Seabourn Cruises TOCs

Terms and Conditions Below are Accurate as of 5/28/2020

The Seabourn Club program (“the Program”) is operated by Seabourn Cruise Line Limited (“Seabourn”). The following terms and conditions supersede all prior Program terms and conditions and take effect for sailings according to the schedule available at

Seabourn reserves the right to modify or terminate the Program, or to change the terms and conditions of participation and the benefits of the Program, in whole or in part, at any time with or without notice. Membership may be terminated at Seabourn’s sole discretion for anyone appearing to be utilizing the Program in a manner inconsistent with its terms, conditions or intent. To qualify as a member of the Program, you must have completed at least one eligible Seabourn cruise.

The Program provides Seabourn Club Membership Level benefits based on Seabourn Club Points, in addition to Milestone Awards based on Sailed Days and Redeemable Sailed Days.

All questions or disputes regarding eligibility for the Program or provision of benefits will be resolved by Seabourn in its sole discretion. Seabourn will not be liable for refunds or for damages resulting from failure to deliver any of the Program benefits. Each Program member shall be responsible for advising Seabourn Club of address changes; Seabourn shall have no liability for misdirected mail or any consequences thereof. Other terms and conditions may apply. Please see the Seabourn Club section at for full Program details and terms and conditions. Offer void where prohibited by law.


Program level accrual is based on the number of eligible Seabourn Club Points earned per individual. Points earned are non-transferable under any circumstances.

One Seabourn Club Point is earned for each eligible Sailed Day. In addition, beginning with the sailings noted on the launch schedule at, Seabourn Club Points may be earned for qualified onboard and online purchases (net of returns) for each night on a Seabourn Journey, and for purchases of Penthouse, Signature, Owner’s, Wintergarden and Grand suites at published fares. Complimentary or reduced fare suite upgrades are not eligible.

Guests are eligible for Seabourn Club membership after completing one qualifying Seabourn cruise. Subsequent membership levels are based on qualifying Seabourn Club Points. Seabourn guests are eligible to become Silver Members after accruing 20 Seabourn Club Points, Gold Members after 70 Seabourn Club Points, Platinum Members after 140 Seabourn Club Points, Diamond Members after 250 Seabourn Club Points and Diamond Elite Members after 650 Seabourn Club Points.

Eligible cruises do not include charters, certain reduced cruise fares (i.e., employee, vendor rates, etc.) and other cruises as may be designated by Seabourn in its sole discretion.


Guests sailing with Seabourn on eligible bookings will earn Sailed Days and Redeemable Sailed Days for eligible days on a Seabourn cruise. Sailed Days count towards Milestone Awards, and Redeemable Sailed Days count towards Milestone Cruise Awards.

Guests are entitled to a complimentary Milestone Cruise Award of up to seven days when their Club account reaches 140 Redeemable Sailed Days, or a Milestone Cruise Award of up to 14 days when their Club account reaches 250 Redeemable Sailed Days. Milestone Cruise Awards are non-transferrable under any circumstances, and apply only to Seabourn cruises.

Guests earn one Sailed Day and one Redeemable Sailed Day for each eligible day on a Seabourn cruise, except when the cruise is a Milestone Cruise Award cruise, is complimentary, is at a special reduced-rate or is part of a charter. Pre- and post-cruise land programs such as Seabourn Journeys and hotel stays do not qualify as Sailed Days or Redeemable Sailed Days and do not count towards Milestone Cruise Awards.

Guests leaving the ship mid-cruise to participate in a Seabourn Journey will earn Sailed Days and Redeemable Sailed Days for the days they were not on board but were participating in the Seabourn Journey.

Cancelled reservations do not earn Sailed Days or Redeemable Sailed Days and do not qualify for Milestone Cruise Awards.

If a guest elects not to book a 7-day Milestone Cruise Award after accruing 140 Redeemable Sailed Days, the guest will continue to accrue Redeemable Sailed Days towards a 14-day Milestone Cruise Award, which is reached at 250 Redeemable Sailed Days. Once a guest has earned a 14-day Milestone Cruise Award, it must be booked within 24 months. If a Milestone Cruise Award booking is not confirmed within 24 months, the 14-day Milestone Cruise Award expires and 250 Redeemable Sailed Days will be debited from the guest’s Club account. If a Milestone Cruise Award booking is made within 24 months, but for a sailing that departs after the 24-month period, that booking cannot be changed for any reason and if that booking is changed the Milestone Cruise Award will be forfeited.

The Milestone Cruise Award applies towards a suite in the same category as that which the majority of the award’s Redeemable Sailed Days were purchased, not sailed in. In other words, complimentary or reduced rate upgrades do not apply. Guests accrue Sailed Days but do not accrue Redeemable Sailed Days on the complimentary Milestone Cruise Award sailing.

If a guest has redeemed a prior Milestone Cruise Award, only categories at which the majority of Redeemable Sailed Days have been purchased since their last redemption will be used to calculate the category for their current Milestone Cruise Award. If a guest qualifies for a category that is not applicable to the ship on which the guest chooses to redeem their Milestone Cruise Award, Seabourn will determine a comparable category to use for the Milestone Cruise Award being redeemed.

The 14-day Milestone Cruise Award may be applied to a 14-day cruise or towards 14 consecutive days on published Seabourn cruises.

Complimentary Milestone Cruise Awards may be redeemed for cruises of less than the full 7- or 14-day value; however any residual complimentary days will be forfeited and no Redeemable Sailed Days will be returned to the Club account.

The complimentary 7-day or 14-day Milestone Cruise Award may be applied to cruises of more than seven days or 14 days respectively. In that event, the Club member is responsible for paying the published per-diem rate for the days exceeding the applicable Milestone Cruise Award. Guests who elect to book a cruise longer than the redeemed Milestone Cruise Award and pay for the additional days earn Sailed Days and Redeemable Sailed Days for the additional full fare days on board.

The complimentary Milestone Cruise Award applies only to the cruise fare. It does not include fuel supplement, Taxes, Fees & Port Expenses, airfare, hotels, land packages, transfers, onboard expenses or other optional packages. These are additional and must be paid separately.

Club members must contact the Seabourn Club Desk to redeem their Milestone Cruise Award. Complimentary Milestone Cruises are subject to availability. Please note, Seabourn inaugural voyages are not eligible for Milestone Achievement Awards. Guests may cancel their booking for the complimentary Milestone Cruise Award 46 or more days prior to sailing and the award will be reinstated to their Club account. Please note, however, that any cancellation fees for optional packages and services purchased are subject to our standard cancellation policy and fees as published in the cruise brochure and at Milestone Cruise Award bookings made for sailings beyond the 24-month period must be taken as booked or will be forfeited. If the booking is cancelled 45 or fewer days prior to sailing, the Award will be forfeited and any additional cancellation fees will be applied according to the terms published in the cruise brochure and at

Guests cannot purchase SeabournShield® or Milestone Cruise Award bookings.


Benefits are awarded on a per person basis. Guests receive one set of benefits for their entire cruise. There are no refunds or credits for unused benefits. Benefits are not transferrable. Benefits and restrictions can change at any time. Once a benefit is selected and utilized, it cannot be changed. Changes to benefits can be made provided the benefit has not been utilized in part or in full. To take full advantage of benefits, guests must register and provide an email address at

Seabourn Club Points are awarded at the completion each cruise. Please note, it can take up to seven to ten days for the Seabourn Club Points to post to an account. Guests reaching a new membership level can apply the new benefits on their next cruise. Certain advance notifications, invitations, special savings, Advisory Board membership and more will only be available electronically.


Special Events and Receptions on Board: Once per cruise (once per segment on voyages that offer segments), a reception will be hosted on board.

Seabourn Club Host/Hostess on Every Sailing: The onboard Cruise Sales Specialist will also serve as the Seabourn Club Host/Hostess.

Onboard Booking Savings On Future Cruises: Guests can either book their next Seabourn cruise while on board and secure a 5% Onboard Booking Savings on that booking or purchase a Future Cruise Deposit that entitles them to a savings of 5% on a future cruise booking. Future Cruise Deposits must be applied to a specific cruise booking within four years from the date of issue. The 5% Future Cruise Deposit is individual to the guest shown on the Future Cruise Deposit and may only be applied to that guest’s cruise fare in any future booking. The 5% savings applies to the cruise fare only, not to any optional packages. In the future booking, only the first and second guests in the suite are eligible to apply a 5% savings. Third or fourth guests in the suite are not eligible for the additional savings regardless of whether they have previously purchased a Future Cruise Deposit or secured an Onboard Booking Savings. Guests or their travel professionals need to request this savings be applied prior to final payment. Only one 5% Future Cruise Deposit may be applied per guest per booking. Single occupancy Future Cruise Deposits will receive 5% which is applicable to one guest. This offer is available to new bookings and cannot be applied retroactively to existing bookings or waitlist bookings. The 5% Future Cruise Deposit is not transferable and is applied after all other discounts. The Future Cruise Deposit currency is non-changeable and can only be applied to bookings made in the same currency. Failure to apply the savings to a booking within the four year period will result in forfeiture of the 5% savings and a refund of the deposit amount held to secure the discount. Monetary deposits on Future Cruise Deposits are fully refundable if unapplied. Once applied to a reservation, the deposit is subject to standard booking conditions and cancellation structures. This offer is not combinable with any industry rates.

Savings on Shore Excursions: Savings are not applicable to Seabourn Journeys, private car/driver hires and transfers. Savings can be applied to purchases online or on board. Savings are applicable to the guest who has chosen the savings as their benefit and to those sharing the suite with the eligible guest. Savings cannot be extended to other suites.

Savings on Premium Wines and Spirits: Savings are applicable on all premium beverages purchased on board and online. If an online item purchased is not available on board, a comparable substitution will be offered at the savings price. Savings are applicable to the guest who has chosen the savings as their benefit and to those sharing the suite with the eligible guest. Savings cannot be extended to other suites.

Complimentary Internet: Complimentary internet up to the number of hours indicated per membership level. When logging in on board, guests must select the corresponding package. No refund or credits on unused minutes.

Complimentary Telephone: Complimentary use of telephone up to the number of minutes indicated per membership level. No refund or credits on unused minutes.

Seabourn Club Signature Massage: The Seabourn Club Signature massage is a special 25-minute massage therapy designed exclusively for Seabourn Club members. Only one Seabourn Club Signature Massage can be redeemed per guest during a cruise. Reservations can be made online prior to sailing or on board at the Spa. No treatment substitutions are allowed. The treatment is not transferable. No refund or credit for unused benefit.

Day in the Spa at Seabourn Serene Area: Complimentary day use of Serene area in the Spa on Seabourn during regular spa hours. Reservations should be made in advance and are subject to availability.

Complimentary Laundry: Complimentary bag of standard laundry and pressing. One bag per 7 days sailed, with an additional bag on the first day of the next week on board for sailings of 7+ days. Does not include dry cleaning or same-day services.

Daily Delivery of Preferred Newspaper: Guests can choose from a list of newspapers for delivery, subject to availability.


Advance Communication of New Itineraries and Special Offers: These communications may only be available via email. Guests may register their email address at

Special Savings on Select Sailings: These communications may only be available via email. Guests may register their email address at

Subscription to Seabourn Club Herald Magazine: Guests are automatically subscribed after completing their first cruise.

Customizable Online Profile, Account and Preferences at Guests can register online at

Seabourn Advisory Club Membership: These communications may only be available via email. Guests may register their email address at

Luggage Tags: Luggage tags will be mailed with final documents prior to a guest’s cruise.

Savings on Luggage Shipping Service: Guests contact Luggage Forward® to provide their name, Club number and Club membership level. Once verified, appropriate savings will be applied.

Advance Invitation to Hosted Sailings: These communications may only be available via email. Guests may register their email address at

Subscription to Travel + Leisure®/Condé Nast Traveler: Both magazines are available to eligible guests who have a valid U.S. domestic address. At this time, only Condé Nast Traveler is available to guests with international addresses, but cannot be mailed to addresses in Ghana, Iran or Nigeria.

Access to dedicated Seabourn Club Concierge: The Seabourn Club Concierge Desk is available to eligible guests Monday-Friday between 8am and 5pm PST.

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