Greek Sailing

All aboard - we're headed to paradise. Kicking things off in the ancient city of Athens, we'll head to our home for the next week - the cosy cabins of our traditional sailing yacht. As we glide through the glittering med, we'll paddle board and snorkel in the calm waters of Perdika harbour, explore the cathedrals and nightspots of Hydra, and kick back on the tranquil bays of Plaka. Then we'll get the party started on the postcard pretty isle of Aegina before heading back to Athens.

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Map for Greek Sailing

Destination & Sightseeing

Depart Athens
Get a guided tour of the awe-inspiring Ancient Greek monuments, the Acropolis and Parthenon
See the first modern Olympic Stadium


We'll be keeping you well fed with breakfast every morning, but the rest of your daily menu is up to you. Go on a search for cinnamon-infused moussaka, salty slabs of halloumi and fresh salads crumbled with feta as we sail the Mediterranean Sea.


Athens to Perdika
These islands aren't going to sail themselves! Board our yacht, meet your fellow sailors and get ready to drift out of Athens. You've heard it here first, this trip is made for those that love to chill, swim, eat and repeat while getting up on the water like a boss. All aboard, let's do this!We kick things off tonight in Perdika Harbour, an un-spoilt fishing spot seeped in traditional Greek lifestyle. Make the use of our stand-up paddle boards and ocean gear, then watch the sun set over a dinner feast.

Predika to Hydra
From one paradise to another, we wave goodbye to Perdika and make our way to a pristine island nestled between the Saronic and Argolic Gulf. We will be making plenty of swim stops to keep things cool, so lather up the sunscreen and perch on deck as we relax into the good life.Hollywood hangout Hydra is going to wow you with its natural beauty. A vehicle free destination, this is a great chance to stretch out those legs. Cathedrals, monasteries, fresh seafood, nightlife - don't expect a moment of boredom. Find a local nightspot, grab some eats, and pull on those dancing shoes.

Hydra to Plaka
The yachting life will feel all very perfect & natural this morning as we anchor up yet again & cruise the Med in search of our next destination.Plaka Leonidion calls us back to Greece's mainland for a day in which swimming in tranquil bays is high priority. This charming seaside town will make you wish you were of Greek heritage as you settle into life on deck once again, and work oh so hard on that magificent tan. Aaaaand, relax.

Plaka to Spetses
Plaka will leave us feeling all inspired by what the Greek coastline has on offer - so we'll stick to it! Making our way to Spetses little further in the bay.

Spetses to Poros
Kounoupi islet is ours this morning, known as a 'must stop' amongst the savvy yachting community. The relaxing summer vibes continue as we head to Dhokos, home to a 4500 year old shipwreck, offically the oldest in the world.So pretty with its pine trees and fresh growing lemons, Poros will provide the perfect setting for more beach time and sunset hangs up on deck or on land. Maybe check out a local taverna for lunch... or just keep making the most of that gorgeous yacht we have our hands on and the floaties and paddleboards on deck to keep non existent boredom at bay.

Poros to Aegina
Historical artifacts and long coastlines are just around the corner at our final destination before we head back to Athens. So long Poros! Apart from being jaw-droppingly beautiful and packed with history, this island is pretty as a picture, and offers all of the good things you've come accustomed to, like beach loungers, clear blue waters and local vibes that we know and love. What else do you need to know? Aegina knows how to throw a party. Which makes it the perfect spot for our final evening as posse on this trip. Our Captain will recommend a local spot to kick off this last night.

Aegina to Athens
Our final sea journey onboard the boat that we have come to know as home. From Aegina we set sail for Athens, perhaps with a little tear in our eyes.Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened! That's what the insta quotes say, right? Meh, maybe you should just book another trip to ease the pain…#NOREGRETS

Depart Athens
Back on Athenian shores where the adventure commenced 12 days ago, we'll say our farewells & wrap up the trip. Dry those salty tears, and make sure you swap deets to plan your next sunny escape soon...