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Globus Tours in Spain: The Roman Ruins of Tarragona

Visit Tarragona at a Discount with Globus Tours in Spain

If a visit to a laid-back seaside town in Spain with magnificent landmarks sounds good to you, then you’d best include a day trip to Tarragona, Catalonia in your Spain itinerary. And if you’re looking for an affordable tour package, inquire aboutGlobus tours to Spain. They offer discounted escorted tours and vacations to various parts of the world, including Tarragona!

With its beautiful cobblestone streets, Cathedrals, and Roman ruins, Tarragona is the perfect place to visit to learn a bit more about Spain’s rich history.

What’s In Tarragona?

When you ask locals about Tarragona, the first thing that they will mention is that it is a place famous for its ancient Roman ruins. The remarkable Roman Ruins of Tarraco was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2000. Make sure to check with your itinerary planner from Globus about a trip to Tarragona so they can make the necessary arrangements.

From the Citadel to the Forum, these breathtaking historical landmarks will definitely make your trip to Spain even more memorable.

What to See

The Cuartel de Pilatos, a structure believed to have served as a palace for Caesar Augustus. Next, there is the amphitheater that overlooks the Mediterranean Sea. Although it was used as a quarry after the fall of the Romans, a good part of it still remains intact. It was believed to be a site where many Christians were martyred around 3rd A.D.

Also found in the Tarraco ruins is the Forùm Provincial Pretori I Circ Romans wherein you can see vaults that were a part of the Roman circus. A section of the Forùm was used for chariot races.

Other ancient ruins also include the Roman walls, Citadel, the Necropolis, and the Pretorium Tower. More information about the ruins may be provided by your travel planner.

To get started on planning for your trip and to learn more about Globus tours in Spain, visit

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