Scandinavia & Best of Baltics | | 2025

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Scandinavia & Best of Baltics | | 2025

Tour Description:

This epic 19 day adventure brings you the spectacular summery sights of Scandinavia and the best bits of the Baltics. From colourful Copenhagen through to the adventure capital of Voss, the Geiranger Fjord and elegant Stockholm, you'll fall in love with everything you see in Scandinavia. But we're not done there - we'll then hop on a speedy flight to Estonia to explore the gothic beauty of the Baltics, from breweries to Baroque architecture.

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Dates & Pricing

Tuesday 13 May 25 — Saturday 31 May 25Starting at $4,827Check Mark Icon SPECIALGet a Quote
Tuesday 10 Jun 25 — Saturday 28 Jun 25Starting at $5,059Check Mark Icon SPECIALGet a Quote
Tuesday 08 Jul 25 — Saturday 26 Jul 25Starting at $5,235Check Mark Icon SPECIALGet a Quote
Tuesday 05 Aug 25 — Saturday 23 Aug 25Starting at $5,235Check Mark Icon SPECIALGet a Quote
Tuesday 02 Sep 25 — Saturday 20 Sep 25Starting at $4,939Check Mark Icon SPECIALGet a Quote
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Destination & Sightseeing

Dining Summary
6 Dinner (D)
18 Breakfast (B)

Included Experience
Oslo: Get your sculpture culture on! It’s hard to believe that one artist created all of these masterpieces.
Oslo: Take an orientation around the friendly Norwegian capital. Soak up the Viking and maritime legacy, see city highlights and discover where to get the best seafood.
Geirangerfjord: Cruise on the world's most famous fjord! Sheer mountain cliffs, waterfalls, and abandoned farms will no doubt leave a lasting impression.
Stockholm: Admire the kaleidoscopic buildings in Gamla Stan (the old town) and watch the changing of the guards at the Royal Palace
Stockholm: Walk the streets of Stockholm with your Trip Manager, to get a feel for the city, before exploring solo.
Tallinn: Get to know your new Contiki fam over a welcome dinner and drinks in arty Telliskivi.
Valmiermuiza: Get together with the Contiki crew for a tour, tasting and lunch at this Latvian brew-house.
Cesis: Take a jaunt around this medieval Latvian castle with an expert. And learn more about the Livonian Order that built it.
Riga: Take an orientation around the colourful streets of the Latvian capital. We’ll show you  the highlights and the best places for a night out.
Jurgaiciai: It’s not every day you see a hill blanketed with over 200,000 wooden crosses. Don’t forget your camera for this Lithuanian landmark.
Trakai Island Castle: This 14th century Lithuanian castle on an island in Lake Galve is so picturesque it’s almost not real. Pics or it didn’t happen!

Make Travel Matter®
Vilnius: On this MAKE TRAVEL MATTER EXPERIENCE®, we'll pay a visit to Pirmas Blynhas - a cafe that provides employment and empowerment for people with disabilities.


Start Copenhagen
Good afternoon globe-roamers and welcome to your first stop of memory-making magic. After a bit of a mingle with the new squad we'll be getting into the spirit of our imminent adventures in Copenhagen. We've got all day tomorrow to suss out the city, so after an orientation tour, tonight can stay reserved for Contiki hangs if you're feeling social.

Constantly named amongst the most liveable cities in the world, Copenhagen is an artwork of locals on bicycles, Danish pastries in cute café windows, & Renaissance architecture. Being a bustling university town and home to the hippie hood of Freetown Christiania, nightlife and unique culture can be found at every turn.

Copenhagen to Oslo
Before you go bursting out of your travel clothes thanks to your new-found pastry dependency, we're bailing on Denmark. Next stop: Norway!  To the call of castles, fresh seafood, & pretty parks, we respond! Today we're taking on Norway. We'll be surrounded by 200 bronze statues eating Krumkaker pastries before we can say "jeg elsker Norge!" (that's "I love Norway," folks).

Oslo, both the capital and biggest city of Norway, is a riverside metropolis back-dropped by mountains of greenery and filled with easy-going culture. Pottering around museums and pretty buildings will keep us busy by day, while taking a stroll through the city should keep you busy by night.

Oslo to Voss via Hardangervidda
Though you'll feel like you know Norway inside out by now, you can't really grasp the country until you've witnessed its great open plains & small country towns...Before we arrive in our overnight hub, we'll coast through the rugged river and rock landscapes of Telemark and Hardangervidda regions, with nature worthy of an Instagram or two...Tonight's stop, Voss is the adventure capital of Norway. We'll take the chilled out approach here, with a night of relaxing and getting to know the crew in our lakefront lodge, it's like waking up in a movie.

The adventure capital of Norway is ours to explore today! We recommend getting the endorphins pumping with a good ol’ hike. There’s also white water rafting for the hardcore adventurers, plus the option to visit the legendary Voss Gondola. After a breathless day of adventure, you'll enjoy a delicious Scandi dinner.

Voss to Grotli via Sognefjord and Geiranger
The outdoor vibes don't end today, we'll be getting back to nature from sun up 'til sun down. Wild animals and spectacular scenery are on the cards so keep that camera of yours charged to full.  Norwegian countryside and pretty waterfalls will highlight our journey to the 200km long Sognefjord, a sight set to take your breath away. After visiting Boyabreen glacier - which will see you pondering more rural life goals - we'll continue our journey to the UNESCO listed Geiranger Fjord, where we'll head out for a cruise. We'll make our way to Grotli to spend the night surrounded by some of mother nature's finest.

Grotli to Elverum via Lillehammer
We've got more spectacular natural beauty to check out today. We'll pass by wild waterfalls, snow-capped peaks and vibrant green foliage, before making a morning tea stop in Lom. After managing to close our jaws again, we'll stop at the alpine ski resort of Lillehammer. Upon arrival we'll have the chance to hop on the Lillehammer Olympic Track bobsleigh, Northern Europe's only artificial frozen bob, before taking a stroll through the city and grabbing a bite to eat. We've got more epic surprises tomorrow, so we'll head to our hotel in Elverum to rest up.

Elverum to Torgås
Rise and shine! More adventures await. Today we're crossing the border from Norway to Sweden, so keep an eye out for the famous Vasaloppet start line. Dalarna County is set to take our breath away upon arrival. The centrepiece is the shimmering lake, so we'll let you enjoy this for a few hours (canoeing, kicking a ball or maybe just relaxing, depending on your vibe). Want to experience more of the area's natural beauty? You’ll have the chance to take a short hike through the forest with fika and huskies in between. Bask in your surroundings and learn all about Swedish history and folklore from a local guide.

Torgås to Stockholm
Leaving Dalarna behind and bidding farewell to the orange Dala horse (Sweden's national symbol), we're headed to the capital today. Stockholm, here we come! After checking into our stylish Generator accommodation, it’s off for an orientation tour of the city before dinner.

Wander the quaint medieval streets of Gamla Stan & try to catch the changing of the guard at the Royal Palace. All that ground covered will earn you some Swedish salmon & an Absolut on the rocks – but don’t forget to save room for your evening meatballs….

Stockholm to Tallinn
This morning we'll leave Sweden behind and fly across the Baltic Sea to Estonia. Welcome to Tallinn, Estonia's elegant capital. We'll let you explore this beautiful Baltic city for a few hours, after which our TM will give you an orientation tour, followed by a local dinner at F HOONE, with its menu of healthy but seriously delicious local delicacies.

Tallinn is all yours for the day, so go out and find out what makes this place so special. One of Europe's hidden gems, this early medieval era creation is now a fascinating mix of old and new.With one of the best preserved old towns in the world, a charming coastline, and gothic towers scattered around, this city will win your heart in an instant.  Stop by the Estonian Open-Air Museum or take a walk to Toompea Hill for a chance to see the Old Town in all its splendour.

Tallinn to Tartu
This morning we're setting our sights on Tartu... A town known for its upbeat nightlife, bunting-clad town square, its wealth of cultural activities, and its 17th Century university, Tartu is an Estonian hidden gem. Take the day to explore every nook and cranny alongside your new pals and TM and we'll meet back in the evening for a locally prepared meal full of cultural specialties.

Tartu to Riga via Valmiermuiza and Cesis
Tartu, it's been emotional, but today we're heading for Latvia.  An iconic tour, tasting & lunch awaits at Valmiermuiža Brewery, where we'll become acquainted with the cornerstones of brewing beer.  Next, we'll stop by to visit the Cēsis Castle, one of the most iconic and best preserved castles in Latvia.  Here we are in Riga! Enjoy a free evening around Latvia's capital, resting quietly on the Baltic Sea. Sitting at the border between tradition and cutting edge modernism, this city will no doubt charm you with its art nouveau architecture and vibrant nightlife.

You've got beautiful Riga all to yourself today, so make the most of it! Take a stroll through the Old Town and discover the House of the Black Heads (a 14th century landmark), some of the many shops and restaurants that fill the cobblestoned streets and the timeless charm of a capital steeped in over 800 years of history.

Riga to Kaunas via Jurgaiciai
...and we're on the road again.   Today we're visiting the Hill of Crosses, an epic pilgrimage site which boasts a collection of over 200,000 ornate crosses, statues and effigies erected on a small hill in Northern Lithuania. Well hello, Kaunus! Here in this southern Lithuanian gem, we'll be spoilt for choice when it comes to river views and impressive cathedrals. Don't miss Kaunas Castle or the epic 9th Fort.

Kaunas to Vilnius via Trakai Castle
So long, Kaunas. We’re making our way to our next awesome destination today, and it’s none other than vibrant Vilnius!  Welcome to Trakai Castle, a 14th century fortress built on an island on the glittering Lake Galve. This place looks just like a fairy tale, so cameras at the ready… Our journey ends here in Vilnius but not without a tour of the stunning baroque architecture that'll inspire you to remodel your own home. Take advantage of the street art lining the cobblestone streets and exchange details with all your new best friends. Time to lock in your next adventure!

End Vilnius
...and this is where our journey sadly ends. Exchange contact information with your fellow travellers, who have now probably become friends. Time to lock in your next adventure!

Check Mark Disclaimer: Prices listed are per person, based on double occupancy, and in USD. All promotions are valid for new bookings only, capacity controlled and valid on select dates and departures. Individual Terms and Conditions will apply to all promotions. Any promotion can be withdrawn at any time without notice. Please speak with your Pavlus Travel Planner for complete vendor terms and conditions, including eligible tour and cruise dates.