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Recommendations and Reviews of Kymm

All reviews are from actual Pavlus clients

Great trip.

09/25/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Love using Pavluz I recommend it to others

09/24/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Quick responses to questions. If Kymm was out of the office, someone else always returned a call promptly.

09/23/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

We had a great trip with Tauck to the Canadian capitals., Starting with Niagara Falls and ending with Quebec city. All of it was great .

09/18/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Loved Tauck (the tour company), I am planing on taking another trip with them next year. As soon as we can agree on a date, Kymm will hear from me.

09/12/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Took s Viking Icean Cruise. After taking cruises on many other cruise lines Viking has set the bar very high and it will be very difficult to travel with any ocean cruise line other than Viking. In addition Kymm Smith has been extremely helpful each and every trip she helped us plan. Stan Locke

09/08/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Very satisfied

09/07/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

I have been booking all my tours, vacation and cruises with Pavlus since 2001. Our first Travel Planner was Evelyn Rankin and after her departure, Kymm Smith. Both are very experienced and knowledgeable agents and extremely helpful in finding the vendor's best rates that include their optional benefits. Then they are always topped off with your bonus discount checks, that I believe are the best available in the industry. This was our seventh Globus Tour. Both the Tour Director Daniel Ferro and his coach driver Dan were exceptional. They were both extremely knowledgeable and always went the extra mile to be helpful. While I have no complaints with any of our previous Globus Tours, this was an exceptional team. For that reason alone, I would rate this as our best of our all our previous Globus tours. We reviewed the benefits of using your organization with several of our tour members. Several said they were interested and would be contacting you when they are ready to plan their next vacation. Hopefully, that will materialize. You have an exceptional organization...keep up the good work! Bob and Sandy Hillegass

08/30/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

We have used Pavlus for years and have always been pleased. My husband does all of the interaction with Kymm, but I am the happy recipient of her great services as well. This was one of the best trips we've had. I would do it all over again! Great coach driver and tour guide. We do tell people about our trips and the great service we receive from Pavlus.

08/27/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Always referring folks to Pavlus

08/23/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

We were a big family group of 12. Kymm was very helpful in answering our questions as first time cruisers. We had a memorable 50th anniversary cruise! And eager to try it again. Lana and Eric Gilster

08/15/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Another great trip!

08/14/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

It is satisfied with all the service they deliver to us. Will use Pavlus again on my next tour, hopefully can bring friends with me. Sian kho

08/03/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

This was our first Viking Ocean Cruise. We've been on their river boats a number of times, It was one of the most enjoyable cruises we have ever taken. Viking service was superb and the accommodations excellent.

07/24/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Kymm and customer service reps were so helpful in booking and answering any questions about this trip. Very professional and I have recommended this agency to numerous friends and family.

07/23/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Very good travel package Lots included plus Pavlus refund!

07/22/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Great trip with Avalon, Budapest to Linz. luggage issues were airline problem, Avalon booked flights out of Frankfurt to close together so flights were missed. Even before trip, Kymm assisted me solving issues with changing people going on cruise. Pavlus team very professional, responsive and customer oriented. A couple on the cruise will use Pavlus as their travel planners. Looking to 2019 for another great cruise.

07/22/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

I love your prices and "Kymm is a gem"

07/20/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Overall, a great trip. Thanks, Kymm!

07/05/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

The tour was very enjoyable and interesting.

06/24/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Very satisfied

06/03/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Kymm has planned four Tauck tours for us. She has also planned cruises for our family and us. We have recommended her to friends. We are very satisfied with her service. Jim

05/29/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Have used Pavlus travel for years and have always been extremely satisfied. The recommendation of Royal Caribbean cruise line proved to be an excellent suggestion.

05/27/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Dealing with Kymm was a pleasure. Kymm was able to meet all of trip needs with no hesitation or problem. I was very pleased with her accuracy and promptness. Bill

05/25/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Kymm has done several trips for us and they have all worked out great.

05/24/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Kymm and Uniworld were truly outstanding!

05/17/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Kymm did a fabulous job as usual.

05/07/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Kymm was extremely helpful in planning my river cruise and promptly returned my calls. I have used Pavlus for the last 3 years and plan to continue using Pavlus in the future because your company is very helpful, thorough, and meets my needs by adding extra options that make my trip more enjoyable. I like the trip insurance, the flexibility to choose airplane schedules within Viking’s plan ( I like airports close to me & schedule flights that have 2 hour layover in case of a delayed airplane and also do not want waiting over 3 hrs ). Kymm has been able to accommodate my requests. I recommended a couple to Pavlus and they have scheduled their first river cruise this year.

04/26/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

We are happy with Pavlus.

04/06/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Everything was excellent.

04/01/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Kymm is a good travel agent. We knew which trip we wanted and was able to secure it with Globus. Any questions we had were answered.

03/29/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

We would recommend our friends to contact Kymm at Pavlus Travel. She has been an excellent Travel Agent and has planned our tours and cruises for many years. We can completely depend on her to make our reservations, keep us informed and remind us when payments are due. She conscientiously returns telephone calls and is very patient. We would not take a tour or cruise without calling her first! We have recommended her to our family and friends. My daughter and I just returned from a TAUCK Tour to Africa that Kymm planned. Last October 2017 she planned our wonderful TAUCK tour to Japan. We recommended her to our daughter and son- in law and they use her also. Sincerely, Harriett Rose

03/23/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Kymm has always been very prompt friendly. And helpful.

01/25/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Fast, accurate, courteous service every time we book through Pavlus Travel.

01/25/2018 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Kymm has helped me many times over the years, both "girlfriend" trips to recently mother/daughter river cruises. Will continue to rely on her! Thank you Kymm!

12/27/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

very satisfiid

12/12/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Pavlus is always responsive to our needs even if our agent is out of the office. Great staff.

12/10/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

New to the Viking ocean cruise. booked another while on the cruise, credit goes to Kymm.

11/16/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

We've had many vacations coordinated by Kymm over the years. She is professional and knowledgeable and always willing to address our concerns. We enjoyed the AQSB from Memphis to New Orleans. Thank you.

11/13/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

We're always satisfied with the excellent service that Pavlus provides.

11/05/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Kymm always does a great job and the pricing is good.

11/04/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

We were very pleased with arrangements. It was so nice to meet Kymm on the trip.

10/29/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

We had high expectations due to conversations with friends who had taken the same European river cruise we had booked. Turns out that our expectations were exceeded! Our Pavlus agent, Kymm Smith, was exceptional in the planning stage as well as on the trip. She answered all questions and was ready to help with any issues that came up prior to the trip as well as while we were on the trip. Victoria from Pavlus was also on our trip along with Kymm. She too was most helpful. In fact, having them along made our trip even more fun. In addition to their constant help, their warm, friendly personalities along with infectious laughter made for a joyous time had by all aboard!

10/23/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Vacation was great and enjoyable. Service from Pavlus was very good and timely.

10/09/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Excellent service

09/11/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler


08/20/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

This was our third trip through Pavlus. The others were an Adriatic cruise on the Windsurf and a land tour of Germany. Kymm has been most patient and helpful with our many questions. She has handled all out arrangements and made good suggestions. We look forward to using Pavlus for future trip planning.

08/16/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Very good deals and service. This was our fifth vacation with Pavlus.

08/15/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

The planner is very helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. Kymm did it for me already for couples of tour and I satisfied with her service. Thanks you.

08/15/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Excellent, efficient service. We enjoy working with Kymm and appreciate the Pavlus discount. We will continue our relationship with pleasure.

08/08/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

This trip and the entire team was A+ from start to finish. Kymm answered all of my questions ahead of time and walked me thru my options before booking and put my mind at ease that I had made the right choice in trip. The pre trip communications were helpful and informative. Once the trip was actually underway, I was amazed at how helpful and knowledgeable every single representative was...from the people that met us at the airport or station to the hotel liaisons, and especially the tour guides you find and employ. Every moment of the trip we felt supported, safe, and as if every representative there was fully invested in making sure that OUR trip was the very best trip. I am more than impressed with your service and you far exceeded my expectations.

08/05/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Used several times. Handled all issues thoroughly with experience.

08/03/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Efficient,prompt to respond to questions,friendly, knowledgeable,and cost is lower

08/03/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

I would say we had an excellent well planned vacation. Information from travel agent and tour company had me well prepared.

08/02/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Our travel planner, Kymm, is easy to work with and always gives us a good price.

07/31/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Very efficient. Friendly. Thorough. Problem solver. Makes traveling much easier.

07/23/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Everything went well. Kymm is very knowledgeable and did a great job of setting the trip up as she has done in the past. Pavlus' prices are better than we could find elsewhere. Especially on Insight tours.

07/09/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

The best thing is the offers of costs are written and clear to your clients. Timely response to all questions.

07/05/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

In six trips, Pavlus has never had a glitch on any reservations and their referral program is top flight.

07/05/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

I have relied on Kymm Smith for many years for all my travel needs. Kymm gives personal attention every time. She is always available, returns phone calls promptly.She always gets the best price. I recommend her to everyone I talk to who is thinking of travel.

06/24/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Pavlus gives a great discount.

06/23/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Kymm is a great travel agent.., We have worked with her a number of times and have referred others with great success. Keep[up the great work

06/14/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler


06/13/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Pavlus offers discounts beyond posted brochure and internet fares. They are the largest booker of Viking river cruises.

06/12/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Kymm and the customer service staff were very attentive to all of my needs. They worked with me on air reservations and seat assignment that help make our trip a completely enjoyable experience.

06/07/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

The travel planners are very professional, helpful and make sure every client get the best deal

06/06/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

The planning and execution is excellent. On all my tours the tour director and driver has been wonderful. This tour involved a lot of driving in order to see so much of Norway, which was spectacular. I would however recommend anyone to look into the more leisurely tours that allow you to stay at least 3 days in each city.

06/03/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Great prices

05/25/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Excellent service. Pays attention to details and keeps us informed of changes and issues affecting tie trip. Very good service from Kymm. A pleasure to work with.

05/10/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Between myself and my family, we have booked 6 River Cruises through Pavlus with Kymm's fantastic help. Your prices are always amazing and booking the airfare through your flight department has been great - they are always so helpful in getting us the best flights. Always recommend Pavlus and will continue to do so! Thanks for an amazing holiday!!!

05/05/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

They give good service at discounted prices

04/18/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

I really enjoyed working with my agent. I felt if I had any questions, she was there to answer and resolve any issues. Pavlus travel was able to beat any price posted on the internet. Thanks! Tina

04/17/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

The discounts that Pavlus offers are better than other travel agencies

04/07/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Kymm is a wonderful person to work with. She is efficient, and answers all of my email queries promptly. Your prices are tops.

03/29/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Best pricing

03/13/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Pavlus provides a quality travel service, along with a rebate on trips booked. Great value and great service.

02/27/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Kymm and Maria both helped me with my trip to The Atlantis. They worked to get me the best deal possible. They were always available to answer any of my questions. Everything went smoothly and we had a wonderful time.

02/08/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

We always use Pavlus. They are always efficient and helpful Kymm has always done her best to help in any way she can. She plans all our cruises for us. We wouldn't change!!

01/10/2017 Pavlus Verified Traveler

I like to travel and I like to save money. It's a winning combination!

12/21/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

We let them know about the great service and the exciting benefits. We also indicate that you all are easy to work with.

12/20/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Excellent customer service and discount from published cruise prices make you wonder why anyone would do anything else but use Pavlus.

12/09/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Good offers.

09/25/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Good discounts.

09/21/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

very responsive- did what you said you would

09/14/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

I recommended Pavlus and Kymm Smith in particular to two couples on our most recent trip, both of whom I believe will contact her. I told them my experience with Pavlus (mostly through and especially with Kymm) has been uniformly excellent. She works with me tirelessly to get the right air connections and suggests other possibilities from her experience that would not have occurred to me. The company not only offers its own discounts off many land tour prices, but also searches for other possible discounts from the companies themselves. You respond to my questions quickly and with the correct answers. You also don't bother me all the time trying to sell me other trips.

09/08/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Easy process, warm and responsive agents

08/09/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Well done!!!

07/18/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Comprehensive travel services with complete access to virtually every major travel organization: tours, cruises, river craft. Numerous opportunities for discounts plus generous benefits for repeat customers.

07/06/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Agents responded to e-mail and phone messages promptly and politely. Trip went according to plan.

06/14/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Pavlus handled all of our questions in a timely manner. There were no surprises and we relaxed during the entire experience.

06/01/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

prompt service

05/24/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

We already suggested friends try Pavlus. We like working with Kymm, feel the prices are competitive, and will contact you for the next trip.

04/20/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

I've never been so pleased with a travel agent the likes of Pavlus. Not only do they provide great discounts and referral rewards, but for several of our immediate concerns they helped resolved the issue either with us or the primary tour company. I highly recommend Pavlus Travel for all your travel needs.

04/12/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

We love Kymm! She always helps us out and checks things carefully. She has been there for us many times and we will continue to use her services. We have given her name and company's name to several people. We enjoyed the trip on the Elbe very much. The service was excellent as usual. Thank you Kymm for all your help

04/08/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Very efficient. Listens to what you have to say. Makes constructive suggestions.

04/06/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Great price great service

04/05/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Of course the biggest selling point is the refund of money from the company which makes it very competitive. Our agent, Kymm, was on top of all the details and got back to us in a timely fashion when we had questions

04/04/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

We talk about the knowledge and ease it is to work with Kymm. She is always helpful and responsive to our requests. We also mention the additional perks that Pavlus offers each and everytime we book with you.

03/14/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Once you have found the trip to want to take and got the best price available I would call Pavlus to get a better deal and rebate every time.

03/09/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Great savings

03/04/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Very well organized Ready to answer any questions about a trip Our travel planner proved knowledgeable, and when Kymm promised to look up answers to any of our questions she and her assistants returned our concerns with a timely return call. Very good prices Thank you. Rob and Mary Bastasch

02/23/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Kymm did an outstanding job in helping us find and book a very nice cruise. Bob

02/21/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Efficient, knowledgeable, responsive and saves money.

02/09/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Excellent, professional Job !

01/23/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Great Deals/Prices & Kymm is FABULOUS!!!! I gave out approximately 14 of Kymm's cards. I will be planning my next trip for 2017, since Kymm already booked my 3 week trip to Spain, Portugal & Morocco in Sept.! Thank You Kymm

01/20/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Wonderful and easy to work with - Pavlus will help you do all your planning. They are also very prompt in answering your phone calls or e-mails.

12/22/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

The main reason that we use Pavlus is because of the ourstanding service that we receive from Kymm!! Wayne and Myo Boyd, Merry Christmas to all at Pavlus!

12/17/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Kymm at Pavlus has helped me on several trips with a group of friends. She gets everything taken care of efficiently for all these individuals. This last trip (Christmas markets on the Rhine with Avalon) was for my daughter and me, and it was her very first European trip. Kymm got us all taken care of. One thing I really like is if I leave Kymm a voice mail or if I email her, she will get back with me that day, don't have to wait too long with my questions/concerns.

12/17/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Give them a try. The discounts are great and they are very responsive when you have inquiries about your travel plans.

12/04/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Pavlus Travel provides outstanding customer service!

10/28/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Friendly, knowledgeable, efficient, and a great value. Easy to book - staff does it all ..

10/27/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Good service especially for packaged trip. Might use a local agent if making a unique itinerary. Great pricing and good follow up.

10/21/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Very professional, quick response to tel ph/email questions; provided alternative travel types & destinations

10/21/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Everything turned out as planned

10/20/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Excellent service

10/20/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

All the details are taken care of, communication is superb, and, oh yeah, the price is right.

10/20/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

We have been using Pavlus for 6 years, all with Kymm's help. She's wonderful.

10/20/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

This was our second Cosmos tour, and the best tour to date. The scenery and the excursions were perfect. I would say the only negatives, which really fall on Cosmos, but Pavlus was the go-between, was a four hour lay over at Newark airport, one of the worst airports I've been in. I would of preferred something shorter around 2 hours. Also the flight out of Paris, was at 9:40 am, requiring a 5 am wake up, no breakfast, and long trip to Charles DeGaulle airport. Made for a long day (20+ hours). I want to thank Kymm for assisting us on this trip, and on our next trip with Pavlus, a Viking "Grand European" river cruise in March 2016. I appreciate the secondary discounts, and we plan to cash in on Pavlus referrals as well.

10/14/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Excellent, responsive service at the lowest price.

10/13/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Pavlus Travel is a very helpful travel agency, providing us with the best guided tour and the most reasonable prices on our National Parks vacation last month. They compared different tour possibilities and together we came up with the one tour that worked with our time schedule and within our price limits.

10/05/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Best way to see many places in short amount of time - hotels are mostly great, all our tour directors have been the best and we never get tired of seeing new places. Kymm has been very helpful in getting us there. She's great!

10/05/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

I tell my friends to use Pavlus and particularly Kymm (and Stephanie before that) because I have always been able to count on the assistance I get from the planners. I receive competent, timely service and have found that they have thought of things that I do not, e.g. getting a foreign transaction fee refund from Viking, which should not have been added. I usually mention the rebate, but have found it is the planners that I have found most helpful.

09/25/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Kymm has always been very helpful and responsive for all the trips we have taken.

09/24/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

They took care of any questions we had. Paid us a referral.

09/23/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

This is our second River cruise booked with Pavuls. Absolutely the best price . Last year we had a miscommunication with our transfer requiring a taxi to airport in Zurich.. Pavuls reimbursed us the cost of taxi which I thought was very honorable! We will continue to use Pavlus and refer them to our friends.

09/22/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

You get money back

09/22/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Pavlus was extremely helpful during planning phase and made good recommendations.

09/15/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Covers all types of travel arrangements. Gives rebates to travelers for booking with them. Competent travel professionals handling our travel plans.

09/10/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

There is a rebate involved when recommending clients.

09/08/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

I like the prices and the individual service. When I have a question Kymm gets back to me with in the day. I know that I will continue to contact Kymm for future trips.

09/07/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

W have been very pleased and happy with the Windsurf cruise we took last October and the Insight Travel Best of Germany tour we just completed. Kymm has always been responsive and helpful.

09/06/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Travel plans were complete and accurate. Saved us money on our trip.

09/05/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Competent and helpful agents. Rebates

09/05/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Check out the price at Palvus before you book directly

09/02/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Well informed and efficient planners. The discount is greatly appreciated.

08/26/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Pavlus people handled everything related to the Viking reservation, travel insurance and the questions I had with dispatch in a pleasant and efficient manner.

08/25/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Your service is excellent and all prices are lowest available.

08/24/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

We told our friends and family how helpful Kymm was in booking our trip and saving us money. We have given out the business cards Kymm sent us to friends who are looking into vacations. Thank you for your help.

08/12/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Ability to provide the desired trip at a very reasonable total price without any Hassel. Agents provide a very professional approach and are very helpful with recommendations.

08/09/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Great Service, Great savings, Great value. Many thanks to Kymm for many of memorable trips.

07/23/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Our trip was wonderful! Everything went smoothly and we would not change a thing!

07/20/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Pavlus was very helpful in arranging our trip to China and Tibet with Viking Cruises. The itinerary planning, insurance availability, visa and air travel connections, accommodations and communications were all well done. We had a wonderful time with a great tour/cruise group of people and would not hesitate to contact Pavlus for our next trip.

07/20/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

good service and competitive pricing

07/14/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

The best prices and service

07/13/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Best service Very reliable

07/11/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

You were very efficient, always replied to my emails, returned my phone calls. I had a wonderful cruise. Joellen

07/10/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

They do everything they can to make sure you are satisfied with your booking and reservations. Their response to any issues is prompt and efficient.

07/10/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

they were very efficient and helpful--enjoyed the additional discount

07/10/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

We have already recommended Pavlus to several friends noting the great service, reasonable cost and wonderful trips offered. We will probably dog on your Canadian Rockies trip next year with several couples. Kymm has already given us a quote.

07/07/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

discount courtesy promptness knowledge extra responsive

07/01/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

With Pavlus I got the full Viking River Cruise experience but at a discounted price. Kymm was very attentive throughout the entire booking experience.

06/15/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

They are knowledgeable and quick to respond with information.

06/14/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Simply put, Pavlus Travel has the best service at the lowest price available. I continue to recommend Kymm Smith to all our relatives and friends. She is always knowledgeable, helpful and supportive and a credit to the Pavlus staff.

06/11/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Pavlus has rebate for their customers.

05/27/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Always someone available to answer questions and to make the booking process easy.

05/26/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

I would say that your company was very professional and definitely offered substantial savings vs booking directly with Viking or any other cruise line. We referred two other couples to Pavlus and they had the same experience as us.

05/22/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

There was nothing left to question. Everything was done for us.

05/11/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Money saving They do the work for you, but better. Only deal with quality travel

05/11/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

pavlus has helped us with three trips and all have gone smoothly.I have heard others on these tours complain about problems they are having.I always mention Pavlus and highly recommend them .There has never been a problem.

05/06/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Pavlus saved us several hundred dollars off Trafalgar's tour price. All tour and airline bookings went without any problems and we received pertinent advice from Pavlus, that together with that from Trafalgar, resulted in a great trip.

05/05/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Kymm always tries to get us the best price for the trip. She also recommends dates and gives information to help us decide on which trip to take.

04/27/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Very professional

04/23/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

I have booked at least three trips through Kymm at Pavlus. She is outstanding. Her level of service is far above the expected. It is so nice to be able to talk to her directly and she returns calls and emails usually within an hour. Your travel deals cannot be matched nor can your service. I plan to make any future travel plans through Kymm and Pavlus exclusively.

04/14/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

We save money and get the best service

04/13/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Kymm provides excellent service and answers all questions promptly. I believe this is the third vacation she has planned for us and we will continue to use her services in the future.

04/02/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

very good

03/15/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Already did recommend Kymm & Pavlus to several people on this cruise, for great prices and fabulous service from Kymm.

03/06/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Great prices and great service.

03/03/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Kymm was our travel planner and always went the "extra mile" to be helpful to us and our traveling companions who also booked with her. Pavlus offers a great value to the traveler and I look forward to working with Kymm again when we take another trip.

02/16/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Very professional and quick action !

01/19/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

That, based on my experience, Pavlus did a good job. I have nothing negative to say.

12/25/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Efficiency and expertise that Kymm has in handling travel. In addition, we were kept informed, so good communications. Questions were answered quickly. Incentives are a very special part of the travel package that Pavlus offers. It is super duper to come home to check.

12/16/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Kymm was extremely helpful and very competent. We got a good deal on our cruise.

12/16/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

I really appreciated the attention to detail, follow ups with any changes to the flights, added information when one of our party had to cancel. This is a travel group of women and we really appreciate the extra help we get from Pavlus to be sure everyone can enjoy the trips we plan.

12/15/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Kymm at Pavlus has helped me with numerous trips over the last few years. We have a group of friends that travel together, and Kymm has gotten everybody coordinated with numerous individual phone calls, different credit cards, different personal wishes, etc!! A little chaos but she has worked it out very well!! Thank you!! Shelley

12/15/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Good prices, excellent communication, excellent service

12/02/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Absolutely outstanding customer service, communication, and value. Kymm has been an excellent travel advisor and superb advocate for us for several years, and has always gone way above and beyond normal to help us take advantage of opportunities or resolve issues. As experienced and independent travelers, we sincerely appreciate the high standards of service and the many perks provided by both Kymm and Pavlus.

11/24/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Good discounts good service

11/23/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Great help from Kymm, organization of the tour was terrific.

11/21/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Bottom line, they will beat any other agent. Responsive and efficient staff.

11/12/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Kymm was helpful with all our questions and handled the booking efficiently. Her hotel and transfer recommendations were right on the mark. The cruise and related lad travel were all wonderful.

11/01/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

they were great on the planning fo the trip ande kept us up-to-date

10/27/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Made the planning and booking simple and quick. Stayed on top of details and made modifications per our desires. Most friendly and helpful.

10/24/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Very helpful and responsive in making cruise arrangements.

10/23/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Kymm has always been very easy to work with. We tell her what we are thinking about and she does the research and sends us available tours we might be interested in and makes the process very enjoyable and non-stressed.

10/22/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Kymm answered all our questions and worked out the best deal for us.

10/20/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Kymm has always given me wonderful service at the best travel prices. Can\'t go wrong with using Pavlus!

10/20/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Kymm was very nice to deal with. the discount was great.

10/15/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

I do recommend Pavlus when someone is looking for information on specific destinations. The company was recommended to me and I pay it forward. My tour in Spain and Portugal was great. It exceeded my expectations. I did all the optionals for additional enrichment and my tour guide - Ines Turro - was the best! Make sure she receives kudos and a bonus for exceptional effort, amazing knowledge of cultural and historical information and a wonderful sense of humor Thank you.!

10/10/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Good, reliable customer service, efficient and courteous travel planners. The 5% discount on Tauck Tours was an inducement to use Pavlus, though I understand that discount will no longer be in effect.

10/04/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

They helped me save money on my vacation. They did all the bookings and flight reservations.

09/29/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Pavlus Travel is a super company that gives great discounts and superior customer service. What\'s not to like about that??!!

09/28/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

The company handles a wide variety of travel types and tour companies and provides a price discount.

09/26/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Very responsive when questions arose! Easy to contact. Timely communications.

09/25/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

I have recommended your company to several friends. Everything is taken care of including transportation from hotel to airport and vice versa as well as setting up airlines. I know things will be set up correctly and won\'t involve a lot of calls or emails

09/23/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Easy to work with Returned calls in a timely manner - very important to me! great cruise rebate!

09/17/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Kymm was great at getting back to us and coordinating our group. We appreciated all her work in working out details for us. Would highly recommend her to anyone else who is planning a trip in the future. Nina

09/15/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Good service and good pricing.

08/17/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Great value, fantastic trip. Tour guide was extremely knowledgable, friendly and helpful. Sites visited were breathtaking. Kymm from Pavlus was very helpful in getting this trip arranged.

08/16/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Excellent customer service. Great value. Already planning next journey. Thanks

08/15/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

I had requested information via the internet over the weekend before booking the cruise on Monday because I hadn\'t heard back from anyone from all the emails I put out on the internet. I had already booked our Romantic Danube River Cruise with Viking directly when Kymm called two hours later. I told her that I had already booked, and she said that she still might be able to save us some money, which she did. I didn\'t realize that a travel agent could save you money versus booking directly. She was able to give us a 10% discount on the total price, plus a referral fee. I have been telling everyone about Pavlus and telling them to use a travel agent when planning a trip. The trip was wonderful, and we were very pleased with all our accomodations and flights.

08/15/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Kymm, our travel planner was very responsive, always backed up and confirmed our plans with emails. Pavlus travel prices beat the list brochure prices with their rebate offers. Upon our arrival on board ship, we were presented with a plate of appetizers and a bottle of wine as a thank you gift for traveling with Pavlus.

08/12/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Very professional. Handles all details promptly and correctly. Returns phone calls. Readily answers all questions. No last minute surprises.

08/11/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Extremely responsive to questions and requests. Very friendly. Made suggestions to improve our travel plans and reduce costs.

08/11/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Repeat customers with excellent satisfaction. Complete service. Never any "glitches" based on three purchases. Good discount programs on major travel and tour company trips. Excellent rewards program for repeat customers and/or referrals. Kymm Smith is/was great to work with.

08/11/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Save 5% and the advise and support is excellent. Kymm does an outstanding job for. Very knowledgeable, professional and caring to my desires.

08/11/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Better pricing than anywhere else we checked

07/27/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Working with Kymm was efficient and easy and service was excellent. Prices on river cruises were best I could find.

07/24/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

They really work well with you and try to get the best offers. They are there if you need them either by phone or email. Prompt response.

07/21/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

We were very pleased with this trip. It was a last minute offer from Viking. Kymm returned my call immediately so we were able to get the best cabin. Thank you!

07/20/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Dependable and reliable service. Prompt to return phone calls and emails.

07/19/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Great service and knowlegge

06/30/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Can save money.

06/30/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

We are always able to get a good price on our tours from Pavlus. I have dealt with them for about 7 or 8 years. They always come through for me.

06/16/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Palvus Travel was very prompt and professional. My needs were their utmost concern. Kymm answered all of my questions and promptly addressed my concerns.

06/14/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Kymm was very helpful in the planning of this river cruise. All on the phone, too, since we are in another state. When we had questions for her and left a message for her, she called back in a timely manner. She walked us through all the preparatory paperwork and packets from Viking that we received right before our trip. So all in all, Pavlus Travel made our trip very enjoyable!

06/12/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

This is the second Globus tour we have booked through Kymm. The service has been outstanding and the discounts help to make the experience more affordable. We are completely satisfied with the knowledge and responsiveness of our Pavlus representative and will continue to use Pavlus and Kymm in the future.

06/11/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

The travel agent you will work with, especially if it is Kymm, will first listen intently to your requests and then offer you options for your consideration. You then can always ask questions and she/he will respond in a prompt manner. You will also have the opportunity for trip discounts if they are available and especially if you are a repeat customer. You then can be assured that your trip will be enjoyable and not have to worry about any details. I will always consult Pavlus for my vacation/trip plans.

06/11/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

I recommend Kymm and Pavlus to everyone all the time. I say that you guys follow up and give the best prices.

01/07/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

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