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Insight Tours Enable You to See the World Through the Eyes of a Local

If you are considering a travel tour to another country, or even one within the USA, it is important to determine your goals. Is your preference to see the sights while maintaining some distance from day to day activities of the people in that country? Or, would you like to experience the country as the natives experience it? In other words, eat with the locals and engage in the same kind of entertainment as the locals. If this latter description fits your interests, then Insight Tours are for you.

When you take an Insight Tour, you get experiences that other tour packages omit. For example, on Insight tours to Italy, you learn about the country through the eyes of a local. You learn to make pasta the Italian way from a local chef. Insight Tours to Spain provide a local expert to explain the foods of the famous Boqueria market. The Insight Tours to Europe that include Prague enable you to try blowing glass in a Bohemian glass factory. If you take Insight Tours to Ireland, you will have a choice of many themes and will enjoy a tour at a relaxed pace.

An Insight Tour focuses on helping you feel that you are part of the culture in the country you visit. Insight Tours to Africa will take you to Morocco, where you will visit Casablanca, Marrakesh, and Fez, among other famous cities. You will eat a feast, while watching traditional belly dancing.

Insight Tours to Asia include a variety of trips to India, Cambodia, Vietnam, China, Thailand, and more. Many of these trips combine several adjacent countries under such themes as the Asian sampler that takes you to Bangkok, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Ho Chi Minh City.

Finally, if you prefer to stay in North America, you can choose Insight Tours in Canada, Insight Tours in the USA, or Insight Tours in Cuba. This last opportunity is special because Cuba has only recently opened up to American tourists.

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