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Affordable Holidays with Tauck Tours in Europe for a Swedish Getaway

For the most part, Sweden is an urbanized industrial country with modern architecture lining its streets. But for nature lovers, the country also boasts of beautiful landscapes such as hills, mountains, and rivers. If you’re looking for affordable tours here, you can find discounted packages for Tauck Tours in Europe at Pavlus Travel.

Nature-Inspired Expeditions

If you appreciate the outdoors, you will definitely love Sweden’s natural gems. The best time to visit is during summer, which runs from late May to early September, if you like hiking and nature explorations. The weather is perfect for hikes, canoe riding, cycling, and horseback riding.

Make sure to include in your Tauck Tours for Europe package a trip to Kungsleden, which is a popular hiking trail situated in northern Sweden. Also known as the King’s Trail or Royal Trail, the route covers 430 kilometers starting from the town of Abisko all the way to Hemavan.

Along the trail, you can rent canoes or kayaks, and spend the night in campsites. Facilities for food, bath, and sauna are also provided on the trail.

In other parts of the country, you can find facilities for angling close to major lakes like Vänern and Mälaren.

Guided Tours

Tauck Tours in Europe provides guided tours in Sweden. Usually, guided tours take you to various tourist sites in the country, like the City Hall where Nobel Prize celebrations are held. The Vasa Museum may also be included. The Vasa is a 17th century warship that sank during its maiden voyage. Salvaged in 1961, the ship was painstakingly restored and then opened as a museum.

Also, be sure to stop over at the Nobel Museum in Stockholm where you can learn more about the Nobel Prize as well as past winners and their works.

In the evenings, tourists are encouraged to spend their free time exploring. You can experience Sweden’s nightlife at your own pace, giving you the opportunity to meet the locals.

If you need help planning your holiday in Sweden, please click here to contact our Travel Planners.

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Pavlus Tours for a Holiday in Denmark

Pavlus tours in Denmark will take you on a holiday like no other. The country’s Viking heritage is one of the reasons why a lot of tourists flock to the country every year. If you’d like to walk down Denmark’s rich and colorful Viking history on a guided tour, Pavlus Travel has excellent holiday packages offered at discounted rates. Now there’s no reason to skip on your Viking tour! With exclusive tours to Denmark at affordable costs, you can finally experience what is like to board a Viking ship anytime of the year.

The Viking Heritage

Vikings ruled Denmark between the 8th and 11th centuries. During those days, raiding and pillaging was common in the country and needless to say, Vikings were feared wherever they went. Raids reached as far as the coasts of France and the Netherlands.

Today, Danish people are peaceful and welcoming. Much of the country’s Viking heritage is depicted in museums, fortresses and historical towns that recreate Viking villages.

Head over to Ribe, Denmark’s oldest town, where Viking roots go as far back as 710 AD. Various indoor and outdoor exhibitions can be seen here. The Museum Ribe’s Viking artifacts were discovered during archeological expeditions. There is also a reconstructed Viking ship that you can jump into for a true Viking experience.

Make sure to include a trip to Roskilde, during your Pavlus tours to Denmark. Roskilde is where the Lejre Experimental Centre is located, which is an open-air living museum with reconstructed towns that depict the Iron Age, Stone Age, 19th century farm houses, and Viking markets.

The site is perfect for a family trip with picnic grounds and domestic animals that children can play with. Kids can also join the locals bake their famous Stone Age cookies.

Another great attraction that kids will love is Legoland in Billund. Rides, activities, and miniature replicas of buildings made from Lego bricks make any visit here memorable.

If you’d like to book your Pavlus tours to Denmark for a Viking experience, please give us a call at 1.800.528.9300 today!

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Insight Tours Enable You to See the World Through the Eyes of a Local

If you are considering a travel tour to another country, or even one within the USA, it is important to determine your goals. Is your preference to see the sights while maintaining some distance from day to day activities of the people in that country? Or, would you like to experience the country as the natives experience it? In other words, eat with the locals and engage in the same kind of entertainment as the locals. If this latter description fits your interests, then Insight Tours are for you.

When you take an Insight Tour, you get experiences that other tour packages omit. For example, on Insight tours to Italy, you learn about the country through the eyes of a local. You learn to make pasta the Italian way from a local chef. Insight Tours to Spain provide a local expert to explain the foods of the famous Boqueria market. The Insight Tours to Europe that include Prague enable you to try blowing glass in a Bohemian glass factory. If you take Insight Tours to Ireland, you will have a choice of many themes and will enjoy a tour at a relaxed pace.

An Insight Tour focuses on helping you feel that you are part of the culture in the country you visit. Insight Tours to Africa will take you to Morocco, where you will visit Casablanca, Marrakesh, and Fez, among other famous cities. You will eat a feast, while watching traditional belly dancing.

Insight Tours to Asia include a variety of trips to India, Cambodia, Vietnam, China, Thailand, and more. Many of these trips combine several adjacent countries under such themes as the Asian sampler that takes you to Bangkok, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Ho Chi Minh City.

Finally, if you prefer to stay in North America, you can choose Insight Tours in Canada, Insight Tours in the USA, or Insight Tours in Cuba. This last opportunity is special because Cuba has only recently opened up to American tourists.

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Trafalgar Tours Offers Great Guided Vacations

There are many ways to see the world and many tour operators who are delighted to show it to you. Each operator offers a different advantage. If you like the approach of a company, you should look into it as a possible provider of your next vacation tour.

Trafalgar Tours prides itself on the fact that it is a family-owned company that is constantly innovating. The company manifests its innovation in its Trafalgar Tours to Europe as well as to other continents. When you take a Trafalgar Tour, you get to meet with all types of characters from that particular locale. A Trafalgar Tour to Italy will bring you in contact with a local chef, who can explain how he prepares his foods. A Trafalgar Tour to Spain will enable you to speak with a local taxi driver or historian who will provide perspectives on life in that country.

Another advantage of Trafalgar Tours is the enormous variety of locations available. If you take Trafalgar Tours to Asia you can experience Samurai Discovery in Japan and the Timeless Essence of China and Hong Kong. Trafalgar Tours to Africa include the Wonders of Ancient Egypt and the Best of Morocco. And, if you enjoy the beauty of the Emerald Isle, look at Trafalgar Tours to Ireland, which include the Secrets of Ireland and the Irish Experience.

You can also find great tours to other countries, including some in North America. Trafalgar Tours in Canada and Trafalgar Tours in the USA include Rockies Thrills and Glacier Chills and California Dreamin.

Finally, Trafalgar Tours in New Zealand are a big draw. Their Best of New Zealand, which includes a Farm Stay, is a big draw.

All of the Trafalgar Tours provide flexibility and options. Your day is not jam-packed and you can choose from additional activities within the city you are visiting, such as the Moulin Rouge in Paris.

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Pavlus Travel Has the Travel Vacation for You at the Best Price

As the economy improves and more people have jobs and discretionary income, many are looking toward travel vacations. Because they still need to mind their budgets, these travelers are looking for affordable tours and discount cruises. People in the know select Pavlus Travel because of the wide range of cruise deals and budget tours available.

Pavlus tours offer a wide range of escorted, affordable tours, both domestically and overseas. In North America, Pavlus Travel will take you to America’s national parks over the course of ten days. They also offer an eight-day tour of Charleston and Savannah, as well as tours of Alaska and the Canadian Rockies. If you want to travel to Europe and learn about the history and culture of that continent, your choices are numerous. France, northern Italy, southern Italy, Ireland, Scotland, Spain, Portugal, and the list goes on. Pavlus travel agency can offer you affordable tours to almost any destination you want to see.

Another appealing quality of Pavlus Travel is that the company offers cheap cruises to a wide range of destinations. If you are looking for a traditional, ocean cruise, your destination choices range from Africa to Tahiti, along with the option for a world cruise. Pavlus allows you to select by destination, sailing date, and cruise line. Best of all, they guarantee that the price you pay will be the lowest available.

That goes for river cruises, as well. This type of a trip tends to be less of a party atmosphere and more of a refined approach to touring. You might cruise the Danube or the Rhine, taking in the culture and history of the cities along those rivers. These cruise ships are smaller than the ocean vessels and more intimate.

Whether you are seeking cruise deals or tours, Pavlus travel agency is your ticket to a great time at affordable prices.

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