Silversea cruises sails to all 7 continents and includes over 900 ports. Guests on Silversea Cruise Line enjoy small ship luxury cruising in lavish surroundings and gourmet dining in the comfort and elegance one expects on a luxury cruise. When on thinks of dining on Silversea one thinks of the Atlantide, The Grill, Indochine, the unforgettable La Dame, Seishin, the favorite of many La Terrazza and The Restaurant all outstanding dining venues. Of course in-suite dining is available. Silversea Cruises can take you to the Mediterranean, the Galapagos, Alaska or so many destinations on all 7 continents while having butler service available at all times. Know that name brand spirits, select wines will always be stocked in your cabin. Just tell Silversea staff your choice. Silversea is perhaps the best inclusive luxury ocean product.

Silversea FAQs

Prebook Shore Excursions

  • When are shore excursions available to book?
    • Shore excursions are available to book in advance via My Silversea approximately 120 days until 2 days prior to sailing. You may also reserve through your travel agent, or in person once on board.
  • Where can I see my confirmed shore excursions?
    • Go to My Silversea, log in, and click on My Activities in the sidebar navigation. Is there a charge for cancelling booked excursions? In most cases, excursion fares are not refundable if cancelled within 48 hours of tour departure, but the cancellation policy varies by excursion. Please read all excursion descriptions and details carefully. Penalty charges may be incurred for bookings cancelled after the stated deadline.
  • Shore excursions for my voyage itinerary are not yet available. Is it possible to see shore excursions that might be offered in these ports?
    • Go to Find a Port and search for your selected port alphabetically. Click on the Excursions tab at the top of the page. All tours offered on all itineraries that include this port will display, but please note that all tours may not be available on your voyage.

PreBook Salon / Spa Appointments

  • How can I pre-arrange my spa appointments?
    • Most spa and salon appointments can be made via My Silversea from 120 days until 2 days before your cruise departs. For Silversea Expeditions guests sailing aboard Silver Explorer, salon and spa appointments cannot be made in advance.
  • Can Special Services arrange my spa appointments prior to boarding?
    • Spa and salon appointments can be made before your cruise via My Silversea, or in person once on board.
  • Where can I see my confirmed spa and salon appointments?
    • Go to My Silversea, log in, and click on My Activities in the sidebar navigation.
  • What if the treatments I want are not available through MySilversea?
    • A selection of popular spa and salon treatments are available to book online in advance of your cruise. Specialty treatments are available to book in person once on board.
  • Is there a charge for cancelling spa/salon appointments?
    • Appointments must be cancelled or rescheduled at least 48 hours in advance of the scheduled appointment time to avoid a full charge for the service.

Clothing suggestions

  • How many formal nights are on my cruise, and what type of clothing is worn?
    • Find out what to pack.  All the details are shown in the General Information section. For Silversea Expeditions guests sailing aboard Silver Explorer, casual resort wear is appropriate at all times when on board, with the exception of two evenings when Informal attire is required. For men, this means a jacket, tie optional.
  • Does Silversea offer tuxedo rental service?
    • No, however the onboard Boutique has a limited selection of formal wear attire for purchase.

Pre Cruise

  • How does the Silver Shore Baggage Valet programme work and what does it cost?
    • With the Silver Shore Baggage Valet programme, your luggage can be picked up from your home, office or other location and travel to the select worldwide destination of your choice and back home again from many ports.
  • Where can I go to get information on Visas?
    • Information for select voyages can be found at Otherwise, please contact the appropriate consulate for specific requirements and ask your travel agent for advice on such requirements.

On Board

  • What’s included in my all-inclusive fare?
    • Select wines, champagne and spirits on board, service gratuities on board (except spa) and more!
  • I would like to golf during my cruise. Can Silversea arrange tee times?
    • Yes! In advance of your voyage, please contact Silversea via email no later than 30 days prior to sailing. A non-refundable service fee of US$100 per port will be credited to the cost of your final arrangements. Once on board, private arrangements can be made by visiting the Silvershore® Concierge desk. Have the Silver Shore Concierge create your own tailor-made tour, or be whisked away by private car for a day — the pace and agenda are up to you.
  • Will there be Gentlemen Hosts be on my cruise?
    • Distinguished gentlemen are available as dinner companions or dance partners on select longer sailings. Voyages with Gentlemen Hosts are indicated with a bowtie icon.
  • Are newspapers available on board?
    • All guests will receive a complimentary satellite world news summary delivered daily to their suite. In addition, we offer complimentary streaming newspapers online that we invite guests to access from their tablet or smartphone aboard Silver Cloud, Silver Wind, Silver Shadow, Silver Whisper, Silver Spirit and Silver Galapagos. To access the streaming newspapers, guests should download the Press Reader app on either the Apple App Store or Google Play store.
  • Is there laundry service on board?
    • Complete valet services, including laundry, pressing and dry cleaning, are available at an additional charge and may be arranged through your butler. Laundry service is complimentary for certain suite categories and for those Venetian Society members who have reached certain reward levels. A self-service launderette offers washing machines, dryers, irons and laundry supplies, allowing you to limit the amount of cruise luggage needed, especially for longer voyages.
  • Are dining tables and seating times assigned?
    • The main dining room aboard all Silversea ships, The Restaurant, has an Open Seating arrangement, which means no assigned dining time or table. Arrive at your leisure and dine with the friends of your choice. Please discuss your dining preferences with the Maitre’d once on board.
  • Does The Restaurant have tables for two?
    • Yes, however there are a limited number available. Please discuss your dining preferences with the Maitre d’ once on board
  • May I make reservations in the speciality restaurants prior to embarkation?
    • Dining reservations for the specialty restaurants may be made once on board and online through My Silversea 120 days – 2 days prior to departure.

Are children permitted aboard Silversea’s ships?

Silver Cloud, Silver Wind, Silver Shadow, Silver Whisper, Silver Spirit: Minors under the age of 18 must be accompanied, in the same or connecting suite, by a parent or other responsible adult over the age of 21 for the duration of the voyage and on all shore excursions and land programmes. If the adult accompanying the minor is not their parent, a parental consent guardianship form must be signed by a parent or legal guardian and received by Silversea prior to sailing. Please contact our Special Services department at for a Parental Consent Form. Silversea cannot accommodate infants under six months of age and reserves the right to limit the number of children under three years of age. Guests must be 21 years of age or older to consume alcohol. Silversea reserves the right to refuse to serve anyone who in its sole judgment may be under the influence of alcohol, or for any reason necessary to preserve the health and safety of guests and employees. Children under the age of 8 years old are only permitted to participate in suitable Silver Shore Excursions / shuttle service if the vehicles are equipped with the correct safety harness and seating equipment. Child harnesses and secure seating cannot be guaranteed. Silversea reserves the right to refuse children under the age of 8 years old on any tour on the basis of safety. Guests may use their own approved safety seat, booster seat or harness provided they are compatible with the local touring vehicle and can properly secure the child.

Silver Explorer, Silver Galapagos: Minors under the age of 18 must be accompanied, in the same or connecting suite, by a parent or other responsible adults over the age of 21 for the duration of the voyage and on all shore excursions and land programmes. If the adult accompanying the minor is not their parent, a parental consent guardianship form must be signed by a parent or legal guardian and received by Silversea prior to sailing. Please contact our Special Services department at for a Parental Consent Form. Silversea cannot accommodate infants under the age of one (1) year on board Silver Explorer, and is unable to accommodate children less than six (6) years of age on Silver Galapagos. For Silver Explorer no children under the age of six (6) years will be allowed on board the Zodiacs. Children under the age of six (6) years will be unable to participate in any expedition excursions or embarkations that require the use of a Zodiac. Guests must be 21 years of age or older to consume alcohol. Silversea reserves the right to refuse to serve anyone who in its sole judgment may be under the influence of alcohol, or for any reason necessary to preserve the health and safety of guests and employees.

  • Are there any children’s programmes or babysitting services on board?
    • Although Silversea permits children aboard as guests, there are no special programmes for children on board, and Silversea does not provide for the care, entertainment and supervision of children.
  • Does my suite have a flat-screen TV?
    • Yes, all suites have at least one flat-screen TV.
  • What is the electricity voltage in my suite? Will I need an adapter?
    • For your convenience, 110-volt (American current) and 220-volt (European current) outlets are provided in your suite, accommodating small appliances without the use of adapters or electric converters. The Silver Explorer has only 220 volt/60 Hz AC power and accepts Europlug or Type C plugs. A hair dryer is provided in each suite. Irons are available in the launderette.
  • Is there a DVD/CD player in my suite?
    • This varies from ship to ship and from suite to suite. Please see the suite description for the particular ship and suite category you are considering. Click hereto see all the ships in the fleet.
  • I have allergies. Can special detergent be used to wash my sheets and towels?
    • Silversea can notify Housekeeping Services of your preferences. Please email in advance of you cruise.
  • Is there Internet service on board?
    • All Silversea ships are equipped to offer wireless (Wi-Fi) Internet access. You can use your own laptop to surf the Internet and check emails at Wi-Fi locations throughout the ship, or from the comfort and privacy of your suite. Computers, email and Internet access are also available on board at the Internet Café. However, it is important to understand that telecommunication services while at sea are via satellite and significantly different than high-speed connections on land back home. The signal travels in a similar manner to radio waves but at much greater distances. Therefore, onboard Internet access is not guaranteed at all times. Satellite communications are also affected by weather and the ship’s location. In particular, Internet service is extremely sporadic while in the Arctic. Guests aboard expedition cruises to/from Svalbard should be prepared to be out of communication for the duration of their time on board. (Please be assured that Silver Explorer always has emergency communication capabilities.)
  • Is there mobile phone (cell phone) service on the ship?
    • Onboard mobile phone service enables you to make and receive phone calls, text messages and other select data services on your mobile phone even when miles away from land. Your mobile phone service provider will bill you for calls and/or messages, which may appear as roaming charges. Please note that mobile phone service is sporadic at best while in the Arctic. Guests aboard voyages to/from Svalbard should be prepared to be out of communication for the duration of their time on board.
  • Will my devices work on board?
    • To be most successful, prepare your devices BEFORE leaving home:
      • Learn how to turn ON and turn OFF both the WiFi and network (mobile/cellular) connections on each of your devices.
      • Contact your mobile/cellular service provider to confirm that a roaming agreement with Silversea Cruises has been established and to and ask about rates. Learn how to enable your international roaming
      • Set up an email account if you do not have one already.
      • Be sure you know any usernames and passwords you may need.
      • Switch your settings to the most basic choice that shows less graphics and loads faster.
      • Make any software updates and turn off any automatic update settings for the duration of your cruise.
      • Download any books, audiobooks, music, movies, games, apps, etc. that you may want during your cruise.
      • Discuss VPN limitations with your company, as onboard personnel are not authorized to change your VPN settings.
      • Facebook users should bookmark and plan to use or instead as these have less graphics and load faster.
      • Don’t forget to pack any power cords/battery packs, camera cables to transfer pictures, adaptor cables and headphones you may need for each of your devices.
  • Will I be able to download videos and stream music?
    • Certain websites and services may be restricted due to limited bandwidth. Downloading videos, books and movies or using Skype are examples of high-bandwidth services that will be more frustrating than enjoyable and should be avoided. Plan to use the Internet only for emailing and web browsing.
  • How can someone contact me on the ship?
    • In the case of an emergency back home, friends and family should not call your mobile phone. The Shore-to-Ship number provided in your Final Cruise Documents is the best way to reach you while aboard ship.
  • Can I bring my drone on board?
    • Please note that due to the varied port authority laws concerning drone usage and in the interest of passenger safety and ship security, Silversea prohibits the use of all aerial drones.
  • What is the minimum age to consume alcohol on the ship ?
    • The minimum age to consume alcohol on Silversea ships on sailings originating in North America is twenty-one (21).
    • The minimum age to consume alcohol on Silversea ships on sailings from South America, Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand is eighteen (18).
    • The Company retains the right, on rare occasions, to raise the minimum age of alcohol consumption on any sailing when local laws require or permit such a modification.

Port Information

  • Will my cruise be docking at a pier or will a tender take us ashore?
    • Please Contact Silversea to find out whether the ports of call on your itinerary indicate the ship is scheduled for docking or anchoring. Please note that this schedule is subject to change at any time as unforeseen circumstances on the actual day in port may affect whether a ship can dock as planned.
  • How do I find out about the weather for a voyage?
    • An average temperature guide for your voyage ports and time of year is included in the Silversea tour book that is sent with your Final Cruise Documents.
  • Port and pier names for embarkation and disembarkation ports are included in your Final Cruise Documents. Once you arrive at the embarkation port, signage will indicate the exact pier/berth for your Silversea ship. Communication Services

Money matters

  • Will I be able to change currency on board?
    • It is a good idea to exchange some of your funds at a bank before leaving home. Most international airports also exchange funds, though they often charge higher exchange fees. In certain ports of call there will be a local bank representative on board to exchange funds into the currency of the host country.
  • Can I get a cash advance on the ship? Is there a charge for this?
    • A cash advance of $1,000 per suite, per voyage is permitted on board. There is a 2% fee for onboard cash advances.

Health and Medical

  • Is there a doctor on board?
    • Each Silversea ship is equipped with a Medical Centre, which is staffed by a doctor and nurse on 24-hour call when at sea. When docked, supplementary emergency care may also be obtained through local medical facilities. Guests may be charged for medical services and for medications used for their medical treatment. The Medical Centre is not intended or designed to provide on-going treatment of pre-existing conditions or for extended critical care, and Silversea is not responsible for the diagnosis, treatment or services furnished by shipboard medical personnel.
  • Are there wheelchairs on board for general use by guests?
    • Wheelchair guests must bring their own collapsible wheelchair. Please note that not all shore excursions are suitable for guests with impaired mobility. Silversea strongly recommends wheelchair guests travel with someone who is able to assist them both ashore and at sea as Silversea may be unable to offer special assistance. Please note that wheel-on and/or wheel-off access may not be available at some ports-of-call. For guests travelling aboard Silver Galapagos, those guests requiring wheel-on and/or wheel-off access must contact Silversea prior to making a booking. Silversea reserves the right to deny boarding to any guest who failed to notify Silversea of such requirement at the time of booking.
  • Are there medical conditions that must be disclosed to Silversea?
    • All guests are required to report in writing to Silversea at the time their reservation is made:
      • Any physical or mental condition that may require medical or professional treatment or attention during the voyage
      • Any condition that may render the guest unfit for travel, or that may require special care or assistance
      • Any condition that may pose a risk or danger to the guest or anyone else on board the ship
      • Any condition that may require oxygen for medical reasons
      • Any intention or need to use a wheelchair aboard ship.

Smoking Policy

  • What is Silversea’s smoking policy?
    • At Silversea, the comfort, enjoyment, and safety of all guests is paramount. Most areas on board are non-smoking, and, as a safety precaution, smoking is not permitted in guests suites or guest suite verandas or balconies and in all public areas, lounges and bars. However, cigarette, cigar, electronic cigarette and pipe smoking is permitted only in the Connoisseur’s Corner and in specifically designated areas. These areas include designated tables and seating outside of the Panorama Lounge and the Pool Bar, as well as on open Decks 9 and 10 aboard Silver Spirit, Silver Whisper, Silver Shadow and Silver Muse; on open Deck 9 aboard Silver Cloud and Silver Wind; in specifically-designated outside areas on Decks 5 and 6 aboard Silver Explorer; in a designated outside area on Deck 4 aboardSilver Galapagos.

Ship Details

  • How many passengers does each Silversea ship accommodate?
    • Silversea Cruises Ships:
      – Silver Wind accommodates 296 guests.
      – Silver Shadow and Silver Whisper each accommodate 382 guests.
      – Silver Spirit accommodates 608 guests.
      – Silver Muse and Silver Moon each accomodates 596 guests.
  • Silversea Expeditions Ships:
    – Silver Explorer accommodates 144 guests
    – Silver Galapagos accomodates 100 guests.
    – Silver Cloud accomodates 254 guests.
  • What is the square footage of each suite?
    • Suite dimensions may vary by ship. To find the details on this website, begin by clicking on the SHIPS page then click on the name of your preferred ship. In the drop down listing in the left side navigation, click on Suites.
  • Can we have 3 passengers in a suite?
    • Certain suites can accommodate a third guest. These suites are indicated with a triangle symbol on each ship’s deck plan. To find the ship deck plans on this website, begin by clicking on the SHIPS page then click on the name of your preferred ship. In the drop down listing in the left side navigation, click on Deck Plans.

About Silversea

  • Who is the owner of Silversea?
    • The Lefebvre family of Rome launched Silversea in 1994 and Mr Manfredi Lefebvre D’Ovidio is currently Chairman of Silversea.

Embarkation, disembarkation & Visitors

  • How do I contact the ship if my flight is delayed and I will miss embarkation?
    • If you find that your flight will be delayed beyond your ship’s departure time, contact Silversea immediately at 800-722-9955 or 954-522-2299. If it is outside office hours, please contact the ship directly. You may dial the ship directly by using a credit card and calling (within the US) 800-775-8884 or (outside the US) 954-759-5188. To dial an internationally without using a credit card, dial 011, plus the appropriate ocean region code: (871) for Atlantic Ocean East, (872) for Pacific Ocean, (873) for Indian Ocean or (874) for Atlantic Ocean West. Then dial the appropriate ship phone number:
    • Silver Muse – Telephone: +1 786 224 0293, Fax: +1 786 352 8251
      Silver Wind – Telephone: +1 786 292 3954, Fax: +1 786 322 4853
      Silver Shadow – Telephone: +1 786 322 5796, Fax: +1 786 322 5360
      Silver Whisper – Telephone: +1 954 414 4240
      Silver Spirit – Telephone: +1 786 322 5288, Fax: +1 786 322 6563
      Silver Explorer – Telephone: +1 786 322 5739, Fax: +1 786 322 5736
      Silver Galapagos – Telephone: +1 786 322 5516, Fax: +1 786 322 6173
      Silver Cloud – Telephone: +1 786 292 4321, Fax: +1 786 310 0925Example (calling Silver Cloud):  001-786-292-4321
  • Where will I be met when arriving at the airport?
    • Guests should confirm this information in their Final Cruise Documents. If your reservation includes Airport to Hotel transfers or Airport to Pier transfers, typically you will be met at the baggage claim area by an official Silversea representative.
  • How early may I drop off my luggage at the pier on embarkation day?
    • Luggage may be collected by baggage personnel no earlier than the standard embarkation time as shown in your Final Cruise Documents.
  • How early can we embark the ship?
    • Embarkation time is stated in your Final Cruise Documents.
  • What is Silversea’s visitor policy?
    • To have visitors board the vessel at the port of embarkation, please have your travel professional contact Silversea Special Services. Requests should be made in writing no later than 14 days prior to departure. For security reasons, visitors on embarkation day must be pre-registered with Silversea. For visitors during the voyage other than embarkation day, arrangements may be made on board. Please note that Silversea may limit the number of visitors permitted on board.
  • How early can we disembark the ship?
    • Disembarkation instructions will be provided on board towards the end of your voyage. Please note that disembarkation times are approximate and may vary based on final clearance by Customs.
  • On disembarkation day, will Silversea store my luggage at the pier so I can do an independent tour prior to flying home?
    • Due to security restrictions, Silversea is unable to offer this service.

Fares & Savings

  • What are the cancellation penalties?
    • Complete details are shown within the Terms & Conditions under the heading Changes & Cancellations
  • Will rates be lowered closer to the sailing date?
    • Silver Privilege Fares: book early for the best fares and availability; Silver Privilege Fares are structured to reward guests who book early with the best possible fare and the privilege of being able to select their desired suite when the best inventory is available. All Silver Privilege Fares shown are cruise-only per guest, based on double-occupancy in a Vista Suite (Adventure Class for Silver Explorer, Explorer Suite for Silver Galapagos). Availability of all suite categories cannot be guaranteed. Fares for single guests are available upon request. Additional restrictions may apply
    • Fare Guarantee Programme: Silversea’s Fare Guarantee Programme provides guests with the peace of mind in knowing that when they plan ahead and book early, not only will they be able to reserve their desired suite, but they can also benefit from any future reduction in the Silver Privilege Fares for their voyage, upon request. All voyages are eligible.
  • If I book now and the fare is further reduced, will I get the discount?
    • This is reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Contact Silversea or your Travel Agent.

Bon Voyage gifts

  • How can I purchase a gift order for someone on board?
    • Whether for a Silversea guest or for your own upcoming cruise, it’s easy to order a welcoming arrangement of fresh flowers, a special bottle of wine, premium chocolates, a spa gift certificate or any of Silversea’s thoughtful bon voyage gifts.


  • Can I purchase transfers on board?
    • Post-cruise transfers can be purchased on board. Kindly contact the Shore Concierge Desk.
  • Where can I find a list of hotels for my voyage?
    • Silversea hotel programmes are listed as well as in your pre-cruise documents and the annual Silversea Voyage brochure.
  • How do I access the Guest Information Form for the 2nd guest in my reservation?
    • Guests who share a booking number will share a Guest Information Form. There is an area for Guest #1 to enter information and preferences followed by an area for Guest #2 to do the same.
  • When will your new brochure be available?
    • Availability of new publications is often announced on the Silversea website. Sign up for News & Offers to be among the first to learn of new voyages and special promotions.

Silversea Expeditions

  • May I reserve a pair of boots for use on board prior to embarkation?
    • While the ship does carry a supply of unisex “Wellington” style rubber gumboots, it not guaranteed that a sufficient quantity or all sizes would be available. It is recommended that Silversea Expeditions guests bring their own boots for proper size and fit. Furthermore, the boots offered through Ship to Shore Traveller are warmer and weigh only about 4lbs.
  • If I order expedition clothing from the Silversea outfitter, can the order be sent to the ship rather than to my home?
    • Ship to Shore Traveler will ship the items ordered to your home prior to departure so that you can inspect everything and ensure a good fit before embarking on your expedition.
  • What shore excursions are offered on Silversea Expeditions voyages?
    • From nature hikes and Zodiac cruises to museum tours and visits to botanical gardens, Silversea Expeditions tours vary based on the destination but typically offer a mix of outdoor adventure, local culture and nature. Day by day highlights are available for each Silver Explorer voyage. Please remember though that expedition itineraries are always subject to change due to weather and sea conditions, or to stay longer at points of special interest.
  • Are shore excursions included?
    • Every Silversea Expeditions voyage features complimentary shore excursions led by the Expedition Team. On select itineraries, optional excursions are available for purchase.
  • Are children allowed on Silversea Expeditions vessels?
    • Silversea cannot accommodate infants under the age of one (1) year on board Silver Explorer and Silver Cloud, and is unable to accommodate children less than five (5) years of age on Silver Galapagos. For Silver Explorer and Silver Cloud no children under the age of five (5) years will be allowed on board the Zodiacs. Children under the age of five (5) years will be unable to participate in any expedition excursions or embarkations that require the use of a Zodiac.
  • What are Zodiacs?
    • A Zodiac is an exceptionally buoyant rubber boat with an inflatable hull of multiple air-filled compartments, a feature that allows the Zodiacto float even should a compartment become deflated. A low centre of gravity makes Zodiacs very stable and ideal for cruise shore excursions. Zodiacs are also agile, allowing them to easily come alongside the Silver Explorer, to manoeuvre over reefs and between narrow passages and to explore places that would otherwise be inaccessible. All guests will participate in a complete Zodiac familiarisation session upon embarkation.
  • Will we see animals?
    • Wildlife sightings are common, however they cannot be guaranteed. Day-by-Day highlights describe animals and birds typically seen on the select itinerary.
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