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This company provided great information very patiently. Every question was answered, call backs came on time, and the trip was glorious!

09/26/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Complete planning advice All agents able to help with questions

09/19/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Provides same services as most travel agencies, finds best price, then shares commission. Nice referral bonus. Jamie is very helpful and attentive.

08/22/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Cost effective, great communication and follow up.

08/19/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Jamie is very helpful, plus they discount most travel

08/12/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

We were trying to book a European river cruise with Viking but were having trouble because they do not accept children under the age of 12 and my son is 10. Jamie strongly recommended Ama Waterways, make the booking smooth for us, and we had a fabulous time. Without Jamie, we might not have even known about Ama.

07/25/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Jamie has been very thorough and with savings offered easy decision.

07/11/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Jamie always goes the extra mile.

07/11/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler


07/05/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

efficiently handled all aspects of travel from home back to home, beginning to end, GOOD JOB!!!

06/24/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

The prices & discounts are great. They pass on any discounts given by the Tour Companies, even after you have booked your tour. I don't think you can any better service.

06/01/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

We love Pavlus and use them for our travel plans for all our river and ocean cruises. They are a discount travel agency that shares their commissions with their clients. We like them because they work with our requests. We usually do most of the research about our trip, deciding on itinerary, vendor, cabin category and travel dates before contacting Pavlus. They work with the vendor to meet our needs and coordinate our payments and contacts with the vendor. We like to work with a travel agent in this fashion because we want to be fully informed about our trip and the vacation we are planning.

06/01/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Best prices and good customer service. Had to change original two reservations when Cosmos cancelled one of the trips. Jamie did a great job getting it all straightened it.

05/18/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Excellent discounts and good service

05/16/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Jamie has been really responsive to all our requests, and when she is not available she has wonderful backup people who are extremely helpful also. In addition to the great service, we get a break on the cost and some wonderful perks. (Thank you for the nice bottle of Chardonnay and the wonderful excursion to Delft!)

05/16/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Amazing company - great pricing followed by outstanding service!

05/09/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

I have recommend many of my friends to Pavlus. The service I've received from Stephanie and then Jamie is excellent. When I email or call with the question I get an immediate response. And I don't know of any other travel agency that gives such significant discounts. Now that we're retired, we plan to travel more often and we will continue to use Pavlus.

05/09/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

I've used Pavlus for several trips. They are reliable and quick to answer any questions.

05/06/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Pavlus Travel is represented by professional and very courteous and knowledge Travel Planners. They will offer immediate assistance when I have questions or need more information. We have used Pavlus Travel for three fantastic trips so far and always recommend this company to friends and acquaintances. The addition of value and experience is evident when you work on your travel plans with Pavlus.

05/02/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Working with Pavlus (Jamie) has always been very easy and efficient. We get our questions answered quickly, get good advice, and feel that we are in good hands. Plus, I believe Pavlus does offer good pricing.

04/18/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Great discounts easy to work with and they follow up when needed. The tours are worked out well in advance and the reps are the great.

04/13/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

The service is outstanding. The staff is polite and accommodating. I have only positive things to say about Jamie and Pavlus. I recommend it to everyone.

04/06/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Love you guys!!

04/06/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Competent and expeditious service. Competitive pricing

04/05/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Efficient, helpful service plus cruise discounts.Excellent communications to keep us abreast of any changes. Great support team backing up our primary Pavlus agent.

03/23/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Jamie has been great to work with and we pass her name and card to many people on every trip.

03/16/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

My experience with Pavlus has been excellent. Jamie has been very informative and very reliable. I will book again though Pavlus.

03/04/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Pavlus was very good in finding info for us and also answering our questions.

02/24/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Great prices and service. Have used 3 times now and am happy.

02/19/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Ask for Jamie as she is great. Also, I always get the best prices including a Pavlus bonus. Thanks Palvus. c

02/10/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Professional, reliable, courteous

01/30/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Customer focused and professional help!

01/29/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Great people Great service Great deals

01/27/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Jamie takes good care of us and the discounts are helpful, although even better discounts would be better for frequent ,frequent customers.

01/20/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Very efficient. My questions are always answered promptly. And if there is a wait for the answer, I am told. We also like the rebate we get, and the bon voyage presents.

01/12/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Great company to work with and good refund program

01/09/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Great company to work with. Agents very knowledgable and personable.

01/09/2016 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Very efficient, helpfull and courtesy

12/30/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Excellent service from knowledgeable, helpful agents; discounted prices!

12/22/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Love Jamie. She is just great. Like the extra discounts.

12/22/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

The price is right and the service better than one would get from a local agency.

12/22/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Jamie is wonderful to work with. Quick to respond and very knowledgable. Love receiving our documents several weeks early in case we are traveling prior to trip.

12/16/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

My friend, Donna Bennett, and I planned this cruise, along with an upcoming trip through your agency next year. I know it may have been difficult keeping the two Donnas straight, but your staff did a magnificent job. We plan to use Pavlus for all our trips, and I have recommended a friend to you.

12/07/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Pavlus is an extremely customer friendly travel agent that offers great competitive prices.

12/05/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Good way to save money.

12/05/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

The tour was organized and safe. The food is always good and fellow travelers are very kind.

11/24/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Jamie picked the perfect cruise with Avalon. We had a great trip and everyone on the staff and employees were so nice and accommodating.

11/15/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

We had excellent service and great discounts.

11/05/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Pavlus Travel is a discount travel service that saves you money because they share commissions they receive from travel companies with their clients. The amount you save varies between vendors. I feel comfortable using Pavlus to make my travel arrangements. In most instances, I've decided what trip I want to take before contacting Pavlus and asking them to make my arrangements. Pavlus then makes our reservations for us per our instructions and works with the vendor to assure all the details are correct. And, best of all, our billing reflects our Pavlus discount.

11/04/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

The Planner we have used (Jamie) is extremely capable and promptly responds to my requests for help and information.

11/03/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Jamie is always so very helpful in making arrangements and answering questions. This time, she was able to get us a longer layover in Amsterdam between flights and that was a godsend.

10/27/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

We recommend Jamie constantly to our friends.She is efficient and quick with her responses to all of our questions,We consider her a friend.

10/26/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Have a list always responded to me in a timely manner. I believe they have good suggestions as far as air travel or travel insurance. And of course I enjoyed the check as we were leaving.

10/26/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Great travel agency that provides discounts on tours.

10/21/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

I thought Pavlus provided good service and a nice discount. I was particularly happy with the quick response whenever I had a question about the process as it was my first trip of this type.

10/20/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

If you are a bit independent and don't need a lot of extra care in sorting out your bookings, are an experienced traveler who enjoys saving monies than Pavlus is for you. We have booked no less than 8 vacations with Pavlus and all were great.

10/13/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Professional, prompt, accurate, made it work, best deals, friendly

10/09/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Very easy to book with, great discounts, friendly people

10/06/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

The entire trip was planned very professionally and we had an excellent guide and bus driver....Always felt I was in good hands and our needs were met...

10/05/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

The costs seemed reasonable. the availability was good. Answers seemed to be correct. Viking River Cruise from Amsterdam to Basel was a very good trip..Service was great. Food was great. Informality of a smaller boat was a plus. When Jamie wasn't available , somebody else was there to assist.

09/28/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Helpful agents (JAMIE), great pricing!

09/27/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

We have told several people that we use you to plan River Cruises and tours because of the discount you offer. It is a great deal. Even if you have booked through a company directly you can still receive their "loyalty" rewards.

09/22/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

We have enjoyed working with Jamie during the last few years and have referred many friends to Pavlus, and Jamie specifically. She is always pleasant, helpful, quick to respond and with the best price! At one point Jamie was on vacation when we needed to make a change in travel arrangements and we experienced the same efficiency in the person who assisted with that.

09/22/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Always excellent service from Jamie and fair prices with discounts available. I have used Pavlus for probably 15 trips at this point and have never been disappointed. Top Notch.

09/22/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Competitive pricing and professional planning.

09/15/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Jamie was wonderful! She is knowledgeable , efficient and helpful. We felt she was able to help us reach the right choices and made the arrangements that worked out beautifully. I feel Avalon Cruises doesn't get as much press as viking, however, we saw viking ships and we liked the Avalon smaller one better. Jamie arranged everything from the air travel to the cruise details. It was a special trip, especially for my husband who doesn't truly like to travel much. Thanks to Jamie, we enjoyed our cruising as she took most of the work out of the planning.

09/14/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

The planner was very efficient for following through the process and explaining the discount we will get. She sent us e-mail regarding the time to pay balane of payment and air portion of the tour.

09/14/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Great variety of tour operators, destinations, price points, etc. Great customer support before and during actual trip (availability after normal M-F business hours, responsiveness, customer advocacy, helpfulness, cheerfulness) Great discounts and value for the money

09/14/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

The ship was new and clean. The staff was extremely friendly and accomodating. Pavlus was great in communicating changes. They worked well with Viking. Their pricing was very competitive, too. Every communication with Pavlus Travel was a positive experience.

09/09/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Working with Jamie is very easy and efficient. She keeps us updated and answers all questions promptly. The psvlus discount is also appreciated..

09/06/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

We always get great and efficient service from Jamie. She keeps us updated, answers questions promptly...very very reliable.

09/05/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Pricing and service.

08/25/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

That they will get the best price on cruise.

08/25/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

We saved $400 per person booking through Pavlus, vrs booking through AAA. The same trip, less money. We did our business via telephone and email instead of telephone and email with AAA. Very good deal!

08/21/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

They take care of all the details leaving you worry free. Once, one of their agents saved me more than $1000 by negotiating with a cruise line when they had overbooked. Never again will I book a cruise without using a travel agent...a Pavlus travel agent.

08/19/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Great service. Good discounts and rates. Knowledgeable. Great variety of travel options.

08/18/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Thorough,timely,prompt,and cost saving.

08/10/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Jamie was pleasant, helpful, knowledgable and available. The stateroom gifts were beautiful and much appreciated. We have booked two more cruises with Pavlus.

08/09/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Excellent customer service

08/02/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

They are able to save you money and are responsive to your needs and questions.

07/27/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Best Price Travel planner calls back and answers questions We usually do pre planning and know where we want to go.

07/22/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Everything was exactly as planned. Can't ask for anymore than that. Thanks, Jamie

07/20/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Smooth process and staff that responds quickly. Enjoyed the interaction and am looking forward to the next trip

07/12/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Competent and friendly service. Great customer service Good deals

07/11/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Took care of everything and saved us money.

07/11/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Efficient, price competitive and very responsive.

07/10/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

This is my second time using Jamie as my travel planner. She really helped us find the best flights and dates for our trip! Thanks.

07/10/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Very nice service and a good discount on the cruise.

07/07/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Jamie Rowe guided us through this new process for us with both professionalism and friendliness. Gave us an unbeatable price and was always available to answer all our questions. When she was on vacation, Brian Emery stepped in and continued to assist us with the same efficiency we now recognize as a Pavlus standard.

07/01/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

My travel planner assisted me every step of the way. I received a discount on an amazing trip. I will definitely use pavlus in the future.

07/01/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Jamie was recommended by one of my clients about 3 years ago.She is "terrific". Information is provided promptly when requested and she then has her own opinion as to service provider we should use. Our golf group is using Jamie in the fall for a Caravan Tour and all are happy campers. She gets a "gold star" in my opinion. As you are aware any company is no better than their employees!!

07/01/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Very nice tour discounts and good service.

06/25/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Service and pricing on cruises and tours is very good.

06/25/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Good benefits and helpful service

06/19/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

They were thorough and kept you informed. Quick to respond to any questions

06/17/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Very please with the help getting Turkish visas. Your pricing as well. I did give your card to someone on the Windstar Cruise we just finished.

06/17/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Efficient, knowledgeable, friendly service. Basically, seamless! Thanks, Jamie.

06/15/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

I have recommended Jamie to three people so far. She was very helpful in planning my trip. We took the Viking river cruise and were very satisfied with the trip as well as the price.

06/15/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Very professional Good support Good pricing and very quick replies Jamie was excellent

06/04/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Jamie always responds very promptly to concerns and requests for travel information. Thus far things have gone smoothly. If she is not available other colleagues are helpful and friendly. I believe that I am usually quoted a fair price.

06/01/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

I highly recommend Pavlus Travel because of their excellent service with their clients and price wise . Jamie is really nice and she is on top of everything.. thanks Alicia

05/29/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Good follow up,support, and pricing. Jaimie always returned our calls and everyone worked hard to please us

05/26/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

We have dealt with Pavlus for over 10 years. We have always been most pleased with their service, professionalism and pricing. We have never experienced any problems with this on-line travel agent.

05/26/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Very easy to work with. Jamie has done an excellent job on all three trips she has planned for me since Evelyn has left. She is very thorough and responsive and is on top of things. I have used used Pavlus now for probably 9-10 tips and they have always done a great job while offering great value with their rebates and customer referral programs.

05/26/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Great customer services and good rates for cruise and river cruises

05/18/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Very helpful and thorough. Helped me to find the best price for flights with good connections. Booked with globes. It was a great trip. Jamie was wonderful and communicated very well with me and very promptly. I will book with her again next trip. Thank you

05/15/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

The people at the agency were very helpful if I had any questions, e-mails and phone calls were answered promptly. A 10% discount is rare and always appreciated. I would be happy to book another tour through Pavlus.

05/14/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

The Representative from Pavlus are great & very through! We got the best rate! The service was incredible and out trip was everything and more we expected. I would definitely recommend & use Pavlus travel again!

05/05/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Good planner, good price.

04/27/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Attention to detail is outstanding

04/27/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Great prices, excellent service

04/26/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

After traveling for many years and using many different agents, I find that Pavlus Travel and Jamie, in particular, have given us the best service and best pricing of any other agencies we have used.

04/26/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Great service and savings

04/25/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

The price was great. The river cruise was awesome, we were well cared for. Other than a few miscommunications from Viking help in Budapest, we were well taken care of.

04/24/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Your company is the best!!! Best deal, best service, and best travel coordinator, Jamie Rowe. We recommend your company to fellow travelers all of the time (and hand out the cards you send us). You will always be our travel agency--thank you!

04/20/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Our travel planner, Jamie, is extremely efficient and responsive to any questions we might have and gets back to us very quickly--- usually within minutes.We have dealt with her for years now and have never been disappointed. I am able to deal with her in email and therefore am not on hold on the phone for what seems like forever, as with other companies. Also, I like that the travel documents arrive 3 weeks ahead of time so as not to be dealing with nay problem should there be one, at the last minute. We are happy not to have had any problems with Pavlus. Add to that, the discount is a nice perk!

04/17/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Our travel planner was prompt and thorough in her responses. Could not have been better.

04/15/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

effective, competent, prompt to reply and cordial

04/11/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Very professional, very efficient and caring plus they get the job done.

04/11/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

The travel coordinator, Jamie Rowe, was personable and helpful. She never seemed to be overwrought or burdened. Jamie was friendly, knowledgable, patient, and informative. The provided, additional Viking discounts were good, shaving money off the published price--saving this extra money was appreciated and was needed for the other costs down the road during the trip. The going-away packet was sweet and welcomed.

04/08/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Good discount and good customer service

04/02/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Jamie Rowe is fantastic! She responds quickly to emails or phone calls. She answers questions clearly and comprehensively. She gives us the benefit of her experience and is also willing to research new ideas. My husband and I love working with her.

03/30/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Staff is very courteous, knowledgeable and prompt in response. Good prices and wide selection.

03/28/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Jamie was very helpful and detail to make sure our needs were met. For example, since we booked flights ourselves, she found out our return flight time might be a bit too early than what Insight recommended a week before we depart. She followed thru to make sure Insight contact in India and its local guide were both aware of our issue immediately. This turned out to be no problem after all. But her efforts reassured us and were much appreciated.

03/03/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler


03/03/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

We have used Pavlus Travel for many years and are very happy with their service. More importantly, our travel agent, Jamie Rowe, is what really makes it all a very pleasant experience. Jamie is probably the most friendliest, efficient, wonderful travel agent we have ever had; she is always on top of everything, never makes us wait and always strives to please; we couldn\'t be happier!

02/25/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Jaimie is incredibly prompt with her responses. The friends I referred to her are also very happy. I love the prices too!

02/19/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

You guys have been fabulous!!! Every step of the way, every question has been answered quickly and efficiently. And when we had a problem in Singapore, Jamie took care of it immediately. My previous travel agent was never as responsive. I could not be happier to have been referred to you, and to now call you my travel agent. I will continue to recommend you to anyone looking for an outstanding agency.

02/08/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

The best prices the best service.

02/07/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

The service and the savings have been excellent

01/11/2015 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Pleasant, caring, knowledgeable, and best prices

12/20/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Courteous efficient service.

12/17/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Jamie is excellent to work with and very quick to respond to my questions or concerns. Love that the documents come early enough so as not to be stressed as the trip is drawing near and nothing has arrived. AND then, there is the Pavlus discount!

12/17/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Excellent customer service Great prices

12/02/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Professionalism by Jamie and the savings that was passed to us by Pavlus.

11/17/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

As always, Jamie did a great job, and we had a great time!

11/10/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Excellent service! Good savings.

11/09/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Great pricing and service.

11/09/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

easyb to deal with-get back with awswers quickly -rebates

11/01/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Low in price, good travel planner.

10/29/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Jamie Rowe was extremely helpful in planning my trip. Whenever I had a question she would get back to me right away. It has a wonderful trip. I saw a lot and was happy with the tour. The 13 day tour was very busy. Our guide was very good. I was tired when the tour was over but I enjoyed every minute of it. People should be made aware of how much walking there is, including up and down hills and uneven pavements and stairs. A couple of the people on my tour had problems with this. Italy is a beautiful country and I am so happy I got to go on this tour.

10/28/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Excellent service and a great deal.

10/21/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Friendly and helpful planners. Have used Jamie for a long time. Quick to respond to questions or problems. Best prices anywhere!!! Cover most major tour and cruise companies. Great to work with.

10/21/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Offered value for my money. Jamie responded in a timely manner to requests for information. And when she could not respond personally, another team member provided the information on her behalf. Great team work! Did not feel pressured to buy, so I was able to make decisions appropriate to me. Information Jamie provided was factual and not clouded by marketing tactics.

10/18/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Best rates around. This was our fourth trip with the company. Jamie did the two reservations (traveled with another repeat customer) Without problems and returned any calls promptly. I handed out all the cards I had to fellow travelers and hope you get much business from them, too.

10/06/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Great deal! Wonderful people with whom to work!

09/25/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

I would tell them that we experienced all of the benefits of a super Globus tour for substantially less money. I would include that our planner was very professionel and helpful, and that I\'d do it again in a minute.

09/23/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

I love Jamie - she always takes time to answer even the silliest questions

09/20/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Excellent customer service

09/18/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

I have a fantastic friend at a travel agency that can help you:) Her name is Jaime!

09/17/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

she was great,, we had some issue with globus cancelling and rescheduling and she was very nice and helpful . will definately work with her in future vacations. tahnks

09/16/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

It saved me some money when traveling and was easy to plan my trip.

09/15/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Fast result and fast answer

09/14/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

It\'s been very easy to work with our travel agent. We get prompt answers to our questions and we are assured that everything we are told is accurate. I think Pavlus also offers a good value.

09/11/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Jamie is terrific and very professional.She does all of our coordination flawlessly.We like your discount pricing and refer you to all of our friends and clients.

09/10/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Everything was planned perfectly. Flights were great.

09/04/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Good service and travel discounts. I used Pavlus for out Spain excursion with Globus with good results. We have already booked a Viking River Trip for 2015 along with a Celebrity Cruise.

09/02/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Pavlus Travel provided excellent value with great service.

09/01/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

I\'ve told my friends that Pavlus provides great service at an extremely competitive price. Jamie is a pleasure to work with and I\'ve already used her again for my next tour and recommended her to some friends who are also taking advantage of her excellent services.

08/29/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

That our agent Jamie is professional, pleasant and responds quickly to all inquiries and/or concerns---a joy to work with. That Pavlus gives us absolutely the best price for all of our trips....and that Pavlus represents many well-known travel companies.

08/18/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Good service, good prices, easy to deal with.

08/18/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

I booked this trip as a gift for my son and daughter-in-law. Attentive, informative, knowledgeable and responsive. Good pricing and additional perks. I recommended Jamie to my daughter for her future travel and she has been in touch.

08/18/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Quick email response Helpful answering questions

08/11/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

I got good service and enjoyed getting a discount on my trip

08/11/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Your price is fair. The service is good. When ever I had question I got quick response. I definitely recommend to my friends for this trip.

08/11/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Don\'t worry about them being cross-country. They are efficient and responsive, and offer the best deals on travel.

08/11/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Pavlus is very on top of all trips from beginning to end and will answer all of your travel questions. The staff is courteous and well informed. Our tour was lovely from start to finish. The discount is worth while and the best around! We are very happy travelers! Patti and Paul

08/01/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Very efficient & pleasant service, with thorough attention to detail.

07/31/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Jamie has booked several trips for us and, on each one, we "sing her praises." We just returned from a Viking River cruise with 6 friends that Jamie booked (this was their first time with Pavlus and Jamie, based on our recommendation). All comments from these "first timers" were very positive and I'm sure they will all be future customers, too. If you could clone Jamie, we would advise you to do so.

07/28/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

When I recommend Pavlus travel, I emphasize the discounts.

07/21/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

We found Pavlus Travel is efficient and willing to go the extra mile for us. Jamie was very helpful and did a great job . We appreciate the discount which other travel agencies do not offer. It certainly helps. We do our best in recommending Pavlus to friends contemplating a trip.

07/21/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

We were very pleased with all arrangements.

07/21/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Jamie was very prompt and organized with the bookings and forwarding of all information

07/21/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Good, efficient service and pricing

07/21/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Jamie and her associates made trip planning extremely easily for me. She arranged 3 tours for me this summer--one for each grandchild. She coordinated dates and flights and keep me on track. Trip #1 was perfect.

07/20/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

I would say what I always say to everyone. Pavlus Travel is wonderful to deal with. The real hero to us is our travel agent, Jamie Rowe; she is outstanding in every way. We have never had a travel agent who is so efficient, so prompt, so friendly, so courteous. We can\'t say enough about Jamie; she is one in a million; her service is second to none.

07/20/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Best prices.

07/19/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Service is terrfic and savings are much greater than other alternatives

07/03/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Besides having great low prices, Jamie was very responsive to our many questions.

07/02/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

We have used Jamie on several occasions and have had the best of service and that your prices are often lower than those advertised to the public.

07/02/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Jamie was great to work with for trip planning. The staff working with her was extremely helpful, as we had questions when Jamie was not around and calls went to voice mail for her after the trip was planned. Several great staff members and Craig made it easy for us to get assurance on travel planning questions as we got closer to our leave date. Thank you so much.

06/16/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Best prices, easy to work with, good referral program.

06/13/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Jamie and the entire staff that we dealt with at Pavlus were always more than happy to help in any way. Any time we had a question Jamie responding in a timely manner. If she needed time to research before being able to answer she notified us immediately. We are looking forward to having Pavlus assist us with our next vacation. A good travel agent is hard to find and we feel fortunate to have found Pavlus.

06/12/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Helped me put my bacon out of the fire when the tour company messed up my reservation for Hotel night before and after trip. If it had not been for my agent Jamie and Customer Service on Saturday I have no idea what would have happened. Pavlus Travel was super and we appreciate it. You have our strong recommendation.

06/11/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

I have said and will continue to say, is the friendly staff, quick response to questions, good suggestions and the discount. Plus the bonus for recommending a friend.

06/11/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

You really do save money, and the travel planners are excellent!

05/19/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Pavlus provides the best deals & great service

05/19/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Great service and fast action from Jamie on getting quotes, plus the additional discounts given by Pavlus. I have referred her to several people.

05/11/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Knowledgable, quick service, good prices.

04/25/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

It was serendipity when I found Pavlus Travel two years ago when we were planning a trip to Costa Rica. We knew that we were not interested to be traveling independently; therefore, I went on-line and tried to locate some companies with tours that are not that large in number. I e-mailed Jamie and she promptly responded to my inquiries. Excellent service, even better than an actual travel agent in person! The trip was an excellent one all together and we made the right choice to work with Pavlus Travel. Since then, I have recommended family and friends to Pavlus and they too have found Pavlus to be very helpful, prompt with service, and definitely offering the best prices as Pavus offers either a rebate check or credit. My mom and I have another upcoming trip booked with Pavlus Travel this upcoming August and we hope to continue to recommend and reserve our future trips with Pavlus Travel. In addition, whenever Jamie is unable to respond back to our questions, she would always refer them out to the appropriate dept. member. Debbie, Pavlus Customer Service Rep. was also another very helpful and articulate employee. She promptly took care of all our cruise requests, reservations, problems, and provided me with the best advice to proceed on. We had 16 people traveling together with 5 staterooms so there was a lot of logistics to take care of. Definitely hands up for Jamie, Debbie, and the other support staff at Pavlus that made our trip to celebrate our mom's 80th birthday a true success!!

04/24/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Nice to have someone help us problemsolve-large family (5 families) cruise trip & Pavlus did a great job accommodating all of our concerns, needs, etc. We had a very difficult situation (one family was inadvertently cancelled due to credit card issues); and then Pavlus was able to resolve it and make things all better for us.Nice to still deal with reliable, caring Travel reps!

04/17/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Our agent was very good, answering all our questions in a timely manner and refiguring several times because of our family needs.

03/12/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Jamie is quick to respond to inquiries and if she is not there, her colleagues are quick to step in and take action. Pavlus offers the best pricing for most tours as they try to match any higher pricing.

02/28/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Easy to work with and looks for the best deal.

02/27/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

We tell all that you have a great crew working for you and are wonderful to work with and have tons of info that other agents don't have.

01/06/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Jamie was amazing. She walked me through the whole process of booking and her recommendations were spot on. I even had to call her from the airport as a flight delay may have caused a major issue. She was assuring and professional. Thanks for everything!

01/03/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

Dear Pavlus Travel, I say our cruise was spectacular, from the sights, to the food, and to the hospitality. Thank you all so much for a wonderful experience. We both agree that we would like to go on another cruise in the near future. Regards, Dan

01/03/2014 Pavlus Verified Traveler

I have found Jamie knowledgeable in selecting a specific tour to satisfy my particular needs. She is professional and warm in her concerns that I receive' what I want and when I want it'. She has also found fights for me quickly and has been able to get a good price.....relatively speaking, since flying costs are 'astronomical'.

12/28/2013 Pavlus Verified Traveler

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