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Central and South American Explorations

Our fleet consists of nimble, intimately-scaled expedition ships, able to safely venture where larger cruise ships cannot, allowing us to offer authentic, up-close experiences in the planet’s wild, remote places and capitals of culture. More than comfortable as your base for exploring, they are outfitted with cool tools that enable a genuine connection with the places we visit, and offer inviting private accommodations, and gracious public spaces for our expedition community to gather.

When you enjoy and experience one of our Lindblad Expeditions tours, you are floating on the dream of your lifetime. There is little doubt that a Lindblad Expeditions tour will end up becoming that vacation of your life - the one you always dreamed could perhaps become true and end up becoming the experience that you could finally share with special family and friends.

Imagine this: regardless of your ultimate destination, by signing up for any of our many Lindblad Expeditions tours, you have immediately and permanently made yourself a participant in the history and culture of unique and unforgettable cultures that will allow you to gain a special and permanent appreciation of past times and recorded histories.

Centered upon such valuable and unforgettable destinations, with our Lindblad Expeditions tours to Costa Rica, the Caribbean or the entirety of South America, you can for the first time chase down incredibly unique and immemorial locations and landmarks that have left an indelible mark upon our own special and individual histories and have had a great hand in defining our own cultures and legends.

You are therefore kindly and earnestly invited to join any of our Lindblad Expeditions tours that will open your eyes to amazing and not soon to be forgotten pasts of our own histories and legends!

You now are provided with the chance to join the Pirates of the Caribbean, or better yet, become a true and brave explorer that will discover amazing and profitable opportunities by opening new sea ports and harbors that will remain in your memory for the rest of your life!

You deserve an unforgettable experience that cannot be found elsewhere. With our competitive prices and top customer service, enjoy travel and touring as you never have before. Be part of our next Lindblad Expeditions tours and find out what you have been missing in life!

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  • Lindblad Expeditions (brochure cover)

    Lindblad Expeditions

    Premium exploration aboard National Geographic Explorer to astonishing places led by expert expedition teams that include marine biologists, undersea specialists, geologists and top photographers. Lindblad and National Geographic will take you on a journey of world and self-discovery.

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