European Explorer plus Mykonos Island
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European Explorer plus Mykonos Island

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Destinations & Sightseeing
Itinerary and Meals

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A couple of weeks holidaying isn't your style. You're coming to Europe and you're here to do the whole kit & caboodle with a few days sailing around the islands of Greece in between. We salute you! Albania, Croatia, Italy, Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein, Switzerland ... just listing the countries on this trip is more than we have time for.

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Destination & Sightseeing

Visit a French Perfumery in Paris to learn about the secrets of the perfume trade through an olfactory journey

Explore Barcelona's Gothic beauty on a walking tour including Las Ramblas
See Gaudi's Sagrada Familia & the 1992 Olympic Games complex

Take a traditional Motoscafo across the iconic lagoon to the island of Venice
See the Bridge of Sighs, the Doge's Palace & St. Mark's Square
See Venice's iconic canals & gondolas

Athens to Mykonos
Locally guided tour of the awe-inspiring Ancient Greek monuments including entry to the Acropolis and Parthenon
See the first modern Olympic Stadium

See the famous windmills
See the traditional Cycladic buildings of Mykonos town

Take a locally walking tour through Dubrovnik's UNESCO-listed old town and spot GoT filming locations

Dubrovnik to Zadar
See the city's Roman Ruins

Scenic drive along the historic Ring Road of Vienna & see St. Stephen’s Cathedral & the State Opera House
Scenic drive along the historic Ring Road of Vienna & see St. Stephen’s Cathedral & the State Opera House

See the Wooden Chapel Bridge & Lion Monument in Lucerne


Just you wait! In addition to breakfast every day, we'll be providing 14 dinners for your dining pleasure. Think plates piled high with paella and pintxos in Spain, seafood fresh from the ocean in Greece and all the Italian pasta you can slurp.


London to Paris
Welcome to the first day of the best time of your life - we're calling it early! After a few pleasantries in London we'll get the show on the road with Paris in our sights.A few hours in and your jaws are on the floor already. These chalk cliffs that edge the English coastline are known as the White Cliffs of Dover, the first of many natural beauties we'll see on your trip.After we ferry across the English Channel for France we'll arrive in Calais, where we will take in the history of World War I while driving past ancient battlefields in the Valley of the Somme.Kicking off night one, we arrive in none other than the lust-worthy Paris! It's straight down to business with tickets to the observation deck of the Montparnasse Tower.

It's time to stroll the dreamy streets of Paris - and we'll start with a morning visit to Montmatre's cobbled street, village-esque cafes, street artists and the Sacré-Cœur Basilica. Then there's plenty of time to lust over haute couture you can't afford, admire the Notre Dame Cathedral whilst juggling coffee and crêpes, & get artsy at the many museums of the Louvre. Just don't wear yourself out, you will probably want to get involved with VIP seats and dinner at the iconic cabaret show and dinner - make this a night to remember in the city of lights.

Paris to Lyon via Fontainebleau
Farewell French capital! We're off in search of charming countryside & legit, straight from the source vino.With its medieval stature and grand surrounding ponds, Château Fontainebleau will take your breath away. We'll amble around the gardens then recommence our scenic journey to Beaujolais.After rolling past pretty French vistas we'll pull up at Lyon where a charming Old Town is calling our names. This is the second largest city in France, making it the perfect place to cool down after the excitement of Paris.

Lyon to Barcelona
It's Spain day - eeekkkk!!!! Out of Lyon & through the Pyrénées mountains in search of Barcelona - that's today's plan of attack.Year-round and Monday to Sunday, Barcelona is a hive of festive activities. Start making the most of our time here by exploring the city, being sure to devour enough sangria and tapas to see your heart content.

Sample some paella, and take an unmissable wander through the colourful gardens of Parc Güell for a look at the architecture that has helped put this city on the map. Beach lovers could head to the shores of the Mediterranean Sea - the day is yours to do with as you please.Cobbled lanes of the Gothic Quarter, Montjuic hilltop vistas, & wild Spanish architecture will season our day to perfection. There's plenty of free time to roam free or take a dip in the Mediterranean sea, just don't tire yourself out - chances are you'll want to partake in the evening of Flamenco fun.

Barcelona to French Riviera
Provided you haven't been lured to a full time life of Flamenco dancing, this morning we leave Barcelona with a glamorous Riviera pinned on the map.You're not a real celebrity until you've frolicked on the French Riviera. And who are we to keep you off the A-List? Sapphire waters & endless glamour will be on show as we roll into this glitzy coastal town. Rest well tonight so you're full of beans & looking fresh for our day prancing around the region tomorrow.

French Riviera including Monaco
Missing an opportunity to see this part of the world up close and personal would be criminal. Speaking of things you shouldn't miss, this region is famous for lavender honey, aioli & rosé wine; all 3 in one meal should be your mission.A night in glamorous Monaco should complete your day slash life. Get dressed up - we're about to embark on the lifestyle of the rich and the famous.After a night on the blackjack table it's back to the coast and to bed, the next part of the adventure starts tomorrow.

French Riviera to Venice via Verona
Today we say our farewells to the French Riviera and take our first jaunt into Italy. Pizza, pasta, & charming locals are about to warm us from the inside out. But first, we stock up on legitimate French perfume and discover how these sweet scents are made with a stop at Fragonard perfumery.In fair Verona, where we lay our scene, a posse of travellers, all alike in excitement, check out the place that inspired Romeo & Juliet. We'll also check out the Roman Arena where other love stories were told.Yes, it's as cute as you imagine. Yes, you'll feel like you're part of an Italian fairytale. Yes, you are actually hanging out in the gondola clad floating city of Venice! And tomorrow it is yours to explore. ..unless you're in need of more excitement tonight.

Wake-up sleeping beauties! Venice is yours for the entirety of this glorious Italian day. We'll be jumping aboard our own private boat and hitting the canals en route to the historical heart of the city. A guided walking tour and a gondola ride are up for grabs, or you can always choose to get lost on your own and see where the maze takes you.

Venice to Florence
Venice we love you, but we need to see a bit more of this boot to satisfy our hungry wanderlust ways. Florence we are on our way! Jump start the day uncovering this open-air museum. Our local guide gives you the inside track as the group learns about Florence’s cultural beginnings and explores streets crammed with artworks from masters like Michelangelo. Take a look into a skillful demonstration of Florentine leather making and understand this region’s traditional art. With bargains and bustle, the city’s markets are a great place to hang out. Grab a gelato and enjoy this gorgeous city. Tonight, there’s a choice of a group dinner – an authentic Tuscan feast. Try regional dishes in the pretty Tuscan country setting.

Florence to Rome via Pisa
Farewell Florence - today we have the epicenter of Italy on our horizons. Pizza, piazzas … we're coming in hot.As if we were going to leg it to Rome without a sneaky side trip to the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Depriving you of the chance to perfect the holding-up-the-tower shot would be down right criminal.After our drift through the rustic Tuscan hillsides of cypress trees and glowing fields, we'll be back city side in the Italian capital of Rome. The Trevi Fountain, Pantheon & Piazza Navona are just some of the icons we'll be casting our eyes upon before the sun sets.

Rome wasn't built in a day - so get up and get going early to make the most of this ancient city.When in Rome...take an optional guided tour of the Vatican Museums, including the Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Basilica. Religious or not, the Vatican's Italian Renaissance church will send shivers down your spine. This is also the day to learn a thing or two about the Colosseum & do a bit of your own exploring.Then hit the streets for your own discoveries. Snap pink azaleas by the Colosseum, throw coins in fountains and sip espresso in a pretty street watching Italian life float by.

Rome to Sorrento via Capri
One more destination is left to cement our Italian love affair. And it could be one of the European destinations you've been lusting over the most.…the island of Capri! We'll sail over the Tyrrhenian Sea taking in the glorious waters and majestic beauty of coastal Italy. Once on Isle of Capri, you can roam the hillside town of Anacapri, sip too many cups of coffee, and marvel at how the cliffs meet the sea."So so so so in love with Sorrento" are about the only words you'll muster up today as you sit seaside in the #InstaFamous town of beauty. Back on the mainland we will toast our time in Italy and begin discussing our fanciful ideas about what Greece has in store. And we'll do this over a dashing sunset and a Bay of Naples Feast for those who opt in.

Sorrento to Overnight Adriatic Ferry
Arrivederci Italy! You've been real. And the next few days have a lot to live up to. Luckily, with Greece on the horizon, we're in pretty safe hands. After less than an hour gazing lovingly out of our windows at the Italian countryside, it will be time for a stop. Here in the ancient city of Pompeii you will have the chance to partake in a guided walking tour taking through Roman city remains.After taking in the rugged beauty of the boot's south, we board our overnight ferry to Greece. Don't be ashamed if you need to wipe away a tear or two as we plough through the Ionian Sea watching Italy get smaller.

Overnight Adriatic Ferry to Athens via Corinth Canal
Bounce out of your ocean bed- we're pulling up in Greece!The awe of Greece's mainland will begin shortly after our arrival as we catch a glimpse of Corinth Canal. This manmade passageway squeezes boats through its path, sandwiched by two steep cliffs and sitting over gloriously blue ocean.A collage of ancient wonders and modern magnificence, the allure of Athens is hard to dismiss. Choose to sample traditional Greek food with an optional dinner and then make the most of the night with your friends in this ancient city.

Athens to Mykonos
Yes, yes, you're hearing the call of cocktails on Mykonos Island. But let's get acquainted with Athens for a day before we set sail. This city is a time capsule of life on earth. We'll see the first modern Olympic Stadium & take a guided tour of Athens & the Acropolis. Then we head to the seaside. Eeep!!!Jetsetters and backpackers alike are drawn to this pristine, has-it-all island. Enjoy the breathtaking views of our Aegean cruise before we dock in Mykonos where we will be kicking it for 4 whole nights.

Drift off under a beach cabana, snack on olives & tzatziki in a cute cafe, or stroll the white-washed lanes of the Old Town. Tonight you'll probably want to make the most of the Mykonos party life - all nighters are easy with chilled days like this.

Remember when you first looked at our itinerary and wondered if 4-nights in Mykonos would be too much? LOL! What a joke those feels are now. We all wish our stay in Mykonos would last for 3 months. Do any sightseeing you've forgotten to do (because, beach hangs) or give yourself a day to relax if you've been giving it a nudge since we first arrived. Tomorrow we have another Greek port of paradise to fall in love with.

Sleeping all day because you danced all night is not an option. Well, technically it is. But wasting a day of glorious sunshine on the island of Mykonos won't be the best decision you've ever made. Saganaki pan fried cheese and a dip in the ocean should bring you back to life. Perhaps even get traditional with a glass of ouzo?

Mykonos to Preveza
Back out on the Aegean a sea breeze will wipe stupidly happy looks on our faces. That's correct, it's possible to be happy when leaving Mykonos. But only when you have another 2-weeks of exploring Euope sitting ahead of you.Back on the mainland we find ourselves taking a journey across the Peloponnese in search of the friendly fishing village of Preveza. Here we will relish in our final Greek evening before we take to the Adriatic coastline for more mind-blowing European beauties.

Preveza to Tirana
Pack your bags and grab your last Greek breakfast feast. This morning we're hitting a very pretty road and heading to Albania!After a weave along the dramatic Adriatic Coast we find Albania’s colourful capital. Congratulations, wander folk! You are ticking off Tirana at precisely the right time. Rapidly changing and slowly being recognised for its unique blend - a Communist, Italian and Ottoman heritage with a foot stepped firmly in the modern world. And not yet overrun by tourists, you can explore with a bit of space at your side.

Tirana to Dubrovnik via Budva
Obscure off the beaten track capitals one day, trusted favourite cities the next. Such is the beauty of a see it all trip! Goodbye Tirana, we have Dubrovnik on top of the deck.We're making a stop in this coastal heaven before Dubrovnik. A 2,500 year old town famous for its beautiful beaches and its cobbled stone roads. A coffee maybe before we make our way to Dubrovnik?...we make our way to Croatia.The spectacular seaside fortress town of Dubrovnik, also known as the “Pearl of the Adriatic”, is yours to explore for the evening - not forgetting it has an enviable party scene.

The city of Dubrovnik is so much more than just a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a Game of Thrones location - not that either of those claims to fame are even mildly mediocre. After you've been guided around the city with intricate detail you'll be armed with the knowledge to pick out a waterside rock bar where you can swim and indulge 'til your heart's content. If that's not enough, a boat cruise and some island hoping can be dished up for your afternoon pleasure.

Dubrovnik to Zadar
Saying goodbye to Dubrovnik isn't too tough this morning given we're heading to Zadar and taking the scenic route past crystal clear waters and the scattering of green islands that make up the Dalmatian Coast. Many whimsical thoughts coming right up.With quick cruise through Bosnia & Herzegonvina, it's on to the next stop.We can't tease you the whole way to Zadar - a stunning stop off in Split is 100% necessary. Wander through the domain of Diocletian’s Palace in the city centre, gob-smacked by the sheer talent of those way back when Romans. 220 buildings and a huge cathedral will be enough to make your head spin.Medieval churches and marble streets mark our evening in Zadar. Take a dip by the steps of the manmade masterpiece of Sea Organ, or head out to enjoy the buzzing nightlife of this student town bursting with bars and cafés.

Zadar to Vienna
Today Croatia becomes but a beautiful memory as we leave Zadar and head towards Austria. The journey will be prettied by Paklenica National Park and the stunning countryside of Slovenia.Austria, we have arrived! Strudel town, we are ready! Though given tomorrow's day is jam-packed with everything that's so wonderful about Vienna ,you may wish to lay low tonight and save yourself for what sits ahead.

A whole day lies ahead to uncover the ethereal Austrian capital. Our Trip Manager will uncover the historical heritage of Schönbrunn Palace, the State Opera House and the gothic St. Stephen’s Cathedral. You will also be swimming in plenty of free time to saunter around art galleries and laze away hours in local coffee houses. A Mozart and Strauss concert will prove the perfect introduction for those feeling cultured and curious.

Vienna to Munich via Mauthausen
Vielen dank, Vienna! We are officially in love with everything you are. We'd stay for another strudel but we've heard about the beer culture in Munich and we're a little bit intrigued...Before we arrive in mighty Munich, we make a sobering stop at Mauthausen Concentration Camp memorial to remember Germany's turbulent past.Even when Oktoberfest isn't in full swing, Munich is a treasure trove of Bavarian cultural experiences. After exploring the Old Town and seeing the Glockenspiel & Marienplatz, throw your feet up in a traditional beer hall, downing roasted pork knuckle & a stein of one of Germany’s 5000 brews.

Munich to Lucerne via Lichtenstein
Although we're checking out of Munich today, this is not the last Germany has seen of us. We will reunite with this fine country after a gratifying stint in the mountains of Switzerland.3 countries in one day - squeal!!! Although just a tiny dot on the map, Liechtenstein is an economically and geographically incredible place, known for its stunning mountain castles. We'll enjoy lunch in its capital, Vaduz, before continuing our journey to Switzerland.Swans float under wooden bridges, snowcapped mountains stand regally behind us, & chocolate tastes like heaven on earth. You're in the Swiss Alps & you cannot wipe the smile off your face. Eeek!!! Don't forget to take your squeals to the next level with an excursion to the heights of Mt. Pilatus.

There's no reason why today can't be wasted strolling these beautiful streets or sitting in a coffee shop pondering mountain life. And consuming chocolate - that's perfectly acceptable too. However! Those wanting to spice up their day can take an optional river cruise, sign up for a Stadtkeller lunch and admire the Lion Monument and Wooden Chapel Bridge. Spoilt for choice much?

Lucerne to Rhine Valley
Out with the altitude, in with the brand new country. Once we've crossed the border out of Switzerland we will be coasting into beer and wine territory in the castle dotted landscapes of the Rhine Valley.After the scenic journey of fairytale castles, vineyards and valleys, you'll be charmed by Germany's famous Rhine Valley before we even arrive. This back-in-time town is our wine tasting host for the evening - hello! We'll also learn how beer steins are crafted, take a river cruise, & admire a steep slate rock known as Lorelei.

Rhine Valley to Amsterdam via Edam
This morning we'll drag you all away from Germany kicking and screaming that you want to stay forever. Only to see you equally infatuated with another dot on the European map hours later...You know the cheese, and now you're going to know the place that pioneered it. We'll cycle into the countryside squealing at windmills & going hysterical over tulip fields on our way to an actual cheese farm & clog maker's house.Pretty canals lined with quaint crooked houses and cafes bursting with life. Amsterdam is all that and way more than what you could ever imagine.

It's our last full day on trip & our last night to party up a storm with the squad. Use the day to explore quirky museums & sample the endless array of cuisines this city has on offer.

Depart Amsterdam
Get your tissues ready, it's time to say goodbye to your new Contiki family. We'll escort you to Schiphol Airport by about 10am.For those not leaving us until London, we'll travel south through Belgium - cross another country off your list.This afternoon we cross from France to England and then back to London-town, where you'll be left to start dreaming up your next big adventure.

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