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Ship Name
Brochure Price
Pavlus Price
18Antarctica, South Georgia & The Falklands10/27/2023Ushuaia UshuaiaSH Minerva$20,691$19,6565%
18Falkland, South Georgia And Antarctica11/06/2023Buenos Aires UshuaiaSH Vega$20,940$19,8935%
12Weddell Sea & Antarctic Peninsula11/13/2023Ushuaia UshuaiaSH Minerva$14,091$13,3865%
21Africa To America Antarctic Epic11/20/2023Cape Town UshuaiaSH Diana$15,276$14,5125%
10Antarctic Peninsula11/23/2023Ushuaia UshuaiaSH Vega$12,140$11,5335%
12Weddell Sea & Antarctic Peninsula11/24/2023Ushuaia UshuaiaSH Minerva$14,091$13,3865%
10Antarctic Peninsula12/02/2023Ushuaia UshuaiaSH Vega$12,140$11,5335%
12Weddell Sea & Antarctic Peninsula12/05/2023Ushuaia UshuaiaSH Minerva$14,091$13,3865%
11Antarctic Peninsula12/10/2023Ushuaia UshuaiaSH Diana$12,991$12,3415%
12Weddell Sea & Antarctic Peninsula12/11/2023Ushuaia UshuaiaSH Vega$14,340$13,6235%
18Antarctica, South Georgia & The Falklands (christmas And New Year)12/16/2023Ushuaia UshuaiaSH Minerva$25,791$24,5015%
10Antarctic Peninsula (christmas)12/20/2023Ushuaia UshuaiaSH Diana$14,591$13,8615%
12Weddell Sea & Antarctic Peninsula (christmas And New Year)12/22/2023Ushuaia UshuaiaSH Vega$17,640$16,7585%
10Antarctic Peninsula (new Year)12/29/2023Ushuaia UshuaiaSH Diana$14,591$13,8615%
10Antarctic Peninsula01/02/2024Ushuaia UshuaiaSH Vega$12,140$11,5335%
12Weddell Sea & Antarctic Peninsula01/02/2024Ushuaia UshuaiaSH Minerva$14,091$13,3865%
10Antarctic Peninsula01/07/2024Ushuaia UshuaiaSH Diana$11,891$11,2965%
10Antarctic Peninsula01/11/2024Ushuaia UshuaiaSH Vega$12,140$11,5335%
12Weddell Sea & Antarctic Peninsula01/13/2024Ushuaia UshuaiaSH Minerva$14,091$13,3865%
10Antarctic Peninsula01/16/2024Ushuaia UshuaiaSH Diana$11,891$11,2965%
18Antarctica, South Georgia & The Falklands01/20/2024Ushuaia UshuaiaSH Vega$20,940$19,8935%
12Weddell Sea & Antarctic Peninsula01/24/2024Ushuaia UshuaiaSH Minerva$14,091$13,3865%
10Antarctic Peninsula01/25/2024Ushuaia UshuaiaSH Diana$11,891$11,2965%
10Antarctic Peninsula02/03/2024Ushuaia UshuaiaSH Diana$11,891$11,2965%
12Weddell Sea & Antarctic Peninsula02/04/2024Ushuaia UshuaiaSH Minerva$14,091$13,3865%
10Antarctic Peninsula02/06/2024Ushuaia UshuaiaSH Vega$12,140$11,5335%
13Beyond The Antarctic Circle02/12/2024Ushuaia UshuaiaSH Diana$15,191$14,4315%
10Antarctic Peninsula02/15/2024Ushuaia UshuaiaSH Vega$12,140$11,5335%
32Semi-circumnavigation From Antarctica To New Zealand02/15/2024Ushuaia DunedinSH Minerva$25,063$23,8105%
10Antarctic Peninsula02/24/2024Ushuaia UshuaiaSH Vega$12,140$11,5335%
13Beyond The Antarctic Circle02/24/2024Ushuaia UshuaiaSH Diana$15,191$14,4315%
22Antarctic Peninsula, South Georgia & South Atlantic Islands03/04/2024Ushuaia Cape TownSH Vega$18,827$17,8865%
9Arctic Odyssey06/06/2023Longyearbyen LongyearbyenSH Diana$9,007$8,5575%
9Iceland In Depth06/14/2023Reykjavik ReykjavikSH Vega$6,176$5,8675%
9Arctic Odyssey06/14/2023Longyearbyen LongyearbyenSH Diana$9,007$8,5575%
13Norwegian Arctic Farewell06/22/2023Longyearbyen TromsøSH Diana$11,861$11,2685%
14Arctic Islands & Fjords06/22/2023Reykjavik LongyearbyenSH Vega$13,839$13,1475%
13Heart Of The Norwegian Arctic07/04/2023Tromsø LongyearbyenSH Diana$11,861$11,2685%
8Svalbard Explored07/05/2023Longyearbyen LongyearbyenSH Vega$8,657$8,2245%
8Svalbard Explored07/12/2023Longyearbyen LongyearbyenSH Vega$8,657$8,2245%
13Norwegian Arctic Farewell07/16/2023Longyearbyen TromsøSH Diana$11,861$11,2685%
8Svalbard Explored07/19/2023Longyearbyen LongyearbyenSH Vega$8,657$8,2245%
11On The Trail Of The Vikings07/28/2023Tromsø AmsterdamSH Diana$6,963$6,6155%
9Iceland In Depth08/05/2023Reykjavik ReykjavikSH Vega$6,176$5,8675%
13Island Hearts Of The Arctic08/13/2023Reykjavik ReykjavikSH Vega$8,626$8,1955%
11Greenland In Depth08/25/2023Reykjavik KangerlussuaqSH Vega$11,153$10,5955%
17Voyage To The Northwest Passage09/04/2023Kangerlussuaq KangerlussuaqSH Vega$17,827$16,9365%
16Greenland To Nova Scotia Exploring The Canadian Arctic09/20/2023Kangerlussuaq HalifaxSH Vega$9,928$9,4325%
11Historic Ports Of The Western Seaboard08/07/2023Amsterdam LisbonSH Diana$6,394$6,0745%
10Mysteries Of Carthage And The Moors08/16/2023Lisbon PalermoSH Diana$6,963$6,6155%
9Secrets Of Sicily08/26/2023Palermo PalermoSH Diana$5,826$5,5355%
9Cradles Of The Mediterranean09/03/2023Palermo PiraeusSH Diana$5,826$5,5355%
12Threading The Islands To Troy And Istanbul09/11/2023Piraeus IstanbulSH Diana$7,532$7,1555%
11Sailing The Cusp Of Europe And Asia09/22/2023Istanbul LimassolSH Diana$6,963$6,6155%
13Revelations Of Suez, Sinai And The Red Sea10/02/2023Limassol JeddahSH Diana$8,101$7,6965%
13Rainforests And Riches Of The Caribbean & Brazil10/10/2023Philipsburg FortalezaSH Vega$9,151$8,6935%
16Spirit Of Brazil10/22/2023Fortaleza Buenos AiresSH Vega$9,151$8,6935%
10Paradise Islands Of The Indian Ocean10/23/2023Victoria, Mahe Island MombasaSH Diana$8,591$8,1615%
11Madagascar And Its Eastern Islands11/03/2023Mombasa MaputoSH Diana$7,926$7,5305%
8Extraordinary Southern Africa11/13/2023Maputo Cape TownSH Diana$5,931$5,6345%

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