalSeven Seas Voyager$32,398$10,39968%
14Atlantic Isles Discovery - Miami, Florida To Lisbon, Portugal04/01/2022Miami, Florida Lisbon, PortugalSeven Seas Voyager$19,598$5,99969%
10Caribbean Fiesta - Miami, Florida To Miami, Florida03/22/2022Miami, Florida Miami, FloridaSeven Seas Voyager$14,598$4,99966%
10Idyllic Grecian Isles - Athens (piraeus), Greece To Venice, Italy06/04/2020Athens (piraeus), Greece Venice, ItalySeven Seas Voyager$24,198$8,39965%
12Hometowns, Heritage & History - Venice, Italy To Monte Carlo, Monaco06/24/2020Venice, Italy Monte Carlo, MonacoSeven Seas Voyager$27,598$10,09963%
7Mediterranean Medley - Venice, Italy To Rome (civitavecchia), Italy07/28/2020Venice, Italy Rome (civitavecchia), ItalySeven Seas Voyager$17,398$4,59974%
12Ciao Italia - Barcelona, Spain To Venice, Italy08/21/2020Barcelona, Spain Venice, ItalySeven Seas Voyager$26,998$8,59968%
7The Toast Of The Mediterranean - Venice, Italy To Rome (civitavecchia), Italy09/02/2020Venice, Italy Rome (civitavecchia), ItalySeven Seas Voyager$17,998$5,79968%
14Bella Italia - Venice, Italy To Monte Carlo, Monaco09/02/2020Venice, Italy Monte Carlo, MonacoSeven Seas Voyager$29,998$11,09963%
14Autumn On The Aegean - Monte Carlo, Monaco To Istanbul, Turkey09/16/2020Monte Carlo, Monaco Istanbul, TurkeySeven Seas Voyager$29,998$10,79964%
9Return To Antiquity - Barcelona, Spain To Athens (piraeus), Greece04/26/2021Barcelona, Spain Athens (piraeus), GreeceSeven Seas Voyager$21,398$6,69969%
10Venetian Sunset - Athens (piraeus), Greece To Rome (civitavecchia), Italy09/23/2021Athens (piraeus), Greece Rome (civitavecchia), ItalySeven Seas Voyager$24,598$7,79968%
10Return To Olympus - Venice, Italy To Venice, Italy06/14/2020Venice, Italy Venice, ItalySeven Seas Voyager$21,998$7,29967%
8Crossing Continents - Istanbul, Turkey To Athens (piraeus), Greece09/30/2020Istanbul, Turkey Athens (piraeus), GreeceSeven Seas Voyager$19,598$6,59966%
7Royal Aegean - Athens (piraeus), Greece To Istanbul, Turkey05/11/2021Athens (piraeus), Greece Istanbul, TurkeySeven Seas Voyager$18,998$5,49971%
10Ephesus & The Greek Isles - Athens (piraeus), Greece To Athens (piraeus), Greece09/13/2021Athens (piraeus), Greece Athens (piraeus), GreeceSeven Seas Voyager$24,598$7,79968%
12The Grandeur Of Greece - Venice, Italy To Jerusalem (haifa), Israel05/11/2020Venice, Italy Jerusalem (haifa), IsraelSeven Seas Voyager$28,198$9,89965%
12Spiritual Wonders - Athens (piraeus), Greece To Barcelona, Spain10/08/2020Athens (piraeus), Greece Barcelona, SpainSeven Seas Voyager$24,998$8,79965%
10Kingdoms & Empires - Istanbul, Turkey To Jerusalem (haifa), Israel05/18/2021Istanbul, Turkey Jerusalem (haifa), IsraelSeven Seas Voyager$24,598$7,59969%
15Sacred Lands & Treasures - Jerusalem (haifa), Israel To Rome (civitavecchia), Italy05/28/2021Jerusalem (haifa), Israel Rome (civitavecchia), ItalySeven Seas Voyager$32,598$11,09966%
23Holy & Ancient Crossroads - Jerusalem (haifa), Israel To Barcelona, Spain05/28/2021Jerusalem (haifa), Israel Barcelona, SpainSeven Seas Voyager$45,798$16,29964%
15Mediterranean Sojourn - Barcelona, Spain To Athens (piraeus), Greece08/29/2021Barcelona, Spain Athens (piraeus), GreeceSeven Seas Voyager$31,998$10,99966%
12Pampas Exploration - Rio De Janeiro, Brazil To Buenos Aires, Argentina01/19/2021Rio De Janeiro, Brazil Buenos Aires, ArgentinaSeven Seas Voyager$25,798$8,19968%
21Southernmost Sojourn - Buenos Aires, Argentina To Lima (callao), Peru01/31/2021Buenos Aires, Argentina Lima (callao), PeruSeven Seas Voyager$40,598$14,59964%
21The Best Of South America - Lima (callao), Peru To Buenos Aires, Argentina02/21/2021Lima (callao), Peru Buenos Aires, ArgentinaSeven Seas Voyager$40,598$14,59964%
12The Beauty Of Brazil - Buenos Aires, Argentina To Rio De Janeiro, Brazil03/14/2021Buenos Aires, Argentina Rio De Janeiro, BrazilSeven Seas Voyager$26,798$8,69968%
10Samba To Tango - Rio De Janeiro, Brazil To Buenos Aires, Argentina01/05/2022Rio De Janeiro, Brazil Buenos Aires, ArgentinaSeven Seas Voyager$25,998$7,49971%
26Rio & Around The Horn - Rio De Janeiro, Brazil To Santiago (san Antonio), Chile01/05/2022Rio De Janeiro, Brazil Santiago (san Antonio), ChileSeven Seas Voyager$51,798$17,89965%
16Around Cape Horn - Buenos Aires, Argentina To Santiago (san Antonio), Chile01/15/2022Buenos Aires, Argentina Santiago (san Antonio), ChileSeven Seas Voyager$34,998$11,49967%
19Journey To Antarctica - Santiago (san Antonio), Chile To Buenos Aires, Argentina01/31/2022Santiago (san Antonio), Chile Buenos Aires, ArgentinaSeven Seas Voyager$39,598$13,29966%
29Antarctic Insights - Santiago (san Antonio), Chile To Rio De Janeiro, Brazil01/31/2022Santiago (san Antonio), Chile Rio De Janeiro, BrazilSeven Seas Voyager$53,998$18,49966%
10Call Of The Amazon - Buenos Aires, Argentina To Rio De Janeiro, Brazil02/19/2022Buenos Aires, Argentina Rio De Janeiro, BrazilSeven Seas Voyager$25,398$7,19972%
31Brazil's Beaches & Jungles - Buenos Aires, Argentina To Miami, Florida02/19/2022Buenos Aires, Argentina Miami, FloridaSeven Seas Voyager$50,198$16,84966%
21Best Of Brazil - Rio De Janeiro, Brazil To Miami, Florida03/01/2022Rio De Janeiro, Brazil Miami, FloridaSeven Seas Voyager$33,998$11,49966%
12Toast To Bordeaux - Barcelona, Spain To London (southampton), Uk06/20/2021Barcelona, Spain London (southampton), UkSeven Seas Voyager$28,998$9,99966%
10Cobbled Streets & Classic Cafes - London (southampton), Uk To Barcelona, Spain08/19/2021London (southampton), Uk Barcelona, SpainSeven Seas Voyager$25,398$8,19968%
10Andiamo A Amalfi - Monte Carlo, Monaco To Barcelona, Spain07/06/2020Monte Carlo, Monaco Barcelona, SpainSeven Seas Voyager$22,798$7,69966%
12Sunset Over Monaco - Barcelona, Spain To Venice, Italy07/16/2020Barcelona, Spain Venice, ItalySeven Seas Voyager$26,798$8,59968%
10Summer Of Sol - Rome (civitavecchia), Italy To Monte Carlo, Monaco08/04/2020Rome (civitavecchia), Italy Monte Carlo, MonacoSeven Seas Voyager$23,598$7,09970%
7Spanish Sunsets - Monte Carlo, Monaco To Barcelona, Spain08/14/2020Monte Carlo, Monaco Barcelona, SpainSeven Seas Voyager$17,798$4,69974%
7Experience Joie De Vivre - Rome (civitavecchia), Italy To Monte Carlo, Monaco09/09/2020Rome (civitavecchia), Italy Monte Carlo, MonacoSeven Seas Voyager$16,998$5,29969%
13Magic In The Mediterranean - Barcelona, Spain To Barcelona, Spain10/20/2020Barcelona, Spain Barcelona, SpainSeven Seas Voyager$21,598$6,69969%
12Tenerife To Tangier - Barcelona, Spain To Lisbon, Portugal11/02/2020Barcelona, Spain Lisbon, PortugalSeven Seas Voyager$20,998$6,79968%
8Glamorous Summer - Rome (civitavecchia), Italy To Barcelona, Spain06/12/2021Rome (civitavecchia), Italy Barcelona, SpainSeven Seas Voyager$20,398$6,19970%
20Vintage Mediterannean - Rome (civitavecchia), Italy To London (southampton), Uk06/12/2021Rome (civitavecchia), Italy London (southampton), UkSeven Seas Voyager$42,398$15,19964%

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